10 Best CPC Advertising Networks to Make Money from your Blog

CPC advertising is one of the most preferred monetization methods for bloggers and webmasters. CPC/PPC advertising is the best, profitable, basic advertising method to make money through blogs. Choosing a reliable CPC ad network will help us make the most out of the blog traffic. This article lists the 10 best CPC advertising networks for bloggers to choose the best CPC ad network based on their requirements.

CPC ad networks

About CPC/PPC Advertising:

CPC is called cost per click, and PPC is called pay per click.

CPC ad networks connect the advertisers and publishers to run ad campaigns. CPC advertising will be based on keywords. Advertisers bid on keywords to advertise their products and services.

In the case of publishers, relevant ads will be displayed on their web pages based on the content. The publisher will be paid for each valid click made by the visitors. The CPC ad network will share the revenue with the publishers. 

10 Best CPC Ad Networks for Publishers to Make Money:

1. Google Adsense:

Google Adsense - CPC Ad Network to Make Money
  • Google Adsense is the world’s best CPC advertising network for publishers. Similarly, Google Ads is for advertisers to create advertising campaigns.
  • Google Adsense pays its publishers on CPC, CPM, CPV, CPA basis. Google Adsense CPC rates are very high that no other CPC ad networks can match it.
  • The CPC of Google Adsense will vary for each category based on advertiser bidding.
  • Google Adsense ads are professional, high quality, and almost relevant to the content category.
  • There are a lot of ad types available on Google Adsense. Publishers can choose and experiment with different types of ad units to increase their income through their blogs. Contextual ad units, text ad units, Vignette ads(mobile), anchor ads(mobile), and matched content ad units are some of the ad types available on Google Adsense.
  • Google Adsense responsive ad units will automatically adapt to the size of the layout. So, ad sizes will automatically vary according to the device.
  • Recently, Google Adsense has automized ad placements. The publisher should install the auto ads on the webpages to let Google automatically display ads on the pages based on the user engagement and user experience.
  • As Google Adsense is a contextual advertising network, ads displayed on the page depend on the content. And sometimes personalized ads of other categories will be displayed based on user interest.
  • Being the most profitable ad network, Google Adsense has defined some strict policies to be an Adsense publisher. If the page(s) of the blog/website comply with Google Adsense policies, it will be approved and relevant ads will be served.
  • To start a Google Adsense account, the publisher’s age should be 18 or more.
  • Once the Adsense account is approved, previously we can place ads on multiple websites without approval. Now, every website connected to Adsense has to be approved individually.

Minimum Traffic Requirements – No.

Custom Domain Requirement – No.

Best Features – Responsive ad units, high CPC, detailed reports.

Approval Process – Two-step verification.

Payment Method – Wire Transfer, Direct deposit, Check, Western Union, and more.

Sign up Google Adsense.

2. Infolinks:

Infolinks CPC Advertising
  • Infolinks is a unique advertising network. The ad units of Infolinks do not use the traditional banner space instead, the ads are displayed upon text, sides, and bottom of the screen.
  • Infolinks have introduced new generation ads to the world and they are intext ads, infold ads, in-article ads, intag ads, in-screen ads, and inframe ads.
  • They designed these ad units in such a way to avoid Ad blindness. This means ad units displayed are highly visible to the visitors. This will increase user engagement on ads which will eventually increase the CTR and earnings.
  • Since Infolinks ad units do not use any ad space, they can be easily monetized with other ad networks such as Google Adsense.
  • The CPC of Infolinks is better compared to other ad networks.
  • The minimum payout is just $50.

Continue to Read more Infolinks Review.

Minimum Traffic Requirements – No.

Custom Domain Requirement – No.

Best Features – Different ad types.

Approval Process – One-step verification.

Payment Method – PayPal, Payoneer, ACH, eCheck, and Wire transfer.

Sign up Infolinks.

3. AdHitz:

Adhitz - CPC Advertising Program for bloggers and publishers
  • Adhitz is one of the largest advertising networks in the world and it is one of the best with CPC advertising.
  • I’ve used Adhitz in the beginning stages of my blogging career. To say the truth, Adhitz ads CPC is high next to Google Adsense and a few other CPC ad networks.
  • Adhitz is one of the few networks which offers fixed CPC. It varies according to the country, which ranges from $0.06 to $0.20. For example, CPC for Indian/Asian traffic will be $0.06 and CPC for US/CA traffic will be $0.20.
  • Adhitz has both text ads and banner ads. The publisher can create ad units and install them on their blogs within seconds.
  • The major advantage of Adhitz is there is no approval process to become a publisher. Anyone can create an account and place it on their blog(s).
  • Apart from CPC ads, Adhitz allows its publishers to sell the ad spaces on their blogs on CPC and CPM basis.
  • There are a lot of advertisers available on Adhitz to advertise their products and services. So, publishers can expect a 99% backfill rate.
  • The disadvantage of Adhitz is most of the ads are related to making money online, which might not perform well on some blogs with a different niche.
  • The minimum payout for Adhitz is just $25.

Minimum Traffic Requirements – No.

Custom Domain Requirement – No.

Best Features – Good CPC, easy approval, sell ad space.

Approval Process – Instant approval.

Payment Method – PayPal.

Sign up AdHitz.

4. Media.net:

Media.net - Yahoo! Bing Ad Network for Bloggers and Publishers
  • Media.net is owned by the world’s best internet companies the Bing and Yahoo. Media.net is the second-largest advertising network in North America.
  • Next to Google Adsense, Media.net advertising is the most used on top internet companies and websites.
  • Media.net has strict policies in approving websites. The primary criteria for approval are the site(s) must receive major traffic from the USA, UK, and Canada, the site language must be in English, there must be sufficient content & quality content.
  • Getting approval from Media.net is very hard compared to Google Adsense. They will accept only the quality websites with good traffic to take part in their program.
  • Media.net ads served are relevant, high paying and good quality. US traffic is known to generate high CPC.
  • Media.net ads are highly customizable. We can design the ad units to blend with the content.
  • The minimum payout is $100.

Minimum Traffic Requirements – Need traffic sources from the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Custom Domain Requirement – Yes.

Best Features – Ad customization, relevant ads served Brand.

Approval Process – One-step verification.

Payment Method – PayPal.

Sign up Media.net.

5. SunAd Network (AdClickMedia):

Adclickmedia: Make Money with AdClickMedia CPC Network
  • Adclickmedia is now Sun Ad Network. It a unique advertising network that works on PPC, CPA, CPL, CPS advertising. Apart from website advertising, Sun Ad Network is known for e-mail PPC advertising that allows us to monetize the newsletters.
  • Sun Ad Network ads are unique. The photo-text ad by Sun Ad Network is highly engaging and professional. A photo of the product/service with a link and description helps to prevent ad blindness. Apart from photo text ads, traditional banner ads and interstitial ads are available on Sun Ad Network.
  • Sun Ad Network pays up to $0.20 per click. Sun Ad Network shares 50% revenue with all publishers and pays 75% with premium publishers.
  • Sun Ad Network allows only publishers with a custom domain blog to monetize their traffic. Sun Ad Network is one of the best Adsense alternatives.
  • Sun Ad Network pays once every 15 days and the minimum payout is $50.

Minimum Traffic Requirements – No.

Custom Domain Requirement – Yes.

Best Features – Photo text ads, Email PPC ads, Net15 payment.

Approval Process – Onetime domain verification.

Payment Method – PayPal.

Sign up AdClickMedia.

6. Adcash:

Adcash Global Ad Network
  • Adcash is an advertising network similar to Yesadvertising. There are a lot of ad formats and verticals available on Adcash.
  • Adcash has special ad formats for mobile phone traffic, which include video ads, app install ads, and more.
  • Other than CPC ads, there are other ads such as CPM, CPI, CPA ads, etc. Adcash performs best both for the advertisers and the publishers.
  • The minimum payout is $100.

Minimum Traffic Requirements – No.

Custom Domain Requirement – Yes.

Best Features – CPI ads, overlay video ads, sticky ads.

Approval Process – One-time verification.

Payment Method – PayPal, Payoneer, Web money, Skrill.

Sign up Adcash.

7. Exoclick:

Exoclick: Leading Web and Mobile Ad Network
  • Exoclick is a CPC ad network with advertisers on almost all the category, including the adult category. So, publishers can sign up to monetize all types of traffic which are considered as a violation in most of the networks.
  • Exoclick serves the best and relevant ads on the ad spaces. Exoclick uses RTB to display high paying ads. Publishers can expect a 100% ad fill rate.
  • Exoclick is the world’s 4th largest advertising network and no: 1 entertainment ad network in the world.
  • Exoclick will verify the websites for quality and they will approve the quality websites.
  • The minimum payout is $20.

Minimum Traffic Requirements – No.

Custom Domain Requirement – Yes.

Best Features – Accept sensitive category websites.

Approval Process – Onetime verification.

Payment Method – PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, wire transfer, Webmoney.

Sign up Exoclick.

8. Bidvertiser:

Bidvertiser: CPC Advertising on Sites
  • Bidvertiser is one of the well known CPC ad networks. Bidvertiser displays the high bidders on the sites to help publishers generate as much as possible.
  • Publishers should use Bidvertiser at least for over a week to see an increase in earnings. This is because they will have to run high performing ad campaigns on your website based on the content category.
  • The advertisers are found in almost all categories. The fill rate of Bidvertiser increases constantly on the website where codes are installed.
  • The ads are highly customizable, according to the website design and layout.
  • The minimum payout is $10.

Minimum Traffic Requirements – No.

Custom Domain Requirement – No.

Best Features – Simple CPC ad network.

Approval Process – Instant.

Payment Method – PayPal, Bitcoin Payments, Wire transfer, Check.

Sign up Bidvertiser.

9. YesAdvertising:

Yes Advertising - CPC Ad Network for Publisher
  • YesAdvertising is an online advertising network that allows advertisers to advertise their products/services in CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPV formats.
  • YesAdvertising publishers have the chance to earn money from clicks, impressions, and actions performed by the visitors.
  • There are several ad formats available on Yes advertising which include standard banner ads, expandable ads, corner peel ads, interstitial ads, pop-up ads, push down ads, sticky footer ads, text ads, native ads, etc.
  • YesAdvertising allows the publishers to browse the list of advertiser’s advertisements & its types. The publisher has full control over displaying the best performing ads in the vertical.
  • The minimum payout is $50, which will be paid every week on reaching the threshold.

Minimum Traffic Requirements – No.

Custom Domain Requirement – Yes.

Best Features – Publisher’s control over ads, ad formats.

Approval Process – Offer approval.

Payment Method – PayPal, check, wire transfer, Payoneer, perfect money.

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      Currently, it’s only Google Adsense a reliable CPC network that supports AMP version ads. I will soon update!


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