6 Proven Ways to Make Money on Facebook from Home

It’s a well-known fact that Facebook is the largest social media in the world. While millions of users make use of Facebook as a channel to connect people, apart from sharing photos, posting, giving likes, and sharing websites, Facebook can also be used to make money. Social media freaks can make use of these opportunities to earn money on Facebook.

This is the right time to use these opportunities to make money on Facebook from home spending a few hours in the beginning and a few minutes later every day.

Make money on Facebook

Initiating Making Money on Facebook Basics:

You should have a Facebook account to start making money on Facebook.

To start a Facebook business, you may have to create a fan page or group. The fan page is preferred over the group.

Before you create a Fan page search for a niche on which you’re going to create the fan page. Make sure you choose a good niche. Fashion, electronics, sports, politics, education, stocks, food, investment, and SEO are topics that never lose heat over time.

Now create a fan page with an attractive title, logo, and cover picture. Your logo and cover picture are really important, they should be very professional.

If you’re not good at photoshop and Coreldraw,  hire a professional on Fiverr, to create a logo and cover page. It will cost just $5 which you can make a day later.

After creating the page you need to get lots of likes on your fan page. Initially, invite your friends to like your page. When your friend likes the page your friend’s friend might also like it. So, it will be really easy to make the first 100 followers.

Create a custom Facebook domain. You need at least 25 followers to create a custom domain like this www.facebook.com/pagename. Facebook business is all about branding.

100 followers are not enough to make a reasonable profit. Your page should have a minimum of 1000 targeted followers. Speaking about targeted followers, they should like your page for what your page is about. You should target people who are interested in the niche.

Make use of Facebook ads to promote your page. To increase the engagement on your sponsored post, make sure to add an engaging image and title, and description. The more attractive it is the higher the CTR will be.

Before creating the Facebook ad campaign, ensure that your page has got at least a few posts posted over the past few weeks and one thousand people already follow your page. This will create trust in your page.

While Facebook ads can play an important role in growing the fan page, beginners can’t spend on Facebook ads who can try to attract followers without Facebook ads.

Don’t use social like exchange programs it 100% waste of time. You can get worthy followers in many ways to create an ad campaign, asking your friends to share your fan page not only on Facebook but also on Whatsapp, Twitter, and Pinterest, and also telling them to ask their friends to share.

You can use your Facebook fan page URL while you comment on the website related to your niche (if your page is about fitness, use your Facebook address while you comment on fitness, health, and bodybuilding sites). Do not leave spam comments, you should leave a genuine comment to get a link back to your Facebook page. When visitors to that website read your comment they might reach your fan page and might like it. This is a long-term method for getting potential followers as your comment will remain on the website forever.

Participate in the active forum like the Warrior forum and get a link back to your Facebook page through pages and signatures. If your Facebook page has lots of backlinks your fan page might appear on the first page of Google based on the niche and keywords. Google will bring organic visitors to your page, organic traffic can create more sales. Apart from these, you’ve to research to make more targeted fans related to your niche.

In the meantime, while you work on building your fan page it is important to post updates. Write posts every day without fail and they should be related to your page’s niche plus trendy and interesting. Never bore your fans.

The posts you write should be very relevant if possible leave a link at the end of your website or other websites. This will make your fans return to your Fan page every day to look for interesting news. When time passes every post of yours will start to appear on everyone’s timeline when people talk about it.

These are the basic requirements to start a business on Facebook. Facebook fan pages or groups are not required for a few techniques given below.

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Ways to Earn Money Using Facebook:

There are two ways to earn money using Facebook – with the Facebook fan page and without a Facebook fan page or a group. Among these two methods making money with a Facebook page is very potent and you can earn a handful of money through it.

Earning Money With Facebook Fan Page:

1. Start Affiliate Marketing on Facebook:

Affiliate marketing is not rocket science it is a very simple concept and everyone can make money using affiliate marketing from home. The concept is if you make someone to buy a product of a company, the company will pay you a part of the purchase amount as commission.

If you’re completely new to the word affiliate marketing, you may follow this guide to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

To do affiliate marketing you’ve to join an affiliate marketing website(s). Tons of products will be available on that website and you should choose the product related to your niche.

Make sure you’ve built trust already. Post articles every day. In the article, your words/comments/views should be present on the first five lines and should end with a link to the relevant webpage. The website might be yours or someones.

Product example: If you have a page about fashion choose products like costumes, grooming products, wardrobe fashion, shoes, watches, etc.

Get the unique affiliate URL of the product which will have a unique ID. You have to write a brief review about the product explaining the features, uses of the product, etc in the post, and leave your affiliate URL at the end.

It is advised to make use of the URL shorteners to mask the affiliate URL.

Fans will read the post about the product and click your affiliate link to land on the product page. At least a few among many will buy the product. When a person buys the product your commission will be directly added to your account.

Remember the main success in affiliate marketing depends on your identity and branding. People should believe you and treat you as a professional. Try to reply to the queries of your fans within a short time, write killer posts every day, and don’t post too much.

Initially, things might go slow, after 6 months you will make real money and tons of new fans automatically.

To do so you should have an account on amazon.com or Clickbank. I recommend you to join both affiliate programs. Recommend the products of different networks to make a maximum profit on Facebook.

2. Sell eBooks on Facebook:

When your page becomes very popular fans will expect something more from you. At that time you should write eBooks and sell them.

Take time to write an eBook with pictures and quotes around it. Publish your book on Amazon Kindle, create space, etc.

Notify your fans about the eBook you’ve written by giving a detailed introduction and linking the post to the sale page. Apart from Facebook sales, you will also get direct customers.

3. Monetize your Facebook Fan Page:

With tons of followers, it is the right time to monetize your Facebook fan page. You can sell your products, do some marketing, earn on a CPC basis…

Some tools can help you to monetize your Facebook fan page.

4. Sell Digital Services via Facebook:

You can sell services on Facebook like photoshop editing, logo creation, designing, SEO services, music, videos, article writing, etc.

To do so you should start an account on Fiverr® and create a gig. Learn how to make money on Fiverr. Implement the Facebook marketing strategy to attract clients.

On your Facebook fan page add the URL of your Fiverr gig in the website section. Give the short description above the URL and ask them to click the URL to use your service.

Apart from Facebook customers, you will also get direct customers from Fiverr.

With or Without Facebook Fan Page:

Make Money on Facebook without Selling anything:

You can use this method to earn money with or without a Facebook group or Fan page.

5. Make Money using Link Shortening Technique:

This is the simplest and easiest way to earn money through Facebook just by spending a few seconds a day. If you don’t know anything about URL shortening learn what is link shortening and monetizing links.

The link shortening panel will pay you for showing ads to the visitors. When someone clicks the link you’ve posted they will be forced to see an advertisement before they can see the main content.

You can earn money in this method without a Facebook fan page. But, if you want to earn money without a Facebook fan page you should have a Facebook account with lots of friends. It can be your personal account. The fan page is recommended, get an idea about how to create a fan page especially for earning through link shortening by clicking the link given below.

You can start posting shortened links on your Facebook account when your friend or someone clicks that link you will get money. Learn in detail about how to earn money using link shorteners on Facebook.

While this is one of the methods to make money on Facebook, it’s a way to irritate people. This thing won’t work the same work in the long term.

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Earning Money without Facebook Fan page and Group:

To earn money in this method you don’t need a Facebook fan page. But you should have an account on Facebook. If possible create a separate/secondary account and do not use your personal account.

6. Earn Money by Liking and Sharing on Facebook:

To earn money by liking and sharing on Facebook you should create an account by clicking here.

After creating an account you can log in and start your work.

You are not only paid for liking Facebook pages. You will be paid for sharing websites, liking photos, following, etc. Apart from earning through Facebook, you can also earn money for doing actions on social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google votes, etc.

For every action (liking, tweeting, following) you perform you will receive points. Those points can be redeemed for cash and withdrawn through Paypal.

Also, refer your friends to earn more. They pay 50% as referral commission. If your friend earns $2 a day you will receive $1 as the referral bonus. If you refer 10 people you can earn $10 easily per day.

Manipulating Facebook likes, shares, and comments just for personal purposes is against internet ethics. This way of making money on Facebook comes under this.

Warning when you use unethical ways to earn money on Facebook:

Your Facebook account might be blocked if you do too much which includes liking hundreds of pages within a short time, sharing lots of posts within minutes, etc. So, make sure your personal account doesn’t get banned for spamming Facebook. Use secondary an account(s) to be safe.

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Key to Earn Money on Facebook:

  • Anything on the internet is zero without visitors or customers, the same applies to Facebook. Your Facebook page or group or account should have live visitors. It can be your friends, followers, fans…
  • Genuine, trust, legitimate, and branding are the words that are important to achieve success. You must build trust among your visitors and it takes some time to create.
  • Patience is important if you choose to earn through affiliate marketing, or selling services. You cannot earn money online from day one.

Hope you’ve got many ideas to earn money on Facebook. Start today and enjoy working from home.

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