Top 10 Online Captcha Typing jobs 2019 – Solve Captcha Earn Money

Captcha jobs are one of the best online typing jobs in terms of availability. Online captcha job can also be called the simplest data entry work of all since no experience or qualifications needed to solve the captchas. Captcha entry job is really easy that anyone who has got browsing & typing skills can do it to make money. While captchas typing job has its own benefits they do have cons one of which is reliability. So, in this article, you can learn more in detail about captcha solving online job and find the list of online captcha entry work without investment with daily payment.

About Captcha jobs:

Basic Requirements for captcha typing job:

Captcha online job does have some basic requirements which almost everyone has can do it,

The first requirement for captcha work is basic English knowledge. You must be able to differentiate between the Capital letters and small letters. Also, sometimes you should be to type special characters too.

Be advised that some of the Captcha entry sites listed below have an option to work on other languages like Russian, and European languages like French, Spanish, etc. But the opportunities are very low.

The recent introduction of high paying captcha work i.e., the smart captchas needs simple skill to solve the image based captchas. You must be able to select the images based on the condition. Again which is pretty easy similar to paid to click.

When we speak about captcha typing job, it involves typing something. Typing needs speed. While most of the top captcha work sites give up to 5 – 10 seconds to type a letter, which is very lenient. The recommended speed is 40WPM. The reason why I recommend this speed is only then you can earn a decent amount of money doing the captcha data entry.

Of course, all the legit online captcha job listed here allows free registration. That is you don’t have to pay a registration fee to do captcha work.

Captcha jobs do evolve like other online jobs. Now the captcha entry job can be done using smartphones which is a piece of great news for the people who are looking for online jobs using mobile phone. A step ahead few captcha sites introduced the money app to do captcha work directly using from the app instead of the mobile browser.

Whether you work using a desktop or a smartphone, the device must be connected to the internet with decent speed. Now almost all the mobile networks and broadband speed is more than average according to the Speed test.

These are the basics you should know before starting to do captcha solving jobs, now you’re all set for online captcha work.

Watch the Captcha Entry Work 2-Minutes Video:
Recommended work in addition to captcha typing:

You have landed here definitely searching the ways to earn money online from home. In addition to captcha entry work, I recommend you to try the online jobs listed below to increase your overall monthly income.

The highly recommended one for basic online earning opportunity is Online survey jobs which work best in the tier -1 country. Earn up to $3 per survey which can add up a decent amount of money at the end of the month.

You can also try these sites to earn money for viewing marketed content. Also, check out some of the best jobs for work from home moms.

Things to remember about Online Captcha job:

Captcha entry software is available on some of the sites listed below for Microsoft Windows, Android, and Linux versions. If you wish to work using the software, the availability of the software is mentioned for each site in the list of captcha typing sites given below.

Now the captcha entry sites also support Bitcoin which is the pioneer of cryptocurrencies; the price of which skyrocketed above $10000 in history. So, you can depend on captcha entry to earn bitcoins.

Some site might require you to enter the Invitation code. Make sure to copy the invitation code given under the site listed below to join captcha entry work without registration fees.

Beware of captcha entry scams such as Captcha Club. Sites which promises to pay you more than a cent for solving captchas are likely to be a scam. But be advised that all the sites listed below are scam free jobs run by legitimate captcha typing services. These are tested so you can join those sites without any worries.

The best online captcha jobs are listed below. If you’re a newbie to captcha typing then make sure to read the basics of captcha entry jobs given below the list of top captcha solving sites to start captcha work with full knowledge. Else, you can directly join one of the sites listed below.

Captcha payments:

Before joining the captcha entry sites, make sure you’ve got a wallet set up all ready for the online captcha entry work to receive your daily payments, Here are some of the most used payment methods PayPal & Payoneer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, FaucetHub, Western Union, and Perfect money.

List of Captcha Typing  jobs:

Find the best captcha online job provider sites below and join the best company on which you prefer to do captcha work from home.

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Captcha rate – $0.30 to $2.50 / 1000 Mobile compatible – Yes
Software – PC | Linux Referral commission – 10% Minimum payout – $0.50
Payment methods – Bitcoin | Yandex Money | Advcash | ETH Join Kolotibablo
Captcha rate – $0.45 to $2.00 / 1000 Mobile compatible – No
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Learn more about Captcha Typing:

Basics of Captcha and its uses:
What is Captcha:

The Captcha actually stands for Completely Automated Public Turning Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart. In simple words, the Captchas are security programs enabled to secure access to the programs and applications by only allowing Humans and blocking the automated bots.

Captchas have a wide variety of uses with the base stands for protection. Captchas are used on many websites in order to protect them from spam auto-generated contents. They help to protect hackers from hacking social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and online banking. Similarly, they help to protect the signup and sign in access to a website or application from Brute force attacks. There is a lot we can talk about the application of captchas and it’s importance in the internet world. However, you might have got an idea about captcha more than enough to do online captcha jobs.

Various captchas explained:

These are the captchas that are used to protect the internet. You might have already come across the captchas in your life at least once. Here are some of those to learn how to solve the captcha to earn money.

1. Normal captchas(Img to Txt):

Captcha typing job

The Normal captchas are the basic captcha which involves in converting the image to text form. As shown in the image given above, the captcha entry typer should enter the number or the letters up on the image in the text box to get paid.

As the name suggests, this is the basic type of captcha, that pays the least of it’s kind. Expect to earn somewhere between $0.0003 to $0.0015 for typing these captchas correctly.

The text to image typing captchas for money is very easy compared to other captchas. Good Typist makes up to $1 – $3 /hr solving the normal captchas. The image captchas are the base of the online captcha job.

2. Smart Captchas:

Smart Captcha entry

The smart captchas are the advanced captchas with increased payout per captcha solve. This is the product of Google simply called the ReCaptcha V2. Previously, the version one of the Google Recaptcha was similar to the Normal captchas. With few minor defects, Google has now introduced the new version called the smart captcha which eases the job of a real human to get access ASAP while the bots face a hard time cracking those.

In the case of Google Recaptcha, solving the captcha is very simple where the user must follow the instructions given above the image “Ex. Select all images with cookies, select the traffic signal, etc”. Once all the images are selected, the user will be given access.

Like the name says, the Recaptchas are really smart in increasing the difficulty based on its usage. Is a user gives too many requests, the Recaptcha will automatically increase the difficulty of the captcha. While the normal user(solving ReCaptcha very few times a day) makes it very easier. Learn more about how Google Recaptcha V3 affects Captcha entry.

The captcha work sites usually advise using their captcha typing software in order to solve the smart captchas without any trouble. In the case of IP blacklist, the captcha sites like 2Captcha offer built-in proxy to access the high paying Smartcapthas.

The captcha entry sites pay $0.0015 to $0.003 for solving a smart captcha which is triple the value compared to the payout of normal text captchas.

3. Fun Captchas:

Matching captcha jobs

Fun captchas are simple captchas that require Human intelligence to solve. Example of fun captchas includes positioning the pattern to match the pattern as given above, straightening the image, selecting the icons, etc. Mostly the fun captchas are found very less in the captcha jobs, still, they are high paying mostly found on the micro job sites.

There are still a lot of captchas are available other than these but the most found captchas are explained which is more than enough to start captcha typing job.

Purpose of captcha entry services:

Now you know that the captcha entry jobs pay you. It’s important that you should know why the captcha solving sites actually pay you for captcha typing.

The captcha entry services are provided to the companies and other internet services who are in need of captcha skipping. This is done to automate their services to third-party clients. In order to bypass captchas, they seek the help of captcha entry services. The captcha entry sites are the service provider who hires thousands of freelance workers like you to solve the captchas. The client will use the API to bypass the captchas in their apps to provide smooth services.

The captcha entry services are used in a lot of applications such as SEO business apps, Service access, etc. While few use the captcha entry services for the good purpose, these services are misused by the hackers, bot developers, etc. As technology develops so do the spammers. This is the reason why many international users prevent online captcha job. Since offering the online captcha entry work without investment with daily payment, many people from the Philippines, India, and people from other population rich Eastern countries do online captcha work.

Pros and Cons of Captcha Jobs:
  • The captcha jobs are the simplest jobs similar to paid to read available to all the users in the world without investment i.e. anyone can join captcha entry work without registration fees.
  • Captchas entry sites do not require any special qualifications to work for them
  • Captcha jobs daily payment is an advantage.
  • Work using any device including smartphones.
  • The captcha work is available throughout the year.
  • Captcha jobs are one of the lowest paying jobs. These online jobs might suit students but not for the people who are looking for a full-time online income.
  • Captcha workers complain that sometimes the captchas are not counted correctly.
  • Very basic unreliable typing job.
  • It’s considered that captcha entry jobs are against internet security.
  • Captcha jobs are not offline data entry job i.e. it requires a high-speed internet connection all the time to work.
  • The payout varies each hour based on bidding. So, it’s hard to find the best time to work.

Hope, you would have got a clear idea about captcha jobs, application of captchas and the captcha work. Feel free to leave a comment in case if you need assistance.


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