Online Jobs in Chennai, TamilNadu Without Investment

The number of people searching for online jobs in Chennai goes on increasing every day. Also, lots of people from other parts of the Tamilnadu state including Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, and Pondicherry are searching for home-based part-time jobs. The fact is most of them fail to get one.

In simple, most of them don’t know how to search for a job online. It is not very easy to earn online as we think. Here let me explain how to earn online from Chennai and any part of Tamilnadu without investment.

Online jobs in Chennai

Things to Remember about Online Jobs in Chennai:

If you’re from Chennai or any part of Tamilnadu remember there is no special genuine online company opened for you in Chennai to work or earn online.

You can earn or you will be paid only if you work on websites, that provides online job in India or worldwide.

There are some companies/websites that ask you for registration fees for joining their company. Do not believe all those websites. Most of the genuine, trusted websites give you online jobs without investment or registration fees.

Similarly, remember that genuine online websites won’t pay you more money like 1000 INR/hr for working with them. You can only earn a considerable amount of money by working online.

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Basic Requirements & Eligibility to Work Online:

Anyone can work and earn money online including Students, housewives, freelancers, part-time home workers can get benefits through these online working opportunities.

If you are interested to work online, you need a PC with an internet connection. This is not a must condition, but if you do have one it will be easy to work anytime as per your convenience and protect your privacy.

You should have a valid e-mail ID to register. It’s better to use a separate e-mail for registering. Avoid/ prevent using your official, personal e-mail ID, as you will get lots of junk e-mail.

You should have basic English knowledge to navigate around the browser and webpage. In the case of data entry, you should be good at both reading and typing.

Most of the websites pay you through the payment processor. So you should have an online payment account in one or more payment processors to receive your earnings. Paypal is the best payment processor.

Online Jobs in Chennai Without Investment:

1. Online Surveys for Cash:

The truth is online surveys are the best money-making source in the world and the same applies to Chennai. Working on online paid survey panels is the easiest and fastest way to earn online.

Surveys will be like choosing the best answer and it will be like a game. Surveys will be about cell phones, PC, fashion, money, travel, electronics,  etc. If you spend 5 – 10 minutes completing a survey you can earn somewhere around ₹ 60 to ₹ 300 / survey.

The best part of the survey jobs is that you can earn from your mobile phones. So, you can earn ₹ 200 to ₹ 300 while you travel or while you are free.

There are only a few survey panels that accept members from India. Click the link given below to explore the online survey sites in India that are applicable for people from metropolitan Chennai.

As opportunities are always limited, join all the sites listed to get more chances to participate in the surveys. If you didn’t get an invitation from one panel, you might get one from the other.

Join Now Online survey jobs in India.

2. Freelance Jobs in TamilNadu:

Freelance jobs are the best to earn more money online. To do freelance jobs you should join an India-based freelance site.

After joining the freelance site create your profile. Your profile should be very professional and say who you are.

Lots of new jobs will be posted every day by clients. Browse the jobs using the filter to find a perfect job for which you’re eligible.

Look at the picture given below, this freelance job is posted in the Indian freelance marketplace for freelancers in Chennai and all around Tamilnadu.

Freelance job posted in Chennai, Tamilnadu

Find jobs similar to this in any working field. If your profile meets eligibility criteria you can submit your proposal. After careful review, you will get a freelance job from Chennai-based companies.

If you’re from other parts of Tamilnadu like  Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Tirunelveli, and Pondicherry, use the filter to search for jobs in your area.

To join click here –Freelance jobs in India.

3. Do Online Micro Jobs:
Shankar speaking in online micro jobs

Micro jobs are small tasks like categorizing the advertisement, finding the article, finding errors from the given document, etc.

By completing a task you can earn anywhere from $0.01 to $1.

A task will take from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to complete. If you wish to earn money online by doing micro jobs read this article, on how to earn money on FigureEight.

4. Ad Clicking Jobs:

The Ad-clicking job is the simplest work among online jobs. You don’t need any special skills to do this. All you need is your index finger to right-click the mouse.

PTC websites pay you for clicking the advertisement. You should work only from a PC with unique IP.

For every ad, you click they pay 1 rupee. You can earn 3000 rupees per month by clicking the advertisement.  Click the link to know what is PTC or ad clicking job is.

Join the ad clicking job in India to receive money through the payment processor advised in the beginning to get your direct bank deposit.

Join now Top 10 ad clicking sites.

5. Captcha Entry Jobs:

Captcha entry or captcha typing is an online image to text conversion data entry work. If you are good at typing this will be the right job for you.

Anyone can join captcha entry sites, but you can earn more only if you’re good at typing skills.

There is a basic requirement for joining the captcha entry site. You must be able to type 15 words per minute. It is not that much tough.

You can earn up to 60 rupees per hour by working with captcha entry sites.

Select the best captcha entry site among the top 10 captcha entry sites to earn money by typing.

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6. Online Survey Jobs:

Earn by choosing the best answer. You can earn by participating in surveys and sharing your opinion about the products and services.

You don’t need any special typing skills to work. But you should have good English knowledge to read the survey questions.

Most of the survey panels will reward you with e-gift coupons or gift cards from Flipkart, Snapdeal, vouchers from, e-bay, India shopping, etc. You can redeem those coupons while you shop online. But still, few survey panels pay you the cash rewards for participating in surveys.

By participating in surveys you can earn up to 300 rs per survey. The pay rate will vary according to the length and type of survey you participate in. The more the length is, the more you can earn.

Some surveys can pay you above 1000 rupees, but they will be available only for professionals and they may take some hours to complete.

To know more about paid survey panels click what is an online survey.

To join a survey panel click the link given below and join a survey panel that has ‘worldwide’ or ‘India’ as a country limitation.

Join now Online survey jobs.

7. Data Entry Jobs:

Data entry is a familiar phrase in terms of online jobs. Most of them wish to join data entry work.

Data entry is the process of converting, and transferring raw data from one form to another form. For example: converting text from the image into editable text like a word file.

Copy-paste, ad posting, captcha entry, and form filling works are some examples of data entry jobs.

Data entry is available in two forms. Online data entry work and offline data entry work.

You need to be online for working with an online data entry website, they will provide a dashboard to maintain your records.

In the case of an offline data entry job, you don’t need an internet connection to work. But you need an internet connection to upload your finished work which you can do through an internet cafe or friend’s PC.

Join now Online data entry jobs.

Mobile apps to earn money:

If you don’t have a PC or laptop you can also earn with your mobile phone.

Visit this page which contains the list of 10 mobile apps to earn money online, available in Google Android’s Playstore and Apple iPhone’s AppStore.

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Final Words on Online Jobs in Chennai:

Plenty of freelance jobs are available in Chennai, Tamilnadu. Browse in subcategories using the filter to search jobs that are available, particularly for freelancers in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

If you don’t want to work more like typing, reading, etc, join PTC sites this will suit your kind.

For working with PTC sites you need a separate internet connection with a static IP address. Two-person should not work from the same computer and shared internet connections with a dynamic IP address.

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