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Writing articles online is one of the best ways to make money online. Spending two to three hours writing articles daily can help you earn up to a few hundred dollars based on your expertise in the field. Anyone without experience can start writing articles to earn a little amount of money and, by gradually gaining experience in the niche, increase the writer’s authority to make more money. In this article, I will explain how to make money writing online, how to improve the writing skills using online tools and the best sites that pay to write articles.

Online writing jobs - Get paid to write articles

Online Writing Jobs:

Here are the instructions for you to find online writing jobs. Before finding, just make sure you have some basic skills to write. Else you can check out other online jobs that require no skills.

Basic Requirements to Get Paid for Writing Articles:

  • These are some of the basic requirements to earn money by writing articles.
  • The writer should have basic language skills in order to write articles. English is the preferred language as most of the clients post online writing jobs only in English.
  • The writer must have at least basic grammar skills to manage. But there is no necessary for advanced grammar skills as we use tools that will take care of the grammatical errors.
  • You should have medium to good knowledge in the niche you’re going to write to satisfy the clients. However, you can develop the knowledge from zero to maximum if you can work hard.
  • Writers should develop their own way of writing style to attract clients and customers. Do not exactly copy other authors and their articles.

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Must-Have Tool for the Online Writers to Eliminate Grammatical Errors:

  • The main reason most of them reject writing jobs is the lack of grammatical skills. But, a single tool has managed to solve this problem for online writers, i.e. Grammarly.
  • Grammarly is the best online tool that will take care of all the grammatical errors while you write articles online.
  • I’ve been using Grammarly for a while and it has automatically helped me to improve my Grammar skills. Now I’ve learned a lot using Grammarly like using punctuation at the right place, using connecting words at the right place, spelling mistakes, unwanted verb usage, etc.
  • Also, Grammarly displays synonyms for the selected words in an instant pop-up box that will be really helpful in learning the meaning for the complicated words immediately.
  • Grammarly tool is available for browsers as the extension, Windows, and Microsoft office.
  • The Grammarly is a must tool for all the online writers, whether they’re a beginner or advanced writers. Click the link given below to install Grammarly for free.

Click here to install Grammarly.

Different Ways to Make Money by Writing Articles:

  • The online writers can earn money by writing online in different methods.
  • The first method is by writing articles for their own blog, eBooks, online courses. In this way, the writer can grow his own audience and make money from the ad networks and affiliate networks. This is the best method to make money writing online, but it is time-consuming and success is not guaranteed.
  • The second method is writing for others that include clients, blogs, news websites, magazines, eBooks, etc. This is the instant earning process where you will be paid once they approved the article. In this method, you can make money from day one, but you must be active every day to make money.
  • I highly recommend you to take the following courses that will teach how to make a living from your writing.

Basic course Writer’s Guide.

Advanced course The Writer Teacher.

How to Make Money Writing by your Own:

1. Start a Blog to Earn by Writing for your Readers(For Advanced Users):

  • Writing for your own blog is a profitable way to earn money by writing online.
  • By writing for others, you gain no authority for your hard work instead; the client gets authority using your article. At the same time, it will take more time to make your work recognized by the readers if you wish not you sell your articles.
  • The blog can also earn your tons of money for your articles after a few months of proper optimization. Once the brand is established, your blog will generate money even if you don’t work. This is the major advantage of writing for your own blog.
  • If you wish to start your own blog, click the link given below to learn basics and advanced ways to make money by starting your own blog.

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2. Publish your own eBooks:

  • Writing eBooks can help you generate passive income. Anyone can write eBooks and make money from their content. Unlike blog content, eBook content must be unique that cannot be found anywhere easily. This will increase sales and help you generate high sales income and affiliate income.
  • Kindle eBook publishing system helps even beginners to make money writing their own eBooks.
  • You must learn how to organize eBooks, markets, etc. Click the link given below to get the tips to make money by writing eBooks.

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How to Get Paid to Write Articles for Clients:

If you feel starting a blog and writing eBooks is a very lengthy process, you can start making money by writing articles for the clients. You can make money from day one by writing online for clients. In this method, you cannot generate a passive income. You must actively write articles to make money. These are some of the best sites that pay to write articles.

Best Sites that Pay to Write Articles:

1. iWriter – Write articles for clients on Demand:

  • IWriter is one of the best article writing sites. Tons of freelancers get paid for writing articles based on their expertise.
  • The iWriter is the online marketplace that connects freelance writers to potential clients who need content writers.
  • The most prolific writers earn up to $80 for writing 500 words article on the iWriter. Standard members earn $5 – $10 on average for writing 500 words articles.
  • The article rate varies based on the niche and the competition. By writing health-related articles, you can earn more money.
  • Writers compete to increase their rating to reach the top of the high rated writers’ chart. By increasing the rating, you can make the client directly send special requests to write for them.
Make money writing articles on iWriter
  • To become an iWriter, you must take the basic grammar test. Once you pass the test, you can start writing the articles for the clients to make money.

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2. Submit your proposals to the UpWork clients:

  • The UpWork is the top freelance marketplace in the world where you can find a lot of clients posting writing jobs.
  • Unlike iWriter which primarily deals with writing jobs, the UpWork is the place where jobs are posted in various categories.
  • If you’re a multitalented freelancer, UpWork is the best freelance site to manage everything at the same place.

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3. Sell Articles for Money on Fiverr:

  • Fiverr is a completely unique freelance site where the seller has full control over each and everything. Create a gig to sell customized writing services to thousands of clients.
  • In Fiverr, the freelancers can sell anything for a minimum of $5. You can make use of this chance to sell articles. Usually, writers sell 300 words articles for $5 on Fiverr. This is the most profitable rate when compared to other sites.
  • You don’t have to take any qualification tests on Fiverr as you do on iWriter and UpWork.
  • Initially, you have to work hard to sell the gigs and once you sell a few gigs, you will get a lot of orders from the clients.
  • Starting the freelance career on Fiverr is very easy. Learn more about Fiverr by clicking the link given below.

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Things to Remember about Online Writing Jobs:

  • The number one priority is quality. Never compromise on the quality which would affect your online writing career. Learn to improve your writing skills.
  • Use proper tools as advised above to eliminate minor grammatical mistakes which might reduce your rating.
  • Most of the clients post writing jobs for their website or blog. You must learn to use keywords properly to optimize the article for the search engines.
  • Try to work on multiple sites to get more opportunities. Don’t forget to create a gig on Fiverr.
  • Do not copy other articles exactly. Doing so will lead to account suspension. These sites have developed technology to auto-detect the spammers.
  • Try to increase your rating and your gig rating, which would help the clients to pick you or your gig for their project.
  • If you wish to make the passive income after a few months of hard work, go for blogging and writing eBooks.

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Recommended tool for Writers:


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