Amazon mTurk Review – Tips that Work to Make More Money

Like never, people are struggling to make money from their jobs. And the automation has started to rule the world as the technology grows, leaving tons of people jobless. But there is a lot of work that the automated systems and bots can not do, but we can perform it using human intelligence. Amazon has created a platform named Amazon Mechanical Turk otherwise known as Amazon MTurk where freelancers can earn money by doing human-intelligence tasks.

If you’re the one struggling to make money, you’re in the right place to learn how to make money on MTurk. In this article, I will explain how to join Amazon MTurk, do human intelligence tasks and tips that work for making money on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Amazon mTurk jobs

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk(mTurk):

The Amazon Mechanical Turk(MTurk) is an online crowdsourcing platform similar part of AWS to Appen that connects the workers/freelancers and the requesters/clients in order to complete the human intelligence tasks that cannot be done by the computers (For example, Computers cannot read images).

Amazon mTurk jobs can be called Online Micro Jobs since most of its feature resembles the micro-tasks.

Amazon mTurk Review:

How does Amazon mTurk Works:

How does making money on MTurk works
  • As said before, MTurk is the marketplace that connects the workers and the clients/requester.
  • The worker uses Amazon MTurk to make money by completing the simple tasks posted by the requester.
  • The requesters post the simple tasks that cannot be processed using automated computers. instead it can be performed only by the human intelligence on MTurk and pay the worker who completes the tasks posted by them.
  • Amazon MTurk works as a middleman to maintain the system under control by preventing the spammers and improving the services.

In this article, we are going to discuss Amazon MTurk jobs for the worker to make money online by doing simple tasks.

About Amazon mTurk Tasks – HITs:

  • The tasks posted on the Amazon MTurk are called HIT, which can be expanded as Human intelligence tasks.
  • Don’t worry about the word “Human intelligence”. You don’t want to be an intelligent person to work on the Amazon MTurk in order to make money. mTurk is actually the place to find jobs without technical skills.
  • In MTurk, the “Human intelligence tasks” mean the tasks that cannot be fully or partly processed or done using or by the computers. So, these tasks require human intelligence to process.
  • The best example is although computers are ruling the world, the computers cannot read what is written on an image. The truth is only we humans can do it within seconds. This can be called the specialty of human intelligence.
  • That is why internet services use the images to stop bad bots and auto programs to try to access their system. Only humans can enter the system by identifying the numbers and letters written on the image. This is called Captcha solving.
  • Similarly, computers cannot accurately read the objects given on images and videos, answer questions as humans do, research like humans, etc.
  • The tasks which cannot be done by the computers are referred to as the HITs. HITs are posted on the MTurk by the requesters and by completing it; the workers make money.
  • Human intelligence tasks (HIT) are very simple that anyone with basic skills can do to browse the internet. But the problem is people make mistakes only when they do simple work. So, anyone who can work with the accuracy of above 99% can shine on Amazon MTurk as a Master and earn thousands of dollars every month.

I hope now you know how Amazon Mechanical Turk works and the basics of making money on Amazon MTurk as a worker. Now it’s time to join Amazon MTurk.

How to Join Amazon mTurk jobs as a Worker:

How to join AmazonmTurk jobs
  • The registration process of Amazon Mturk is very simple. Go to Amazon mTurk and enter your valid email ID. Then select “No, I am a new customer” if you’re a new user or “Yes, I have a password” if you’re an existing customer of
  • You can make use of online shopping account to sign up to speed up the process.
  • Click “Sign in using our secure server” to start the registration process. On the next page, they will ask you to enter your personal details like address, the mobile number, if you’re a new customer.
  • Make sure that you’ve entered the correct information to prevent disapproval. Unlike other online job websites, Amazon MTurk is very strict with identification.
  • Once you complete the signup, you will receive a message that it will take up to 48 – 72 hours to review your account.
  • After the review process is complete, you might receive an approval or denial email. The Amazon MTurk approval email will be similar to the screenshot given below.
Amazon mTurk Approval email
  • Currently, the approval rate is very less and many newcomer Amazon MTurk applications are denied even if they find minor mistakes. So make sure you enter accurate information and read the FAQ section given below to learn more about why Amazon MTurk denies new registrations.
  • Sometimes, even though the information submitted is correct, there are some chances to reject your application. In that case, wait for some days* to receive the approval email.

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Submitting Tax information on Amazon Mechanical Turk:

  • Every* Turker must submit the Tax information before they can start work on the Amazon MTurk. You cannot work** until the tax information is submitted.

*US MTurk members and Indian MTurk members (refer Mturk payments below)

Submitting Tax information on Amazon MTurk
  • The tax information interview will vary for US residents and the non-US residents. The US residents must submit the W9 form & other required information of the IRS and the non-US residents should submit the W8-BEN form.
Choosing the residence - MTurk tax information
  • When the start tax information interview button is clicked, they will ask you to select the country of residence. Click Yes if you’re from the US and no if you’re from other countries in the world and click save and continue. I’ve chosen ‘No’.
Filling tax information on Amazon MTurk
  • On the next page, they will ask you to enter the ‘type of beneficial owner’ – select individual and if you’re a company or partnership firm, select the relevant choice.
  • Enter your permanent address and enter the mailing address and click save and continue. Now the partially completed W8-BEN will be shown to review, as given below.
Amazon MTurk W8-BEN form
  • Now review the information and click save and continue. In the next step, you will be asked to provide your electronic signature or physical signature on the W8-BEN form. Select “I consent to provide my electronic signature”.
  • In the other option, you can download the form and physically sign the form and send it to the mailing address provided. This is a tedious process. So, consider providing the electronic signature which might take a few minutes.
Amazon mTurk w9 tax form
  • Select all the required fields after reading them carefully and finally type your name(electronic signature) on the given field. Enter your email ID and click Submit. You can update the information anytime on account settings.
Tax interview complete message - Amazon MTurk
  • Now the Tax information interview is complete and you can start working on Amazon MTurk to make money. Click view available HITs button or HITs on the menu to continue.

Completing the Profile tasks to qualify for more HITs:

  • As a worker, it is very important for you to complete the profile tasks in order to unlock the high paying HITs.
  • Amazon MTurk itself has created the profile HITs which should be filled carefully to qualify to access advanced high paying HITs.
Profile HITs on Amazon MTurk
  • There will be few profile HITs available on Amazon MTurk as shown above. Take time to complete all the profile tasks carefully.
  • Once you complete the profile, you can start doing the HITs posted by the requester to earn money.

How to Work on Amazon mTurk to Make Money:

  • After completing the profile HITs, click the qualification tab on the menu to find the HITs that pay money. Initially, all the tasks cannot be accessed by the newcomers.
Amazon MTurk HIT qualification
  • The list of HITs that is available for the newcomers with no qualifications will appear as shown below.
Amazon MTurk - paid HITS
  • Click a HIT to see the basic details given by the requester. The reward for the HIT completion will be given at the right side, along with the total number of HITs available in the HIT group.
  • After reading the HIT description, if you find it interesting, click the HIT title to start. If not continue to search the HITs which you find interesting.
Doing HITs on Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • I’ve clicked an HIT for example. The HIT page will look similar to the image given above. To start working, the Accept HIT button should be clicked. Before accepting the HIT, read the full description given by the requester carefully. You can skip the HIT if you feel it is hard or unclear.
  • Once the Accept HIT button is clicked, the timer will start and you must complete it before the timer ends. Usually, workers will get a lot of time to complete the simple work.
  • Click the submit button after completing the work as per the instructions. Continue to do more HITs or HITs of other categories to earn more money on Amazon MTurk.
  • The requesters will take up to 30 days to approve the HIT. The money will be credited to the Amazon MTurk account only after HIT approval.

Tips to Make Money With Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Beginner’s Guide to Work on Amazon mTurk to Earn More:

  • The newly registered workers can only complete a few HITs per day until they are active for at least 30 days. So, make sure that you do those sincerely to go to the next level.
  • The new Amazon Turkers will be observed through the 30 days period to filter people who try to spam the system.
  • Initially, the payment from the requesters will be delayed until the newcomer is active for at least 10 days.
  • Try to choose the HITs which you can do with 100% accuracy. Everything on Amazon MTurk matters is the accuracy. People who can do tasks with 98 – 99.9% accuracy can only grow on the Amazon MTurk to earn tons of dollars.
  • Timing is the next important factor. The worker must complete the HIT within the given time. The frequent lapse can cause account suspension.
  • As a beginner, you must choose the simplest tasks to do. Perform the HITs with high accuracy and within the given time frame. This should be the primary target for ten days to a month. And as time goes, you will learn how to make the most on MTurk.

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Examples of basic HITs found on the Amazon mTurk:

  • Amazon MTurk is the place where the requesters used to post simple human intelligence tasks that cannot be done by the computers automatically.
  • Though computers find it hard to process, humans can process those easily. These are the tasks that require human intelligence and not artificial intelligence.
  • These are some examples of HITs that are posted by the requesters,
List of HITs on Amazon mTurk
  • Spell check, proofreading, data entry, translation, transcription, image to text conversion, matching products, categorization, data processing, paid survey completion, testing websites, online quiz, purchase receipt data processing, data entry work, search engine analysis, shooting videos, managing employees of the companies, finding address, paid video analysis, spam detection, copyright protection, reviewing movies are some tasks that are posted on the Amazon MTurk.
  • There are just a few examples. Tons of requesters post work in thousands of categories every day. So, you can find the best high paying tasks that suit your interest very easily.

Tips to become a Master Turker on mTurk:

  • The Amazon MTurk rewards the best workers by giving them recognition as a Mechanical Turk master.
  • The workers who complete the HITs of different requesters with consistently high accuracy will be given a place to join the elite worker group who are given priority to access high-paying special HITs. And also the masters can connect themselves using the private forum for MTurk masters.
  • The MTurk masters will be continuously monitored by the MTurk and they must maintain their quality in order to continue as an MTurk master.
  • As a worker, you are eligible to become a premium qualified member by taking the profile tests. The requesters will manually pick the workers with premium qualifications to contribute their premium HITs. These are high paying HITs that are the best way to make money on MTurk.
  • Advanced Turkers use third party scripts to increase their efficiency by finding the high paying profitable HITs based on various factors. The scripts help us learn about the requesters, nature of the HITs and helps to increase the income very easily.
  • To become an advanced Turker, make use of the MTurk based third party forums, discussion boards, Reddit to learn, share views, discuss the HITs and other features of the MTurk.

How to become a successful Turker to Make more Money:

  • As I’ve said above, Amazon Mechanical Turk is a gift to people who look to make money online. The MTurk helps us to make money online by doing the simplest work in the world that can be done with no technical knowledge.
  • Make use of this opportunity to become a trusted member of MTurk to earn more money.
  • Accept HITs that you can complete with higher accuracy. Do not accept HITs randomly.
  • Do HITs with the highest accuracy rate to create a good relationship with the requesters.
  • To become a successful Turker, you must join the MTurk community to learn more from the experts. The experts can help you become a successful Turker.

Amazon mTurk Bonus Payments:

  • The Amazon allows the requesters to pay the bonus to the workers who highly satisfy the requesters.
  • You can earn the bonus by completing the HITs quickly with high accuracy.

MTurk Payments – How do they pay the workers?

  • Amazon Mturk earnings can be withdrawn to the local bank account only by the MTurk Indian members and MTurk US members.
  • Members from other countries can only transfer their earnings into an pay balance/gift card. The gift card can be used for online shopping on website and app.
  • Mturk India and MTurk USA members can also redeem MTurk earnings for pay balance/gift card.
  • The Indian members must submit a copy of PAN card and DOB proof in order to become an eligible worker to receive earnings to the local bank account in Indian Rupee(INR).
  • The US members must submit all the required tax information advised by Amazon to receive the payment to the local bank account in the United States dollar(USD).

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Amazon mTurk:

Find the answers to some of the frequently asked questions by the people who are new to MTurk.

1. Is Amazon Mechanical Turk safe? 
Yes, Amazon Mechanical Turk is an absolutely safe place to work and make money. Many freelancers, work from home moms, students use Amazon MTurk to make a full-time income. Few MTurk experts earn five-figure income.
2. How do I use Amazon Mechanical Turk? 
The Amazon Mechanical Turk is very simple to use. Even a person without technical skills can work on MTurk. Each and every step to use Amazon Mturk is explained in this article.
3. Why was my Amazon Mechanical Turk registration denied?
This can be because of several reasons and the main reason is they reject if MTurk could not able to verify your identity. Provide the correct information during the registration. Other reasons can be overwhelming registrations, registration from unsupported countries, using VPN proxy, incorrect details.
4. What should I do if they denied the application?
Unfortunately, you cannot do anything regarding this. You must wait until your account is approved by Amazon MTurk.
5. How to increase the chances of approval?
Use the same account you used to shop on to prove your identity, fill correct details and do not fill random details. These are not official, but can increase the chances of approval.
6. Will MTurk approve an account which is disapproved previously?
Yes, there are chances MTurk can auto-approve the account(s) which has been disapproved previously. However, this process is not assured.
7. How much one can earn on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk?
The earnings of an Amazon MTurk workers depend on how they are engaged. There are many people who make a few dollars per week, some make $50 – $100 per week, few make four-figure and countable members make five-figure income from Amazon MTurk. To earn more, work sincerely on MTurk to complete HITs with high accuracy, become MTurk Master.
8. How do I get money on Amazon Mechanical Turk?
The MTurk workers can withdraw money to the local bank account or pay balance, which is explained in detail in the Amazon MTurk payments section given above.
9. Does Amazon MTurk pay through PayPal?

Currently, the answer is No.

Advantages of Amazon mTurk:

  • The MTurk is the legit site to make money online by doing the simplest tasks.
  • Amazon MTurk offers online jobs, which is one of the most reliable sites.
  • People without technical skills and other knowledge can earn thousands of dollars.
  • Freelancer’s favorite data entry jobs, survey jobs, ad posting jobs, form filling jobs, copy and paste jobs are found in large numbers on MTurk.
  • Amazon is one of the world’s largest companies. This one reason is proof of their quality.
  • Amazon MTurk requesters pay the bonus to hard workers.
  • Amazon MTurk workers can work anytime from home as per their convenience.

Disadvantages of Amazon mTurk:

  • Amazon Mturk is very strict in recruiting members. They deny tons of applications every day, putting newcomers to sadness who really want to work hard to make money online.
  • Amazon earnings can be withdrawn to the local bank account only by Mturk Indian and Mturk US members. However, they might extend their services in the future.
  • The approved account will be disabled if they find the worker is not fit for their company.
  • Heavy competition for high paying tasks.
  • MTurk will be very confusing to the newcomers.

Things to remember about Amazon mTurk – Tips:

  • Newcomers can only complete a limited number of HITs for at least 30 days.
  • The earnings of approved HITs will be credited only after 10 days for the newcomers.
  • Accuracy plays an important role in MTurk. More accuracy is best for everything.
  • Continuous policy violations, such as random answers, spamming, can lead to account suspension.

I hope now you know the basics of Amazon Mechanical Turk in this Amazon mTurk review. Sign up today and start making thousands of dollars every month. Feel free to give your feedback in the comment section and get answers to your questions regarding Amazon MTurk.

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