Freelance Online Typing Jobs to Earn Money Typing Without Investment

Online typing jobs are one of the simplest ways to make money online from home. Been said Data entry jobs are part of online typing jobs, where data will be entered from one source to another source. For example, entering data from physical paper into computer software is data entry. The data entry has a specific intent, while online typing jobs have a wide range of options other than data entry. Learn the basics of typing jobs and find the best freelance typing jobs to make money without investment.

Although everyone can join typing job sites without basic skill set requirements, you need some typing skills to earn fast and more. For freelance job seekers, this is a good opportunity to earn money part-time. This job best suits people of all age categories including students and work from home housewives.

Freelance typing data entry to earn money online from home

About Online Typing Jobs:

Online typing jobs are the work that’s related to working on the projects that involve typing.

Like I said before the online typing jobs are broader than the data entry work.

Data entry is copying data from one form to another form, data processing, translation, transcription, article writing, reviewing, survey taking, copywriting, and content analysis, are all part of online and offline typing jobs.

Content creation is also part of high paying Freelance Online Typing work.

Requirements to do Online Typing Jobs:

These are some of the requirements for freelance typing jobs. Not all the points are mandatory but it indicates the essential requirements of typing work.

  • You should own a PC or laptop. It’s better to have it in your home to work at convenient time.
  • Your PC should be connected to the internet (min 512 kbps recommended).
  • You should have basic English knowledge, able to type English both in capital letters and small letters.
  • To earn more you should be able to type 40 WPM, this is not a requirement but a good skill set for typing jobs(Not applicable in most the cases).
  • No timing limit! You can work whenever you want. Panels are opened for 24 / 7.
  • No, investment is required. You can join this home typist job for free without any investment.
  • While few data entry jobs are available for mobile phone users, it’s not recommended since it affects productivity.

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How to Find Online and Offline Typing Jobs:

Online typing Jobs

These are the ways available to find typing jobs. The first one requires no experience and they allow almost all the members to work on their site and internet connection is a must. Also, their pay is too low.

The second method is by applying for an online or offline typing job, where clients hire only qualified workers. But, the pay will be very high compared to the first type.

There are plenty of other ways here to earn money by typing without investment. Find the best typing jobs that suit your skillset and requirement to start making money by typing.

1. Online Typing Freelance Data Entry Job:

A simplest typing job similar to paid to click, allows all the internet users to be a part of their community.

This is also called the image to text conversion job or captcha typing job. In this job an image will be given, all you’ve to do is type the text given in the image on the provided text box. You can get a clear idea about this typing job in the later part of this article.

For each 10 processed images, you will get somewhere between $0.00045 to $0.0015. Nowadays they include the smart captchas which pay $0.003 per processing.

Solving an image will take 1 – 2 seconds for typists, 4 – 5 seconds for average typers, and  7 – 10 seconds for slow typers.

So, in one minute you can solve somewhere between 6 to 60 images.

Calculated earnings might be from $0.006 to $0.06 per minute and $0.36 to $3.6 per hour ($1).

I’m not a good typer, yet I was able to process an image in 5 seconds.

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How to do the Freelance Captcha Typing Work:

When you log in and enter the working panel it might look like something as shown below.

How to do the online typing work

You’ve to carefully read the letters given on the image and should type those characters in the text box.

After typing press the enter key or click submit the answer. That’s it, now the next image will load and you have to follow the same procedure of typing the text given on the image.

initially, you might feel hard to type fast. But after a week you will see a real difference in your typing speed.

Try to solve the simple images like these in less than 3 seconds, so you can adjust the extra time spent solving complex images.

Few pay double rates for the complex one. Like if they pay $0.0015 for regular images, they will pay $0.003 for complicated images.

Now, you would’ve got a clear idea about this typing job.

Check out the Online jobs without investment.

Things to remember before starting the Typing Work:
  • After joining carefully read the instructions before you proceed. Don’t start to work directly after registration.
  • If your work is not consistent, your account might receive warnings and a series of inconsistencies will lead to an account ban.
  • Try to use the recommended internet speed connection. Only then images will load fast. Only if the images load quickly you can work at a constant pace to earn more.
  • At home try to work in the time on which bid high. Bidding will be high in the day time EST.
  • This is the most unreliable online typing job of all since the ratio of (work done: earnings) is very less.
  • Captcha typing work is considered unethical work since it involves helping bots access the apps and sites that don’t allow the bots.

Join now Captcha typing job sites.

2. Online Micro Typing Jobs:

The micro-jobs have become one of the well-known free typing jobs to earn money by typing online without investment. While it doesn’t provide online typing work, it’s the place where you can find simple jobs related to typing.

Data processing work like analyzing the text, finding data from the source, data verification, proofreading, data correction, data validation, and violation spotting are part of online micro-jobs.

Become the part of the micro typing job sites like FigureEight and mTurk to work on the part of projects of companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Airbnb, Twitter, etc.

Online micro job sites allow people to join to do their typing work without investment. And these jobs don’t require any skills. So, join today and start making money doing typing jobs.

Join now Online typing job sites.

3. Online and Offline Typing Jobs to work in PartTime:

As I’ve said earlier, the salary for this part-time typing job is high compared to the captcha typing job. But these companies won’t hire everyone to be part of their typing projects. Only skilled people will be hired by the clients and companies who require freelancers.

Unlike the captcha entry job which involves a single data entry process of converting image form to text form. There are several varieties of jobs available on this site. All you have to do is browse the available jobs for a certain time and apply for the job.

Apart from typing data entry work, there are several online & offline part-time works available on this site. So, if you’re not good at typing or if you wish to find various types of available part-time jobs this site will be very helpful for you. Read this article about offline part-time work.

The site also provides hourly, part-time and full-time jobs. If you’re unemployed there are chances for you to get a good full-time job with a monthly salary. If you’re a student looking for a part-time job or employed looking for an hourly job to earn extra money, this site will be very helpful to find one.

The name of the site is Snagajob, which is one of the largest hourly, part-time job providers in the world and they have provided jobs for over 4 million freelancers, housewives, and students.

Data entry part time typing jobs

You could find a detailed information Snagajob review – How to find a part-time job on Snagajob. I recommend you to read this article which is written for job seekers to find a part-time job easily on Snagajob. If you wish to join directly, then click the link given below to join. And remember that you have to provide real information to Snagajob. In case of any cheating found by the admin or spamming will not be tolerated.

4. Translation and Transcription Typing Jobs:

An online translation job involves the process of converting a file or a document from one language to another language. You will have to read the source file given in one language and type it in another language to earn money.

This is the best typing job for people with multilingual skills. If you know more than one language like a native speaker, then you’re eligible to do translation freelance typing jobs.

Earn up to $0.04 for typing a work translating on the translation-based freelance typing sites. This is the highest paying typing job to earn money typing without investment.

Learn more Online Translation Jobs.

Online transcription jobs it a bit different than translation jobs. In the case of the transcription jobs, you will have to convert the audio document to the text document.

In the case of online transcription work, you will have to hear the speech of the person and type it on the PC. General transcription to convert voice to text, medical transcription, and legal transcription, are some of the examples of online transcription jobs.

In the case of offline transcription work, you will be given a recording all you have to do is hear the recording and create a readable text document.

Transcribers with the right set of skills make thousands of dollars every month typing the audio file for conversion.

Learn more Online Transcription jobs.

5. Content Writing Jobs:

Content writing is a part of online and offline typing jobs. But in this case, you should be able to create content by yourself without copywriting just with your knowledge and sources.

You can write to the companies and clients or you can start your blog to earn money by writing articles.

Content writing is the art where the best are recognized and paid a lot for their words.

Start developing your writing skills, become an author, or start a blog to make thousands of dollars directly typing articles and through affiliate marketing.

While content writing cannot be related to online typing jobs directly, it’s, of course, a potential way to earn money online by typing.

Learn more How to earn money writing.

Payments for Typing Jobs:

While most online typing jobs provider pay through PayPal, these are some of the best payment options you can choose to withdraw your earnings.

Top freelance typing job sites pay via Payoneer, Wire Transfer, ACH deposits, Amazon gift cards, Check, WebMoney, Perfect Money, etc.

Some of the online typing job sites pay in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc.

The minimum payout starts from $1 based on the typing job you choose.

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