Paid Online Surveys Job to Take Surveys for Cash on Survey Sites

Paid online surveys offer one of the simplest ways to make money online from home by answering easy questions. Simply called Online survey Jobs by internet users, millions of those users are taking surveys for cash and Gift cards of brands like In simple, online surveys are fun & easiest money making machine on the web.

People who have really understood the value of paid surveys never failed to make a minimum of $500 answering the surveys. Experts make over $2000 per month from the best survey sites in the world applying certain strategies. I myself have earned over several thousand dollars taking online surveys about which I will share with you in the later part. Here you will learn the basics of online surveys, how paid survey work. In addition, you can find the list of top 20 legitimate paid surveys sites that really pay.

About Paid Online Surveys:

Paid Online Surveys

It will be really better if you know what is paid survey before start taking surveys for money. The paid surveys otherwise called the online surveys that pay the survey takers for answering surveys that contain a set of questions. The questions are designed in such a way to collect the survey takers’ views about the subject/topic. Surveys are conducted across hundreds of categories based on the theme of the research.

Speaking about market research, it’s the study about the user views about the products, services, things, study, etc. To make you understand here is a simple example, at regular internals Facebook conduct surveys to improve their services and to make Facebook better. Usually, only Facebook users will be allowed to participate in the survey using the screenout process. In the survey, the survey taker will be asked to answer questions that compares Facebook to other social media like Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Facebook will use the research data to analyze and improve its services to users in the future.

Similarly, surveys are conducted in different categories like smartphones, TV shows, Software, Travel, Food & drinks, Bikes & Cars, Festivals, Information technology, Grooming, Political views, science, etc. Get paid to take surveys from $1 to $5 per study. Unlike online typing jobs, surveys are fun, easy just like choosing the best answer with a mouse click. Watch the following video which explains about the paid surveys in detail.

Things to remember to earn more money taking online surveys:

Earlier I said that experienced paid survey users make a few thousand dollars every month. But, it’s possible only if you follow these steps,

Join at least 5 – 10 survey panels in order to receive enough survey invitations to participate. Only if you take more surveys, you can earn more money. Restricting to one or few survey panel(s) won’t fetch you enough money.

Complete your profile once you register. This ensures that you will receive the relevant survey invitations first delivered to your email right away as soon as they are available.

Answer the questions by carefully reading questions. Do not answer the questions in random without reading the questions and choice. Doing so will result in screen out. And be advised that frequent screen outs might result in getting less number of invitation or account ban.

You can find more information in detail about the online paid surveys below the list of legitimate paid survey sites.

Top 20 Best Survey Sites to Get paid for Surveys:

These are the high paying Best paid survey sites in the world. Make sure to use the link available for your country to join and enjoy customized features available in your country. Do not click the links of other countries which might show an error. Links without the country code is available for users from all the countries.

1. Toluna:

Toluna Surveys


The Toluna is a trusted survey panel that sends a promised minimum number of two to five survey invitations to the active members. This is considered greater than the average compared to other survey sites.

I’ve been doing Toluna online surveys for over few years where Toluna has proved to be reliable with a decent payout. Also, they also made me happy with the survey frequency. Toluna at least sends two survey invitations per day without fail. And the thing is they were very relevant to my profile. Relevancy ensures that answering questions will be easy and in return, we could express our views using our experience and knowledge.

Toluna surveys are responsive i.e. surveys can be filled using any device including the smartphone. So, you can earn money even while you travel using your mobile phone to take surveys. In addition to regular browser compatibility, Toluna has got the mobile money app for Android and iPhone devices to its users.

Toluna’s powered survey router, the Opinion Surveys is found all across the rewarding sites. This shows Toluna is an established brand.

Apart from surveys, Toluna users could win 1000000 points daily!

Apart from the paid surveys, Toluna has got other ways to earn money including product testing, quiz, etc. Toluna users can redeem their points for cash using PayPal or Check and for gift cards of major brands including, Steam, BestBuy, Walmart, Flipkart, iTunes, Facebook, Google Play, Hulu, Shoppers Stop, Nykaa.

Registration link Toluna [USA]

Registration link Toluna [India]

Registration link Toluna [UK]

Registration link Toluna [Singapore]

Registration link Toluna [Japan]

Registration link Toluna [China]

Registration link Toluna [Hong Kong]

Registration link Toluna [Australia]

Registration link Toluna [New Zealand]

Registration link Toluna [Canada]

2. Life Points Panel:

Life Points opinion survey panel


Previously, the brands Global Test Market and MySurvey have merged to create a new brand i.e. LifePoints. With their expertise over the years in the market research industry, I hope you will feel a new experience in taking paid surveys and enjoying the rewards.

The LifePoints is a kind of new survey panel with avails the basic get paid to take surveys online. LifePoints has over five million users in its community who take surveys to earn points that can be redeemed for cash via PayPal and Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks gift vouchers.

Usually, the LifePoints surveys may take up to 15 minutes to complete. While in the case of early screenouts, the members will receive grace points depending on the reasons for getting kicked out. Be advised that the Life points the mobile app is available for Android and iPhone users to take surveys using the cell phone.

Registration Link LifePoints [South Africa]

Registration Link LifePoints [France]

Registration Link LifePoints [Canada]

Registration Link LifePoints [Spain]

Registration Link LifePoints [Ireland]

Registration Link LifePoints [Italy]

3. SurveyClub:

SurveyClub - Online surveys

SurveyClub is one of the popular survey panels in North America and the United Kingdom. SurveyClub surveys are interesting that mostly includes product reviews, travel, buyers opinion, food taste tests, general opinion, leisure, mystery shopping, online bulletin boards, and in-home usage tests.

Based on the user profile, SurveyClub only sends invitations to take relevant surveys which in fact saves the time of the users from unwanted screenouts. Also, in some cases, SurveyClub is regional and state-specific that makes the SurveyClub surveys more specific to the survey taker.

One of the significant difference between SurveyClub and other survey panels is that SurveyClub not only offers you SurveyClub surveys but also surveys from other survey panel companies. So, enjoy getting all your surveys at one place with SuveyClub.

If you involve in clinical trials and online communities you can even earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your participation.

Once you have accumulated a minimum of $20 in your SurveyClub account, you can request payment through PayPal or Check. SurveyClub now opens the registration for Canada, USA and UK residents.

Registration link SurveyClub [USA]

Registration link SurveyClub [UK]

Registration link SurveyClub [Canada]

4. YouGov:

YouGov - Paid surveys

When it comes to my favorite, YouGov is definitely one of my best. I’m a member of YouGov for years and it’s the only survey panel that convinced me most with high payouts for completing surveys. The YouGov surveys are simple and interesting that doesn’t make us bored like other survey panels.

The best thing that made me love YouGov the most is the survey topics. Most of the surveys were about Social Media, Smartphones, Politics, Brand comparison (Ex. Google vs Facebook, Smartphone vs Tablet), Grooming.

In addition to simplicity, YouGov surveys are really short but the payout is very high. I used to complete surveys that take not more than 6 – 10 minutes but they paid $2 for completing the short survey which is highest compared to the average industry standards. The only downside that let YouGov below the list is its low survey frequency and the time taken to process payments.

The minimum payout varies across countries. The members can withdraw their earnings through PayPal, Western Union, Check and for the Indian users they allow the user to redeem the points for Paytm Cash.

Registration Link YouGov [USA]

Registration Link YouGov [UK]

Registration Link YouGov [Australia]

Registration Link YouGov [Other regions incl. India, Eupore & Middle East]

5. Clixsense:

Clixsense surveys

Clixsense is one of the best paid survey sites available for people who are looking for online survey jobs anywhere from the world. Clixsense is not actually a direct survey panel but they host hundreds of third-party surveys every day including brands like,  CINT, Your Surveys, Pure Spectrum, Sample Cube.

From my experience, over years I’d say that Clixsense is the only site that never runs out of surveys. You will be able to find paid surveys 24 x 7 being posted in the member’s survey area and notified by Clix Addon. So, you can even earn $25 – $100 per day on Clixsense taking surveys.

Also, Clixsense pays a decent amount of money for completing the surveys from $1 to $5 per survey and $0.30 to $0.80 for short surveys. Apart from surveys, Clixsense hosts Figure Eight micro jobs & best OfferWalls, which are the great source to earn more money when there are no surveys available to participate. You can read more about its features here, Clixsense Review.

Clixsense has got a lot of community members and staffs who are ready to help the newbies all around the clock. So, in addition to other survey panels, don’t hesitate to add Clixsense to your list because it will play an important role in increasing your overall monthly online income.

The minimum payout is $10 where you can withdraw your earnings through Payoneer, Skrill, Check, Dwolla, Tango Card.

Registration link Clixsense [Worldwide].

6. Opinion Outpost:

Opinion Outpost Survey site

Opinion Outpost is one of the oldest survey panels started its journey in 1977. The Opinion Outpost bridges the gap between your opinion and the companies who rely on your opinion to invent new products and improve their services.

Being the Opinion Outpost member, you may find yourself taking paid surveys about food habits, medicine, politics, advertisements, appliances, lifestyle, etc. The companies highly value your opinion and repay with cash for taking surveys and gift cards for sharing your views.

Opinion Outpost surveys usually take 10 – 15 minute to complete, high paying survey might be a bit lengthier.

The best part about Opinion Outpost is, they’re the only survey vendor who offers a quarterly prize draw of $10000. Every time you take the Opinion Outpost survey, you will get automatically qualified for the cash rewards.

Opinion Outpost means simple, secure and speed. Enjoy the instant payments just of your choice including PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards or iTunes Voucher.

Registration link Opinion Outpost [USA]

Registration link Opinion Outpost [UK]

Registration link Opinion Outpost [Canada]

Registration link Opinion Outpost [Germany]

Registration link Opinion Outpost [Spain]

Registration link Opinion Outpost [Italy]

Registration link Opinion Outpost [France]

7. Opinion World:

Opinion World SSI surveys

The Opinion World is the sister of Opinion Outpost run by the same company, Survey Sampling International. Opinion World varies a bit different in terms of running its research program compared to the Opinion Outpost. Previously, SSI has merged with Research Now to become the largest survey and sample company in the world.

The Opinion World is available in more regions where they provide customized services to each country to help the members such as surveys in the local language, region-based payout, local currency instead of default USD, etc.

In addition to panel-based surveys, Opinion World has got its surveys routers installed across thousands of Get paid to sites and OfferWall apps. Members across those sites trust in Opinion World to find surveys when the availability of custom online surveys is very low. This shows Opinion World is very reliable.

Opinion World surveys are short and high paying where most of the surveys take 10 – 20 minutes to complete. Members will receive survey invitations as soon as they become part of their community.

As soon as the surveys are completed, the members will be automatically enrolled to $10000 prize draw. The Opinion World pay its user through PayPal or Amazon gift card, Restaraunt vouchers. These payment options are general. Check out your country listing in order to know the various payment methods in your region after registration.

Registration link Opinion World [USA]

Registration link Opinion World [India]

Registration link Opinion World [Indonesia]

Registration link Opinion World [Singapore]

Registration link Opinion World [Hong Kong]

Registration link Opinion World [Taiwan]

Registration link Opinion World [Australia]

Registration link Opinion World [New Zealand]

Registration link Opinion World [Norway]

Registration link Opinion World [Netherlands]

Registration link Opinion World [Finland]

Registration link Opinion World [Turkey]

Registration link Opinion World [Poland]

Registration link Opinion World [Austria]

Registration link Opinion World [Sweden]

Registration link Opinion World [Portugal]

Registration link Opinion World [Denmark]

8. Survey Savvy:

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is a unique survey site that is more than a survey panel which works on in-depth market research and analysis. The Survey Savvy is one among the very few legit survey sites that makes it’s presence across the globe accepting members from almost all the parts of the world. Survey Savvy has been listed A+ BBB ratings.

Survey Savvy will send online survey invitations to the email whenever there is a research study matches the member’s profile. The member has to pass the screen out questions and once qualified, the main survey can be accessed. Then the survey has to be answered completely in order to get paid for taking the survey.

In addition to paid surveys, what makes Survey Savvy special is its survey software or the survey app called Savvyconnect exclusively for the US and UK residents. Members can install the Survey Savvyconnet app on their Desktop or mobile phone powered by Android or iPhone. This ensures the member will definitely earn at least $15 per month just by keeping the app installed in their device(s).

Another best thing about Survey Savvy is the minimum payout which is just $1. The members will receive a paycheck to their residential address at the end each month.

Registration Link Survey Savvy.

Download app ($5 Bonus) – Savvyconnect [USA]

Download app ($5 Bonus) Savvyconnect [UK]

9. VIP Voice:

VIP Voice panel - Surveys for Money

VIP Voice is one of the oldest online research community. They pay the users for sharing their thoughts about the products and services they use. In return, the VIP Voice panel gives the opportunity to win Vacations, gift cards, electronics, and other prizes.

The first destination for the members on VIP Voice is to level up. The higher level member will enjoy the highest rewards for taking surveys while the first level member will have lower benefits. So, if you have a long time plan to stick with paid surveys, join their community to share views, level up as soon as possible, earn more rewards.

Also, the members can use their VIP points to win auctions, enter exciting sweepstakes.

Registration Link VIP Voice [USA]

Registration Link VIP Voice [Canada]

10. Ipsos:

Ipsos best paid survey sites

Ipsos is one of the leading market research company in the industry for years. With around millions of users around the world, Ipsos helps thousands of clients to achieve their goal in market research. The Ipsos i-say users have the opportunity to influence the future of major brands and companies across the world.

Ipsos send survey invitation to the members whenever the criteria match the profile. Members earn points for completing the survey and for achieving survey streak goals they will also receive the bonus points to stay active. In addition, members will receive free sweepstake entries to win prizes.

Earn money using your mobile phone by downloading the mobile app of Ipsos. Get notifications whenever a new opportunity is available for you.

Members are paid cash via PayPal or prepaid Visa cards. Points can be redeemed for Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Target gift vouchers.

Registration Link Ipsos [USA]

Registration Link Ipsos [UK]

Registration Link Ipsos [Canada]

Registration Link Ipsos [Australia]

11. Global Test Market:

Global Test Market Survey Panel

The Global Test Market is an established survey panel in the world well known for its quality and reliability. Being a member of the Global Test Market, I receive at least 2 – 3 survey invitations per day inviting me to take part in the research study.

Global Test Market ensures that every survey invitation sent is very relevant to the panelist. So, the chances of getting screened out of the paid survey are very minimal. Members are advised to ensure that their profile is up to date to receive invitation relevant to the interest.

GTM surveys are very interesting where the categories diverse based on the profile. Studies about Smartphones, food, Automobile, Lifestyle are some of the most common surveys found on the Global Test Market. GTM surveys pay $1 to $3 on average based on the length of the survey which is classified from ten minutes to forty minutes.

In addition to regular surveys which can be completed within minutes, Global Test Market also has got daily life survey that pays $10 for completing it. The survey taker must take some time to answer about their daily activities for about seven days to get paid for participating in the lifestyle survey.

GTM users can redeem their points for cash through PayPal or Check and Gift cards of Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, Best Buy, Flipkart, Lifestyle.

Registration Link Global Test Market [US]

Registration Link Global Test Market [UK]

Registration Link Global Test Market [Australia]

Registration Link Global Test Market [Singapore]

Registration Link Global Test Market [Germany]

Registration Link Global Test Market [Brazil]

Registration Link Global Test Market [Argentina]

Registration Link Global Test Market [Colombia]

Registration Link Global Test Market [Mexico]

12. MySurvey:

Mysurvey - Surveys that pay

MySurvey boasts that they are the number one paid survey websites. Also, be informed that they have paid over $32 million worth gift vouchers and cash rewards for taking surveys. MySurvey participants take part in consumer research such as online surveys, diaries, and product testing.

The survey rates are below par while comparing to average industry paid survey rates. Occasionally MySurvey users get a chance to take part in high paying audio & video surveys and product testing offers.

MySurvey mobile app is available for the Android and iPhone users where they can maintain their account directly from the smartphone and take surveys for cash using the mobile phone.

The best feature of MySurvey is payment methods. Members can exchange their points for various redemption options including PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, Tango, Starbucks and restaurant gift cards.

Registration Link MySurvey [USA]

Registration Link MySurvey [UK]

Registration Link MySurvey [Australia]

13. PineCone Research:

Pinecone Research

PineCone is an elite market research program that helps to influence tomorrow’s product today. It is one of the exclusive launches of Nielsen which is the largest market research company in the world works on unique research programs over time.

PineCone Research said to pay more than the industry average for taking surveys for money. Their surveys pay $3 upon completion which can be cashed out immediately via PayPal or requesting a paycheck.

Since PineCone Research offers high paying survey jobs they’re very strict about the quality of the panelist hired. They filter the majority of newcomers based on user demographics. Actually, the filtering process ensures that the hired members never get screenout of the survey which is a primary headache in most of the survey panels. Wherever the PineCone members get a chance to take a survey, they’d complete the survey since they have passed the screening process already during the registration process.

It’s really worth giving a try to join the Pinecone Research along with the best paid survey sites listed here to get enough survey invitations to make more money from paid online surveys.

Registration Link Pinecone Research [USA]

Registration Link Pinecone Research [UK]

Registration Link Pinecone Research [Canada]

14. Valued Opinions:

Valued Opinions paid survey site

I’ve been a part of Valued Opinions for over several years and I’m still a happy member of Valued Opinions. The best thing about Valued Opinions is survey quality. They conduct the best market research programs on behalf of the clients which doesn’t bore the survey taker and lasts not more than 15 minutes on average.

Valued Opinions is the one among very few survey panel whose survey rates starts with a minimum of $1 and it can incline up to $5 in the case of the premium research study. This is more than the average in the survey industry. The members can level up from Bronze to Diamond levels to unlock achievements by taking more surveys.

I used to receive at least one invitation per day to participate in the survey and I qualify for almost all the surveys. This is because I never fail to update my profile at regular intervals which ensure that they send the invitation to take the surveys that match the profile.

Members can redeem their points for gift cards of major brands including Amazon, iTunes, Target, etc. Also, go for prepaid cards in the case of cash rewards.

Registration Link Valued Opinions [USA]

Registration Link Valued Opinions [UK]

15. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks Surveys

The Swagbucks is one of the most familiar online rewarding sites trusted by millions of members from the supported countries. Swagbucks is not a Survey panel since they don’t conduct any research. Instead, Swagbucks is the place where you can take surveys of third-party research companies.

Swagbucks will update the availability of survey invitations for the members in the Gold surveys section and in addition members an also go for daily surveys in order to qualify for taking surveys for cash. The survey rate starts from $0.30 and increases more than $5 very rarely.

At a regular interval, Swagbucks rewards up to 20% bonus to the members for taking surveys. By using Swagbutton or Swagbucks mobile app the members can get notified about the bonus. For example, if the survey pays 100SB, during limited bonus they pay up to 120SB for the same survey. Completing multiple surveys at the same time during the limited bonus availability will add up extra SB to the member’s account.

In addition to online survey jobs, Swagbucks also pays for watching videos, playing games, answering daily polls, searching the web, discovering offers, etc.

The virtual currency SB can be redeemed for cash rewards using PayPal and for gift cards of Amazon, Macy’s, Facebook, iTunes, Steam, Walmart, Target, Google Play, eBay and other major brands in the World.

Registration Link Swagbucks [USA]

Registration Link Swagbucks [UK]

Registration Link Swagbucks [Canada]

Registration Link Swagbucks [Australia]

Registration Link Swagbucks [Germany]

Registration Link Swagbucks [France]

Registration Link Swagbucks [Ireland]

Registration Link Swagbucks [Other supported countries]

16. Paid ViewPoint:

Paid Viewpoint online surveys

Paid Viewpoint panel one of the popular survey sites in the world paying users all around the world for years. It is a unique paid survey site that provides a friendly experience for members who take surveys to earn money online. There are very fewer chances for the members to get screened out of Paid Viewpoint surveys.

The Paid Viewpoint panel rates a user with the trait point they score. The trait points are like the trust score. The members who score a minimum of 9000 will receive a premium upgrade of placing them in the top 10% of PV members. This means they will be paid more for each answer.

Earn without working by referring your friends to PV and get a chance to become a VIP member of PV. The minimum payout is just $15 where all the payments are processed through PayPal.

Registration Link Paid Viewpoint [worldwide]


MOBROG paid surveys

Mobrog says that they pay around $0.50 to $3 on average for completing a survey. By participating in Mobrog surveys you get a chance to communicate your opinion to the world and in turn, get paid for taking surveys.

If you’re a mobile phone user, you can download the Mobrog app available for the Andriod, iPhone and Blackberry devices to take mobile surveys. They ensure that the members can easily type the response for the cell phone based surveys using the display.

In the case, if you’re going to use PayPal to redeem your earnings, make sure that the account email and the PayPal email ID are identical. Using Skrill is another convenient way to receive money securely and conveniently.

Registration Link MOBROG [Malaysia]

Registration Link MOBROG [Singapore]

Registration Link MOBROG [South Korea]

Registration Link MOBROG [Hong Kong]

18. SpringBoard America:

SpringBoardAmerica opinion survey

Join SpringBoard America to get paid for your views and enter to win $1000 after signing up. It is one of the leading market research communities in the USA, giving the Americans the chances to voice their opinion on various issues and topics.

Unlike other survey panels, the US members enjoy taking SpringBoard surveys since the surveys are very related to the USA community, products & services, and politics occasionally. They pay up to 500 points for completing surveys.

Once you have accumulated 5000 points, you can redeem the points for a $50 denomination of Virtual or Physical Visa card, Amazon e-gift card, iTunes, Google Play.

Registration Link SpringBoardAmerica [USA]

19. Get-paid:


Get-paid is an established GPT site similar to the Swagbucks and Clixsense. One of the primary earning options in is the paid online surveys. So, people who are looking for online survey jobs can join get-paid to earn money taking surveys from home.

In addition to paid surveys, Get-paid is the home of many MMO opportunities such as pay per click, paid to watch videos, get paid to play games, mining etc. making it one of the best online jobs provider sites on the internet. Get-paid offers two level referral commission for referring friends to their site. Level up to gain experience and win badges.

Get-paid is one among very few survey sites that pay via Western Union. Western Union enables the users to collect the cash directly from WU outlets available near them. You can also redeem your points for PayPal cash. In the case of gift cards, you have choices like Amazon, Steam, JC Penny, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, iTunes, Google Play. In case if you’re in need for the cryptocurrency, you can redeem the points for Bitcoin.

Registration Link [worldwide]

20. Makeculous:

Makeculous surveys routers

Makeculous is also a get paid to site which is the home to hundreds of survey routers of major market research brands such as Samlicio.US, MyThought counts, Opinion surveys, Opinion World, Speak Up surveys, etc. By joining Makeculous you can find the best opportunities available for your profile on various brands.

Makeculous also pay the members for watching DailyMotion videos, CoinHive captcha typing, answering the quiz, paid to click, etc. The MinuteStaff OfferWall available on Makeculous ensures that a member anywhere from the world get a minimum chance to make money even in case the paid surveys aren’t available in their country.

On reaching $10 minimum payout threshold, get paid through any one of these payment methods either PayPal or Coinbase(Bitcoin).

Registration Link Makeculous [worldwide]

R. Nielsen Research:

Nilsen research panel

The Nielsen is the premium elite online research company in the world works on various research programs to make the world a better place. To explain you in simple if you’re a fan of weekly episodes of Monday night Raw telecasted by WWE, you would have often noticed WWE is on the top beating NBA, Espn, Daily Show during TLC PPV. At some corner, you may notice a *Nielsen social guide. This is the same company that reveals the numbers through their research.

Being a member of Nielsen, you can become a part of the best research company and contribute to the development of the world. Neilsen is operated in various countries with a different local brand name. Join Nielsen to win rewards of several thousand dollars paid to the contributors.

In some of the countries, the newcomers are asked to download a piece of software in their PC, Mac or mobile phone to participate in the research. Make sure to check the availability of software and install the software to enjoy the complete benefits.

Registration Link Nielsen [USA]

Registration Link Nielsen [USA – Spanish]

Registration Link Nielsen [UK]

Registration Link Nielsen [Canada]

Registration Link Nielsen [Australia]

Registration Link Nielsen [New Zealand]

Registration Link Nielsen [Hong Kong]

Registration Link Nielsen [Germany]

Registration Link Nielsen [Italy]

Is $200/survey a myth?

Definitely not, here is the survey invitation I received that paid $150! Get a chance to participate in such highest paying online surveys by starting today.

Highest paying online surveys

How to take surveys for Money:

As you might have come across the top 20 best surveys sites which are tested and genuine, here is the guide for the beginners how to get paid to do surveys. I myself have completed a survey in order to explain how to do surveys.

About the example survey:

This survey was conducted by YouGov(Look out for the YouGov review on the best paid survey sites list above). Actually, this is a general survey that had questions mixed up from several topics from travel to smartphone usage, etc. Usually, the surveys will be topic specific like a travel survey will have questions fully about travel.

But, I found this is the right survey that has been taken as an example to explain to you so that you could understand more easily and of course this survey doesn’t contain any sensitive information of both the parties.

It was a pretty simple survey which took not more than 5 minutes to complete. They paid 100 points equals $1 for completing the survey.

The first step in taking a survey will be agreeing to participate in the survey after reading terms and payout information.

Paid surveys initial payout information

I’m not going to explain how to answer the survey, but the following images are some of the questions appeared in the survey which would give you an idea of how online survey will be.

(i). Automobile (cars):

Paid survey topic cars

Survey regarding car purchase

YouGov car purchase second hand survey

(ii). Online Shopping:

Online shopping survey

(iii). Mobile Phone:

Online surveys Mobile usage

YouGov Mobile surveys

(iv). Trading activities:

Stock exchange survey

(v). Tv shows & Streaming:

Online surveys on Tv program & streaming content

(vi). Travel & Leisure:

Travel Survey study

I didn’t answer the following question only for the illustration.

Travel Survey tripping

After the survey has been completed – Feedback:

The final step is to give feedback about the survey in order to get paid for taking survey after the completion.

Paid Survey complete feedback

Getting paid for taking the survey:

Paid online Surveys payout payments

Final payment – Points Redemption:

After accumulating 5000 points, I’ve redeemed points for $50 for cash through Western Union.

YouGov surveys Payments

Hope, now you would have got an idea of how easy it is to earn money doing online surveys. Answer simple questions and get paid instantly. Be advised about the online survey jobs without investment i.e., you don’t have to pay any registration fee to join the survey site. Join free, take the survey and get the money into your bank account via payment processors or redeem your money for gift cards(Refer panel payout options).

Pros and cons of paid online surveys:

Online surveys jobs are the best and simplest work from home programs.

No experience or no qualification needed, even school students can do surveys to make money. Great source for free pocket money.

Join the best survey sites for free of cost – no registration fees.

Redeem your earnings for cash or gift cards of your choice.

Survey referral programs to earn money by referring your friends.

You earn and give input to change the world – job satisfaction.

Freedom to work – use PC or smartphone and do surveys at your own convenience even while you’re traveling to school, college or work.

Take part in premium research such as clinical trials to earn up to $200 per study.


Survey jobs work best only in certain countries mostly in tier-1 countries.

Cannot be seen as a potential online job like freelance jobs.

Screenout is a headache for survey takers. A midway screen out will create tension and a waste of time.

Final words on paid online survey work:

Paid surveys are great if you use it like an expert. Paid surveys are waste if you don’t know how to use it in a potential way.

Here are the Golden rules,

Join more than 10 best survey sites listed above to receive survey invitations daily and to make a decent online income.

Answer the surveys truly, never try to bypass which is worthless in the long term.

You might like this Online Data Entry jobs.

Need some help regarding paid online surveys? or Got new ideas about surveys that pay? Share your comments below to help paid survey users and get your doubts cleared!!!


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