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Clickworker is a global company that pays people for completing some tasks online. These simple tasks might include translation, data processing, article writing, video tagging, data entry, video tagging, data analyzing, etc. Clickworker assures that an average worker will earn $9 per hour by doing these simple tasks. Clickworker review – Get an idea about Clickworker and utilize it to earn real money from home without any investment.


What is Clickworker?

Clickworker is an online crowdsourcing marketplace where they assign micro digital tasks to the click workers (members) to deliver the best solution to world-class clients. Clients will provide large projects to Clickworker for a certain purpose and Clickworker uses crowdsourcing to distribute tiny parts of the project as a micro job to the click workers. Click workers will complete these micro jobs to get paid. Clickworker will deliver the final results to the clients.

Know about Micro Jobs on ClickWorker:

Speaking about online micro jobs, it’s one of the simplest online jobs available for eligible internet users to earn money completing small tasks. The tasks will be as simple as visiting a website to complex tasks like data analysis mostly available on sites like Amazon mTurk.

Micro jobs will be easier that even people without technical skills can make money completing them.

The tasks that are posted on the micro job sites and Clickworker will be the tasks that cannot be done by the computer or the tasks that need human activity to complete.

Computers cannot read images with accuracy while we can do it very easily. So, image to text conversion tasks is an example of common simple tasks.

Some of the tasks might ask us to do the activity and submit it at the end of the process. For example, taking a picture, mystery shopping, installing an app, taking surveys, etc.

Whatever it is micro-jobs are one of the potential online jobs next to the online freelance jobs to make money online.

Eligibility and Qualifications to become a Clickworker:

  • To work in Clickworker no previous experience is required.
  • Educational qualification is not a requirement.
  • People from anywhere around the world can join. US residents should be 18 years old or above.
  • You should have a PC with an internet connection to complete complex tasks. You can also earn money using the mobile phone by installing their mobile app available for Android and iPhone.
  • Should pass the pre-assessment to qualify to work on certain selected tasks.

Clickworker Review:

Clickworker review

List of Jobs Available on ClickWorker:

An Example of Clickworker tasks:

Clickworker task job email

Here is an example of the Clickworker task. Clickworker occasionally will send an email to the registered email address whenever a new job is available for the worker.

Find the example of one of the tasks on Clickworker by reading the description given in the Clickworker job email.

How to Start Working on Clickworker:

The first step is to register in Clickworker, this is similar to other website registration. Use the link given at the bottom to go to the registration page.

After completing registration wait for a few minutes to receive a verification mail. Click the verification link to get login access. Sometimes it might take a few hours to receive the verification mail. Wait for a few hours before you contact the support.

The second step is working on profile completion. You will be asked to enter your basic details with an avatar. In the next step, you’ve to enter language skills, translation skills, hobbies, known things, etc.

Completing the profile is very important on Clickworker and online survey jobs since it is the way the worker lets them know about their interests, skills, relevance, etc. Completing the profile will ensure that only relevant tasks will be sent to you.

Once you complete the profile, access the available tasks on the Clickworker dashboard or wait for the email regarding the work available.

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Clickworker mobile Verification:

Clickworker Mobile sms verifcation

Clickworker now made it mandatory to verify the mobile phone number.

So, besides email verification, it’s now important to verify the mobile number using the code sent via SMS.

By verifying the mobile phone number of Clickworkers, they can now prevent fraudulent applications.

Both the clients and the real workers can enjoy the full benefits of the Clickworker services.

Taking Assessments on Clickworker:

Clickworker assessments

  • Before you start working as a click worker you should qualify for assessments.
  • Once you complete your profile you can take part in the assessment using the assessment button in the menu bar.
  • Two assessments are conducted, the base assessment and project assessment.
  • After assessment completion waits for results. Depending on the assessment nature the score might be displayed instantly or it might take up to 2 weeks to display after manual review.

If you don’t wish to take tests, join the site similar to Clickworker where you don’t have to take part in any assessment to qualify to do the main work – FigureEight microtasks.

Start Working on ClickWorker:

If you score a minimum qualification mark, you are qualified to access the working area.

You can choose whatever job you wish to do. New tasks are posted every hour.

Make sure your work accuracy level is at par. Making too much of mistakes might result in disqualification.

How much can you make through Clickworker:

As mentioned earlier Clickworker says that an average member with normal speed and accuracy will earn $9 per hour.

A Clickworker who works with high speed, and accuracy, the concentration will surely make $10 or more/hr.

These calculations are only applicable to the Clickworkers who get tasks regularly, most of the workers will not get enough tasks to make even $9 per day.

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Clickworker timing and work hours:

  • Since this is a freelance job there is no work time limitation.
  • You can work at any time 24/7. And you can work for a few seconds to hours.
  • Clickworker didn’t set any limitations on work time and period.

ClickWorker Payments:

Currently, Clickworker pays their member through SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) direct bank deposit and Paypal (Payment processor).

Payments are processed every 7th and 9th day of the month.

A minimum balance of 10  is required to cash out.

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Join now Clickworker.

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