How to Make Money on Fiverr – Freelance Marketplace for Selling Digital Services

Fiverr® is the best online marketplace to earn money if you’ve got some skills. If you still don’t have any skills continue to read to learn how anyone can make gigs without skills to make money on Fiverr. In simple words, you can sell services based on your skills for a minimum of $5 to make money on Fiverr with your expertise and develop new skills.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online Freelance marketplace, a platform to buy and sell digital services. While there are best freelance marketplaces like Upwork, it’s Fiverr is flexible and freelancer friendly compared to other freelance sites.

You sell digital services in thousands of categories including online translation, SEO, graphics designing, photoshop editing, CorelDraw, animation, music, beauty, lifestyle, web development, data entry, smartphone app development, article writing, programming, online marketing, security & data protection, dance video, website testing, songs, arts & crafts, gift cards, fitness, surveys, presentation, video editing, resume creation, logo designing, crowdfunding, transcription, etc.

I will tell you how to create a gig, start selling digital services, and how make money on Fiverr. If you’ve some skills in these categories, you can earn $1000 or more per month being a freelancer.

Fiver Jobs

How to Make Money on Fiverr – A Step by Step Guide:

Completing Fiverr Profile:

Once you create the Fiverr account, complete the basic profile. Add a DP of yours that look professional. Do not add a random profile pic picking it from Google. The first sign of success is when people should feel you can do it by looking at your profile picture.

Usually, the gigs with random profile pictures don’t gain the trust of the people. Also, do not try to manipulate your account by adding pictures of people from image sources.

Add payment information and other essential details to complete the profile. This is the first simple but essential step to start making money on Fiverr.

Creating the First Fiverr Gig:

A gig is similar to the advanced media profile that will be displayed on the Fiverr marketplace. The buyers will refer to the gig that contains information about the services before making the purchase.

The gig should appear professional. Clients will decide based on the outlook of a gig. Among thousands of gigs, yours should stand out to get a view. For example, if you’re an artist your gig should contain a catchy title, a masterpiece of art, with an informative description.

During registration create a nice, professional username. Because your username will be displayed on top of the gig like the username is the primary one on Instagram. For example, if you’re going to create an app give your username as “magicapp”, “creativeapp”, “appstall” etc. Else create one that has your real name.

After registration, click start selling to create a gig.

How to create a gig on Fiverr

Give a catchy title like “I will create an artistic and stunning YouTube channel art for just $5”, “I will fix all the Website Errors”,

Select the correct category and subcategory. If you go wrong, your gig will not be displayed in the right category, so there are chances that you might lose potential clients.

Upload an image that describes your service(s). This image(s) will be the gig cover.

Creating a Fiverr gig

Next, describe your service, like what you will be doing for your clients. You will be allowed to post only up to 1200 characters. Be precise and informative.

Add essential info in the description like adding Frequently asked questions, restrictions, and instructions so that the clients can get a clear idea about the service(s).

Add tags related to your gig. Tell them how much time you will take to deliver the Fiverr order. Faster delivery time is one of the reasons why clients prefer the gig compared to the competitors.

Then, mention the requirements of your clients. For example, if you’re going to write an article ask them for proper keywords etc. Click save and continue.

Configure your rates at the next step. The basic rate you can set is $5 and set more prices by adding additional packages.

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Need for a Professional cover image or Video:

Make an explainer video for your project, else buy one for $5 on Fiverr itself. Get into a nice environment and explain your services offered to the Fiverr clients. Complete other requirements and finish gig creation.

Fiverr gigs with explainer video/custom banners will generate higher sales than the gigs with stock images/unoptimized images.

Do not copy other gigs but you can refer to gigs of top sellers to get an idea of how to create a killer Fiverr gig.

Fiverr Gig Promotion and Marketing:

Thousands of clients search Fiverr every day to find the gigs that offer relevant digital services to complete their projects. Your gig will get impressions when people search. If you did your best to create a professional gig, your gig might get some visitors.

It might take some time to get an order for most or very fast for a few. When you get an order give your best and compete for the project long before the delivery time. This will make your client give the best rating and review.

When the new users look at the Client reviews, they will get a good impression of you.

Beware of the Seller Levels to become a Fiverr Pro:

The Fiverr seller levels are created to give recognition to the Fiverr sellers.

As you progress with Fiverr, your efforts to satisfy your customer will be appreciated by Fiverr by adding the Level badge to your profile.

Fiverr has three levels including a level 1 seller badge, a level 2 seller badge, and a top-rated seller badge.

By achieving targets on Fiverr maintaining a good reputation among the buyers will help you to get the top-rated seller badge after 180 days of being a seller at Fiverr.

The Gigs of top-rated sellers are eligible to get free promotion, VIP customer support, and success programs.

The Level badges ensure that your gig gets extra attention when displayed among the regular crowded gig profile.

Also, the top-rated with exceptional skills will get a chance to become Fiverr Pro.

Fiverr Pros sell services for a price 10 times higher than the regular sellers on average. It’s a life-changing opportunity that a freelancer could expect.

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3 Fiverr Services that anyone without skills can Make Money:

1. Sell Fiverr Gigs related to Whiteboard Animation and Explainer Videos:

If you have no ideas on how to make money on Fiverr, the first one I would recommend for beginners is the selling gigs whiteboard animation videos, and explainer video creation.

With technology developing, you can easily learn to create a simple animation within a month to earn money on Fiverr.

There are Software(s) available on the internet which is used to create professional animated videos without any prior experience in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, or similar products.

The software(s) that are used to create simple animated videos are the Sparkol Videoscribe and the Video Maker FX. This software has tons of readymade templates that help us to create animated videos using drag and drop functions. A complete beginner-friendly solution to create 2D animation videos with limited functionalities.

Start learning the software and master it to create the best you can that should fulfill the clients’ satisfaction.

You can learn about these software(s) in two days to a week using the company-created tutorials.

Selling whiteboard animation and explainer videos is one of the easiest ways to make money on Fiverr. Start your journey today to make money with Fiverr.

2. Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Translation Fiverr Gigs:

The gigs related to languages are performing well on Fiverr. The writing and editing work is a simple Fiverr job that a school student can do without any problem. So, if you’re a freelancer looking at how to earn money on Fiverr without any skills, this section could be the right one for you to kick start your career as a freelancer.

You can create gigs related to writing articles for websites, translating languages, transcription, doing work related to creating & editing word, excel, PDF, documents,  proofreading, copywriting, etc.

The work related to languages are somewhat tiresome, but you can manage to earn a decent amount of money on Fiverr from home without investment.

3. Become an Online Consultant:

You can consider becoming an online consultant on Fiverr. Consulting gigs are low – medium trending on Fiverr. People advise dating, health, finding jobs, business tips, financial assistance, legal consulting, and more. While this is not a beginner-friendly service, it does require some skills.

You can provide these services on Fiverr charging a minimum of $5.

How to Work on Fiverr to Make Money:

Make money on Fiverr

Selling the First Fiverr Gig/Attracting the Client:

Getting the first project on Fiverr is a great achievement. Many Fiverr gigs are yet to receive a view due to enormous competition. To get projects on Fiverr, you must stand out from the crowd.

The buyers on Fiverr are very intelligent and they will smell the best from the crowd without any trouble by seeing the way the gig has been presented.

A genuine seller will take extra care in creating the gig. Add sample work on the gig to impress the buyers. Give a detailed explanation about your gig. You can go through the top gig to learn how to present.

People who are thinking about how to get work on Fiverr should be aware that the views are the base of conversions. Once your gig gets enough views from the search pages than others, the gig ranking will automatically be moved to a higher position.

Work on increasing conversion rate:

While the views are the base that shows buyers visit the gig, it won’t make any sense if there is no conversion.

Like affiliate marketing, the conversion rate is proportional to optimization. Perfectly optimized gigs generate higher conversion compared to unoptimized gigs.

So, work on getting more views and see that a significant percentage of views convert to sales.

The view can be increased only by creating the best gig profile picture and cover photo/video. I recommend adding a video to the gig instead of a photo. An explainer video will help the client to analyze the gig quickly. Also, the video will increase the stay on time which might also be considered as one of the ranking factors*.

Try to respond to the buyer’s questions ASAP. When a buyer like a gig, they will click the contact button to learn more about the service. If they find the average response time mentioned above 2 – 4 hours, they will immediately move to other gigs.

On your first sale try to do your best to get 5 stars review. A minor mistake can entirely spoil your business. You can also, indirectly ask your friends/hire people to buy your Fiverr gig to get the first positive ratings.

Buyers will start buying your gig once your gig gets positive reviews as more traffic flows to the gig. On the whole high involvement and engagement is the only way to get projects on Fiverr.

Things to Remember about Fiverr Jobs:

  • Before you create an account visit lots of top-rated gigs to get an idea about Fiverr. You will also come to know how to create a professional gig.
  • Initially, do more than what you’ve said that you will do to get a high rating.
  • Gig image and topic are really important also your username.
  • Response time is crucial. When someone visits your gig, the average response time will be visible on the right side of the gig. Make sure to keep it as low as possible. The quick response might get more orders.
  • Try to add a video created by yourself. Showcase yourself as a brand as a businessman.
  • Try to complete projects quickly compared to your competitors.

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