Best Online Translation Jobs to Earn Money by Translating Languages

Although people from all over the world are connected through the internet, some barriers separate those people. One of which is the language barrier. Though a lot of people can speak more than one language nowadays, there are only a few who can read, speak, and write multiple languages. The multilingual skills of such people are a good set of skills to earn money online translating languages. In this article, learn how to become a translator to earn money and find the list of best online translation jobs.

There are a lot of things to be translated into different languages and there is a huge demand for translators. So, internet translation jobs have been born where people can find native freelance translators in the shortest time. Been said that freelance translators are very cheap compared to local translators. If you know more than one language you can use this opportunity to earn money from your home part-time. Few translation sites pay more than $0.04 for just a word.

Online translation jobs

Basic Requirements to Become an Online Translator:

  • These are the characteristics of a good translator. The client requires to find a good translator with the best-translating skills.
  • A translator should have very good reading and writing skills in languages like a native speaker in which he is going to work.
  • In most cases, the translation job posted will be an English to other language translation or another language to English translation. A person needs to know English to find an online translation job that is posted in abundant quantities.
  • For some translation jobs, professionals with experience are preferred over new translators. For example, medical translation workers from medical backgrounds are preferred and such professional translators are paid very high. If you are a professional and looking to earn money part-time search job related to your field to earn an enormous amount of money.
  • Clients will expect a very high-quality translation process. So, low-quality translators cannot sustain themselves as there will be more competition online.
  • To join a translation job you should be able to qualify for the pre-assessment conducted by the online translation websites.

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How to Apply for Online Translation Jobs:

Online translation jobs

Choose the website listed below and register on that website. Complete your profile. Try to join multiple translation sites as opportunities are always limited.

Few websites will ask you to take a basic test to filter unfit beginner translators. Qualify in that test to get the job.

Some website doesn’t conduct any test instead you can directly submit the proposal for any job. The clients will hire you based on your proposal.

Most of the sites will pay you on pay per word basis and a few sites will pay you on a document basis.

Earn Money translating languages

Look at the picture given above. In the first job they pay $0.04 per word and in the second job they pay $0.02 for a character. You must have got an idea of how much you can earn by translating.

Quality is the key to success. No, quality no job. Clients pay such a high amount for excepting quality.

Few companies provide professional translation jobs like advertising where you will have to join a group of members and work as a team.

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How Much can you Earn by Translating Languages:

This is just an example based on the picture given above,

$0.04 * 101 words = $4.04 (Average completion time – 30 minutes).
So, in a day if you convert 1000 words you can easily make $40.04 working 5 hours per day at home.

The rate given above is an example and the time taken for completion is also just an example. Rates will be very high for translation tasks for the people who have the skills to translate 100 words in 10 minutes.

Become a quality translator so your profile will be listed on the top of the directory for the highest bidding.

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List of Best Online Translation Job Sites:

1. Gengo®:

Gengo® translation site

Gengo is one of the leading translation agencies, where you can earn money by translating documents that contain very fewer words.

Once you register in Gengo, you have to take the test of a particular language combination you choose. A professional senior translator will review your work.

After approval, you can start your work directly. They pay you for every word you translate. For a few languages like Japanese and Chinese, they will pay you for every character you translate.

In most cases, you will be paid 4 cents or above for each word translated.

2. Translators Town:

Translators town

Translator town is one of the large translation marketplaces where thousands of clients post new translation jobs every day.

In translation, the town visitor has to become a member by registering in a translator town first.

After registration, you have to search for a translation job that matches your qualifications among lots of jobs as shown in the picture below. 

Translation jobs posted by clients in translator town

After selecting a job click on the job to see the specifications and requirements. If you think you’re eligible place a bid on that job.

The best bidder with quality will be hired for the online translator job project.

3. Translator base®:

Translators base job

To join the Translator base you have to register. And after registration, build your online resume with a work sample to promote your skill and experience.

Then browse the projects and bid on verified projects. Get hired by the employer after approval.

Try to get the best rating from the employer.

4. Translators Cafe: 

Translators cafe

Translators cafe is one of the leading marketplaces where you can find major online translation jobs. Other than translation jobs translator cafe offers transcription jobs, review writing jobs, editing, etc.

It’s best, to begin with, translators cafe as a beginner to learn more techniques.

5. TransPerfect:


Transperfect is a professional translation company, that helps to translate the product descriptions and advertisements of multinational companies.

Lots of activities are done in TransPerfect other than translation.

You can join the TransPerfect team by sending your name, e-mail, and phone number address to them.

Other Potential Sources to find Online Translation Jobs:




Click Worker

Amazon mTurk

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