How to Start SEO Business Sitting at Home to Earn Money

SEO business – The Search Engine Optimization is shortly known as SEO is what can be called the regulator of a web property primarily includes websites, blogs, videos, etc. SEO is a simple yet technical process of making a website or a blog search engine friendly which acts as the face of the internet. SEO is really important for any business that depends on internet users.

Businesses spend millions of dollars in search engine optimization to increase sales and to make perform better than the competition. People who wish to earn money from home can make use of this simple opportunity to start a home business. Learn how to start the SEO business without investment, do SEO work from home.

How to start a SEO business from home

What is SEO – Basics to Start the SEO Business:

The SEO can be expanded as ‘Search Engine Optimization’. This term itself has the answer that it is optimizing the web property for search engines.

The search engines like Google, Bing, are the internet directories that people used to search for websites with required information using a certain search term.

The search engines will not just list websites in alphabetical order, instead it will display the website’s most valuable content in the list.

The websites that are listed on the top of the search results will get more customers/visitors, which is the key part of a business.

Making a website look more valuable in the eyes of the search engine is called as SEO. Offering search engine optimization services to third-party websites or companies can be called the SEO business.

How Search Engines Work:

To understand the process of SEO, the working of search engines must be understood.

The search engines work by crawling the web properties on the internet, indexing it in its server and deliver when a user searches a term.

The search engine bots or the search algorithm take care of all the process of crawling, categorizing, filtering, indexing, delivering, etc.

For example, when a user searches “How to drive the car”. The search engine will display the processed result(s) from its index to the searcher related to learning to drive cars, driving school, etc. The search engine user will fetch thousands of results while searching where he will choose the best website to refer to using Human Intelligence.

How SEO Work:

The search engines value a website based on its authority, user experience, quality content, and several other factors before ranking it in search results. As the internet started to grow, so do the spam and spammers. Search engines work hard for their users, eliminating spams to deliver the best.

So, the website owners and companies optimize their website(s) to make it search engine friendly.

The search engines like Google have strict rules for the websites that are listed in the SERP. The websites should pass all the restrictions to get listed on the SERP.

Few important factors of SEO to emphasize are the content quality, authority, user experience, etc. The website must satisfy all these factors to make the website search engine friendly.

The work of SEO is to optimize all the essential factors of the websites to make it visibly positive in the eyes of search engines.

A Brief Explanation about the different SEO processes

On-page SEO: The On-page SEO is the process of optimizing the website and its content to make it search engine friendly. Creating quality content, user-friendly web design, easier navigation, keyword density checking are the part of On-page SEO. The SEO specialist and the webmaster will have full control in addressing the On-page issues. On-page SEO is the simplest part of the SEO process, yet time-consuming.

Off-page SEO: The Off-page SEO is the technical part of SEO, yet the easiest one if mastered. Off-page SEO deals with basic link building, digital marketing, social media marketing in basic and penalty recovery, high authority link building, keyword analysis in advance. Most of the SEO businesses work on Off-page SEO to rank their client’s web property. In Off-page SEO, the specialist won’t have full control in addressing Off-page issues.

Things that are needed to become an SEO Specialist:

SEO is a simple yet vast ocean in digital marketing. It is necessary to get experienced. Reading it as a theory will not help even a bit. SEO is maths and needs a lot of practice and case studies.

A person who already manages his websites or blogs that has achieved a good SERP for medium competition key phrases has a good experience.

So, start a blog and implement your SEO knowledge to test your ability to positively affect the SERP.

Make a case study on different factors of the SEO that influences SERP. Make use of SEO tools and analytics tools to calculate the progress.

The work pool brings more experience than individual researches. Working in a digital marketing company can help to accumulate knowledge in SEO techniques from co-workers very quickly. Passing on the knowledge plays a primary factor in this, although it is unnecessary if you’ve not been in an SEO company previously.

Once you’re confident enough to manage everything on your own, yes, you’re then ready to start an SEO business already.

FAQs – SEO Business at Home:

1. Do I need to know each and everything about SEO to start?

The answer will be NOPE! You don’t need to know everything about SEO to start SEO business unless you’re going to manage the entire website of your client. So what? Go for branches, i.e. private blog networks(against SE webmaster policies), keyword analysis, guest posting, social media marketing, etc.

2. Do I need to invest to start the SEO business?

No, you don’t need an investment to start an SEO business. However, if you’re going to start San EO agency, you might have to spend a few hundred dollars to subscribe, buy paid SEO tools that work better than the free tools.

3. How much time do I need to invest in The EO business?

The time you need to invest will be based on the number of & the type of SEO projects you work on. Usually, working on guest posts, PBN, link building using own web network will not cause any time investment. However advanced SEO is going to meltdown some precious hours.

4. Is SEO business is good for beginners?

Yes, the SEO business works well for the beginners. However, know your limits on taking steps.

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How to Start the SEO Business to Earn Money Working from Home:

This section helps the beginners to start SEO business to work from home part-time to earn money. Any beginners can start their SEO career to achieve the goal of organizing an SEO agency.

1. Fiverr SEO gig seller:

Selling SEO gig on fiverr to start an SEO business

Starting an SEO service seller business in Fiverr is the best idea for beginners to take the first step.

The Fiverr is the digital marketplace where digital products and services are sold in an organized environment.

Digital marketing, SEO are two major parts of this marketplace where thousands of sellers sell various SEO products and offer SEO services.

Plan ahead regarding the type of SEO services you’re going to offer to the client. Create a gig, give an informative description regarding the services. The description should be enough to understand how much knowledge a seller has.

Take time to market your gig. It might take some time to attract a potential client. Answer each question asked by the client cooly. Deliver what you’ve promised and you’re on your way to success.

If you’re new to Fiverr, read this article to learn how to make money on Fiverr from scratch with basic skills.

2. Make use of Potential Marketplaces:

There are several SEO Marketplaces, similar to Fiverr. These sites only offer the service of selling and buying the SEO services and products.

Without limiting to Fiverr, just expand your business to SEO marketplaces such as SEOclerks.

Just go through the presentation of successful SEO service sellers over there. Use the strategy to attract buyers.

3. Attract Clients on Freelance Sites:

Freelance sites are a substantial source to find clients who are looking for SEO services.

The freelance sites differ somewhat from sites like Fiverr. Usually, in freelance sites, the client will post a job with a set of requirements. Potential freelancers can apply for freelance jobs by submitting a proposal.

The clients will go through the portfolio of the Freelancer and approve the proposal if he gets satisfies with the profile and portfolio.

Similarly, the clients will hire the top-rated professionals on the freelance site on the pay per project basis or hourly, weekly basis.

Top freelancers earn up to $100/hour on freelance sites. So, the freelance sites are a great source to find the clients for your SEO business. Since freelancers compete, worldwide the survival of the fittest applies in the freelance sites.

The freelance sites also allow the SEO companies to be part of their community. A lot of SEO companies take orders from freelance sites. So, as you develop, freelance sites will be still useful to find one perfect job. Upwork is one of the authentic Freelance sites in the world.

How to Start a Local SEO Agency to Work with Local and International Clients:

Starting a local SEO agency is for the advanced SEO professionals and there is no margin for error because you might become a joke.

The local SEO business can be started at home or an office can be rented to make it more professional for the clients.

Based on the procedure applicable in your country, register the business name and apply for indirect tax.

There are several ways to attract clients other than waiting for walk-in clients. Google Ads is the greatest quality advertising tool in attracting potential customers locally and internationally.

Create a website with information related to your SEO services and add some portfolio. Do not add the price of the services and it is recommended to make the clients fill the lead page so that you can contact the potential client for a higher success rate.

Fix an appointment and meet the client or may they approach you in your office. Give them a logical explanation of what you’re going to offer in your SEO services and don’t hesitate to offer discounts if they bargain.

With international customers, provide them with enough details to prove that your business is authentic.

Make use of pro features of the Freelance marketplaces listed above to attract clients.

Never give up on the ethics of your SEO business for money. Set a list of rules for your company and stick to that rule closer as much as you can. Never spam to cheat the search engine to give quick results to your clients. It will not be long before your dreams burn to ashes.

How much can we Earn Starting SEO Business:

The Search engine optimization that comes under the digital marketing category is a highly profitable business if done properly. Even a novice could make some double-digit income within a month.

So, how much can we earn from the SEO business? There is no proper answer to this question. However, the beginners can make somewhere from $100 to $1000 per month, the intermediate can make $500 to $5000, the proper business with several potential clients can make $5000 to millions of dollars.

The internet is growing with users. Search engines are improving their algorithms each day. So, make sure that you’re updated with the latest digital marketing techniques to deliver results. Techniques that worked in the past decade no more works. So, be updated to sustain in the SEO world.

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I hope now you would have got an idea about starting an SEO business to work at home and to start a local SEO business. It is one of the potential home-based businesses that is simple, professional, and reliable.

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