What is Online Survey Jobs? | Why Paid Survey Panels Pay us Money?

Ever wondered why online surveys pay us? Online surveys are conducted to get reviews from people/customers about the brands, products, work, entertainment, social media, etc… By conducting the surveys about the product(s), they can come to know how their product or brand is promoted in the market. For example, Samsung conducting an online survey about its products to get customers reviews about their product’s quality, performance, price, reliability, etc, so that they can improve their products according to customer’s wishes. This is just an example, similarly, there are various reasons to conduct surveys.

Companies prefer online surveys to reach more people. By the way, paying the customers should help them go in-depth in the survey. That’s why it’s called the paid surveys. I hope you got the simplest answer for what are paid surveys, continue to get more information on what is online surveys and why survey sites pay you money.

What is online survey

What is Online Survey Job?

Online Survey Jobs are one of the simplest money making programs on the internet, helps millions of users to earn money from anywhere. Unlike other Online jobs, the best thing about paid surveys is that you can take surveys using mobile phones and also computer devices.

The work will be kind of like answering questions regarding a topic, say for example

A survey about the mobile phone will contain several questions about the mobile phone like,

“What mobile phone brand do you own?”

“What is the Software that the mobile phone runs on?”

“Do you have plans to buy a new mobile phone in the future?”

For answering these questions and completing the survey fully, the paid survey site will pay us money. This is precisely called as Online Survey Job since the taking survey makes us money.

How do companies pay us money via Paid Survey Panels for taking surveys:

  • People like us will not participate in surveys for free because we gain nothing for participation.
  • So, companies spend millions of dollars to conduct surveys on their products.
  • Companies cannot conduct surveys directly by themselves. For that reason, they get help from the survey panel.
  • Survey panels are specially designed to conduct online surveys. They get fees from companies to conduct the survey(s) about their products.
  • The survey panel will have a large community of paid customers/members to participate in the surveys they conduct.
  • The survey panel rewards its members for each completed survey with cash rewards or e-gifts/vouchers depending on the survey panel.
  • For example, if a company pays $1 per survey for a survey panel. The survey panel pays a part of it to their member for participating in surveys and keep the remaining as the service costs.

How to Earn Money by Participating in Paid Online Surveys:

Watch this short video to understand how to earn money one online survey sites by answering questions.

  • One can easily earn money by participating in online surveys since survey jobs don’t require any technical skills.
  • To start earning you gotta join a survey panel, find the list of legit survey sites here.
  • Try to join a survey panel that is available in your country. For example, if you’re in India, you must go for online survey jobs available in India.
  • Unlike the data entry jobs and freelance jobs, remember that the survey panels are country-specific.
  • For example, if you’re from Spain and if you join a survey panel that conducts surveys about American products you will get less chance or no chance to participate in surveys. Sometimes you will not be paid for the surveys you complete.
  • Most of the survey panel rewards their members with gift vouchers and not real cash.
  • Click the link below to see the survey panel that is available in your country. Also, find the site that pays both cash and gift rewards and joins the site that suits you and your location.

Make use of the Paid Survey Marketplaces like PanelPlace:

  • If you are tired of searching paid online survey jobs that suit you and your geographical location, Panel place is the right choice.
  • Panel place is a hub of online survey panels.
  • Anyone from any part of the world can join the panel place.
  • Once you register and sign in to PanelPlace. It automatically shows the list of survey panels available in your country.
  • You can add multiple survey panels to your account and access from one place i.e, panel place.
  • You can see your earnings in each survey panel from the PanelPlace itself and you can also manage your settings from one place.
  • You can also participate in surveys through the PanelPlace smartphone app to make money available in the app store(iPhone) and play store(Android).

Screeing the perfect people who suit for taking the survey:

  • Survey panels filter their members based on their profiles. In case you enter a survey, a few basic qualification questions will be asked to qualify for that survey.
  • To participate in the main survey you have to first qualify.
  • When you start a survey some basic questions will be asked related to the survey. They can find if you are qualified to continue through your answers in basic questions.
  • You can continue the survey if you are qualified, else you should wait for other surveys related to your field.
Disqualified from the survey job due to irrelavance
  • Be true, if you enter into the wrong survey by answering rubbish your account may be banned.

People who get more Opportunities for taking Paid Surveys:

  • People from the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, parts of Europe & Asia and India get more opportunities than people from other countries. Because they are the home of most of the survey panels. More survey panels are available in the USA than in India. Even people from European countries get more opportunities.
  • People working in IT sectors get more opportunities than people from other areas.
  • People who know about software/hardware and electronics.
  • Business.
  • People from media, entertainment, tourism.
  • Leisure and personal.
  • Food and restaurants related.
  • Few surveys are general and anyone can participate in it.

Anyone can join survey panels, but survey opportunities will vary from person to person.

Paid Survey Referral Programs:

What are the Rewards you can expect from Paid Survey Sites?

What is online survey

  • As said before most of the survey panels reward gift vouchers and Bitcoin for completing surveys.
  • For participating in the surveys, you will be rewarded with points. After you accumulate enough points it can be redeemed for e-gift vouchers.
  • In some survey panels, you can redeem our points for cash and withdraw through the available payment processors like PaPal, Payoneer, VISA, etc.
  • The E-gift vouchers will be available only in selected countries. So check it before you join a panel.
  • Surveys length can be from 1 minute to 30 minutes. The lengthy survey tend to pay more money most of the time!

Things to remember about the paid online surveys:

  • Before joining a survey panel check for its availability in your country.
  • Surveys can be boring and make you tired if you enter into a survey that is not related to your field. If so you can go for simple jobs like getting paid for playing videos, paid to read jobs, etc.
  • Complete your profile to get a survey related to your field.
  • Refer friends to earn more points.
  • Survey jobs are tougher than PTC jobs. But many PTC sites are scams, were survey panels are not.
  • All survey jobs are free. Do not pay anyone to join survey jobs.

Before joining an online survey panel read this: Things to remember before joining paid survey sites.

FAQs about Online Survey Jobs:

Are Online Survey jobs free to join?
Yes, it’s free to join Online survey jobs. You don’t have to pay registration fees.
How much can I earn taking surveys online?
You can earn somewhere between $050 to $3 per survey on average.
What are the highest survey rates?
I’ve seen survey invities that promised to pay $5 – $200 for a single study.
Can I work full time doing online surveys?
Poor idea. This is just a source to make money that can add up to pay bills or shop. Don’t expect a full time income from this.
Is there referral programs on Online survey sites?
Significant number of paid survey sites do have a referral program.
What is the most commonly used payment options for online survey jobs?
PayPal, Payoneer, Amazon.com, Walmart, Check, Wire transfer, GooglePlay, Facebook, Steam, etc.
Are online survey jobs safe?
Online survey jobs is completely safe and mostly don’t scam.
What's special about online survey jobs?
Online survey jobs are provided by high end market research comapanies. So, get the feel of working with those companies to deliver your part in online market research.
How to earn more taking surveys?
More surveys, more money! Join more survey sites to get more opportunities and to earn more money.
Are paid surveys intersting?
It’s all about your profile. It you have filled the profile correctly, you will get invitations to take relevant surveys. So, it will be interesting.

Pros and Cons of Online Survey job:

  • Not a reliable job to make money online.
  • Members get irritated by the frequent screenouts and mismatch.
  • Works great only for residents of selected countries listed above.
  • Sometimes taking surveys will be boring and irritating.
  • Survey invitations are very limited and frequency will vary based on your profile.

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