Online Jobs For Teens Students to Earn Money in Part Time

In the modern era, teens are searching for part-time jobs to fulfill their needs by themselves. Like never before, the opportunities for teens to earn money have increased. Previously, few they do part-time internships to make money. But many teens had no chance to earn money until they go to a potential primary job. Also, few teens used to do simple jobs like washing cars, paid shopping for people to make some money. But now there are tons of jobs available for teens to make money part-time. Especially now, companies have online jobs for teens based on their timing preferences.

There are jobs in different categories where the teens can earn money sitting at home using computers or they can go to the job on part-time in the hired companies or they can become a freelancer even work without computers. This article is a complete guide with job opportunities for the teens, including online & offline jobs for teens and guides to find high paying part-time jobs in your state. Also, now it is possible to make money using mobile phone by downloading money-making apps in Android and iPhone.

Online jobs for teens

Best Online Jobs for Teens to Earn Money:

1. Part-time Jobs for Teens:

  • Part-time jobs are the best and reliable way to earn money from home. The part-time jobs are the highest paying online jobs for teens because the teens are hired directly by clients with a decent salary.
  • So, how to get a part-time job? Finding a part-time job directly is a headache and contacting potential clients is impossible without proper reference.
  • There are few part-time job sites where thousands of potential clients post their jobs in search of part-time job seekers.
  • As a teen looking for a part-time job, you can make use of these sites which list the job opportunities for teens. The part-time job provider sites are Snagajob and These sites are home to tons of job posters who are looking for potential hourly, part-time, and full-time workers.
  • These sites provide jobs in almost all categories, including accounting, writing, stylist, developer, designer, banker, analyst, health care, translation, nursing, teaching, cashier, sales, data entry, testing job, data processing, etc.>
  • Join these sites, update your profile, search for the jobs relevant to the category, read their terms and apply for the jobs. Once hired, you can start earning money.

Learn more Snagajob.

2. Paid Surveys:

  • The paid surveys are the online research programs that pay money for giving our opinion about services, products, trials, analysis, comparison, etc.
  • The paid surveys work great for teens from tier – 1 countries. Teenagers from tier – 1 countries can earn a good amount of money every month depending upon the number of studies they take part in.
  • Usually, by completing 10 surveys per day, one can earn up to $1000 per month. Mostly, surveys related to travel, education, direct advertising, technology, airline, trials are high paying surveys.
  • The paid surveys are very simple and easy compared to part-time jobs and other online jobs for teens. Here is an example of a paid survey:
Paid survey jobs for teens
  • The paid surveys are conducted about electronics, smartphones, bikes, software, mobile phone, cars, games, food, politics, IT, drinks, beer, wine, antivirus, pets, computers, disease, etc.
  • When we enter to take a survey, they will ask a set of questions, as shown in the picture given above. We have to answer the questions by choosing the correct answers.
  • To earn more money by taking the surveys, you must join at least join 10 paid survey sites.<

Learn more Paid online surveys.

3. Remote jobs for teens:

Remote job for teens

  • The remote jobs are the best option for teens to earn money from home by working for clients in foreign countries.
  • It enables the opportunity to find work from home jobs available in Global locations.
  • Work based on your preferences such as full time, freelance, part time and contract basis.
  • By working for a client based in a foreign country, you could gain knowledge and experience that could help you with future jobs.
  • Find jobs in hundreds of categories like web development, consultant, teaching, writing, market research, sales, medical & health care, marketing, etc.

Learn more SmartWorkersHome.

4. Blogging for Teens:

  • Blogging is the best home based online business for teens. Starting a blog can help you generate passive income after a few months of hard work.
  • Starting a blog and growing it to a certain level is a tough process where almost 95% fail because of a lack of patience and knowledge.
  • A blog is a place where we post articles, images, videos, infographics, etc. Bloggers drive traffic to the blog to earn money. Companies drive traffic to generate leads and sales to their business.
  • Bloggers make money from online advertising and affiliate networks. Once the blog becomes authoritative and established, it will autogenerate money with minor maintenance.
  • If you’re a teen, wish to start your own online business and ready to put some hard work for months, start a blog. Starting a blog requires a small investment. But this is one of the reliable self-employed teenage jobs that pay well.

Learn more Blogging basics for the beginners.

5. Become a Teenage Online Seller:

  • Selling online services is a high paying online job for teens. As a teenager, you might have a set of skills. You can make use of your skills to sell services & Products.
  • Similar to the part-time jobs working for clients as per their terms, we work for the clients but on our terms.
  • The site named Fiverr is an online service selling companies where people can buy and sell digital products and services.
  • These are some services available on the Fiverr Animation, photo editing, web design & web development services, music creation, whiteboard videos, web optimization, writing, log creation, letterhead, fashion designing, business consulting, tips, search engine optimization services, etc.
  • You can start selling the services right away once you join Fiverr and earn from $5 per service, depending on the nature of service and the competition in the category.
  • Selling online services can help you earn money from day one and once you get good ratings from the buyer you can even earn $100+ per day.

Learn more How to make money on Fiverr.

6. Online Micro Jobs for Teens:

  • Micro Jobs is one of the simplest online jobs to make money online without investment.
  • Since trusted International companies like Amazon mTurk, Figure-Eight provide the opportunity to work part-time, you can highly depend on it for the part-time income.
  • To do micro tasks, you don’t need any special skills. The micro-jobs will be basic yet require human intelligence to complete.
  • Based on the complexity of the tasks, you can earn somewhere from $0.01 to $2 per task on average. There are high paying micro-jobs for teens that may require passing in the qualification tests.
  • On the whole, micro jobs are potential online jobs for teens if it is utilized with perfect strategy.

Learn more Online Micro Jobs.

7. Teenage Uber Driver:

  • The Uber partner program in the US helps teenagers with a valid driving license and a sedan to make money.
  • The Uber is the world’s largest taxi service implemented the best technology ever to automate their services. People use Uber to hire taxis within minutes to make a safe journey to the destination.
  • As a teen, you can become an Uber partner to make good money driving cars. Drive for passion, make money.

Sign up today – Uber US Driver.

8. Data Entry Jobs for Teens:

  • The data entry jobs are one of the most searched online jobs on the internet and teens prefer it since it doesn’t require any skills to do this online job.
  • Unlike the other jobs, the data entry jobs are pretty simple. Anyone with medium typing skills, concentration, and some grammatical knowledge can earn money by doing the data entry jobs.
  • The downside of data entry jobs is that most of them are fake and less paying. Because of heavy competition, it is hard to find high paying reliable data entry jobs.
  • You cannot find those jobs on the internet but I have found some reliable data entry jobs proving sites on the internet that are reliable.

Search for Data Entry Jobs.

9. Become a teenage Cryptocurrency Hunter:

  • Bitcoins are digital currencies with a certain value against USD, like other regular currencies.
  • Since teens have more free time, they can spend the time to earn Bitcoins online. The Bitcoins can be converted to the USD or any other currency instantly, used for online purchases and it can also be used to purchase the gift cards of Amazon, Walmart, etc.
  • Without completely depending on the Bitcoin earning sites, you must work on other reliable sites listed above and claim free bitcoins every few minutes side by side.
  • In this way, you will have a handful of Bitcoins at the month-end which can be sold for USD.
  • Also previously, the price of one Bitcoin was less than one thousand USD. But the rate of the bitcoins is said to reach $65000. So, instead of selling, you can save bitcoins and sell it for a higher price in the future.

Learn more Earn Bitcoins Online.

10. Affiliate Marketing for Teens:

  • Affiliate marketing is one of the familiar online money-making programs.
  • Affiliate marketing is an advanced and most profitable online business.
  • Affiliate marketing is very simple, where the affiliates can earn money for generating the sales and leads for the paying company.
  • For generating the lead or sale, the company will pay the affiliates a percentage of money from the sale as the sale commission.
  • The best example is we drive a person to and make him buy a smartphone worth $500. We will receive up to 14% affiliate commission for the sale.
  • Depending on the product and company, the commission value can raise to 70%. Mostly, the companies pay more commission for digital products, services, courses, etc.
  • Affiliate marketing is all about driving traffic. We need a traffic source to continuously earn the commission. You can start a blog, YouTube channel, social media marketing, etc to start affiliate marketing.

Learn more Affiliate marketing for beginners.

11. Start your YouTube Channel:

  • YouTube channel is my favorite of all. The YouTube Channel helps us to make tons of dollars every month easier with little effort.
  • If we have decided to start a YouTube channel, the first thing that comes to our mind is what videos to create? Are we fit to start a YouTube channel?
  • Starting the YouTube channel is simpler than starting a blog, which requires some additional skills. Creating a YouTube channel is like creating a social media account. Everything is well organized on YouTube for beginners.
  • YouTube pays 55% of revenue generated by the videos to the YouTube partner.
  • YouTube is all about uniqueness and quality. If your video has a unique concept, then it will get a lot of views, eventually generating more revenue.
  • The YouTube community is growing day by day, so you don’t have to worry about competition. The user stays time on YouTube is increasing day by day, which gives us the confidence to drive traffic to the videos from the YouTube suggestions. Click the link given below to start the YouTube channel.

Learn more How to start a YouTube channel and make money.

12. Content Writing Jobs for Teens:

  • Some teens are good at writing stories and articles. Those who are good at writing articles can earn money by writing content for online companies, blogs, magazines, books, etc.
  • To earn good money by writing content, the writer should have eloquent writing skills, good grammatical knowledge, ability to organize articles.
  • However, if you like to earn $5 within 30 minutes, some sites allow you to sell low-quality articles. Usually, SEO agencies outsource low-quality content.
  • If you like to be a recognized writer on the established websites, you must maintain your quality right from the beginning of your writing career.
  • Few authors earn even $400 per article, which they will make within a day or two writing a masterpiece.

Start now Make money by writing.

13. Get Paid to Read Content:

  • This online job program is the simplest of all, which helps thousands to earn hundreds of dollars every day.
  • Very few make use of this opportunity correctly. This program is fully about the relationship between advertisers and viewers.
  • The advertisers pay money just to view their content. Only the advertisers from the MMO category advertise to make this program more relevant. This is done to generate potential leads and sales.
  • The system runs successfully with the get paid to referral concept. Who can make more will earn more and who cannot make will earn less.
  • If you feel the above-mentioned money-making ideas for teens is hard or irrelevant, you can try this program if you can make something out of it.

Learn more Get paid to read content.

14. Earn money by Installing Apps:

  • You can make use of money-making apps to make some money. A lot of money apps have been launched since the immense growth in smartphone technology.
  • These apps will help you earn some money while you’re traveling, schools, colleges, in the free time using the mobile internet.
  • These apps are reliable in the tier-1 countries where some apps pay just for scanning the shopping bills, taking calls, etc. But these offers aren’t available in most countries because of a lack of interest among advertisers.
  • To earn money, just install the apps listed and you can withdraw money through PayPal, Payoneer, Paytm, or redeem for gift cards anytime.

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