Welcome to genuineonlinefreejobs.com [GOFJ blog].

Genuineonlinefreejobs.com is a perfect example of an EMD / unbranded domain.

When I started this website, I had no idea about blogging and assistance on web development. I created this website accidentally without any intention/plan to start. With no prior experience, I made a random domain purchase.

After a few weeks, I started to give my best on MMO products but they were poorly optimized due to lack of knowledge on optimization.

Later I’ve begun to gain knowledge day by day, as a result, genuineonlinefreejobs.com became one of the trusted MMO blogs.

Whenever I write a knowledge-based article, I try to bring out my best to make it useful and easily understandable. Thanks for visiting my unbranded blog.

About Me:

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I’m Tamilarasan from Chennai, IN.

I’m a CRO Growth Strategist for eCommerce Websites – Professional trekker – Engineer – Blogger – Natural Physique Fitness Athlete.

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Thank you.

About GOFJ Blog:

Genuineonlinefreejobs.com was started in February 2015. It is a simple guide for people who are searching for online jobs.


  • I’ve created a top 10 list for all the online jobs to help my visitors to get all the jobs under one roof. The top 10 lists have been beautifully designed tables which will be very helpful for the visitors to understand each site at a glance without any confusion.
  • Each site listed in the top 10 lists has been linked to the individual explanation page. That explanation page will have full details about that particular site from registration procedure to working procedure, features, payment methods, etc. This will be very useful for beginners and visitors who have no idea how to work on the selected site.
  • I’ve written articles about online jobs both for beginners and professionals. This website contains articles on the easiest online jobs for people without skills and MMO opportunities for skilled professionals.
  • The articles on this website are written in very simple English to favor visitors with basic English knowledge.
  • Genuineonlinefreejobs.com is designed in such a way that it loads at very high speed to prevent user time wastage and to improve the user experience.
  • I’ve attached a floating menu bar to prevent visitors from scrolling up again to reach the menu. This will help visitors to save time and ease their search.
  • Most of the jobs listed inside are tested by me. I’ve posted the article about the site(s) and jobs only after testing. Only a few are chosen based on expert reviews.
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