Thousands of online surveys are conducted every day by the paid survey sites all over the world to research. Each person will have different views about services & products. Research companies want to collect the data from them to form information. The collected information will be analyzed and used for the development purpose. Online surveys are conducted on several categories like giving the opinion on products, political views, device usage, electronics, companies, work, IT, bikes, cars, Leisure, Business, smartphones, computers, & peripherals, grooming, drinks, travel, food etc.  For online survey completion, the research companies will reward the participant with cash and gift vouchers. Answer the paid online surveys that you are interested in order to earn money. For more specific details – Learn what is the online survey. If you are looking to take surveys for money, continue to learn how to get paid for surveys and find the best survey sites in the world.


highest paying online survey sites 2017

Advantages of online survey jobs:

  • Online survey jobs / paid online surveys are one of the best among online money making programs because you can earn a lot of dollars just by sharing your opinion for few minutes without investment or paying registration fees.
  • You don’t need any special skill like fast typing, marketing, coding etc. They pay us just for choosing the best opinion using the mouse.
  • Once you build trust, the survey panels will make you a premium member and you will be one among the premium research team. That time you will realize the power of market research, where the invitations will be prioritized with more pay.

Something you should know about paid online surveys:
  • Some online surveys that pay have smartphone apps, where you can participate in paid surveys from your smartphone itself. After signing up you can scan the QR code on account dashboard to download the app.
  • Few online survey sites pay referral commission instantly for referring people. Refer your friends to earn incentives which will boost the numbers on the paycheck.
  • Some paid survey sites pay special rewards for members from certain countries. For example, survey savvy pays up to $200 for enabling digital tracking on the internet connected devices. The download link of the software is given at the end of this article.
  • Try to join multiple survey jobs so you will get survey opportunity daily. Some panels will allow you to participate only in 5 – 10 surveys per month.

Top 10 legitimate paid survey sites that really pay high | surveys for money:


Note – 1: Survey Panels are mobile phone compatible. So, if you wish to earn money through your smartphones (Ex. Android, iPhone, Windows Phone), paid survey will be a best reliable option.

Note – 2: Join multiple survey panels to get more opportunity to participate in related research that you’re interested in.

Note – 3: Remember that you must activate your account after registration in order to receive paid survey invitation. After signing up go to the email (used to sign up) Inbox, open the email sent by the survey panel and click the verification link to get your account verified and activated.


More panels = More survey = More money. Let’s begin! 


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1. Survey Club:

Survey Club - popular paid survey site in North America


  • SurveyClub is one of the most popular paid survey sites in North America. Survey Club provides a variety of interesting surveys, including product review, food taste tests, buyers opinion, general opinion, travel, in-home usage tests, leisure, online bulletin boards, mystery shopping just to name a few.
  • Survey invitations sent are more relevant help to prevent unnecessary screenouts. In some cases, survey club surveys are regional and state specific, which makes survey club surveys more relevant to survey taker.
  • One of the big differences between SurveyClub and other survey panel companies is that SurveyClub not only offers you SurveyClub surveys, but they also offer you survey from other survey panel companies. Get all your surveys in one place with SurveyClub! 
  • The best part in survey club is if you involve in clinical trials and online communities you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your participation. 
  • Once you’ve completed and accumulated $20 in your SurveyClub account, you can request payment through Paypal or check [US]. Currently, the recruitment is restricted to US, UK, and Canada residents.
Minimum payout – $20.
Registration link – SurveyClub [USA]  

Registration link – SurveyClub [UK]  

Registration link – SurveyClub [Canada].
2. Opinion world:
Opinion world - Make Money with Online Surveys
  • Opinion world is one of the familiar free survey sites and its router can be found on almost all the GPT sites.  Opinion world surveys and its pay varies depending on the Geolocation.
  • Complete the profile once you signup to receive more survey invitations. Opinion world surveys are relevant, easier and the pay per survey is decent.
  • Apart from PayPal opinion world allows their members to redeem their points for local e-commerce gift cards.
Average survey rate – $1.

Minimum payout – $5.

Registration link – Opinion world [India]

Registration link – Opinion world [Indonesia]

Registration link  Opinion world [Singapore]
Registration link  Opinion world [New Zealand]
Registration link  Opinion world [Australia]

Registration link – Opinion world [Taiwan]

Registration link – Opinion world [Canada]  

Registration link  Opinion world [Hong kong]

Registration link  Opinion world [Turkey]
Registration link – Opinion world [Finland] 

Registration link Opinion world [Belgium]

Registration link – Opinion world [Portugal]

Registration link – Opinion world [Norway]
Registration link Opinion world [France]
Registration link – Opinion world [Brazil]

Registration link – Opinion world [Argentina]

Registration link – Opinion world [Austria]

Registration link – Opinion world [Poland]

Registration link – Opinion world [Taiwan]

Registration link – Opinion world [Malaysia]

Registration link – Opinion world [Thailand]
3. Toluna:
Tolnua: take surveys to earn money
  • Toluna is one of the trusted online survey sites and you can expect at least two to five survey invitations every day, which is higher than any other survey panel.
  • Toluna surveys are highly mobile optimized so that you can work from your smartphone browser very easily. Also, Toluna mobile app has been developed recently allows members to manage their account from their Android and iPhone.
  • Other than survey there are several ways to earn money on Toluna. You can cash out every day on Toluna through Paypal or you can redeem your points to gift cards of Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Google play etc. 
Average survey rate – $2.
Minimum payout – $5.

Registration link  Toluna [USA]  

Registration link – Toluna [UK]  

Registration link Toluna [Singapore]

Registration link – Toluna 18+ males & 25+ females [Canada]  
Registration link – Toluna [Australia]  
Registration link – Toluna [New Zealand]  
Registration link – Toluna [Sweden]  
Registration link – Toluna [Finland]  
Registration link – Toluna [Denmark].
4. Makeculous:


  • The Makeculous is an evolving rewarding site that enables a lot of ways to earn money from home through out the world. Through Makeculous, you can earn money by taking surveys, completing simple offers & tasks, watching videos etc.
  • Makeculous has have partnered with various market research advertisers to provide endless opportunities to its users to earn money by completing surveys.
  • Makeculous is 100% mobile optimized so that you can take surveys and complete offers using your smartphone to earn money.
  • Also, Makeculous has a decent referral program to boost your earnings. Users can withdraw their earnings through PayPal, Payza, and Bitcoin.   

Average survey rate – $1.

Minimum payout – $10.

Registration link Makeculous [Worldwide – All countries].

5. YouGov:


Yougov: International Internet-based market research firm
  • YouGov is one of the best and highest paying survey sites in the world. The surveys in YouGov will be very interesting, easier and it will be mostly about travel, smartphones, political, business etc.
  • If you wish to answer to change the world tomorrow with incentives, YouGov will be the right choice. YouGov has the best user interface compared to other panels, so while you take a survey, your eyes won’t feel the stress. Most of the YouGov surveys can be completed in 2 – 10 minutes. The lowest compared to any other survey panel.
  • YouGov surveys are simple and pay more. By filling five-minute survey you can earn 50 – 100 points. And for premium surveys, you can expect up to 500 points.
  • Once you accumulate 5000 points, you can request to withdraw your money. $50 will be sent through western union money order transfer. So, people from any part of the world can receive payment without any trouble.
Registration link – Yougov [USA]  

Registration link  Yougov [UK]  

Registration link  Yougov [Australia]  

Registration link – Yougov [Worldwide – All countries].

6. Global Test Market:
Global test market - Get Paid to Take Surveys
  • Global test market is the world’s largest and no: 1 market research panel. The survey participation experience on global test market is very high. Usually, the length of the survey will be less with high pay.
  • All the global test market surveys are tested very well before they’re approved. The working interface is well-designed with right font size and the design which does not make us feel stressed looking at the monitor or smartphone.
  • Like Toluna surveys, GTM surveys are highly mobile optimized. Global test market app is available for Android and iPhone users but it’s not up to the mark.
  • Easy & relevant surveys, survey availability, design, high pay rate per survey, multiple reward choice makes global test market the best survey panel in the world.
Average survey rate – $2.

Minimum payout – $10.

Registration link – GTM [USA]  

Registration link – GTM [UK]  

Registration link – GTM [Australia]  

Registration link – GTM [Singapore] 

Registration link – GTM [Germany]

Registration link – GTM [All supported countries*].


7. Ipsos i-say:

i-Say- A Survey Network that Actually Pays Cash
  • i-Say by Ipsos is one of the leading market research company in the world and it is known for conducting the large volume of surveys every day with more pay.
  • Research being conducted in various categories. By joining this research panel you will get more opportunities to participate in relevant surveys that you’re interested in. i-Say survey engine is well designed, easier to use, Mobile optimized.
Average survey rate – $2.50.
Minimum payout – $10.
Registration link – Ipsos [USA]  
Registration link  Ipsos [UK]   

Registration link – Ipsos [Canada]  

Registration link – Ipsos [Australia].

8. MySurvey panel:


Mysurvey panel- Online Surveys site for Making Money
  • MySurvey is a popular consumer panel that pays some good money for taking part in the paid online survey. The surveys in Mysurvey panel are very interesting and related.
  • By participating in MySurvey research you can earn up to $3 every hour. The minimum payout threshold is $3 which is as low as pinecone research panel.
Average survey rate – $1.
Minimum payout – $3.

Registration link – Mysurvey [USA]  

Registration link – Mysurvey [UK]  

Registration link – Mysurvey [Australia]  

Registration link – Mysurvey [Ireland]  

Registration link – Mysurvey [Canada].


9. Pinecone research:


Join Pinecone Research and Earn $3 per survey
  • Pinecone Research is a premium research panel that targets a particular group of people. The minimum pay rate per survey completion is higher than any other survey panel.
  • The minimum pay is $3 for completing a survey and the minimum payout threshold is just $3. So, after completing each survey you can claim your rewards.
  • Currently, Pinecone is hiring only males from the USA and both males & females between 18 – 34 from the UK. As Pinecone hires only a few people every month it’ll be better if you hurry.


Average survey rate – $3.


Minimum payout  – $3.

Registration link – Pinecone males only [USA]

Registration link  Pinecone males & females [USA]

Registration link  Pinecone Hispanic females 18 – 24 [USA]

Registration link  Pinecone all gender 18 – 34 [UK]

Registration link Pinecone 18 – 44 [Germany]

Registration link  Pinecone all gender [Canada].


Premium Research – Earn money by participating in Golden research by installing research software on your PC and smartphones. (Available for US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Germany residents).


10. Opinion Outpost:
Opinion outpost: Surveys for Money | Paid Surveys Online
  • Opinionoutpost bridges the gap between your opinion and the companies who rely on your opinion to create new products and improve their services.
  • Being an Opinionoutpost member, you may find yourself taking paid surveys about electronics, politics, medicine, advertisement, appliances, food habits etc. The companies value your opinions and reward you with gifts & cash rewards for sharing them.
  • The best part in the OpinionOutpost is, they are the only survey vendor offer a quarterly $10,000 prize draw. You will qualify for the cash prize for each survey taken.
  • You can redeem the points for Paypal cash, Amazon gift cards or iTunes voucher.
Average survey rate – $2.
Minimum payout – $3.

Registration link – Opinion Outpost men only [USA]  

Registration link – Opinion Outpost others [USA]  

Registration link – Opinion Outpost [Canada]  

Registration link – Opinion Outpost [Italy]  

Registration link – Opinion Outpost [Spain]

Registration link – Opinion Outpost [France]

Registration link – Opinion Outpost [Germany]

11. Swagbucks:


Swagbucks: Paid Surveys Website
  • Swagbucks is not a research panel itself, but it is the place where you can find surveys from a large number of survey panels at one place.
  • In Swagbucks, you can find more survey invitations and can complete a number of surveys to earn more money in a single day.
  • The survey rate on Swagbucks totally depends on geolocation. On top tier countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland they pay $1 – $35 per survey and if you’re from the parts of Asian & European countries you can earn $0.50 to $2 for completing the paid surveys.
  • Other than surveys, Swagbucks offers more ways to earn money like answering the poll, watching videos, downloading the apps, shopping etc. Also, on Swagbucks, you can redeem your points for cash or gift cards of major companies.
  • The new users from tier – 1 countries get $5 signup bonus when they complete the email verification.
Average survey rate – $1.
Minimum payout – $3.
Registration link – Swagbucks [USA]
Registration link  Swagbucks [UK]
Registration link  Swagbucks [Ireland]
Registration link  Swagbucks [Canada]
Registration link  Swagbucks [Australia]
Registration link – Swagbucks [France]
Registration link – Swagbucks [Germany]


12. Harris poll online:
Harris poll online - Make Money With Harris Poll
  • Harris poll is one of the oldest paid surveys started on 1963 by Lou Harris. Since then the Harris poll has been working on getting the opinion from people to assist their clients to improve the products, services and also to invent new technology according to the customer needs.
  • Internet users can join Harris poll for free of cost and get rewarded for giving their opinion by participating in paid surveys.
  • Harris poll will pay HIpoints for completing the surveys which can be redeemed to gift cards of companies like Amazon, Kmart, Sears, iTunes and also they offer physical rewards such as movies, books, and home goods.
  • When the members participate in a survey, they will receive an automatic entry into their sweepstakes. 
Minimum payout – $10.

Registration link – Harris Poll [USA]

Registration link Harris Poll [Canada]

13. Valued Opinions:


Valued opinions - Take an Online Survey
  • Valued Opinions is a professional survey panel and their surveys pay high. Valued opinions always send the survey invitation for the relevant survey that matches your profile.
  • So, after joining valued opinions you should complete your profile to receive more relevant survey invitations to your mailbox.
Average survey rate – $1.


Minimum payout – $12.

Registration link – Valued opinions [USA]  

Registration link – Valued opinions [UK]  

Registration link – Valued opinions [Australia]  

Registration link – Valued opinions [New Zealand].

14. Clixsense:

Clix sense research: Make Money Taking Surveys
  • Clixsense Research is a genuine survey site that allows members from all over the world to join their panel.
  • The compensation for the survey completion is good and the survey opportunities are high to people from top tier countries and less for other countries. To join Clix research you must join Clixsense main site and after successful registration, you can join Clix research panel by clicking on ClixResearch menu.
  • Other than surveys there are several ways to earn money on Clixsense. Clixsense allows members to withdraw their earnings through Paypal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Payza, Paytoo and check (only for US members).

Average survey rate – $1.

Minimum payout – $6.

15. Snagajob:


Snagajob: largest part-time job provider website


  • Snagajob is one of the largest part-time job provider sites in the world. It is actually not a survey panel instead, survey jobs are posted regularly over there by advertisers along with several other part-time jobs.
  • Snagajob is the best place to find hourly jobs. People who are looking to work part time can definitely find a reliable job on Snagajob.
  • Snagajob is one of the best places to find best survey jobs.

Registration link – Snagajob.


16. Paid Viewpoint panel:


Paid view point panel - Get Paid For Your Opinion
  • is a unique survey panel that provides the friendliest experience to the survey takers. Paid Viewpoint panel surveys are very interesting, easy and shorter. Unlike other survey panels, there are fewer chances to be screened out on PaidViewPoint survey.
  • Paidviewpoint panel rates a member using their trait score. Members with over 9000 trait score will receive more survey invitations. So, try to improve your trait score by answering simple questions without quitting on day one, because it might take some time to stabilize things.
  • The great feature on paid view point panel is, they pay up to $25* per referral. Try to refer your friends in order to earn referral incentives. There is no limit on the numbers one can refer. If the member has more than 100 referrals they will be rewarded with VIP membership that can improve earnings exponentially.
  • Members can withdraw their earnings once their account has a minimum balance of $15 through PayPal. Paidviewpoint is the one among the few sites that pay real cash that can be withdrawn directly to the bank account through.
* – Referral incentives are not added instantly, instead, it will be credited based on pay per referral action. You might not earn anything from inactive referrals.
Average survey rate – [Trait surveys – $0.03] $1.
Minimum payout – $15.

Registration link – Paid Viewpoint panel [Worldwide].

17. Survey savvy:

Survey savvy: Get Paid To Do Surveys Online
  • Survey Savvy is a market research panel and their surveys are known to pay high. Most of the surveys are conducted for certain group of people. So, the most of the members will be screened out if they do not match the eligibility criteria.
  • Survey savvy pays $60 for US & UK members who install savvy connect software on their PC  or smartphone and this feature is currently not available for members from other countries. The link is given separately for savvy connect software.
  • Of all survey panels, survey savvy has the minimum payout limit i.e. $1. Once you request for payment they will send a check to your postal address.
Average survey rate – $2.
Minimum payout – $1.

Registration link – Survey Savvy [USA]

Registration link  Survey Savvy [UK]

Registration link  Survey Savvy [Canada]

Savvy connect® download Savvy connect [USA]

Savvy connect® download – Savvy connect [UK].

Premium Research – Earn money by participating in premium research by installing research software on your PC and smartphones. (Available for US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Germany residents).

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New to Paid survey?
If you’re unaware of taking surveys for money these screenshots will be helpful for you to learn how the paid survey will be. This is the survey about “Game of Thrones”, one of the best Hollywood series of all time.
Screenshot – 1:
Screenshot – 2:

Screenshot – 3:


Screenshot – 4:



Screenshot – 5:
  • Now you would have got an idea how a paid online surveys will be. They are really simple like choosing the best one among plenty just by using the mouse. What are you waiting for? Join the survey panels listed above to earn more money by answering simple interesting surveys like the one I’ve mentioned above.
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