Things to Remember about Paid Online Surveys before Getting Started

The Paid survey is one of the best online money-making programs. Unlike freelance jobs, online survey jobs are available for all users who have access to the internet. The thing is there are few terms you need to understand to make a successful journey doing online survey jobs. This article explains some of the essential things you should remember while taking online surveys.

Things to remember about online surveys

Things to Remember while Taking Online Surveys:

Protect your email Inbox:

The first point is to have a separate e-mail ID for signing up in survey panels, as you will get many survey invitations asking you to participate in the survey. These invitation mails will make your e-mail inbox like a garbage box. So don’t use personal, business, or official e-mail ID.

In the case, if you’re only going to sign up in very few survey panel and if you used to check the email inbox daily, then you can use your email address.

Do not use your official custom email address or office email address since one day you might lose access to those email addresses. Besides, the mailbox will have strong security policies that might block the essential emails sent by the survey panels.

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Learn about Paid Survey Screenouts:

This is a familiar but irritating word in online survey jobs. You will be asked to participate in an online survey. But after answering 7-10 questions you will be kicked out of the survey.

Because you may not be qualified for taking the survey

Or you are not eligible,

Or quota completed,

Or due to cheating,

Or due to the demographics restrictions.

This is one of the main drawbacks of online survey jobs. This will make you frustrated and you might never think about participating again.

You can prevent this from happening by completing the profile surveys once you sign up on the survey panel.

The fulfilled profile will ensure that the survey panel will send only survey invitations of relevant topics and interests. This is one of the ways to reduce screenouts.

Also, you must ensure that you’re answering the surveys truly. Survey engines are designed to spot cheaters who answer questions randomly. So, don’t get caught for answering randomly.

Read the questions properly take time to answer the questions that should provide value to the clients.

Paid Survey Category with more Opportunities:

People who work full time in companies will get more opportunities to participate in the survey, especially people from the IT sector, manufacturing companies, etc. People from these categories have fewer chances of getting screened out based on the irrelevance clause.

So students, housewives, freelancers try to avoid online survey jobs because you will be screened out for 8 out of 10 surveys you participate in.

You may choose to work on alternatives such as Data entry jobs, Freelance jobs, etc.

Paid Survey Demographics Restrictions.

Online survey jobs have country limitations and other internal demographics based restrictions.

Few survey panels allow members from worldwide to register or sign up. But you will not get any survey invitation and even if you get an opportunity you may screen out.

Only the people from the tier-1 countries like the USA, UK, Canada get more opportunities to participate in surveys than people from any other part of the world because these countries are the home of many survey panels. People from Europe, Australia….. India also get chances to take part in paid surveys.

Africans and users from the part of Asian countries will have fewer chances to participate in surveys. So, if you’re facing such trouble you can consider joining PTC sites, GPT sites, Captcha entry sites, URL shortener sites to earn money.

Online Survey Taking Experience:

Completing online surveys will take a long time and it will make you feel bored. Also, survey loading will be very slow because you will be redirected many times in a single survey.

Unlike PTC sites and data entry sites there are very less scam survey panels. 90% of survey panels are true and they will surely pay you.

Taking Surveys on Mobile Phone:

Lots of survey panels have a mobile app. So, this is the best chance for people who like to earn using their cell phones.

Previously, the surveys can be completed only using the desktop or laptop. Any attempt to participate in the mobile phone devices will be stopped and advised to take surveys from the PC.

But, now things have completely changed. All the online surveys are now mobile phone compatible expect for a few surveys that have intent to be completed only on the PC.

So, feel free to use your mobile phone to take surveys while you travel, at work or anywhere you want to.

Paid Survey Referral Programs:

The paid survey referral programs are very less in numbers compared to other refer a friend program.

Even though a few survey panel pays you for referring (only referral amount), you will be paid only if your referral completes a specific number of surveys.

Also, you cannot get referrals commission, like 30% from referral’s earnings like on Ysense.

Paid Survey Payments:

Most of the survey panels reward you only gift vouchers (like e-gift cards, airline ticket concession vouchers, online shopping coupons, etc.)for survey completion. You cannot earn cash/money by working with them except for a few.

Like Toluna influencers, YouGov is one of the established survey panels that pay cash for completing the surveys.

Also, few survey sites pay Bitcoin for taking surveys.

Survey Job Restrictions:

You cannot earn more from online surveys, because you will get very little chance to participate in the paid survey every day.

Since there are several technical restrictions, the panelists won’t receive even a few survey invitations per day to take surveys for money. Usually, the number of survey invitations are limited to 5 – 10 per week on average. So, the earning capacity is very low compared to other online jobs.

However, you can make use of sites like Swagbucks, which hosts surveys from other companies to provide maximum opportunities to attempt taking surveys.

If you’re looking for alternatives for paid surveys, there are some of the jobs where you can make money 24/7 – Online micro jobs, Online captcha jobs.

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