Freelancing has become a fashion in whole world and especially in India. Freelance jobs are very convenient because we can work from home in part time as per our schedule. Also, in freelancing job we can earn more comparing to regular work. Some of the Indian freelancer earn 1000/hr. This is the place where you can express your true talent and you will be paid really for what you do. Best freelance sites like Elance, Upwork™ | Odesk, Fiverr® are the freelance marketplace for people all over the world, where anyone around the world can work. In case of freelance job in India, most of the freelance sites are scams. But there is a genuine original freelance site where it is specially designed for people of India and it is work N hire. Work N hire do not charge any fees to work, you can join workNhire without any investment for free of cost.


Freelance job in India

Why work N hire?

  • All the transactions are made in Indian currency i.e. Indian rupees.
  • The job providers are from India i.e. only Indian clients post job in workNhire, hence communication can be made easily even in local language. Whereas in case of international freelancing sites most of the Indian workers will feel tough to communicate with  their clients as the result they might not get a good job even though they’ve talent.
  • No fixed rate like few freelance sites. You can fix your own rate.
  • In workNhire a group can work as company, this facility is available in most of the freelance sites.
  • Jobs based on your location. This is the best part of workNhire. You can get a job from a client in your city.
Freelance job search by location in India | WorkNhire
  • You can search a job in workNhire using your city name (Example : website marketing in Mumbai, content writing job in New Delhi, android app developing in Bangalore etc). So, you can get a freelance job in your location itself.
  • Freelancers are listed below each location. Just click a location to find a freelancer in your location. Directly find freelancer from New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Noida, Mumbai, Bhopal, Punjab, Jaipur.
Browse the best online jobs in India.
Various freelance jobs available in worknhire:
  • Thousands of jobs are posted everyday in worknhire. You can find a job in any field. I’ve mentioned a few jobs below.
  • App developing, Photoshop editor, web developing, SEO analyst, web marketing, data entry, image MS word conversions, MS excel consultants, article writing, legal writing, accounts, finance, auto cad, programming(java, PHP, HTML, SQL, .NET, C, C++), game developing, human resource, analytics, translation, Fashion designing, coreldraw designing, Facebook marketing, photography, sales marketing etc. These are just example there are much more opportunities in workNhire.
  • You can also check your field by clicking the picture given below and directly in worknhire.
Various freelance job in workNhire

How to get a job in work N hire:

  • After registration the first work you’ve to do is create a good, professional profile that will be seen by the clients. The profile is similar to a Facebook profile with few changes.
Creating a profile in work N hire
  • Upload a nice picture of yours, don’t upload group photo. Give a tagline and set minimum work rate. A profile with good picture has 5 times more chance to get hired compared to bad profile picture.
  • Add your educational qualification, current work status etc. Working is not mandatory its just an additional qualification. Anyone can join in workNhire, you can be a housewife, student or a unemployed graduate…..
  • Add your additional skill and rate your skill by yourself.


Adding skills in workNhire
  • Create a portfolio if possible. Portfolio will show your interest and professionalism. For example if you’re a photoshop editor add a masterpiece photo work of yours.
Adding portfolio in workNhire
  • Give the title and description. Attach your work through attachment or you can link your website.
  • Now your profile is complete its time to search for a job.
Searching a job:
Searching a freelance job in workNhire
  • Click work > search jobs in the menu bar. Type the job name in search box and click search.
  • Thousands of jobs will be listed under the field. You can search manually or use the filter options on the left side of the page to get more deep.
  • After selecting a job. Read the terms, description and requirement. If you feel you’re a right one for that job submit your proposal. If not continue to search a relevant job.
  • After manual review by client you might get a job.

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Get good star rating and review:

  • After getting a job, do your job best as much as you can to get best star rating and reviews from your clients.
  • Good reviews are important to increase your rating. Increased rating means more jobs.

Let clients hire you, for what you except them to pay you:

  • Once you get more good review from clients, your profile will start to appear on the top of the particular field as an expert, when they make searches.
  • For example, you’re java programmer from Hyderabad. If some one search worknhire for programmer or programmer in Hyderabad your profile might appear on the top of the search with good rating.
  • In profile you’ve to mention hire rate per hour. Based on your talent you’ve chances to get hired for higher rate like 1000/hr.
  • Talented workers earn lakhs per month just by working few hours a day in their part time.
How they pay you:
  • WorknHire pays freelancer through escrow method.
  • Clients will place their payment in escrow.
  • Once client approves your work after delivery, allotted money will be released to your freelancer account.
  • This method is considered as one of the safest method in freelance marketplace.
  • Worknhire will give full support for payment related problems.
Payment methods:
Payments are processed through anyone of this method.
  • NEFT – Direct bank transfer.
  • Cheque – Will be delivered to your address.
  • Paypal – payment processor in USD.


Things to remember:


  • Do not join worknhire if don’t have talent in anything. You can still work online by doing some simple online jobs.
  • Try to complete projects within allotted to get good review from your clients. Also, try to get more and more positive review and five star rating. This might make clients to visit your profile. A profile with 10 review will get few visitors compared to a profile with 1000 reviews. More visitors higher chances to get hired.
  • Initially set minimum work rate to get more opportunities.
  • Few clients look for temporary freelancers for their company with fixed salary for a year or few. If you wish you can work for fixed salary.
  • You can earn more in part time job compared to regular full time work if you’re an expert.
  • Working in freelance jobs (fields) which has scarce of workers is best way to earn more money. Because such field have low competition and also high work rate.
Online survey job:
  • Earn $1 to $5 for every survey you complete. Survey jobs are the easiest online money making program comparing to freelance jobs.
  • You will get only 1 – 2 survey opportunities per day from a survey panel. So, try to join more survey panels to get more survey invitation and earn more. Remember, if you’re a active member you will get more chances.
  • The best part of survey job is you can work from your smartphone itself. So, this is the best opportunity to earn some extra money while you travel etc.
  • Surveys will be about mobile phones, grooming, electronics, etc. Every survey will be very interesting. Click the link given below and join the panels listed under India.
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