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Data processing jobs are simple, very easy and quite interesting work. You can earn money by processing/verifying the data and giving the required output. Data processing jobs given are also called micro jobs on the internet. You can do these tasks as long as you’re connected to the internet. Few do this job as a full-time job and make more than $50 per day by completing high paying tasks.

We can also do data Processing job in free time as a part-time freelance job to earn some extra money. Various Data verification tasks are posted on the Data processing job provider sites every day where anyone can do these jobs easily including students, housewives, work from home moms because they are really simple and requires no qualification or experience.

What is Data Processing Jobs:

Data processing is like data entry, but this job is not like data entry. In data entry jobs, we have to type data from a source in the data entry platform (for ex. captcha entry, where the characters from the image have to be typed in the text box).

With data processing, they will provide the workers with sources like a link to a webpage, picture, video, app link, etc. Along with the source (s), they will give the worker instructions to process the data. The Worker has to follow the instructions and get the required information from those data. This is the basic working of Data Processing jobs.

Once the data is processed, they will instantly credit the money to the workers’ account. Usually, the basic tasks can be completed within 20 seconds.

Get more idea about the data processing jobs by reading the example given at the end of the article.

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Data Processing jobs providers:

Online data processing or micro-task job is provided by a very professional data enrichment platform Figure-Eight(Previously CrowdFlower).

Figure Eight data processing

Figure-Eight is the online micro-task platform where they help their clients to process their data to provide the necessary, useful information they need through members like us.

Workers are called as the contributors in Figure-eight. The contributors can be anywhere from the world, can contribute 24/7 to process data in order to make money online.

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Things to remember to get successful:

If you or I own a company, we will expect to give the best results to our clients to maintain the quality of our company. Quality workers can only give quality results.

When we expect such quality, why not Figure-Eight? Be a quality contributor.

Figure-Eight is very strict about the quality of the work done. They manage to find the quality workers through a concept called accuracy. You must maintain good accuracy in order to get access to the high paying advanced data verification tasks.

So, try to be a quality worker from day one.

Second, don’t give up! 90% of freelancers give up thinking that they can’t earn money through Figure-Eight. But it’s totally wrong. Because it will take some time to complete the basic tasks with a required accuracy in order to gain access to the high paying potential tasks. Leveling up will not take even a day to a week based on the number of data processed.

Several data processing and data verification tasks are posted every second, and most are repeated fresh tasks. Choose some tasks that suit your skills and make it as your favorite tasks. Concentrate on those tasks to complete ASAP in order to earn more money.

Initially, you might feel difficult to follow the instructions and will take more time to complete the task. But, after mastering your favorite tasks, you can finish those tasks in no matter of time.

These are the things you should remember to start a successful online data processing carrier.

What’s Accuracy in Data Processing Jobs?

Accuracy in data processing job is the quality of work completed. In simple words, if you complete a task by answering 8 correct out of 10 questions, your accuracy level for the task is 80%.

There are three levels of tasks called potential jobs, this does not include the basic tasks. If you wish to get the opportunity to do those potential jobs, a certain accuracy level is required.

There are around three accuracy levels from level 1 to level 3. To qualify for getting first level tasks, you should have at least 70% of global accuracy.

Similarly, for 2nd level tasks, you need 80% accuracy and for the 3rd level; you need at least 85% accuracy.

How to start work – Data Processing jobs:

When you go to the tasks page for the first time, you might see this,

Basic data processing tasks listed in Figure Eight

Try to do “help us identify articles”, this is the simplest task. They will provide a link to a webpage. You’ve to just tell if the page contains an article.

data verification jobs

Completing one task will only pay $0.01. Don’t do this job to earn money. Instead, do this task to increase your accuracy and go to the next level where you can find high paying tasks.

To go to the next level, you should answer at least 100 test questions (not tasks) with the required accuracy level and you must answer 5 different jobs.

Accuracy level in tasks

The picture given above shows my accuracy level after answering 100 test questions. We can increase your accuracy even after this stage. Remember, the accuracy level may reduce or increase anytime. So, be aware of your accuracy while doing the task.

Continue to Perform High Paying Data Processing Tasks:

After getting to certain required accuracy level, Figure-Eight will now allow you to do high paying tasks. Figure-Eight will send an e-mail if your level inclines.

After leveling up, your tasks page might look like this,

Level 1 tasks - Figure Eight Data Verification jobs

Now, more tasks will be available in the contributor account after the increase in level. Choose the tasks which pay more. Try to master it.

I will give an example of the tasks I’ve done, of which I mastered a few tasks, and I used to complete a task in 2 minutes. I used to concentrate on the same simple tasks rather than trying new complex tasks.

Try to do all available tasks to research which is easy and sync with your data processing skills to earn more money.

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How to do Data Processing tasks with Example(s):

After leveling up there will be over 25 tasks in 1st level, try to do the high rate simple tasks.

These are the simple tasks I prefer to do. Just take this as an example to understand about data processing job. After joining, choose the tasks that suit your interest and skills.

They advised contributors to read the instructions carefully before answering. Wrong answers will reduce the accuracy level, which might lead to auto-blocking potential high-level tasks.

Be advised that the micro-jobs are hard to do on mobile phones. You can try Mobile Data entry jobs.

Example – 1: Judging the Advertisement:

This is the tasks I do the most since I was able to complete a task within 2 minutes to earn $0.07. And another reason I prefer this one is, the wrong answers did not affect my global accuracy.

Data processing tasks example | Figure-Eight

In this task, they will provide pictures as shown below. Our job is to check if it is an advertisement. Looks very simple, isn’t it?

Data processing jobs example | Figure-Eight

Look at the picture given above to get an idea of how this task will be. In this example, the first and second pictures are an advertisement. We should click yes and categorize them. If it is a blank image or a porn image or if no advertisement is found in the given language, we should click no. Simple!

Example -2: Categorizing Adult Content:

categorizing adult content task | Figure-Eight

I didn’t add any screenshot of this task because this task contains nude images.

This is a very simple task, yet complex to categorize. An image will be given, where we have to categorize the image as violent, porn, nude, ordinary image, etc.

This task is so simple that it can be completed within a minute if mastered. They pay $0.10 for each completed task.

Example -3: Testing Web application:

Web app testing task Figure-Eight

This is one of the simplest tasks. All we have to do is click the link to go to the testing page. Copy the URL and paste it in the virtual browser and take a screenshot.

The reward for this task is $0.03, we can complete a single task within 10 seconds.

Example-4: Rating the Content given on the Webpage:

Rating the content of the web page task | Figure-Eight


In this task, a link will be given. All we have to do is go to the webpage and rate it as shown above.

Instructions are very important. Never try to do a task without reading instructions. After mastering the particular tasks, there is no necessity to read the instructions.

Now you would come to know what are data processing jobs and how simple it is. Take time to do basic tasks to improve accuracy and enjoy doing high paying to earn more in a short time.

Learn in more detail aboutHow to work on Figure-Eight.

How to join a Data Processing job:

Data processing jobs

Figure-Eight allows members to directly become a contributor. However, I advise you to join the contributor Channel to earn additional bonus and enjoy added benefits.

There are lots of Figure-Eight approved sites. Though there are more sites, I recommend Ysense, because it is the most trusted genuine site to do data processing jobs.

Apart from legitimacy,Ysense offers lots of rewards for hard workers.

Ysense gives a bonus of $5 for every $50 earned through tasks.

You can earn a daily bonus of 16% if you complete a minimum of 10 tasks per day. So, if you earn $10 per day, you will get $1.6 for free. Think about it for a month. It will be a minimum of $45 for free money.

You can win $50 every week by participating in a weekly contest. The top 10 workers will receive a $100 shared reward every week.

Other than tasks you can earn by completing surveys, offers, watching videos, and more like we can do it on other GPT sites.

A single survey can pay you up to $5. Learn more about Clixsense Reseach Panel.

Ysense offers to 30% referral commission for surveys, tasks, and offers. A lot of members make four-figure passive income on Ysense.

Join NowFigure-Eight data processing jobs – Channel Clixsense.

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