Paid online survey jobs are very easy next to PTC/Ad clicking jobs. There are lot of things you should know about survey jobs before you join.
Things to remember about paid online survey jobs
  • The first point is have a separate e-mail ID for signing up  in survey panels, as you will get many survey invitations asking you to participate in survey. These invitation mails will make your e-mail inbox like a garbage box. So don’t use personal, business, or official e-mail ID.
  • Screenout – This is a familiar word in online survey job. You will be asked to participate in online survey. But after answering 7-10 questions you will be screened out. Because you may not be qualified or you are not eligible or quota completed or due to country you reside. This is the main drawback of online survey jobs. This will make you frustrated and you never thing of participating again. So, think twice before joining survey panel.
  • People who are working in companies only get more opportunity to participate in survey, especially people from IT sector, manufacturing companies, advertising, media etc. They have less chance of being screened out. So students, house wives, freelancers try to avoid online survey jobs because you will be screened out for 8 out of 10 surveys you participate. So, better join Freelance jobs jobs or PTC/ Ad clicking jobs.
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  • Online survey jobs has country limitations. Each and every survey panels allows members from worldwide to register or sign up. But you will not get any survey invitation and even if you get an opportunity you may screen out. People from USA and India get more opportunity to participate in surveys than people from any other part of the world, because these countries are the home of many survey panels. People from Europe, Australia….. also have more chances. Africans have less chance to participate in surveys. So you can consider joining data entry sites, PTC sites, GPT sites or Captcha entry sites.
  • Completing online surveys will take long time and it will make you to feel bored. Also survey loading will be very slower because you will be redirected many times in a single survey.
  • Unlike PTC sites and data entry sites there are very less scam survey panels. 90% of survey panels are true and they will surely pay you.
  • Lots of survey panels have their own mobile app. So, this is the best chance for people who like to earn with their cell phone.
  • Referral facility is very less in survey panels. Even though few survey panel pays you for referring (only referral amount), you will be paid only if your referral completes specific number of surveys. Also you cannot get referrals commission, like 30% from referral’s earnings. If you want to earn without working join PTC sites.
  • Most of the survey panels rewards you only gift vouchers (like e-gift cards, airline ticket concession voucher, online shopping coupons etc.) for survey completion. You cannot earn cash/money by working with them except few.
  • You cannot earn more from online surveys, because you will get very less chance to participate in online survey everyday. The only job which has no earning limitation per day is captcha entry job.

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