10 Tips to Get More Referrals for PTC Sites and Other Referral Programs

I’ve seen most of the search in Google, Bing and other search engines like Ad clicking job, PTC job, Advertisement jobs, etc and join any one of the PTC sites without knowing what is that. And as a result of that is they will click ads for one or two days and they will forget about it in a week.

People join PTC sites with a mind of earning hundreds of dollars. But, that’s impossible without the concept “Referrals“. The main and most important fact about PTC sites is referrals. You can earn nothing without referrals on PTC sites. Here let me teach some tricks on how to join more people under you as your referral.

How to get more referrals

What is a Referral?

A referral is a person who is introduced by you or someone to a company or website for working/buying something in that company or website.

What is Paid to Click Advertising?

Many companies/ websites/ advertisers want people all around the world to know their products and services. They cannot advertise themselves, so they approach advertising companies like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Adscend Media, etc. But they are very costly. So here comes the PTC sites like Ojooo Wad, ScarletClicks, Neobux to help the companies with low budgets.

In addition, the other reason for paid to click advertising is that advertisers find potential customers through paid to click advertising.

PTC sites help their advertisers to advertise their products worldwide at a low price. The ads given in the PTC sites will be mostly related to online jobs.

Also in PTC sites members have to see the ad till the timer ends. So, advertisers are interested in PTC than CPC.

Why PTC Sites Introduced Referral Concept?

Advertisers don’t want the same people to visit their product over and over. So they demand PTC sites to advertise products to a variety of people.

PTC sites cannot find new members by themselves. So they added a new concept called referral program, where they ask their members to introduce new members to their site.

Would you or I work for introducing people without any gain? The answer is no. So PTC sites pay you commission from the referral’s earnings. The commission rate will vary according to the sites, from 10% to 50%. Some sites will pay you even more if you upgrade your membership.

This concept is very much helpful for people who want to earn online part-time. Some people don’t go to regular work and they earn hundreds of dollars in PTC sites to run their family and life.

Tips to Get More Referrals to PTC Sites and Other Referral Program:

Here you can find a few tips and that will surely help you to get more referrals. And remember the first and most important thing is patience. You cannot get hundreds of referrals from the first day.

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1. Make use of Traffic Exchanges:(Low Result)
Get more referrals through Traffic exchange

When I posted this article traffic exchange was not included. But, after researching more about traffic exchange, I added this as the number one of the methods for making some free referrals for any site. As this is reality, you don’t need any special skills, everyone can do it.

So, what is a traffic exchange? Traffic exchange is exchanging visits like if you visit someone’s page you will get a free visit to your page.

How does it help build your down line? Visit other’s page as much as you can and gain credits. The number of credits you have got the number of visitors will visit your page.

So, after accumulating some credits add your referral link. Let others visit your page. You will get a referral if the visitor signs up on that page.

Examples of Traffic Monsoon include EasyHits4U.

Advantages of Traffic Exchange:
  • Earning credits is very simple and easy.
  • You might get a direct referral for every 10 – 20 visits.
  • This requires no investment.
  • You don’t need to work hard like starting a website.
  • Despite bad sign up ratio 10 – 30: 1, you will surely get a referral for free of cost.
Disadvantages of Traffic Exchange:
  • Short term. You might run out of credits in a day.
  • Everyone might not get success i.e. few get 1 ref from 10 visits but most might get a ref only from 30 visits. So, you need some luck too.
2. Make use of Buxenger Downline Builder PTC App:

Buxenger Review

  • Buenger is the best way to build your downline. With Buxenger, you can make hundreds of referrals for no cost.
  • Just download the software and follow these procedures.
  • Join now – Buxenger.
Advantages of Buxenger:
  • One-touch registration process.
  • Click all the ads from all the selected website using 1 button.
  • Saves your ad clicking time up to 70%.
  • Lots of timely offers.
  • Best customer support.
Disadvantages of Buxenger:
  • There is no disadvantage after the release of the new version 4.0.
3. Making use of Business Social Network Connections:
Business social networks

Make use of business social networks to make connections. A business social network is a place where lots of internet marketers and entrepreneurs meet. The usage of social business networks are similar to the ordinary social media like Facebook with few terms are different.

Create your profile and make use of the inbuilt tools to promote your business. Try to connect lots of top users and attract others to your business profile to produce good conversion. Although this might not work best for paid to click-based programs you can give a try.

Join today to get successful – Apsense.

Advantages of Business Networks:
  • Best way to promote business.
  • Meet a lot of people with creative ideas.
Disadvantages of Business Networks:
  • Beginner unfriendly will take a few days to understand the system.
  • Need strategical learning to get succeed.
4. Get Referrals by Starting a new Promotion Blog:
Start a new website or a blog to get more PTC referrals

This is the long term best and toughest way to get more referrals. If you succeed in this method you are the king and you can earn for generations without going to work.

The main risk in starting a website is 95% of people fail to reach their goal. So think twice before you start.

Creating a new custom website will be more technical in that case you can start a blog with Blogger or WordPress. You can reach more people if you use a custom domain.

Once you start a blog or website start writing posts about the PTC site for which you need referrals and create a link with your referral ID like this join Ojooowad. If someone joins the PTC site using your referral link, you will start getting commission from their clicks.

If you can’t create a website check out the 9th method Guest blogging!

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Advantages of Blogging:
  • Long term referral building i.e, once your website ranks more in search engines lots of new people will come to your site and you can make new referrals for a lifetime.
Disadvantages of Blogging:
  • It’s not easy as we think to start a website, it takes time and needs more concentration. You’ve to spend your spare time creating websites and maintaining it.
  • Making your websites appear on the first page of the search engine is the toughest process. You have to learn lots of concepts such as SEO, SEM, SERP, etc.
  • Above all, if you don’t succeed by starting a website you’ll become more frustrated. Waste of time, energy, money. It will make you feel you’re worth nothing. I’ve heard this from many people. So, be 100% sure in what you are doing and you will reach your goal for sure.
5. Making use of Yahoo Answers to Generate Referrals:
Post your referral link in yahoo answers
  • Yahoo Answers is the best place to get free direct referrals. This works 100% and it was tested by me. Yahoo Answers is the place/tool where lots of people used to ask questions to clear their doubts. Here people also used to ask how to work online as shown below in the image.
  • Here most of them used to give unwanted, irrelevant answers to earn points. You can see some useless answers with no proof. So, this is the right chance to get more referrals. You have to find the questions like this and answer them with your referral link as shown below.
Answering Yahoo Answers with referral link

Don’t just post your referral link because they may not click your referral link or they may close the PTC site without knowing what is that. You have to briefly explain it and then add your referral link.

Out of 10 questions you answer, you will surely get results for 8. This makes yahoo answers the best-referring method comparing to other referring methods. The only thing matter is how you explain to them about that job. Spend a little time to create a neat answer and paste it in notepad. And each time you log into Yahoo Answer find questions like these “Help me to find online jobs” “How to get a genuine online job” “How can I earn money online” and paste the answer you have prepared, it’s just simple.

These kinds of questions are mostly posted under Business & finance > career & opportunities > personal finance and some times in computer & internet categories.

You can register in yahoo answer using this link: Yahoo answers.

You can also try Quora.

To know more, like how to work and other procedures. Click the link given below to open a special article about yahoo answers.

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Advantages of using Yahoo Answers for Refs Generations:
  • The best method next to creating a website.
  • 80% success rate i.e. 8 out of 10 will surely join the site you refer them.
  • Easy and simple. As you prepare an answer for just one time you don’t have to type to answer all the time.
  • It’ll take just 1 second to paste and 1 second to click post the answer.
Disadvantages of using Yahoo Answers for Refs Generations:
  • You should reach level 2 for your referral link to work i.e. until you reach level 1 your link will be just like a sentence and it cannot be clicked.
  • So you should work hard to reach level two. You can do this in a week. Posting answer 2 points, best answer 10 points. So you should make 250 points to reach level two.
6. Approach Social Media:
Get referrals through social medias by posting PTC referral ID

This is the simplest way to gain more referrals. Post your referral link in your social media profile like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Don’t create a fake promise like you can earn $100 per day or so. Tell them the truth and if somebody joins using your referral ID, tell them how they can earn more.

If you simply make referrals with false promise, you can only join referrals, in turn, you cannot earn anything. Because without any knowledge they may quit in one or two days.

The main important thing does not to post your referral link alone. Explain what it is, someone could mark it as spam.

Advantages of Social Media Referring:
  • The easiest way of referring.
  • No waste of time and money. Posting takes just a few seconds.
Disadvantages of Social Media Referring:
  • Social Media referral things seem to work anymore.
  • This is not long term. Because you will have only a few friends in your account. They cannot join again and again. In case you create a page, it will work for years.
  • Everyone will not join seeing your post. Research says less than 10 out of 100 will join through social media.
  • You must be the first of your friends to try this method. If one of your friends had already done this process this will not work for you.
  • This method works well for students than workers. Because students will be keen to join an online job to earn some extra pocket money.
7. Leave Comments on Blogs:(Spamming)
Post comments in websites. Someone will join by clicking those links | How to get more referrals in PTC sites.

Comment your referral link in the comments section of websites. If you go to some website leave a good reply like ‘good job’, ‘nice post’, ‘Thanks for help’ and include your referral link as given below.

      <a href=”YourPTCrefrreallink.com”>Your comment</a>

Replace “link” with your referral link and type like this “Earn online without investment” or something like this in ‘Your comment’ and click publish. Don’t miss any symbol given above else you won’t get a clickable link as shown below.

Try to prevent posting comments on websites related to jobs. Example: genuineonlinefreejobs.com. Because they won’t accept such comments.

Advantages of Posting Comments to Generate Referrals:
  • Long term. Your link will stay on the website as long as the website is running.
  • Simple and easy work.
Disadvantages of Posting Comments to Generate Referrals:
  • Few websites won’t allow you to post such comments.
  • Only 10 out of 100 people will give attention to the links like these.
8. Participate in Discussion Forums:
Participate in forums, live conversations, and post your referral link

A forum is an online discussion area on a website where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

Join a forum where more people discuss things. Post your referral link over there at the right time in the right place. Use the code given below to post your referral link.

       [url=yourPTCreferrallink.com]Your message[/url]

Replace “link” with your referral link and type like this “Earn online without investment” or something like this in ‘Your message’ and click publish. Don’t miss any symbol given above else you won’t get a clickable link.

Advantages of using Forum for Referrals:
  • Simple and easy to post in forums.
  • You can meet lots of people and more chances are there to see your post than comments.
  • Learn new things about paid to click.
  • Create connections with other forum members.
Disadvantages of using Forum for Referrals:
  • Very short term i.e, your forum post will be seen not for more than a day, as most of them will post forum your post will be history even in minutes. So you gotta publish a new post for the next day.
9. Refer by Creating YouTube Videos:
Create you tube videos to advertise your referral link

People like to watch than read.

YouTube videos are the best way to reach more people. Millions of people browse videos on Youtube every day.

Many searches youtube videos using query “online jobs”. If your video appears on the page they may click and see it. Insert your referral link below and like them to click for registering.

If you have good language make a tutorial or you can explain through onscreen non-voice tutorial using word pad.

Usually, one or two videos will appear in the search engine result. If your content is good the video may appear on the top of SERP and you will get thousands of views per day.

Learn more Tips to start YouTube videos.

Advantages of YouTube Channel:
  • Very long term. Will work for generations.
  • 100% result if your customer gets satisfied by the way you explain and create confidence that it is not a scam. If possible display your payment proof.
  • Use the keyword in your video topic that it can reach.
Disadvantages of YouTube Videos to Refer:
  • Very tough to create a quality video, it will take a long time to create one.
  • Sometimes it may not work, so be cautious!
10. Guest Blog to Market the Referral Link:
Write for other blog about making money and add your referral link

This is the best method of all. It’s equal to creating a new website i.e. using other’s websites to publish your post. Guest blogging is simple, just ask them can I write for you. Tell your topic and get approval.

Once your request is approved you can write about something and paste your affiliate link there. This works very great!

Publish your posts on many websites so you will get hundreds of referrals on the same day.

Look at this – I wrote a guest post on mybloggingplanet.com. I wrote 5 ways to earn online. You can see my affiliate links under the PTC job heading. You can also see my name and my website displayed at the end.

Advantages of Guest Posting for Referrals:
  • Promotion on websites with no cost.
  • Long terms as long as the website is available.
  • Best, easy one time way to create a website. You don’t want to waste your time in creating your website because it’s very tough and 90% ends in failure. The website you are going to post will be search engine optimized SEO and they will have lots of organic traffic. So, you have chances to get hundreds of referrals from the first day.
Disadvantages of Guest Posting for Referrals:
  • Getting approval is somewhat tough if your post has grammatical mistakes, meaningless, copied, etc.
  • Very least chance of getting cheated. They will publish your post and they will not add your affiliate link.
  • Finding good sites for guest posting is somewhat complicated.
11. Email Marketing to Generate Referrals:
Send your referral links through e-mail marketing

Send the PTC referral link through e-mails to your friends, colleagues, relatives, etc.

Give a subject that attracts others like “Earn part-time without investment”.

Copy your referral link “Example: http://www.XPTC.com/ref?xxxxx” and paste it in the message area and type the message on how to work. Now send the message, your message should be in such form that they should know what it is. Don’t send emails blindly. Even though they join that site they won’t work.

There are some tools available on the website to send e-mails to unknown people, but you have to pay for that.

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Advantages of Email Marketing to Generate Referrals:
  • If you’re the first person to start this among your friends, there is a high possibility to get more referrals.
  • Very easy compared to starting a website.
Disadvantages of Email Marketing to Generate Referrals:
  • Need to invest money for a large scale email marketing and paid to click promotion may not work as expected.
  • Worst method comparing to the above referral methods.
  • This method works well for students than workers. Because students will be keen to join an online job to earn some extra pocket money.

If you study in a school or college you can make referrals very easily. But, be fast before any of your friends does this. These are some tips to get more referrals, more tips will be updated in the future.

12. Advertising the Referral Link:
Advertise your referral link in PTC sites ans other sites
  • Advertise your referral links in other PTC sites. Try to advertise in trusted old PTC sites like Ojooo, BTCClicks.
  • Do not advertise the referral link of a PTC site in the origin site itself. For example, don’t advertise the referral link of Ojooo on Ojooo itself instead, advertise in Neobux vice versa.
Advantages of PTC Advertising:
  • Long term, no manual work daily.
  • You can add your referral link in paid to sign up offer (PTSU) with some conditions. You will have to pay the PTC site only if someone registers using your referral link.
Disadvantages of PTC Advertising:
  • You have to pay them to advertise your referral link.
  • Chances are very less to sign up through the link. Because nobody will care about what ad is displayed. They will immediately close after the stay time is complete.
13. Post Ads in Free Advertising Sites:
Post ads in free advertising sites

Post your ads in free classified advertising sites like jobs.mitula.in, olx.com, citehr.com, quicker.com, shine.com, etc.

You should not post your referral links directly here instead of giving a heading like this “Online jobs in NewYork” and give some explanation and display your e-mail ID and mobile no and ask them to contact you.

If someone contacts you ask their e-mail ID send your referral link with some explanation. If you post your referral link directly it will be considered as spam and they will not approve your ad as shown below.

They might reject your ad by saying some reason like this if you try to spam with referral link
Advantages of Classified Ads:
  • Easy and free way to advertise.
Disadvantages of Classified Ads:
  • Your ad will not be approved is you do not follow the terms and conditions.
  • Short term results.

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How Much can you Earn with Refs:

This is just an example of how much you can earn through referrals.

Most of the PTC sites will pay you a 50% referral commission. For example: If your referral earns $0.01 from a click, you will get a commission of $0.005. So lets us see how much money you can make.

If you’ve 100 referrals and each clicks 10 ads per day.

Earnings per day = $0.005*10 = $0.05*100 = $5.

Earnings per month = $5 * 30 = $150.

Earnings per year = $1,800.

So this is how you can make some extra money through PTC sites. You can get thousands of referrals if you work hard.

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