Top 10 Best Data Entry Job Provider Sites to Earn Money Without Investment

Online data entry jobs are one of the best online jobs to make money on the internet without investment. Unlike other online jobs like paid surveys, freelance work, finding a reliable online data entry job is a milestone because most of the online data entry sites are scams. The main goal of these sites is to collect registration fees and cheat people. So, searching for a reliable data entry job is going to be a big deal.

There are several real data entry job provider sites and companies available on the internet which is hidden on the search engine’s SERP by spam blogs and scam companies. This article will help you to understand various legitimate data entry jobs available on the internet and find the best data entry jobs to earn money online without investing money.

Data entry jobs

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is the process of transferring or converting or changing or processing data from one form to another form. Data entry jobs are done manually or automatically depending on the complexity of the work.

What is Data Entry Jobs?

The Jobs which are related to the data entry, data processing, data analysis, data conversions, typing work, data technology, are commonly called the Data entry jobs. The sites which provide are called the Data entry sites however it’s not an official term though.

Examples of Various Data Entry Jobs:

Physical to digital data entry is the most common type of data entry job. Entering data from books/paper to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Star office are some examples.

Image to text data entry job. Entering text, numbers, symbols appear on the image into given software is an example of an image to text data entry job.

Format conversion like PDF to Microsoft Word and vice versa is the best example. Now, this data processing is automated. PDF & notepad to MS excel data entry work is available in more numbers.

Voice to text data entry jobs. This is also called as transcription, where the sound has to be converted into written form.

Language translation is also a kind of data entry job, where the documents are converted from one language to another language.

Content writing is a reliable online job. Writing articles using our knowledge and experience can help us to earn more money.

Micro-tasks are tiny data processing projects where data are processed to form useful information.

Types of Data Entry Jobs:

There are two types of data entry jobs, online data entry, and offline data entry.

Working for a client or a company online with an active internet connection is called online data entry jobs.

Working for a client or a company with or without internet connection using software that doesn’t require an active internet connection is called offline data entry jobs.

How to Find Legit Data Entry Job sites and Companies:

The procedure to find legitimate online data entry job provider companies is given below and here are the few tips to find fake data entry sites.

Genuine companies will never collect registration fees from workers. Usually, job posting sites might collect fees from advertisers and not employees.

Sites with colorful layout and payment proof will be scam data entry companies. Business-class sites will be neat & simple and they won’t post any payment proofs.

Refer to the scam adviser sites to learn the history of the company. Try to be on the safer side by not trying new sites.

Data Entry Jobs you Should Avoid:

While the data entry jobs are by itself not a potential job recommended an online job for people without skills, there are few data entry jobs that you must avoid on sight.

That doesn’t mean those data entry sites are scams, this is advised because these data entry jobs are not reliable or don’t add value to your time.

Form filling data entry jobs and Ad posting data entry jobs are the least recommended data entry jobs.

The following job is related to data entry job, however, it’s not recommended due to the time spent typing to money made is very very low. It’s none other but the captcha entry jobs. While these are the legitimate data entry sites, it’s considered as nonethical.

So, what now, here is the list of sources to find genuine data entry jobs.

Top 10 Read Online Data Entry Sites:

These are the best sites/companies to find data entry jobs without investment. The first part is the list of data entry job provider sites and the second part contains job ideas.

1. 2Captcha – A Simple Data Entry work for Everone:

2Captcha is an online image to text conversion data entry job provider site which is also called a captcha solving job that of course given in the data entry jobs to avoid list.

However, it is listed number one since it’s the only data entry site that allows users from all the countries in the world. No shortcuts, you type they pay money for that.

Speaking about 2Captcha data entry work, the workers will be paid for each correct image to text conversion.

When the members turn on the working interface, the image will load on it. They have to enter the text/numbers given on the image inside the text box under it.

Captcha solving job explained

After entering it correctly, the answer should be submitted by hitting the enter button. Images will continue to load after each submission. The members can solve as many captchas they can to earn more money.

The member must be capable of solving a five letter captcha within 50 seconds to qualify. In simple, a member should able to type a letter within 10 seconds to be eligible.

Captcha entry job is the most unreliable data entry job of all because they pay only 50 cents to a dollar fifty for typing 1000 captchas which could take a minimum an hour to complete.

But captcha entry is placed higher on the list because anyone can join captcha entry job provider site to work without typing knowledge or special qualification. But to earn some money you must be able to type at a speed of 40 words per minute. Anything below this is a waste of time working on captcha sites.

The minimum payout is just $1 and you can withdraw your money through Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Web Money, Skrill, Payoneer, Payeer, and more.

Learn more 2Captcha review.

Join now 2Captcha registration.

2. Fiverr – Digital MarketPlace to Sell Data Entry Services:
Fiverr to sell data entry services

Fiverr is one of the world’s largest digital product and service selling marketplace where anything can be sold worldwide for a minimum of $5.

You can sell your data entry skills for $5 or more based on the complexity of the project.

To work on Fiverr selling data entry projects it is not easy like you do on sites mentioned above. You must have exceptional skills to attract potential clients. Look at the image below, an example of sellers selling data entry services on Fiverr.

After buying the service, the clients will be asked to review your service. One or a few bad reviews are enough to ruin your Fiverr business. So, use Fiverr only if you know what are you capable of and what you’re going to do.

Data entry services gigs on Fiverr

To attract clients who require professional data entry services, you must create a gig on Fiverr. You must not use low-quality stock images, instead create an all in one banner or a whiteboard animation video. If you don’t know how to create one, you can buy a custom banner or an explainer video on Fiverr itself.

You can sell data entry service of any type including MS Word, MS Excel data entry like converting Notepad, PDF files to Excel, etc. Web research, content management, copy-pasting work are the other examples of data entry jobs.

For instance, if you’ve planned to sell MS Excel-based service you must know every function of Excel, like formulas, cell management, etc.

So, Fiverr is the best-recommended marketplaces to convert your data entry skills to cash.

Learn more Step by Step instructions to make money on Fiverr.

3. Snagajob – Find Part-time Data Entry Jobs:

Snagajob is one of the largest online and offline part-time job provider sites in the USA. They provide over four million part-time jobs per month to job seekers.

Snagajob is the best place to find both online and offline data entry jobs. Job seekers can join Snagajob without paying any registration fees and can apply for all the jobs that match their profile.

To find a data entry job on Snagajob, you can make use of the search filters available on it. Also, you can use the location filter to find data entry jobs available in your area.

Data entry job on Snagajob

Click on the job title you’re interested in and read the terms & conditions given by the advertisers carefully. If you have the full qualification, click apply.

The employer will verify your application and hire you if they find your profile interesting. They might hire you as an hourly worker or part-time/ full-time worker.

Apart from data entry jobs, there are several part-time jobs available on Snagajob for both educated and uneducated job seekers. These are the few examples of the jobs available on Snagajob tutoring, work from home jobs, office jobs, charted accountant, financial adviser, telemarketing, driving, banker, analyst, Manager jobs, etc.

Unlike other online jobs, the employer from Snagajob will pay a really good salary.

Learn more – Find a job at Snagajob.

4. Amazon mTurk:
Online data entry jobs on Amazon mTurk

The Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the best sites to find online data entry jobs. It is shortly called as Amazon mTurk.

The Amazon mTurk is the place where a lot of clients post tasks called HITs which can be easily done by the human and not the computers.

The tasks posted on the mTurk include data entry tasks, data processing tasks, data conversion tasks, etc.

The HITs found on the Amazon mTurk will be very simple even an uneducated person can do it and earn money without struggling.

The Amazon Turker can choose the easiest tasks which they feel easier. There are unlimited tasks posted on the Amazon mTurk every day. So, many do this as a full-time job.

The workers will be paid through the bank account and Amazon gift card. Get the complete working guide for Amazon mTurk by clicking the link given below.

Learn more How to work on Amazon mTurk to make money.

5. Upwork™ – The Potential Place for Freelancers:
Upwork for data entry freelancers

Upwork™ is the world’s largest freelance marketplace where millions of freelancers and employers meet. Upwork™ platform helps employers to post their jobs and freelancers to find a job very easily.

Tons of new jobs and projects of different categories are posted daily by employers. Relevant freelancers can submit their proposals to get a contract.

To find freelance data entry jobs on Upwork™, you must create an account on it. After creating an account, the first work is to complete your profile. Upwork™ never allows freelancer accounts with an incomplete profile to apply for a job.

Add a good looking photo of your’s in profile and attach/link to portfolio to increase your score.

Searching freelance data entry job on upwork

Once the profile is 100% completed, upwork™ allows its users to find and apply for freelance jobs. Use search filters to find the data entry job. Read the requirements for applying for the jobs and if you’re eligible, submit the proposal.

Like you, there will be several freelancers who would have applied for that job. The chances of getting a job will be very low unless your portfolio is unique.

Learn more Guide to attract potential freelance clients at Upwork.

More Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment to Earn Money:

6. Online Micro Jobs:

Micro-jobs have now become popular online money making programs on the internet.  Doing microtask is very simple that anyone who can follow the simple instructions is allowed to do it.

Micro-tasks are tiny tasks divided from a huge project to increase the accuracy of the work and reduce its complexity. These micro-tasks will be done by the community of members.

For each task done, the member will be paid instantly. The results of the tasks will be regrouped and submitted to the clients.

The downside of micro-tasks is, workers who are capable of working with certain accuracy only will be allowed to access higher-level tasks that pay well.

Each micro-task provider website will test its members for accuracy. Few sites will ask members to complete assessments to qualify to do tasks and some sites will allow their members to do tasks directly and if they find work accuracy is low, they might disable access to the particular task.

So, if you wish to do data processing jobs on micro-task sites, work with full concentration to prevent potential tasks disabled.

Micro jobs based Data Entry Sites FigureEight tasks.

Learn moreOnline micro-jobs.

7. Online Transcription Data Entry Jobs:

Transcription is one of the interesting data processing tasks where the voice has to be converted to written form.

There are two types of transcription which are live transcription and non-real time transcription.

Transcribing the voice in real-time when someone speaks it will be a live transcription. Transcribing voice or sound which already recorded is called non-real time transcription.

To do the transcription tasks, the transcriber should have excellent reading, writing, and listening skills. Also, typing and writing speed should be 70 WPM.

Due to so many restrictions, only a few among thousands are selected for transcribing jobs and people with luck earn thousands of dollars every month.

Learn more Transcription based data entry jobs.

8. Online Translation Jobs:

Converting a language to another language is called Translation. Online translation companies provide translation jobs to everyone with good translation skills.

Usually, translators will be chosen only after several tests and assignments. Translating rare languages will be paid more compared to regular languages which are used widely all over the world.

Most of the clients will pay on the pay per word basis. Translators can expect a minimum of 4 cents for translating a word.

Learn more Earn by translating languages.

9. Content Writing Jobs:

Content writing work is not a data entry job. It is more than data entry that it is equal to writing a book or a magazine. Instead of writing for a magazine, you will write an article for an internet blog to make money.

Top blogs are paying over $500 to the professional content writers who provide real value to their blog.

Content writing will help to brand yourself. Top content writers with a huge number of followers start their blog later and earn thousands of dollars every month.

Learn more How to make money writing.

Final Words on Online Data Entry Jobs:

These are the best data entry sites to find jobs related to data entry. People often struggle to find online data entry jobs and mostly fail to find reliable paying data entry work. The data entry sites and jobs listed above should are legitimate and help you to protect from internet data entry job scams.

I hope this article has given you a clear idea about various top data entry jobs available on the internet and also the procedure to find each one without searching it again.

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