Online jobs is a gift because it gives an opportunity to everyone in the world to earn money easily on the internet from home. Unlike regular jobs, which requires some qualifications, experience, interview skills, attitude where many fail to get a good job due to lack of few of these, the internet is the open world where anyone can create their own income source. The internet helps hard workers to earn thousands of dollars every month. Proper planning, patience, strategy, can help you to earn some real money online several times higher than that you can make on the regular job. This article will help you to learn more about online jobs without investment – work from home jobs.


Online jobs

Top easy online job without investment – work from home:
The online jobs listed below are very easy to do and no special qualifications, certifications are required. But, if you’re a professional looking for advanced ways to make money online to create passive income from home click the link given below to learn more advanced online money making techniques.

Are you looking for Advanced ways to make money online.
1. Online data entry jobs:
  • Online data entry job is one of the most loved online jobs because it is very simple and easy. Converting / transforming data from one form to another form is data entry.
  • Entering data in the digital device from a physical document, PDF, notepad, MS Word,  to MS excel, image to text conversions, voice to text conversion, language translation, transcription are few examples of online data entry jobs.  
  • Simple online data entry jobs are easy to find and anyone can join the company but the pay will be less. Core data entry jobs require some skills and certifications to get hired by a client / company where the pay will be really higher for this kind of data entry.
  • While real data entry job companies will not charge any registration fees, there are several fake online data entry sites found targeting online work from home job seekers to cheat and steal sensitive information. So, you must be very careful about these scam sites. Click the link given below which will guide you to find genuine online data entry jobs.
Registration procedure Online data entry jobs.
2. Paid online surveys:
  • Paid online surveys are conducted by survey panels to research products, services, and more. Survey panels conduct research studies on behalf the clients / companies to help them learn what the users think about their products, services, etc.
  • Paid survey panels reward people with cash and gift rewards for helping them by participating in the research study.
  • Paid survey sites hire online job seekers who wish to participate in the survey to earn money for free of cost. One must have active email ID in order to join a survey site and no registration fees will be collected.
  • After registration, survey panel will send an invitation to participate in the survey. All you have to do is click the link to start the survey. Initially, few screening questions might be asked to target specific group who are relevant to the study. Then after the main survey will start where you have to answer the questions by reading it carefully. After completing the survey, the reward will be instantly credited to the panel account. 
  • Online surveys are very easy that anyone with basic reading skills can do it. The problem is members don’t complete their profile properly which leads to frequent screen outs. It makes them think paid surveys are the scam. So, if you wish to earn money from paid surveys, the first thing you’ve to do after joining the site is complete the profile questionnaires.
  • Most of the surveys will be interesting which will be about travel, smartphones, fashion, electronics, politics, development, grooming, online banking etc. and few will be boring which are about work based, Information technology, networking, printers etc.
  • The pay per survey is determined by various factors that differ from each survey panel. The main factors that determine the survey rates are the length of the survey, demographics, and complexity of the study.  Usually, a survey panel will pay $0.50 (2 – 5 minutes) – $3 (5 – 20 minutes) per survey. Technical surveys will pay more even if it is short. Paid surveys are one of the best online jobs to earn money without investment because if it is used properly one can earn few hundred dollars per month guaranteed.
  • To earn more money you must join only the best survey sites. Click the link below to find the best survey panels in the world that pay high.
3. Paid to click:
  • Paid to click is open to everyone who wishes to make money online without investment. Paid to click otherwise called as ad clicking job is a reliable money making program for people who understand it properly.
  • Paid to click is the place where potential advertisers and targeted customers meet. Advertisers spend money to make targeted visitors view their lead pages in order to generate lead and sales. In turn, members earn money by visiting the advertiser’s page. This process is managed by the administrator of the paid to click site to make technical things easy for both advertisers and members.
  • Usually, legitimate paid to click sites pay few cents for visiting an advertiser’s site and only 20 – 40 ads will be present in a PTC site. So, working in only one PTC site will not generate any income. To earn a good income from Paid to click sites, you must work on at least 5 – 10 trusted PTC sites and make use of affiliate program.
  • Affiliate program is what the reason for the success of PTC industry. The same applies to the members who work on PTC sites to earn money. Referring someone to PTC sites helps it to grow its community and at the same time the referrer will get some commission from the referral earnings for introducing him to the PTC sites. By referring more members to PTC sites you can make passive income without putting a lot of effort. Most of the paid to click sites make daily payment through PayPal, Payza, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect money, Payeer, Bitcoin. Click the link given below to find the best paying PTC sites in the world.
Registration Legit PTC sites.

4. Online freelance jobs:

  • Freelance jobs have helped many people to earn money online without investing money. Freelancing has now become a trend to make additional income by using personal skills.
  • Good skilled, talented professional have several online money making opportunities and most of them are not aware of it. These professionals work hard for less salary spending their lifetime to develop corporates. By taking part-time contracts directly from clients/companies can help them to earn money several times higher than they make on work in most cases.
  • Small to large companies approach freelance community to get their work done instead of getting into professional services which cost higher. Freelancers like us work for these clients as an individual or small company on contract basis. When the work is completed, within the fixed time frame the freelancer will be paid.
  • For example, if you work in a company as an accountant, they pay $1000 per month as fixed salary squeezing you to put full potential. At the same time, if you work as a freelance accountant for a client, you are free to work whenever you want and you will be paid on time unless the work is not completed within the time frame. So as a freelancer, you can earn the same $1000 within few days per month by putting less effort.
  • Finding a freelance job is the toughest part due to high competition. But, once you get a job and increase your rating, income will start to flow into your account regularly.
  • To get online freelance jobs, it is totally free and no registration fees are necessary. Few freelance sites might take a tiny part of your income as the service fee to run their company. Learn more about finding online freelance jobs without investment by clicking the link given below.
Registration Online freelance jobs.

5. Online micro tasks:

  • Online micro jobs can be done to earn a small amount of money for helping them to complete simple tasks. Micro-tasks are different and interesting compared to the jobs listed above. The earnings directly depend on your speed. The faster you work, the more you can earn.
  • Micro jobs are small tasks of a large project shared and done by thousands of workers to increase accuracy and speed of the work under the supervision of the micro job provider company.
  • Anyone with knowledge to understand questions and follow instructions with good to excellent accuracy are eligible to do this job. Workers who cannot do a job with least accuracy specified to qualify will not get access to do tasks.
  • Verifying twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn profiles, finding explicit images, finding web pages TOS violation, Finding author of an article, small medical tasks, web app testing, age verification etc. are few example of micro jobs.
  • Micro job provider companies test workers by two ways. The first one is the initial assessments to find if they are fit to work and the second is accuracy test before each variety of tasks. If the worker fails in assessment or fails to work with given accuracy, their account will be blocked from accessing full or selected tasks.
  • Micro jobs are so simple, but many errors are made by workers due to lack of concentration. Micro job sites allow workers to register on their site without registration fees.
Registration Online micro jobs.

6. Website, app, support testing jobs:

  • Testing jobs are fun and easy. For testing the user experience of websites, apps, and customer service, companies pay $5 to $15 every 20 minutes.
  • Like paid surveys which are used to research customer’s views about products and services, companies spend thousands of dollars to test their services which include websites, apps, and their customer support. Only if customers find websites, apps easy to use they will use it again. So, companies test the user experience of their website & app to improve it according to customer reviews.
  • Companies pay freelancers for using, testing and providing the report about their website and app. 
  • At the same time testing the quality of customer support through phone and live chat is called mystery shopping. Qualified mystery shoppers earn $10 per call. Companies will give the set of questions to test the customer support professional. A test call will last about 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Click the link given below to learn how to become a website tester and more info about testing jobs. No coding knowledge and registration fees are necessary.
Registration Website testing job.
Final words:
These are the best easiest trusted online jobs without investment to make money through the internet from home. If you’re looking to generate passive income by starting a blog, video channel…. read this article 15 best ways to make money online.

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