Online Micro Jobs Sites to Earn Money completing Micro Tasks

Are you the person with zero technical knowledge looking to make money online from home? Online Micro Jobs is the one for you. Whether or not you’ve got skills, the micro jobs is one of the simplest yet reliable online jobs. By doing the micro tasks, there are people who make four-figure income working part time on the internet. This article will explain to you about the online micro jobs and list the best micro jobs sites to join right away.

Online Micro Jobs:

While most of the skilled professionals land in freelance sites to make thousands, the ordinary people who are looking for online jobs mostly end in getting scammed by fake data entry sites, paid to click sites and blogs which misguide them to fall into the pit.

The truth is online micro jobs are the one among very few scam free online jobs. MicroJobs will be a reliable option for the people who can use it properly and it is just a list for people who are not serious.

How much can you earn doing micro jobs? While the micro tasks pay somewhere between $0.01 to $5 on average, it depends on the task you choose and, of course, speed and accuracy matter a little.

Be advised that the premium micro tasks will be available for elite members who can perform tasks with high accuracy. These tasks pay more than $25 and are available only on one of the premium micro-task networks listed below.

Requirements to join Micro jobs site:

Already, to do micro jobs, no special skills are needed. Anyone can do micro tasks to earn money. But, here are some requirements to join the micro job sites and protect the account from getting banned because of violation.

You must own a PC, Mac or a laptop connected to a decent internet network (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers are preferred).

Remember micro jobs are not online jobs for mobile phone, if you’re looking to earn money using the smartphone, here are some of the best money earning apps to consider. Most of the micro tasks cannot be done using mobile phone because of the non-flexibility of the device compared to the desktop in terms of the reliable work platform.

While micro tasks are very simple, you must be able to complete the tasks with high accuracy. People who can’t able to maintain accuracy are considered being not eligible for doing micro tasks.

Basic knowledge about the internet and websites will help you to easily stick to this job. Even a noob can pick up the pace quick to make most out of these micro jobs sites. In addition, good learning ability will help you explore deep.

Why it got the name Micro jobs?

Online Micro Jobs

Microjobs actually mean minor tasks. This is the reason it has got this name. While the Tasks posted on micro job sites are actually a huge project, this project will be divided into tiny tasks to make it easier & quicker to complete by allotting the smaller tasks to thousands of workers around the world.

Another reason for the success of online micro jobs is that they produce the result with the best accuracy as possible. Thousands of workers may do the same task again and again to increase accuracy. In addition, only the best workers will be allowed to do most of the micro tasks to maintain standard quality.

Crowdsourcing companies make this process simpler by assisting the clients to process the data quicker with accurate results. If you’re the one interested in doing online micro jobs, you will be the worker in one of the crowdsourcing sites listed below.

Is MicroJobs similar to Data entry?

While MicroJobs is available in different categories, mostly based on data processing jobs, the data entry is a part of it. You can find a lot of tasks that are posted related to data entry work.

So, if you’re searching for online data entry jobs, then the online micro jobs sites should be a secondary preferred option where some of the simplest data entry jobs are posted on a daily basis.

If you’d like to learn more about various micro tasks, you can find a detailed explanation next to the list of online micro jobs sites review given below.

List of Best Online Micro Jobs sites:

Find the list of best websites that provide Micro Jobs Online to earn money from home.

1. Figure-Eight (Channel Ysense):

Figure-Eight micro jobs is the topmost micro job website available in the world since anyone around the world can join their website directly or through the contributor channels to make money doing micro jobs.

Speaking about the contributor channels, they host the Figure-Eight microtasks in their website to provide the opportunities to millions of users. Also, the channels will have diverse payment options such as check, Payoneer, Skill, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. instead of sticking to PayPal.

Coming back micro jobs, the Figure-Eight tasks are very simple and have a decent pay compared to most of the Micro Tasks websites.

Figure-Eight micro jobs are legitimate, where they don’t host jobs that manipulate the internet or third-party services. It means their services are of high quality and trusted!

Some of the Figure-Eight tasks include Data processing, Translation, Transcription, Categorization, Analysis, Verification, Violation Spotting, Social Media study, Market research, etc. These tasks are totally beginner friendly, which means you don’t need any experience or technical skills to do it.

Ysense is the best contributor channel which can give the workers some additional benefits besides the basic pay. By doing micro tasks on the Clixsense, you can earn up to 16% daily bonus. So, if you make $20 today, you will receive an addition of $3.2 as a daily bonus. Also, never miss $200 weekly contest available only on Ysense.

Apart from doing micro tasks, you can also do Online surveys, OfferWall offers, Get paid to watch videos, to earn money using mobile phone and PC and make use of the highest 30% affiliate program only on Ysense.

Sign up today Clixsense Figure-Eight Channel

2. Amazon mTurk:

The Amazon Mechanical Turk is shortly called as Amazon mTurk. While their services for people who are looking to make money by completing micro tasks are very limited, Amazon mTurk deserves to be in the top spot of the best micro job websites!

Amazon mTurk has some of the professional and high paying tasks that help top users to make even five-figure income on a monthly basis.

The microtasks on mTurk are called the HITs. The HIT can be expanded as Human intelligence tasks. These HITs are simple tasks that can be solved only with the help of human intelligence. The best example would be the image to text conversion. While computers can solve the toughest calculations within seconds, it cannot read the image. It’s us the human can only do this: read what’s given on the image and type it. That’s why the captchas are installed on websites to protect them from unwanted automated programs.

Image to text conversion is just an example. You can also find tasks on categories including language processing, image & video processing, data verification & clean up, data processing, information gathering.

With millions of tasks posted every day by thousands of clients, mTurk has the largest collection of micro-tasks that pay from $0.01 to several dollars. The beginners will have access to simple tasks. They will have to complete tasks with certain accuracy in order to gain access to the high paying tasks.

Amazon mTurk pays the workers through Amazon pay balance and in a few countries they process payments directly to the bank account.

It is advised to click the link below to learn more about Amazon mTurk and join as a worker.

Sign up today mTurk

3. ClickWorker:

With millions of registered users, ClickWorker is one of the largest self-service marketplaces where genuine workers earn about $9 per hour as per their statistics.

ClickWorker is unique and got its own ways to provide part-time jobs which will be mostly related to real-life tasks such as taking pictures & videos, installing apps, phone surveys, mystery photography, testing work, etc.

People with basic internet knowledge can become the ClickWorker to earn money. Whenever a new task is available in the region, ClickWorker will email with a piece of detailed information about the task and the payout. The ClickWorker can complete the task if interested and get paid once we complete the task.

ClickWorker Micro Job app for Android and iPhone helps to earn money directly using the mobile phone. Only the ClickWorker micro job site has the option to work on the smartphone.

ClickWorker pays the users via PayPal, while the European users can withdraw their earnings directly to the bank account via SEPA.

Sign up ClickWorker

4. MicroWorkers:

The MicroWorkers connect employers and the workers through their crowdsourcing platform to deliver results on the ready to go platform.

Find micro jobs on over a hundred categories like data mining, data annotation, surveys, content moderation, data mining, image tagging, translation, categorization, audio & video transcription, etc.

The MicroWorkers should be able to perform micro tasks consistently in order to keep the account in good standing. New Workers will be asked to perform the assessment of the base category before they can access the major tasks.

Microjobs on this site will be simpler compared to other sites listed above. So, it should be very easy to maintain a healthy success rate and get access to advanced tasks.

Address verification is necessary in order to withdraw the money. Get Paid via Dwolla or bank transfer without verification. PayPal & Payoneer, Transpay, Skrill are other available payout options. The minimum cash out limit is just $9.

Sign up MicroWorkers

5. Remotasks:

Remotasks is the newest entrant in the online micro job industry. They have come out with the new idea to help the internet users to learn and earn money at the same time.

The new workers can make use of their tutorial to learn about the tasks. And the worker must pass the simple exams to get access to real tasks.

Then after, the workers can start earning money by completing the micro jobs. The best workers have a chance to become a reviewer. The reviewer’s job is to review the work done by other workers. Remotasks will automatically appoint workers as reviewers based on their performance.

Image marking, content moderation, spam deduction, transcription, data collection, categorization tasks are available on Remotasks.

Remotasks workers get paid on a weekly basis. They will automatically process the payments via PayPal.

Be advised that the new users will get a bonus of $10 for free!

Sign up Remotasks

Example of Micro Tasks for Beginners:

Here are some of the examples for the beginners to get an idea about what is Online Micro Jobs are ? and how simple Micro jobs are!

You can only find some of the basic tasks with minimum explanation down here. If you’re looking for a detailed explanation of top microtasks in order to master yourself, just check it out here.

The image given below is actually the list of Micro-tasks available on one of the best Micro job websites. Just try to read the title, rewards, and other information given on it.

This is the task where we have to monitor the list of the twitter account and categorize them according to the instruction. Beginners are going to take some time to pick up the pace, but on gaining experience, the tasker can earn 5 cents every few minutes, adding up the hourly income of up to $5 – $10.

The second task is like the first, while here we gotta determine the demographics of the follower. It’s very simple to identify the Location and other simple factors.

Amazon mtruk Micro job sites HIT list

The image given above lists a few tasks from another micro job website. These tasks are bit advanced yet easier if you can choose right. The pay will even reach up to $10 based on the complexity of the micro-tasks.

Major categories of Micro tasks:

These are some categories of the tasks that were found in the online micro job sites posted frequently. This would help you learn the overview of different micro tasks.

1. Online Translation:

Online translation jobs are one of the best work from home opportunity for the freelancers. If you’re the person with bilingual skill, you’ve got a great chance to make money on the micro jobs websites.

Tons of tasks are posted related to the translation, where a document or text has to be converted from one language to another language. One of the languages will be definitely English. So, you should be able to convert English to another language or vice versa.

Besides translation, you can also find the tasks related to language translation, such as proofreading and verification, to spot error made by other translators.

Translation tasks are simple and high paying compared to consuming low paying boring tasks.

2. Image processing:

The image processing in terms of micro tasks will be something related to the processing data given on the image. This can be like the image to text conversions, spotting the error on the image, drawing boxes on the image to show something based on the instructions, etc.

Some of the medical image processing tasks are posted regularly, which will can be done by even normal workers. These tasks include spotting Cancer cells on the scan report, medical transcription, etc.

Image processing micro task

The image given above describes the Cancer cell spotting task. The dark brown cells are the Cancer. To complete the task, all we have to do is mark the Cancer cells with a mouse click.

The image given below is another example of micro task finding whether or not the human ear is healthy. Workers will be given with clear cut information to perform this task.

Medical micro jobs

Image processing tasks are easier and high paying, but need some patience to complete it with the highest accuracy.

3. Spotting policy violations:

This is one of the simplest and interesting micro task just like playing games for money. The workers will be given with certain instructions to find content and media that violates the policy.

All we have to do is go through the content and spot the violation such as nude content, violent content, etc. in case if there is any.

Easiest microjobs for the beginners yet need full attention in order to find the violations correctly. These micro tasks are known to reduce the overall accuracy of the worker if handled with carelessness.

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4. Finding various elements in the article:

This is the lowest paying task in the micro job websites, but the thing is everyone has to complete this task in Figure-Eight in order to gain access to other complex potential tasks.

As the title suggests, the worker will be asked to review an article and find various elements of the article, such as the name of the author, date, content category, etc.

Micro jobs site content

Simple, low paying, but best for beginners to understand the work of the micro job for a day or two.

5. Transcription:

The transcription tasks are one of the consistent jobs that can be found on the micro jobs websites. The online transcription jobs can also be called as the audio to text conversion task.

In the case of transcription tasks, we have to listen to the audio or audio that runs along with the video and write it down in the paper or create a text document.

While anyone can do the general transcription tasks, the high paying medical and legal transcription requires certifications.

Find tons of transcription tasks on Amazon mTurk micro task website and Figure Eight.

6. Testing mobile apps:

Get paid for testing newly created mobile apps and web apps. Based on the complexity and technicality of the testing job, earn from five cents to a few dollars per task.

These tasks are simple if the worker can follow the instructions carefully given by the employer.

Some of these tasks need a higher level, i.e. only available for the advanced users.

7. Social Media tasks:

The social media tasks are recommended for social media freaks who love to screw sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Social Media tasks

Some of the social media tasks include finding the fake profile and accounts, analyzing the sentiment of tweets, finding violating content like adult pics and videos, learning the advertising trends.

Also, there are few sites that pay the workers for Facebook likes, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, etc. Tasks of these categories artificially manipulate in order to gain the advantage of social media features which are against the terms of many sites. Try to avoid such tasks if you feel they’re unethical.

8. Creating Homemade Videos & Audios:

This is one of the interesting tasks available on ClickWorker micro tasks website where the ClickWorkers will be asked to upload their pic or video based on the given instructions.

ClickWorker micro project work

Apart from uploading personal photos and videos, the ClickWorker task may also ask you to upload videos shooting the pets, home appliances, garden, etc.

Some of the micro tasks include capturing motion pictures using certain devices such as the iPhone.

People who love to take photos and videos will love this microjob and at the same time get paid for taking photos and videos.

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9. Verifying Authenticity:

This is the task where the worker will be given with the instructions to verify the authenticity of business, person, address, social media profile, or something else.

The worker will have to use the given information to search for Google and other sources to find if it is authentic.

It’s actually an advanced task, high paying, and the one which can influence the accuracy negatively for most of the workers.

10. Categorization:

A simple task for people who hate technical micro tasks. The workers will have to categorize the content based on the instructions.

Image categorization micro job

As you can see, the image given above will give you an overview of how simple the categorization task is.

Simple, yet there are chances to make mistakes. So, it’s important to fetch proper knowledge and pay full attention while doing the task to maintain the accuracy rate to the maximum.

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Success Formula to make more money doing Microjobs:

Speaking about micro jobs, the first and most important thing to take care is task completion accuracy.

Completing the tasks with higher accuracy has several benefits, such as getting access to the high paying premium tasks, chance to become reviewer, unlock levels, and of course more money!

Micro jobs accuracy

The second most important thing is how you choose the task wisely. While there will be thousands of tasks posted every second, you must choose the tasks which will pay high and at the same time that can be completed quickly.

You must perform an A/B testing in order to find which tasks are easier and pay more money.

Try to work on multiple micro jobs websites to find the one which works best for you in your country. Not everyone will have the same level of comfortness working on the same micro jobs websites.

Once you’re on the advanced level, you may try to use the scripts that are developed to find the best micro jobs and accept it before someone does it.

Try no blackhat method, since it will put an end to your account one day!

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Hope, now you would have got an idea about the money tasks posted on Micro job websites to earn cash in the simplest way. Go to the list of best online micro jobs sites given above to work today!

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