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Paid to Click sites otherwise called PTC sites enables the ways to earn money by clicking ads without investment. There are best PTC websites in the world which pay the internet users just for clicking ads which makes it one of the simplest online jobs. While pay per click sites offer the easiest way to make money online from home, there are certain techniques you must follow to make a reliable income to earn money watching ads.

I’ve made thousands of dollars through PTC sites in past years. In this article, I’ll share how to earn money by clicking ads to get paid instantly via PayPal and other payment processors of your desire. And help you to find the highest paying best PTC sites in the world which are tested and legitimate.

About Paid to Click:

Paid to click is a kind of online advertising similar to Pay per click advertising. But PTC is an incentivized promotion method while PPC is the standard advertising. In simple PTC advertising pays both the publishers(PTC sites) and the ad viewer(customer/members/you) but in the case of PPC advertising, only the publishers(site owners) will be paid for the ad clicks.

Paid to click sites help certain advertisers to promote their products and services to targeted customers by paying for ad views. Advertisers will focus on leads and sales through advertising i.e. they spend money to sell their products or generate leads for their services. And remember that you will get paid to read ads whether or not you make any actions(sale & Opt-in).

PTC sites

The PTC websites will have a community of members(user) like you who work to click and earn money. When advertisers purchase ads, it will be displayed on the PTC sites in the view ads page, where the members can click the ads to earn money. The more ads they click, the more you can earn. This is the process of Online Ad clicking jobs or Pay per click jobs.

PTC sites do not require any registration fees to work in their site, so it is considered as one of the best ways to earn money online without investment by clicking ads similar to paid to read sites.

Learn more about paid to click jobs, after viewing the list of legitimate PTC sites that really pay high.

Paid to Click Payments:

If you’re a noob to online jobs and to paid to click. Feel free to create a payment account to start receiving the payments from the ad clicking sites.

Here are some of the best payment processors you can consider.

Cash PayPal, Payoneer, AirTM.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Wallet, ETH Wallet, LTC Wallet.

If you need help in choosing the best payment options for your country, just leave a comment.

Best PTC sites List to Get paid to click ads:

Top PTC sites review that provides ad clicking jobs to earn money by viewing ads.

Ad. YouGov:
YouGov surveys
Survey Rates – Up to $5 Referral commission – 10% Minimum Payout – $50
Payment method – PayPal, Western Union, Paytm cash, Check Join YouGov
1. Ojooo Wad:
Ojooo wad - Get paid to read ads
PPC – $0.001 to $0.035 Referral commission – 50% Ojooo Review
Direct Referrals – Unlimited Rented Referrals – 5000 Minimum Payout – $2
Payment method – PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum Join OjoooWad
2. Clixsense:
Clixsense paid ads
PPC – $0.001 to $0.02 Referral commission – 30% Clixsense Review
Direct Referrals – Unlimited Rented Referrals – N/A Minimum Payout – $10
Payment method – Payoneer, Skrill, Tango Card, Check, Dwolla Join Clixsense
3. Makeculous:
Makeculous - paid to view ads
PPC – $0.0001 to $0.03 Referral commission – 10% Makeculous Review
Direct Referrals – Unlimited Rented Referrals – N/A Minimum Payout – $10
Payment method – PayPal, Bitcoin Wallet (Coinbase) Join Makeculous
4. BTCClicks:
BTC clicks
PPC – 0.0002 mBTC to 0.005 mBTC Referral commission – 80% BTC clicks Review
Direct Referrals – Unlimited Rented Referrals – Unlimited Minimum Payout – 0.10 mBTC
Payment method – Bitcoin Wallet address Join BTCclicks
5. Innocurrent:
Innocurrent - Paid to read ads
PPC – $0.001 to $0.03 Referral commission – 120% Innocurrent Review
Direct Referrals – Unlimited Rented Referrals – Unlimited Minimum Payout – $5
Payment method – PayPal Cash Join Innocurrent
Ad. Freebitcoin:
Free Bitcoin clicking ads
PPC – $0.001 to $200 Referral commission – 50% Review
Direct Referrals – Unlimited Rented Referrals – N/A Minimum Payout – 0.00003000₿
Payment method – Bitcoin Wallet Join Free Bitcoin
6. Scarlet Clicks:
Scarlet Clicks
PPC – $0.001 to $0.01 Referral commission – 80% Scarlet Clicks Review
Direct Referrals – Unlimited Rented Referrals – 8000 Minimum Payout – $2
Payment method – AirTM, Payoneer, Cryptocurrency, Payeer, STP, Neteller Join Scarletclicks
7. Get-paid:
PPC – $0.001 to $0.03 Direct Referrals – Unlimited
Referral commission – Level 1 30% Level 2 20% Rented Referrals – N/A Minimum Payout – $5
Payment method – PayPal,, Walmart, Western Union, Bitcoin Join Get-paid
8. Ayuwage:
Ayuwage ads for cash
PPC – $0.001 to $0.03 Referral commission – 10%
Direct Referrals – Unlimited Rented Referrals – 500 Minimum Payout – $5
Payment method – PayPal, gift cards Join Ayuwage
9. Squishy Cash:
Squishy Cash site
PPC – $0.0012 to $0.005 Referral commission – 30% Squishy Cash Review
Direct Referrals – Unlimited Rented Referrals – N/A Minimum Payout – $15
Payment method – PayPal, Amazon, CVS Pharmacy, Target Join SquishyCash
How to find if PTC sites are a scam or Legit?

While the PTC sites listed above are legitimate, it is important that a paid to click user should know how to identify the scam PTC sites.

The first step you can do is, check the forum and the past activity. If the forum is inactive or if there is any suspicious activity. That particular paid to click sites are mostly a scam.

PTC sites with unlimited ads are likely to be a scam. When you view the ads page, if you can see the page is loaded with tons of ads, there are chances to be a scam.

Even the payment options will reveal some truth about the pay to click sites.

Check out for the script the PTC sites users and the history of paid to click site through reviews to find the legitimacy of the websites.

Referrals and PTC sites:

The referrals are like the bloodline of the PTC sites. One of the main strategy PTC users apply to make thousands on Paid to click sites is by increasing the number of members in their downline i.e. referrals.

Why referrals? Referrals are the one who earns free money for you when they click ads. So, when a referral earns $0.50 per day, you will receive a $0.05 referral commission. When you have more referrals you can earn more. Say if you’ve 100 referrals who earns $0.50 per day, you will receive $5 per day without doing anything.

So, referrals are like the workers who work and earn money for you while you sit like a boss earning thousands from get paid to click sites.

There are two types of referrals available in the PTC sites, the direct refs and the rent refs.

Direct referrals:

The direct referrals are invited by the PTC user using a special link assigned to him. When his friends or someone clicks the link and register in the PTC site, he/she will become the referral of the user.

There are no limitations in the number of direct refs in most of the PTC websites. The more the user can refer to build his downline, the more he can earn.

The PTC user with 100 refs will earn 10 times more than the user with 10 refs.

Rent referrals:

The rent referrals are rented by a PTC user directly on the PTC sites when he can’t able to build his downline using his referral link or to unlock the full potential to make the most from the PTC websites along with the direct refs.

Rented refs can be hired by paying some fees to the paid to click site for certain duration of time. If the rented ref is more active, the user can choose to recycle to rent the ref again.

Unlike direct referrals, the user must spend some money to rent referral. So, the risk factor increases when rented refs are inactive, chances of bot refs assigned to the user since he has got no control over the rented referrals.

While few people claim that they make hundreds of dollars through rented referral ad clicks, many claims that it’s not working well for them due to referral inactivity. So, beware of the risk factors of buying rented refs and invest only the money you can afford.

My advice for you is, just stick to direct referrals instead of hiring refs for money.

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How much you can earn money by clicking ads:

Usually, the genuine PTC sites will have paid to click ads in different slabs based on watch time. The pay rate of the ads will be somewhere from $0.001 to $0.04 in legit PTC sites.

In simple, for viewing 5 seconds ads they pay $0.001 and for viewing 1-minute ad they pay up to $0.02. For the upgraded members, it will increase up to $0.04. The pay per click will vary based on the terms of the PTC sites.

So, how much you can click and earn? This is a rough calculation with a consideration 10 members in your downline,

200 clicks x $0.001 = $0.20

50 clicks x $0.02 – $1

2000 R.clicks x $0.0005 = $1

500 clicks x $0.01 = $5

Estimated earnings per day (incl. referral clicks) (Downline 10) = $7.20 (approx.)

Estimated earnings per day (incl. referral clicks) (Downline 100) = $70 (approx.)

The number of ads is not promised in a single PTC site. You must create an opportunity by joining multiple PTC sites listed above to increase the number of ads available to click.

The answer to the question of how much can I earn cannot be the same to everyone which varies for each paid to click user. It depends on how much effort the user put, the knowledge about PTC sites and needs a lot of patience.

Do you know, you can earn money using your mobile phone by clicking ads at mobile PTC sites.

Tips and Tricks to apply on PTC sites to earn more money:

Now you know what is PTC site, the benefits of referrals. Here some of the tricks and tips for PTC sites you can follow to earn more doing online ad clicking jobs.

1. Join the maximum number of PTC sites:

The first tip for new paid to click users is, they must join at least 10 high paying paid to click sites initially. Being a member of more number of ad clicking sites ensures that you will get more ads to click and get a chance to explore and learn about the PTC industry.

Joining only one PTC site is a waste of time since you’re going to do nothing but quit after a few days. So, join more, make more!

2. Allot time to work and promote:

Creating accounts on the PTC sites doesn’t matter. You must spend at least a few minutes to click and earn money & a few minutes to learn how to promote to build your downline.

15 to 20 minutes per day should be good. And do not use your mobile phone to operate PTC sites instead, use PC and chrome/Firefox browser for maximum efficiency and time-saving.

3. Need a lot of patience:

I didn’t make it overnight and I think anyone can’t unless they’re God. It is going to take a lot of time to see positive results.

So, patience matters a lot in pay per click job.

4. Develop your own strategies:

It will be better if you can create your own path to success,  extracting the ideas of the experts. The exact strategy of one person might not work for the other.

In simple words, work smart not hard.

5. Save time clicking ads using PTC app:

If you’re going to earn money by watching ads one by one, it will take more time to complete. The better solution is to use the free PTC app. This PTC app will help you to organize your PTC sites and click ads without any hassle opening multiple tabs.

Use the money apps for the PTC sites if it is available. Ojooo has got a mobile app for the Android and iPhone users where the users can directly click and earn money using the smartphone.

6. Build your downline:

Above all, the most important thing is how you’re going to build your downline. This is the hardest by the best trick to earn more on paid to click sites.

Here are 10 ways to make more PTC referrals, also if you’re the user of Q&A sites, you can refer people through yahoo answers or Quora.

7. Quality over quantity:

Even if a user has got 10000 refs who are actually inactive, it’s simply waste. You must have an active downline to earn some money.

You can train the referrals and encourage them to make them stay active.

8. Buy premium membership upgrades:

As you grow, you must upgrade your account to double your earnings. PTC users can usually upgrade their account to premium membership by paying a small amount of fees to the paid to click website.

When the user upgrades the account, he will receive double pay per click both for his clicks and referral clicks.

9. Say no to shortcuts:

Remember that the shortcuts and blackhat techniques are never going to work well here in online ad clicking jobs. Follow ethical techniques to succeed.

10. Other earning features:

Make use of other features to earn money on PTC websites. Few paid to click sites are actually the get paid to sites where you can find multiple earning options to earn money such as paid online surveys, captcha typing, paid to watch videos, micro jobs, OfferWall offers, paid to play games etc.

So, in addition to earning money by watching ads, you can earn $5 to $50 per day by completing tasks and offers if available on the site.

Frequently asked questions about paid to click:

Paid to click

1. Do PTC sites really pay?

Yes, the PTC websites really pay the users. But make sure you get caught by PTC scams. All the PTC sites listed above are genuine. So, you don’t have to worry about wasting your time searching for legit.

Be advised that there is no country based PTC sites such as Indian PTC sites, US PTC sites. All the paid to click sites pay in United States Dollar or Cryptocurrency.

2. Do PTC sites pay $10 per click?

No never! Genuine PTC sites pay not more than a few cents. Any PTC site that claims to pay $0.25, $0.50, $1 per click or $10 per click is a scam.

3. Can I withdraw money using PayPal on PTC sites?

Unfortunately, due to an unstable business structure and high-risk factors, PayPal ceased support to PTC sites. So, the paid to click sites do not pay through PayPal. However, you can find some PTC sites still pay through PayPal.

4. Can I purchase direct referrals?

Poor idea!

5. Is Paid to click worth it?

90% of people fail to make even a penny on PTC sites while 10% of users inherit hundreds of dollars every month. Stop reasoning and try to be on the 10% side.

Pros and cons of paid to click jobs:

Simplest job – watch ads for money. Say no to hard work, pay per click job is all about smart work.

Earn money by clicking ads without investment – no registration fees similar to Bitcoin faucet.

Get daily payments on the get paid to click sites as you grow.

Be the boss, make money from referrals.

Best online job for housewives sitting at home, stay at home working moms, students looking for part-time jobs.

Use smartphones to click ads while you travel.

PTC sites are available for all the users around the world including the USA, UK, Philippines, India etc.


Ad clicking jobs don’t work well for most of the users.

Need a huge downline to make a decent income on paid to click sites.

Poor job satisfaction when compared to freelance jobs.

Most of the PTC sites are the scam. So, stay with the sites listed above.

No direct bank deposits.

So, this is all about paid to click. Feel free to leave your comments below to get answers for your queries.

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