Previously, smartphone and tablet users overtook the desktop users in the number of most used internet-connected devices. Although smartphone internet users are higher than desktop internet users, few things like doing regular jobs & online job on the mobile phone are impossible due to its size, platform, and handling. There is some money making apps available on smartphones, but they are unreliable. Speaking about data entry, it is very hard to do data entry job on mobile phone compared to PC because it is very tough to use mobile keyboard to type at a constant speed, limited features availability on third-party mobile software like MS Word, Excel etc. and it might take few years to create a perfect solution to this problem. Data entry jobs can be still done on a mobile phone without investment. Continue to read to learn how to do data entry from mobile phones including Android, Apple iPhone, and Windows phone.  


Mobile work

How to do this data entry job on a mobile phone:

  • The data entry job that can be done on the mobile phone is called as captcha entry job which is otherwise called as the image to text data conversion process.
  • Captcha entry is a very simplest job that can be done by anyone. Users with an internet connected device are eligible to join captcha entry job.
  • Previously, captcha entry jobs can be done only using a desktop or a laptop. But as the number of smartphone users increasing like anything, captcha entry site developers now introduced the mobile interface. The mobile interface will be helpful for workers to do data entry job from the mobile phone without any trouble.


Advantages of captcha entry on the mobile phone:
  • Few people have the ability to type faster on smartphones compared to the personal computers. So, the new mobile interface will be helpful for them to earn money faster.
  • Captcha entry jobs are one of the easiest data entry jobs. Typing a word given on the image into the text box can be done by anyone including part time working students and housewives.
  • Captcha entry is the only data entry that requires no qualification or interview to join.
  • Captcha entry can be done very easily using smartphones because of the mobile friendly interface with big font.
Disadvantages of captcha entry:
  • Since anyone can join captcha entry sites, with huge competition members are paid very less for the work done.
  • Captcha rates are dynamic.

Data entry from mobile phone – working procedure:
  • Currently, 2captcha is the only captcha entry site with the mobile interface. Follow the registration procedure given at the end to join 2captcha.
  • After registration, log into your account. The home page will look almost similar to the screenshot given below,
2Captcha mobile page
  • Click the link “Mobile interface” indicated on the image given above in order to open the work screen. The work screen will look similar to the image given below.
2Captcha mobile interface
  • Initially, the account will be in sleeping mode. The start button has to be clicked in order to load captchas.
Capthca typing on mobile interface
  • The image with text will load similar to the captcha shown above on the image. We have to type the characters given on the image in the text box under the image. 
Captcha typing on mobile phone
  • After typing the captcha, click send button to go to the next captcha. Your account will be instantly credited for solving a captcha.
  • Sometimes, images with numbers upon it might load. Solving such captcha can be easier compared to text captchas.
Floating captchas
  • Rarely floating captchas might appear as shown in the picture given above, where the letters will float at the center surrounded by moving letters. In such case, enter the letters that appear on center only as I’ve done. Entering all the letters will result in invalid captcha solve.
cAsE sensitive captchas
  • Few captchas appear on the screen would be case sensitive, in such case enter the characters as it is on the image given. If the case-sensitive warning is not given, you can type however you want to.
Captcha entry interface paused
  • If you find invalid captchas or captchas that aren’t clear, mark it as “It’s not a captcha”. Do not use that button often. You can pause the work anytime by clicking stop button at the right top of the screen.
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Things to remember about mobile data entry job:
  • 2Captcha give 10 seconds for typing a letter. So if the image has 5 characters, it must be typed within 50 seconds.
  • Though they provide 10 seconds for entering a letter, to earn more you must solve a captcha within 5 seconds. Most of the captchas will be easier that it can be solved within 3 seconds even by the member without good typing skills.
  • Never miss the timing, because the frequent miss can lead your account to be temporarily suspended.
  • Typing garbage can result in permanent account suspension.
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How to earn more from mobile data entry job:
  • Captcha sites pay will vary each and every minute which directly depends on the bidding rate. The captcha rate will be fixed based on advertisers bid. When advertisers compete for more captchas, the rate will go high. If not, it will remain low.
  • So try to work on the time when the captcha rates are higher. Captcha rates will be calculated for 1000 captchas and it can vary from $0.30 to $1.50. Rates will be higher on US daylight time.
  • Make use of the affiliate program to make more money. 2Captcha pays 10% affiliate commission. Refer more friends to earn more money.
  • Type faster. Don’t waste your time by taking more time for typing captchas. The faster you type, the more you can earn.
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Mobile data entry Registration:
  • It will take less than a minute to register. Enter your email address and create a password for 2Captcha. Click Register.
  • 2Captcha will send a confirmation email to verify the email address. Click the verification link to complete registration.
  • You can immediately sign into your account after registration is complete.

Registration link 2Captcha.

Registration link Find online data entry jobs.

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