How to Earn Free Flipkart Gift Cards Doing Tasks on Sites

Flipkart is one of the largest online shopping sites in India where people make millions of purchases every month. Almost all the products are made available in Flipkart in cheap price compared to the local market. So, instead of earning money online, you can try to earn free Flipkart gift cards on the internet to directly make purchases on Flipkart without spending the money in your hand.

While nobody is going to offer Flipkart gift vouchers for free of cost, it’s possible to earn Flipkart gift cards by completing simple tasks and offers on the websites given below. So, get going to receive your first gift card at a discounted price and enjoy buying anything, including groceries, mobile, etc. on Flipkart.

Besides, there is a way to earn free Flipkart gift cards and Pay balance following simple steps that are discussed below.

What is the Flipkart Gift Card?

Now, most of the online e-commerce sites have an option to add gift cards and redeem coupons, vouchers.

Flipkart has this feature of adding the gift card to the account with a certain value. The money added to the gift card balance can be redeemed for products available for sale on Flipkart.

Here is an example of the Flipkart gift voucher:

Flipkart adding gift card

The gift card has a certain value that can be added to the Flipkart account balance. The Flipkart Gift card comprises the Gift card number and PIN.

Once the correct number has been entered, they will add the money to the Flipkart account balance.

Flipkart gift cards added to account

The Flipkart gift vouchers will have one-year validity. So, the money added to the Gift card balance has to be spent within a year.

How to Earn Free Flipkart Gift Cards:

These are the list of sites where you can earn free Flipkart gift vouchers. I have separated this list into two parts – Earn Flipkart gift card balance for free while shopping and earning Flipkart gift balance by completing tasks and offers.

Speaking about earning Flipkart gift cards, you can convert your money into multiple payment options based on your preferences. Been said Flipkart gift card is just one of the payment modes. Instead of Flipkart, you can also choose to redeem money for gift cards of other sites like, Paytm, PayPal, etc.

List of Sites to Earn Free Flipkart Gift Cards:

1. Cashkaro:

Cashkaro is the site where you can earn a free Flipkart gift card voucher almost doing no tasks.

Speaking about Cashkaro, it’s an Indian cashback website funded by Ratan Tata.

Cashkaro rewards with cashback for making purchases in various Indian online stores and wallets.

Purchase anything on the internet on online brands like Amazon, Jabong, Medplus, Myntra, Flipkart, Udemy, and earn free cashback on each transaction.

The cashback value varies based on the products or services purchased and the site in which the transaction is made. Cashkaro will automatically track the transaction on the site and add the cashback to the user account within a few days.


Cashkaro choosing flipkart gift card

If you’re the one looking for the ways to earn a free Flipkart gift card, you might be a frequent online shopper. So, make use of Cashkaro to get free Flipkart gift cards following simple instructions while shopping online.

Cashkaro should be helpful for you to find great deals and offers on most of the online shopping sites. Besides earning cashback rewards, you can save a lot of money as a discount on sites like Flipkart,, etc.

Once you earn a minimum of 250, you redeem points for Flipkart gift card or Amazon Pay balance.

In the case of cashback balance, you can even choose to withdraw the money to your bank account – NEFT transactions.

Join NowCashkaro.

List of Sites to Earn Flipkart Gift Vouchers completing Tasks and Offers:

While Cashkaro is the site where you can earn free Flipkart gift vouchers, here are the sites to earn money by completing tasks & offers and redeem the earnings for Flipkart vouchers.

Remember, these sites don’t offer Flipkart gift cards for free. You will have to work on these sites to earn Flipkart gift vouchers.

2. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is an online rewarding website that pays users for completing various tasks and offers.

It’s the product of Prodege LLC offers personalized services in over 10 countries including the USA, UK, France, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, etc.

India is the one among very few APAC where Swagbucks avails its services.

Earn money and save money using Swagbucks and redeem the SB for Flipkart gift voucher at a discounted rate compared to other payment options.

Earn Flipkart gift cards

Once you accumulate enough Swagbucks currency, you can request for the Flipkart gift vouchers with 16% off.

While the opportunities in Swagbucks India aren’t as reliable as in Ysense, you can still work on some of the best paying offers to earn SB.

Flipkart gift Swagbucks email

Once the SB is redeemed for Flipkart gift voucher(s), it will take up to 10 business days for them to process the gift card.

In the end, I recommend Swagbucks to earn free Flipkart gift cards. However, you can find the better get paid to sites alternative to Swagbucks.

Join Now – Swagbucks.

3. Telly Pulse:

TellyPulse is one of my favorite sites to earn Flipkart gift cards by taking paid surveys.

Unlike other paid survey sites in India, TellyPulse has surveys that are easy, simple, interesting.

Since it’s somehow related to the Star India company in the past and present, most of the surveys will be about the entertainment topic in India.

Speaking about the entertainment part, get paid for answering surveys regarding Indian events like IPL, ISL, Big Boss, Pro Kabadi, ICC events, football events, etc.

They conducted the surveys to research the reach of the event and to know if the people are aware of the broadcaster Star TV and Hotstar.

Usually, the TellyPulse surveys can be completed within a few minutes get paid up to 75 per survey. The off-topic surveys are known to pay high up to 150 per survey.

Telly Pulse Flipkart gift card

Redeem the earnings for gift cards of Flipkart or Big Cinemas.

The minimum payout is just 100. However, I recommend you to wait till earning 525 points.

TellyPulse survey frequency is too low. So, besides working on Telly Pulse, you can also make use of YouGov Surveys and get 3600 Paytm Cash on reaching the minimum payout threshold.

Join now Telly Pulse.

4. Valued Opinions India:

The Valued Opinions is one of the established research panels in the world where you can earn money taking part in research studies conducted in over 25 categories.

It is the survey panel where you can find surveys that are created in so many topics compared to other paid surveys panels.

So, this creates an opportunity to answer the surveys on the topic you’re interested in, and explore the new content to learn.

Valued Opinions surveys are long and high paying where you can earn up to 150 per survey on average.

ValuedOpinions India payment

Redeem your earnings for Flipkart gift voucher worth 500 or Amazon gift voucher worth 400 based on your preferences.

Join now ValuedOpinions.

5. OpinionWorld India:

Opinion World, the part of Survey Sampling International Dyanta LLC, provides paid survey opportunities in over 20 countries in Asia, including India, Thailand, Japan, etc.

The specialty of OW India is that they offer their services in mother tongue in all the countries while it’s English[IN] in India.

Complete the OW surveys and earn points that can be redeemed for the gift cards of, Myntra, ShoppersStop, LifeStyle, PizzaHut, etc.

Join now OpinionWorld.

6. Cinchbucks:

It’s the only site in India that offers 20+ payment options, including Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, UPI, Prepaid Visa, PayPal, BigBazar, Lifestyle, Pantaloons, ShoppersStop, etc.

Cinchbucks is an India-based online rewarding website that pays for taking surveys, doing micro jobs, completing offers in OfferWalls, etc.

Also, get paid for watching the videos and get paid to play games on Cinchbucks.

Make use of their generous referral program to earn a 10% flat referral commission and get the custom offer if you can increase the volume of conversions.

They offer a free lifetime membership with 50CB free to kick start the work.

Join now Cinchbucks.

Final Words on Earning Flipkart Gift Cards:


If you want to earn a decent amount of money to get Flipkart vouchers once in a while, I recommend you to join all the sites mentioned above.

Flipkart gift vouchers email

Redeem your earnings and get the free Flipkart gift cards delivered to your email. Redeem it in your Flipkart account and enjoy buying items without spending money on your hand.

Make use of the affiliate programs available in these sites to make a passive income from the referral’s task completion and increase the chances of getting at least a few Flipkart gift cards every month.

Should you work to Get Free Flipkart Gift Cards:

Earn free Flipkart gift cards

The Cashkaro is a potential program that can help you save thousands of rupees every month and, besides; you get rewarded for it with Flipkart and Amazon gift cards. It can be a reliable program if you’re a frequent online shopper.

Other programs can help you earn some money to pay your bills. You can still be part of it and make use of the reliable programs listed below.

If you’re a skilled professional, then you can go for working on the Freelance marketplaces in India.

People who are looking for simple work, like data entry jobs to earn money by typing, have various choices to engage with potential clients who pay more.

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