List of GPT sites to Earn Money Get Paid to complete Tasks

Get paid to sites or GPT websites are the online rewarding programs used by millions of internet users around the world to earn money online from home. The Get paid to sites are free to use sites, i.e. you can work on GPT sites without investment to Get Paid online. In this article, you can learn in detail about the Get paid to programs and find the list of best Get paid to websites that pay cash & Gift cards via PayPal, Amazon and major online & retail brands. Be advised that most of the GPT websites accept members from all parts of the world.

Get Paid to Sites Basics:

You know that GPT websites are online job provider programs. So, what are the ways to earn money using Get paid to sites?

The GPT sites primarily pay for doing simple tasks and offer which include getting paid for surveys, completing offers & micro-tasks for money, typing captchas, trying new products & services, signing up in websites, getting paid for playing games, downloading apps, viewing content, watching videos for money, social media jobs, etc.

These are few mentionable tasks available on the GPT sites where the users should follow the instructions to complete the offers. Once completed, get paid instantly to the direct user account, which can be withdrawn later as cash or redeemed for gift cards of different brands.

How much can you earn from GPT sites?

Get paid to sites

While it’s hard to predict how much can an individual earn from GPT sites for a day. Here is the estimation considering that the user lives in the tier – 1 country and is a member of at least 5 Get paid to sites which ensure the user gets enough opportunity to complete the tasks.

The intense GPT users earn somewhere between $5 – $30 per day with no referrals and $5 – $150 per day, with a decent number of active referrals. I explained the referral process in the later part of the article.

Here are some of the estimated calculations of the payout of various tasks.

Paid Surveys – $0.30 to $5 per survey.

Micro tasks* – $0.01 to $2 per task.

Paid offers – $0.01 to $5 per offer.

Premium offers – up to $100 per offer.

Paid videos – $0.002 to $0.01 per view.

Trial offers – $5 to $100 per trial.

In the case, if you want to learn more about Get paid to sites. There is a detailed explanation after the list of top GPT sites.

List of Best Get Paid to Sites:

The following is the list of legit GPT sites to get paid online. Except a few most of the Get paid to sites accepts members from all the countries including USA, UK, Australia, India, Philippines and other countries from Europe, Middle East, Asian Pacific, Africa, South America.

Ad. Xcel Surveys:

Survey Rates – Up to ₹200 Referral commission – ₹10 Minimum Payout – ₹100
Payment method –, Paytm, BMS, Freecharge, Lifestyle Join X-Surveys

Ad. Toluna:

Toluna surveys
Survey Rates – Up to $5 Referral commission – 10% Minimum Payout – $5
Payment method – PayPal, Check, Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, iTunes Join Toluna

1. Ysense:

Clixsense - GPT site
Features – Paid surveys, Micro tasks, OfferWalls, Cash offers, Paid videos Online since – 2007
Referral commission – 30% Ysense Review Minimum Payout – $5
Payment method – PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Steam Join Ysense

2. Get-Paid:

Get paid for surveys
Paid to click, OfferWalls, Daily surveys, Typing work Online since – 2008
Referral commission – 30% 10% Get-Paid Review Minimum Payout – $10
Payment method – PayPal,, Walmart, Western Union, Bitcoin Join Get-Paid

3. Makeculous:

Makeculous Rewarding sites
Paid to click, OfferWalls, Surveys Routers, Paid videos, Crypto mining Online since – 2017
Referral commission – 10% Makeculous Review Minimum Payout – $10
Payment method – PayPal, Bitcoin (Coinbase) Join Makeculous


EarnYouMore GPT tasks
Paid to click, OfferWalls, Surveys Routers, Traffic Exchange, Online since – 2020
Referral commission – Up to 100% Review Minimum Payout – $2
Payment method – PayPal, Bitcoin Join

Ad. FreeBitcoin:

Free Bitcoin clicking ads
Claim – $0.001 to $200 Referral commission – 50% Direct Referrals – Unlimited
Bitcoin faucet, Affiliate program, Waggering, Rewards Minimum Payout – 0.00003000₿
Payment method – Bitcoin Wallet, Electronics Join Free Bitcoin

Ad. YouGov:

YouGov surveys
Survey Rates – Up to $5 Referral commission – 10% Minimum Payout – $50
Payment method – PayPal, Western Union, Paytm cash, Check Join YouGov

5. InstaGC:

InstaGC Rewards
Clicks, OfferWalls, Paid surveys, Watch videos Online since – 2011
Referral commission – 10% InstaGC Review Minimum Payout – $5
Payment method – PayPal, Amazon, 100+ Location base rewards Join InstaGC

6. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks surveys
Gold surveys, OfferWalls, Daily surveys, Cashback Rebates, Quiz Online since – 2008
Referral commission – 10% Swagbucks Review Minimum Payout – $5
Payment method – PayPal,, Walmart, Macy’s, G Play, Target Join Swagbucks

7. MyPoints:

Get rewarded for everyday activity. $10 sign on bonus.
Paid to shop, Cashback offers, Surveys, Rebates Online since – 1996
Referral commission – 10% MyPoints Review Minimum Payout – $5
Payment method – Physical & e-Gift Vouchers of major brands Join MyPoints

8. SquishyCash:

Get paid to site SquishyCash
Paid to click, Daily surveys, OfferWalls, Trial, Shopping Online since – 2007
Referral commission – 35% SquishyCash Review Minimum Payout – $15
Payment method – PayPal, Amazon, Magnet, Target Join SquishyCash

9. InboxDollars[USA]:

Get paid to read emails on InboxDollars
Paid emails, Paid surveys, Shopping, Games, Paid search Online since – 2000
Referral commission – 10% InboxDollars Review Minimum Payout – $30
Payment method – Check Join InboxDollars

10. InboxPounds[UK]:

Get paid to read emails on InboxPounds
Paid emails, Paid surveys, Shopping, Games, Paid search Online since – 2000
Referral commission – 10% InboxPounds Review Minimum Payout – £20
Payment method – Check Join InboxPounds

11. Points2shop:

P2S offers, Surveys, OfferWalls, Paid to shop Online since – 2007
Referral commission – 15% Points2shop Review Minimum Payout – $15
Payment method – Amazon, PayPal Join Points2shop

12. InboxPays[US]:

InboxPays - Get paid to read email
Paid to read emails, Surveys, Cash offers Online since – 2009
Referral commission – 10% InboxPays Review Minimum Payout – $50
Payment method – PayPal Join InboxPays

13. Paid to Read Email:

Paid to read email
Paidemail®, Surveys, Cash offers, Points Online since – 2005
Referral commission – 10% Paid to read email Review Minimum Payout – $15
Payment method – PayPal Join PaidTo Read

The significance of GPT sites:

Unlike other online jobs like freelance work, the Get paid to sites provides simple yet diverse opportunities to earn money online from home. You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience to work on the GPT sites. All you need is a device connected to the internet.

GPT sites not only support the PCs & Mac but also you can earn money on mobile phone. Few Get paid to sites also provide money mobile apps for the Android and iPhone. So, now it’s easy to get paid online even while you travel with friends. GPT sites are great online jobs source for the students to earn some pocket money.

The referral programs available on these sites help the users to earn money by referring friends. This feature is a significant advantage to the users who can recruit members to the GPT sites and earn a referral commission. There are GPT users who make around $5000 per month through referral programs.

Why the Get paid to sites should pay you and how?

Usually, the Get paid to sites work with market research companies and CPA networks to pay its users. These networks consist of thousands of cash offers advertised by the advertisers who work round the clock to improve this world and to promote their products & services.

The Get paid to sites act as a link to connect the advertisers to us(GPT users/members). GPT sites regulate their site/mobile app with cash offers and tasks. Their community of members can complete those offers to earn money while the advertisers benefit from the leads, opinion, and conversions.

So, what are the benefits for the Get paid to sites? The GPT sites earn a commission from the advertisers for each legitimate conversion.

To minimize the efforts of the Get paid to sites, now the affiliate networks have introduced the OfferWall App Monetization, which automatically monetizes the app/GPT site based on the user demographics. The OfferWalls like Adscend Media and the special tools like PollFish benefits both the GPT sites and the Get paid to users.

Get paid to tasks explained:

These are some of the common tasks found on these sites which the users can complete to get paid online.

1. Get Paid to take surveys:

Paid surveys are the most common tasks and also the highest paying offers available on the Get paid to site. The users can get paid for surveys if they qualify for answering the surveys.

Get paid for surveys

The paid surveys are really simple. A survey will have a set of questions about some topic, in the case given above it is about the TV programs. You must answer all the questions to get paid for surveys.

Based on the topic, ETC, the pay per survey varies from a dollar to a few dollars. Few premium surveys which target premium users pay over fifty dollars for completing the premium survey.

2. Get paid for doing Micro tasks:

The Micro-tasks are the way to get paid online working on the GPT sites usually powered by Figure-eight. The microtasks are minor tasks like data entry work, data processing work, proofreading, finding violation content, verifying data, etc.

Get paid to do micro tasks

Micro jobs are available abundant in the Get paid to sites which creates an opportunity for the GPT users to find a way to earn money almost all the time throughout the day. Few sites like Ysense pay up to $200 per week for top task completion and 15% daily bonus for hard workers. Make use of the bonus to increase your earnings.

3. Cash offers:

Cash offers are one of the major ways to earn money on the GPT sites. However, the offers will be very minimal for the people from the tier – 3 countries.

Get paid cash offers to includes the app installations, trials, generating lead conversions, playing games for cash, answering polls & quizzes, taking part in forum discussions, watching videos, reading paid emails, cashback for shopping, etc.

Usually, regular cash offers pay less than a dollar, while few high paying offers pay over twenty dollars upon completion.

4. Affiliate programs:

The affiliate programs, otherwise called the referral program on the get paid to sites, are the most underestimated programs. Some people make thousands of dollars by making use of the program potentially.

The GPT sites pay somewhere between 10% to 50% as affiliate completion when the referral completes the surveys and offers. Make use of the affiliate programs to earn without working.

5. Paid to click:

The paid to click tasks are available on the GPT sites that pay for viewing the advertisements. This is the simplest task on the Get paid to sites while any user around the world can log into the site daily looking for this minimum opportunity to get paid online.

Not all the rewarding sites will have the paid to click tasks. Also, these tasks are the least paying among all.

These are some of the most available cash offers, there are still a lot more tasks available on the GPT websites. Check the sites for more details.

Payments processing on GPT sites:

To withdraw your earnings, you must have an account in one of these best payment processors or you should own an online wallet(s). If you don’t have one, here are the few options to consider.

Choose one among PayPal or Payoneer for cash.

Bitcoin wallet for the cryptocurrency.

With gift cards, you can directly redeem points based on availability.

Advantages of GPT sites:

  • GPT websites provide simple online jobs for all internet users to get paid online.
  • No technical knowledge needed other than knowing how to use the internet.
  • Great opportunity for work from home moms, work from home housewives and students to earn extra money.
  • Diverse tasks to choose from to get paid for work.
  • Get paid for surveys by giving opinions instead of directly dealing with paid survey sites.
  • A lot of payment options which include PayPal, Check, Bank transfer, Western Union Money Transfer.
  • Redeem the points for gift cards of major brands, including Amazon, Walmart, Facebook cards, Steam, Google Play, Target, Macy’s, etc.
  • Few sites allow to load online wallets including Paytm money, Perfect money, etc.
  • Earn money using the smartphone, laptop, tablet, PC or any internet-connected devices.
  • Mobile apps are available to directly access the account and get paid.

Disadvantages of GPT sites:

  • Beware of scams. While all the Get paid to sites listed above are legit. Do not get caught on sites which promise to pay high.
  • Not the best of reliable online jobs.
  • Get paid sites doesn’t work great for the users who are not from tier – 1 countries.
  • Survey screenouts are the headache in the GPT sites since most of the sites use survey routers to create the opportunity to take part in the surveys.
  • New users face trouble in understanding the GPT offers and tasks.

This is all about GPT sites. I hope you are convinced with the list of best Get paid to websites. Just comment below if you’d like to recommend new GPT sites or in the case if you need help regarding Get paid to programs.

I recommend you to join at least 5 GPT websites and analyze which works great for you.

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