Earn Money Online: 15 Best Jobs From Home Without Investment

Making money online is one of the easiest ways to increase the monthly income without investment. There are several online jobs available on the internet to earn money online without investment. In this article, I’ve explained about 10 online jobs without investment and other ways to work from home without investment. Read all of them to learn how to earn money from home and choose the best one to make money online in no time.


Make money online without investment

Actual ways to Make Money Online from Home without Investment:

1. Make money from blogging / Start a website:

Starting a website
  • Starting a blog/website is the most reliable way to make money online. By putting some hard work for a few months, you can earn money for years just by spending an hour or 2 per week later. Of course, this is not the quickest way to make money online.
  • The blog is the place where bloggers share their knowledge, resource to the visitors. By providing useful information, they attract visitors to their blog.
  • Usually, bloggers monetize their blog to earn money. Click based Google ads are the most preferred option. Advanced bloggers prefer affiliate marketing over CPC monetization.
  • Whenever a visitor, interact with an advertisement placed on the blog, the blogger will earn some money. The amount of money the blogger earns for each ad interaction depends on the visitor’s location and the niche/topic of the website. Trading, insurance, foreign currency exchange, health, etc. are the most valuable niche.
  • Coming to affiliate marketing, it is proven to be the most valuable way to earn money through the blog. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based monetizing technique. Where the blogger will be paid, only if the visitor performs an action after clicking the advertisement or the link. Means to get paid the visitor has to sign up or buy some product after clicking the ad. The profit in affiliate marketing is several times higher compared to CPC advertising.
  • So, what should you do if you want to be one of them? Niche/topic is the first requirement to start a blog. Analyze yourself to find on which topic you have some knowledge. When I started a blog, it was about bodybuilding. Because I had more experience in body building. I published articles about techniques to build body. Unfortunately, I failed to continue with that blog but I learned a lot from the failure.
  • The second requirement is the domain name [Ex. Google.com] and hosting. You should purchase a domain name first, which needs a tiny investment of just $10/year. Inmotion hosting is the best place to buy a domain and host website. While you purchase a domain, try to buy one with the brand name, not with general keywords [Example: Sixpackfactory.com (Sixpack Factory) is a brand domain name and howtobuildbody.com (How to build body) is general]. Building your brand offline or online is really important to get successful in online business.
  • Coming to hosting, you can use free hosting service like blogger or paid hosting services. If you have some money to spend like $100/year, you can go for paid hosting services, which has its own advantages and if you don’t have money or if you wish to learn by starting a free blog, blogger is the best option which requires no investment and easy to use for beginners.
  • After setting up the blog, write some articles and publish them. I recommend you to learn something about keyword research before you start, which I failed to do initially and I cannot discuss such a big topic here.
  • Traffic is the heart of the blog. The more visitors your blog gets, the more you can earn. If you know a blogging expert or someone experienced in blogging, I highly recommend you to discuss with them on Live. They can teach you basics of web development incl. keyword research, SEO etc. in just 10 minutes. Reading articles about this on the web as a beginner can confuse you and might cause delay.
  • Once your blog gets enough visitors’ per day, say 500 – 1000 per day, you can monetize your blog to earn money. Initially, work hard to publish quality articles. And once you’ve grown your brand, try to publish at least one article per week. As your blog continues to grow, earnings will increase side by side.
  • At a stage, when you have published 200 + articles, you don’t even have to check anything. Your bank account will receive money every month end automatically for your previous hard work.
  • If you decide to do this as the full-time business, I recommend you to start at least 3 blogs in the different niche to fully use time and potential. Do not waste your time by staring at the same blog every day.
  • Patience is the most important one in blogging career. This is not a get quick rich scheme, where you have to wait for at least for 4 – 6 months before you can think about earning. Passion is the second most important factor. Do not copy others, write your own unique words to get succeed. 90% of people failed to earn money whose intention is only to earn money online.

2. Start a YouTube channel:

Make money - Youtube channel
  • Starting a YouTube channel is one of the best ways to make money online without investment if you’ve some basic camera skills* and good language skill*. I know tons of people who make a huge amount of money from the YouTube partner advertising program.
  • One of my friends has a Gaming YouTube channel, where he creates videos about game reviews, gaming tutorial, system configuration to increase FPS and system performance, etc. He has monetized his channel with the Google YouTube partner program and earns a few dollars for every ad view [*Ad blocker and users can block/skip the ads based on the ad and the channel]. He said he gets at least 1000 video views per day. Think how much he will earn per day.
  • There are some ideas to create videos and it can be a review about something, tutorial, rating movies & tv shows, affiliate marketing and lots more.
  • The best performing channels are reviews about tv shows. Making reviews about Hollywood movies, WWE, series, celebrity etc are some best examples. This requires excellent camera (in case you face audience) & mic skills and if you’re going to mess up thing, people will fire you like anything on comments. Never ever review a tv show or a film unless you’re confident about your presentation. Create a brand on YouTube which will increase the number of subscribers – the prime goal. If a Youtuber has 20000 subscribers to his channel and releases a video every week which gets at least 10000 views, his earnings will be a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars every week. And don’t forget to add the views of recent visitors in the calculation.
  • Creating tutorials about something is the second best way to earn money through YouTube. Lots of people love video tutorial over articles because it will ease their job with visually explained. If you aren’t good in mic, create a channel with the tutorial where you can use Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or notepad to explain them. Make them clean and short. Don’t extend the video for too long as most of the visitors searching for video tutorial prefers short videos less than 3 minutes even though they are ranked lower on search results.
  • Just monetize your videos with Google advertising for YouTube partner and get paid for every video ad view and impressions + clicks on banner ads.
  • The third way to earn money through YouTube is affiliate marketing, which I’ve explained on creating the website section. With a neat explanation about product/service, leave your affiliate link below the video or link to your webpage with affiliate links in case of lead marketing. Videos convert well compared to articles.
  • The drawback of the channel with marketing videos and voiceless videos is they don’t get enough subscribers to their channel, which is a must to earn more money.
  • Hope you’ve understood how you can make thousands of dollars every month by creating YouTube channels. It is one of the simplest, yet requires some passion and dedication.
  • While creating a YouTube video, make sure you don’t break copyright rules (Don’t copy other videos/images). If YouTube receives copyright compliant, your videos might get deleted by YouTube staffs with no notification and your account will be blocked after a few warning(s).

3. Become a Freelancer to Make Money Online:

Freelance jobs
  • Working part time or full time from home or anywhere for a client in own convenient time is freelance work. There are various types of freelance jobs, from online projects to offline part-time jobs. Freelancers with excellent skill can get more pay in fields with more demand for workers.
  • Various freelance jobs are available and the pay varies for people from different demographics with an offline freelance job and mostly the same for the online freelance job. Developing codes for web pages & apps, online accounting, search engine optimization, virtual teaching, internet translation, content writing, programming are some best examples of online freelance jobs. Home tuition, auditing, housekeeping, financial advisory, part time driving, babysitting are some examples of offline freelance jobs. While there is a demand for graphics designers, programmers, market research, video editing, whiteboard video creation, health/ fitness advice, spokesperson, music creation & editing both offline and online.
  • Speaking about the online freelance job, there are various ways to get one. Bidding on client’s proposal is one of the most common ways and selling services/product by getting profile listed in the freelance marketplace is another way that works best.
  • To work part time online, create an account in an online freelance marketplace. The freelance marketplace is where the workers and clients meet each other. Once you register, you will be asked to complete your profile, where you must spend a few minutes to make your profile brief and professional. If needed the link/attach your portfolio to make it legitimate. Upwork is one of the best freelance marketplaces in the world with enough clients to hire freelancers who are looking to make money.
  • You can also sell gig on Fiverr or similar marketplace. Fiverr jobs are one of the most trendings in the freelancers world. Thousands of freelancers create gig to sell their services & products in very few cases and earn thousands of dollars every week. Selling a gig is not a straightforward job, as we speak. It requires quality knowledge, ability to bring their gig to the top in search listings. Fiverr gig selling is only for complete professional.
  • Getting listed as a featured freelancer or featured gig on the list is a significant achievement, where you can set your hourly price and let clients bid to hire you.
  • Both the bidding marketplace and selling marketplace are utilized by the top professionals, and the ordinary will fail. In such a case, you can join Snagajob where hundreds of freelance jobs are posted for beginners to professionals and one of the best places to find both offline and online freelance jobs. You can learn here – Top freelance jobs.

4. Take part in market research studies & surveys.

Market research | survey


  • If you’re looking at how to make money online in the simplest ways, then a paid survey is the best option. Taking part in market research and filling online survey is the simplest way to earn more money online from home and it works best for residents of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and few European countries. People from other parts of the world can also take part in market research, but the opportunities are very low compared to these top tier countries.
  • Market research is the collection of data about certain services and products and these data will be analyzed to create information that will be used for various purposes, like improving services & products, creating new products, inventing needs of customers, etc.
  • By participating in basic market research program like filling online survey one can earn up to $10 per survey based on geo-location and USA & UK residents will get the most, as I’ve said earlier. People from tier – 2 and tier – 3 countries like India, China, other parts Asia, Africa, Europe, South America will also get few chances to take part in surveys, but the rates hardly reach $4 and $1 – $1.80 will be the average pay.
  • Apart from basic survey programs, one can earn hundreds and thousand of dollars by participating in just one premium market research program. Involving in the clinical trial, online communities, virtual online research are some examples of premium market research programs. These opportunities are highly limited, which is available for only the residents of top tier countries and sometimes restricted to a particular state.
  • One can take part in survey programs on their smartphone and tablet other than PC and Mac. However, premium market research programs have some restrictions.
  • How can you earn $25+ per day just by participating in online surveys? It’s very simple, the total earnings per day directly depend on the number of research programs you take part. The more the survey you take part in, the more you can earn.
  • It’s a known fact that one research panels will not send enough invitation to the inbox. So, you must be a member of at least 10 research programs to receive at least 10 invitations per day, excluding premium studies. This is a rough calculation of earnings per day, the number of surveys = 10 x $2 on average $20. With few premium opportunities, you can earn $1000+ per month.
  • Normally, it will take 3 to 15 minutes to complete a basic survey and a few hours to complete premium surveys. So, it is possible to complete 10 surveys in 2 – 3 hours. This is the easiest part time work that does not require any special experience or qualification. To start, just join all the research panels by clicking the link given below by following simple instructions.

Click here to join – Top 10 best research survey panels.

5. Data entry Jobs from Home:

Data entry jobs
  • The data entry jobs are one of the most preferred online jobs for the freelancers who are looking to work from home without investment. The data entry jobs are reliable and easier compared to the other make money programs.
  • Basically, there are two types of data entry jobs that can be found on the internet, which include the online data entry jobs and the offline data entry jobs. The online data entry jobs can be done only using the internet connection and the offline data entry jobs can be done without the internet connection.
  • The cons of data entry jobs are finding a reliable data entry job and trusted clients are very hard. If the freelancers find a trusted client, then they can expect high pay and timely payment.
  • There are few easiest data entry jobs available on the internet such as the captcha entry, but the earnings will be very less compared to the client based data entry jobs. These jobs are open for everyone, which can be done upon registration.
  • Freelancers should develop their skills in order to attract the clients towards them. Improve the typing skills and knowledge on some data entry & accounting tools such as Microsoft office, etc.
  • To learn more in detail, read these articles – Online data entry jobs | Offline data entry jobs.

6. Earn Bitcoin from home and Convert to Real Cash:

Earn bitcoins
  • The bitcoins are the digital currencies with the market value equivalent to hundreds of dollars too few thousand dollars. The bitcoin is a decentralized currency which is not controlled by any Government or organizations. So, you can earn and spend bitcoins without notice of others.
  • The bitcoins can be converted into USD or any other currencies instantly. Also, the bitcoins can purchase products & services, buy gift cards from Amazon.com, Facebook, etc., recharge the mobile phone, the internet, etc.
  • Unlike USD earning sites and companies, there are a lot of the easiest ways available on the internet to earn bitcoins. So, the internet user can easily earn money online from home.
  • Bitcoin mining, bitcoin faucets, bitcoin PTC, bitcoin trading are few techniques to earn bitcoins. These are very simple and reliable way to make money online without investment.
  • Read this article to – earn bitcoins.

7. Make Money Online by Installing the Software:

Make money installing software
  • Do you know you can make money from home just by installing a software on PC? This is possible by joining the online research community.
  • The market research programs will pay the users just for installing their software in the and other internet enabled devices such as smartphones & tablets.
  • These companies conduct research to learn how the users use their devices on a daily basis. The data collected will improve the user experience and other features of the products & services.
  • They pay money just for installing the software in the device(s) and leaving it to work for a few days to a month. This is like earning money by doing nothing. Unfortunately, this option is available only for the internet users from tier-1 countries. You can learn about this program here – make money by installing software.

8. Content Writing | Article Writing:

Content writing
  • Freelance article writing is one of the simplest ways to earn money online and offline for the particular group of people with the passion for writing. Content writing requires excellent language skills, grammar knowledge, style of writing, knowledge in a niche.
  • When I was studying in college, I used to write articles for blogs of different companies about health, bodybuilding, fitness, money, etc. Most of them paid per article and one website shared a part of their earnings to me on the contract basis.
  • The highest I received was $10 per 500 words article and a good amount from the partnership company. It took 30 minutes to one hour for me to write an article with some experience in the niche I was writing about.
  • If someone asks me if they should write articles for money, I will not recommend them to write for others. Why should you waste your knowledge and writing skills on others? While we receive $5 to $100 per article, they will make hundreds and thousands using our articles.
  • The best solution for this is, start your own blog. Starting the blog is not the quickest way to earn, but it is the most reliable one and long term compared to any other method, as I’ve said in at the beginning.
  • If you still wish to write content for others, you can do it to earn from $5 to $20 on average per 500 words article. Clients pay money based on user experience, keyword implementation, language grade and quality of the article.
  • To find a client you can join a writing based freelance site or general freelance marketplace. The available works will be listed on the employment page and we can submit our proposal. If clients find us to be interesting, they will hire us. You can also create an article writer gig on Fiverr or similar marketplace to attract clients.
  • Other than writing articles for others, you can publish your own e-Book and sell it on sites like amazon.com.
  • Refer this article to learn more about article writing and this article if you’re looking out for data entry.

9. Online Translator Job:

  • If you’re good at more than one language and skilled at translating languages, you have chances to earn up to 4 cents for translating a word.
  • More freelance translation tasks posted are for major nationalized language translation and there will be only a few to no tasks posted for local languages.
  • The most wanted translators are for English – French, English – Spanish, English – Russian and vice versa. They post job for these languages in large volume every day. Few other translation jobs are posted for English – Hindi, Hindi – French, English – Portuguese and lots more.
  • These are the languages that have high demand and the pay is more compared to any other languages in the world, Japanese – English, English – Korean vice versa, and other symbol-based languages.
  • Other than written translation there is vocal translation job and you can learn about both of them in this article – Earn by translating languages.

10. Online Transcription Jobs:

  • Converting an audio or voice from a video to the written form is called transcription.
  • Professional transcription earns $20 per hour. Transcription job requires lots of essential skill which includes the ability to transcribe at a rate of 200 WPM at real time, excellent language skills in writing and listening.
  • There are two types of transcription jobs online and offline. Involving in real time or through video/audio conferencing is online transcription. Working on recorded audio or video is an example of offline transcription and we can take our own time to do this.
  • To get a transcription job online to make money is a real challenge. Read this article to find how to apply for online and offline transcription job.
  • People with excellent translation and language skills can make use of this money making programs to earn cash both offline and online.

11. Get paid to do tasks:

Getting paid to doing something
  • GPT stands for getting paid to. Get paid to is a very familiar phrase among freelancers. Get paid to sites pay money for completing offers and minor tasks like filling surveys, watching videos, viewing ads, shopping products, playing games, searching, exploring sites, downloading apps, etc.
  • Working on a GPT site is the simplest way to make money compared to another program listed here. To become a member in GPT site no experience, qualification, investment, registration fees are required so even a less knowledge person, students, housewives, the teen can earn money with no problem.
  • The earning opportunities vary in different countries, where US and UK members are given prime preference. The average earnings depend on the number of GPT sites we work.
  • GPT sites allow almost everyone with unique internet connected device to join their site. Usage of VPN, VPS & proxy is highly prohibited in the GPT universe. Static IP is preferred over dynamic IP.
  • One can even earn $20 per day by joining lots the sites. Affiliate programs are available on all get paid to sites to boost the earnings of the members. So, try to make use of it.

Click here to joinTop 10 GPT sites in the world.

12. Website / Mobile App Testing:

Website testing
  • Tons of new apps & websites are developed every day and existing apps are updated with new designs and features. The customers/users/visitors are the blood of these apps & sites and it is important for the webmasters and companies to improve the user experience of their property as much as possible. Beyond the testing by the programmers and engineers, the intensive app testing is required to find minor glitches and errors which can be found only when users themselves navigate through the websites & uses the apps several times.
  • These testing jobs require no specific technical knowledge like programming, web designing. This is not a technical code testing, instead, web/app usage testing like navigating, reading, locating forms, buttons, adds, etc. The results of the testing are used to improve conversion rates, bounce rate, time spent by a visitor, ease to check out with commercial web pages & apps, etc. And another main reason is to find the user intention.
  • Let us take amazon.com as an example. Amazon.com is an online commercial company with provides many services to their customers of which online shopping is the primary one. Amazon used to change the layout, design, check out the procedure at regular interval to ease the user experience till the last step of shopping. Customers voted they like to shop on the website which eases their ordering steps next to availability & quality of products. So, if the customers find checking out to be difficult, they might lose their interest in shopping on this website in the future. This might cause several million dollars loss to the giants like amazon. To prevent this amazon, tests their new website several times before they implement it. Apart from expert testing, people like are asked to test and the data will be automatically collected. We might be asked to do a fake shopping, pay using fake debit/credit cards, etc. The same applies to mobile apps and with testing mobile apps, we will be asked to download the app (Ex. Amazon app) and follow the testing procedure.
  • These companies spend several million dollars to do user testing. As a tester, we will get paid for testing their websites and apps. The pay rate per test depends on the time taken to test, nature of testing, products tested, difficulty in testing and even the country.
  • On average, they pay $10 for testing a website/app that takes 20 minutes to complete. To maintain the testing quality, they hire people who pass in sample tests.

Learn moreWebsites and app testing.

13. Mystery Shopping:

  • Mystery shopping is almost similar to the website and mobile app testing. But, here you have to test a person live through the telephone call or live chat. Testing a customer or technical support through a telephone call without knowing that they are tested by a person who has been hired by their own company itself.
  • Unlike user testing, mystery shopping requires some great language and tactical skills. That’s why mystery shoppers are paid $5 per call, which lasts only 6 – 10 minutes.
  • Website/app testing and mystery shopping are the easiest way to make more money online. With proper knowledge, you can earn a reliable income daily just by spending 2 – 3 hours from home.

Learn moreMystery shopping.

14. Make use of Affiliate and Referral Programs:

Make use of referral/affiliate programs
  • There are lots of people in this world who make huge money online just by referring people to the online money making programs. Offline referral programs are very tough and the earning money for work done ratio will be very lesser. Online referral programs can provide you substantial income with less hard work. The affiliate programs are the best solution for the people who are looking how to earn money online from home without investment.
  • So what is a referral program? There are two basic referral programs. The first one is getting a percentage of money calculated based on the referral’s earnings on rewarding sites. The second one is getting the single commission or recurring commission for sales made each time through your affiliate link.
  • Let us take an average 10% as a referral commission. Method – 1, If a person completes some offer on the money site and earns $1 you will receive 10 cents as referral commission. In this method, the number of referral matters. The more people you can refer, the more you can earn. Method – 2, If a person purchases a service/product/upgrade worth $100, you will receive $10 as a referral commission instantly. Some sites pay recurring affiliate commission where you will be paid each time if that person purchases the service/product. This method requires the ability to attract the buyer. Video marketing is the preferred marketing option for the second method.
  • It’s very hard to find people who can make a sale to us. This needs more knowledge about conversion and internet marketing. So, if you’re not good at making a sale, you can try to refer people to online money making programs and earn commissions from their activities.
  • The primary and long-term way to refer people is by linking the destination site from a tutorial blog. As most of them cannot refer to this method, they can refer this article to learn more about referring people to rewarding sites.
  • One can earn even $100 per day based on the effort he puts into various marketing techniques.
  • To start this affiliate business, you should be a member of several sites to test which can bring out the most and promote your referral links. If you doubt how to make money online through referral programs, join all the money making programs, under this link – click here.

15. Online tutoring Jobs:

Online teaching
  • Virtual teaching has become more familiar now. If you’re good at teaching, you can teach people online for money from home. There is a great demand for web teachers and especially the language teachers.
  • Lots of people are interested in learning more than one language to add the qualification to their resume. English, French, Español and other European languages are the most preferred languages. For teaching language, online clients will be paid on the hourly basis.
  • Other than language, there are lots of virtual tuition jobs available, where clients are ready to pay lots of money to teach school and college subjects to their children.
  • You can also earn money through virtual assistant jobs. This can be done by virtually assisting their clients in completing major and minor works through video conferencing and screen sharing techniques.
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Last words on Earning Money Online from Home:

These are some of the best, tested and trusted ways to make money online without investment and the online trading topic will be added soon. People are earning money from home for years by following these techniques. If your goal is to achieve long-term income, I highly recommend you to start a blog. If you’re skilled and wish to earn cash quickly, then go with freelance jobs or user testing jobs. Try more than one method to find the best method that suits your interest. Never trust a site that asks you registration fees. 99% of the online job sites will not ask you to invest money unless it is an investment company.

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