Odesk is the No. 1 freelance site, now changed to upwork™­ with lots of new features. Upwork connects millions clients and freelancers from all over the world online to create online workplace. If you have good conversion skills in anyone of the field, you’re going to earn some serious money in upwork. The process is simple to complete your profile by selecting a field (Ex. Web design, content writing, Ms word excel, Adobe photoshop etc), show your talent clients will approve you. If you’re more professional you can earn hundreds of dollars in a day.


upwork™ freelance network


Registration procedure
  • Upwork™, click “I’m looking for online work” to register as a freelancer.
  • Enter your name, e-mail ID and select your country.
  • Create a professional username and choose a password of your desire. Solve the captcha and click register.
  • Upwork will send a verification mail. You must click the verification link to activate your account.
  • Once you click the verification link, you will be redirected to the page with different categories as shown below.
Select your working field | upwork™
  • Review the categories and select the field that you’re expert in. After selecting the main category you have to select subcategory to make your work more specific.
Choosing sub category | Upwork™
  • You are allowed to choose only 4 subcategories. After selecting click save & continue to proceed with profile completion.
  • Your profile is the face, that clients will see. So, create a professional profile.
About you | Profile - 1 | Upwork™
  • Upload a neat picture of yours, your picture is the first thing the clients will look for. According to O desk research, the freelancer with a better picture gets 5 times more chances of getting hired by a client compared to profile without a picture.
  • Give a professional title like “Html web developer”, “Professional Animator”, “Android app developer”. This title will appear below your name. This is almost like your tag name.
  • Give an overview about you and what you can do.
  • Mention about your skills in that specific field.
  • Your English knowledge (both listening & speaking). If know any other language add it below.
  • Select how much time you’re going to work in upwork. Full time (30+ hours per week) or part-time (less than 30 hours per week).


Rate your experience level | Profile - 2 | upwork™
  • In second page rate your experience, mention about your educational qualification etc. More professional you are more chances of getting a job. Don’t lie.
Add your additional qualification:
Profile - 3 | upwork™
  • Add more details about you. Like if you’ve completed a special course in your field (Ex. Sun microsystems Java certification) mention about it.
  • Add your portfolio project that you’ve made. Like if you’re an animator or adobe photoshop editor, add the visual samples of your masterpiece. You have to impress the clients with one if possible.
  • This information is optional and you will not be asked to enter it for compulsory. The portfolio will show your professionalism and interest.
After completing your profile wait for approval. Your application might be denied if you add group picture or some other picture. You should add only your own picture.
Set your hourly rate | upwork™
  • Set your hourly rate to work. Initially, try to set somewhat lower rate to get more opportunities.
  • The minimum hourly rate you can set is $3.
  • You can take few test in your field immediately, experts recommends that a upwork freelancer should take part in tests to get quick impression among most.
  • More tests will show that you’re professional and fit for that work.
  • To start click ‘Test’ in the menu bar. All the available tests will be displayed as shown below.


Skill tests | upwork™
  • Select the relevant category using the drop down or keyword. After selecting the categories the available tests of a particular field will be displayed.
  • Read the title and click on the test to participate. Try to concentrate on tests with more pass %.


Test example | upwork™
  • The test will be for about or less than 40 minutes. Only the basic questions will be asked in that test.
  • Answer each question before clicking next question, because you cannot edit your previous answer.
  • After completing the test the result and mark will be displayed at the end.
Test example - 2 | Upwork™
  • You will not be penalized  for failing in a test. You should wait for 30 days for participating in that particular test again.
  • Experts say, you should take part in at least 4 test to show yourself as the best.
You have full control for hiding any test result. So, it will not affect your reputation. There will be thousands of tests in your field so don’t worry about failing a test.
  • Now it’s time to express your talent. Create a video in which you should express about you and your talents. The profile with video will attract clients.
  • As said earlier add few masterpiece of yours. You’ve a chance to impress the clients at first look.
  • After completing these basic things as a freelancer,  it’s now time to search for a job.
  • Click “Find work” in the menu bar and select your category.
  • Lots of jobs will be posted by the clients and you’ve to choose the right jobs to apply.
  • After choosing a job, check for the eligibility and if you think you’re qualified only then you should apply. If not search for the more best matching job.
  • After finding a job, click to apply.
  • Set the hourly rate, again write about your talent in a custom cover letter.
  • If possible upload your works related to that job.
  • Answer the screening questions (qualifying questions) if you’re asked to.
  • Agree on upwork™ terms & conditions and click apply for this job.
  • Now you’re done.
  • Wait for your client reply. Check your notification and message area regularly.
  • Your profile is your resume, make sure you made best one.

Things to remember before applying for a job:

  • Are you fit for that job?
  • Can you complete the job within the period of time? (if mentioned).
  • Do you have the experience what the clients require?
  • Is your client’s payment methods is verified?


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Now you’re ready to join upwork™.  

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