Paid to click or PTC is the easiest way to earn online without investment. Because you don’t require any technical skills to do this job. In PTC jobs you can earn by clicking ads or links provided by the PTC sites. You won’t become a millionaire by doing this job, but you can earn some reasonable amount of money every month. PTC jobs  are also called as Ad clicking jobs.
What is PTC site
How PTC site works
  • PTC sites acts as a broker between advertisers(people who wants to promote their product) and customers(people like you who wants to earn by clicking ads/ get benefits from the ads). Once if you click an Ad you should stay on that page at least for 10 seconds. Advertisers spends money to make their customers to watch, know or buy their products.
  • So advertisers cannot contact their customers directly. For that reason they want the support of PTC sites.
  • They pay PTC sites for every view of their product through PTC sites or they pay them in day contract.
  • PTC sites will display lots of ads on their website and they have lots of members to click those ads.
  • PTC cannot earn money from few customers through search engines, Facebook etc and also every customer will not click the Ad who visits their page. So they work in business mind to make more and more money.
  • They create a huge community of members or customers and they share their revenue with their members.
  • For example if the advertiser pays $1 to PTC site for a view of their product, PTC site will share $0.2 – $0.8 from their earnings to their member who have clicked / viewed that product and they take the remaining.
  • Anyone can join these sites with just an e-mail ID and start earn right from the beginning.
  • As I’ve said earlier paid to click(PTC) job is the easiest job of all. Because you can earn just by clicking. Jobs like Captha entry, data entry, survey are harder than PTC job.
  • To earn money choose the best PTC site and register to become a member of their site.
  • Once you become a member of them, they allot ads to you daily. You just have to click those ads to earn.


List of Ads provided to you for clicking and earning money.
  • You can see an example of ads provided by PTC sites to their members for earning money.
  • Click an ad to start your work. Once you click, you will be taken to the advertisers page. PTC sites wants you to stay in the page for sometime to make your click valid.
  • For high pay ads(for ex: $0.2) you have to for long period(1 minute) and for low pay ads(for example: $0.001) you have to stay only for 3-5 seconds.
  • You don’t have to count seconds to complete. PTC sites provides timer for reference as shown below.
Timer in PTC sites
  • Once the given time is completed they want to verify your click. Each PTC sites will have different methods to verify your click.
  • Most of the site will verify your click by inverted picture method or odd picture method. A series of pictures will appear and you have to click the inverted picture or you have to select an odd one out.
  • If you click on the right picture you click will be made valid and your account will be credited immediately.
  • If you click on the wrong image you click will be made invalid and you have to click that ad again.
  • All these process will complete within 3 seconds to 1 minute depending on the Ad.
  • The only way to earn more money through PTC site is by referring others. As you will also be paid for your referral clicks.
  • For example if your referral earns $0.1 for an ad click, you will be paid $0.05 half of his earnings. So more the referral you join through your link or user name, more you can earn.
For example:
Your earnings/day              : 10 ads * $0.01 = $0.1.
Your referral earnings/day : 10 ads * $0.005 = $0.05.
Your total earnings per day: $0.1 + $0.05 = $0.15.
If you have 10 referrals      : $0.1 + $0.5 = $0.6 your earning/day.
If you have 50 referrals      : $0.1 + $2.5 = $2.6 your earning/day.

If you have 100 referrals you can earn $5 per day and $150 per month.

  • The above example is just for clicking 10 ads per day. Some sites provides more ads to click so you can earn more by clicking more.
  • If you cannot join direct referrals you can rent referrals. This facility is provided by each and every PTC for their members.
  • You have to pay certain amount of money to rent referrals and you can earn from their clicks.
  • Try to click ads every day, because most of the PTC sites requires you to click at least 2-4 ads to earn from your referral clicks.
  • Another best method to earn is join multiple PTC sites to earn more.
For example:
Earnings from one site           =  $0.5 per day.
Earnings from ten sites           =  $2.5 per day.
Earnings with 100 referrals    =  $5 per day.
Total earnings from ten sites  =  $50 per day.

Total earnings from ten sites  =  $1500 per month.

  • But it won’t be easy to earn such amount without hard work in initial days to join referrals. Once you join the more referrals you can earn more by working just 30 minutes per day.
  • There is also another head ache i.e, some of your referral may not click daily. So you have to join more and more referral whenever you have chance.
  • In addition try to complete mini tasks provided by PTC sites if available.
Click here to see PTC sites that provides mini jobs along with ad clicking job.
  • You don’t want any technical skills or language skills to join PTC sites.
  • You should have a own PC/laptop with unique internet connection.
  • You need a verified account in payment processor. Paypal is what most of them used to receive their payment.
  • You should be at least 18 years old to join PTC sites as payments are made through Paypal and check which requires a verified bank account.
  • You should not work from the computer which your friend or others used to earn.
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  • Do not work from same IP address through which other log into the specified PTC site. For example family members working from same computer or internet connection.
  • If you are caught then your account will be banned permanently and your earnings will be blocked.
  • Do not work from your office or internet cafe as they provide same IP address for all users.
  • Make sure you have unlimited internet connection to work. Because loading ads will consume more data.
  • Be aware of scam sites, they may not pay you. Also be updated about the site you work, because they can be closed any time.
  • Do not force anyone to join as your referral (For example: sending e-mail to unknown people asking them to join). If PTC site gets report about you, your account may be banned.
  • If you con’t able to refer anyone join revenue sharing PTC site. They share 50% revenue with you. For example, if you invest $1 you can earn $1.55. So, you get $0.55
  • Most of the PTC sites will be process/pays your earnings through Paypal e-payment processor.
  • You should have a verified Paypal account in order to receive your payments through Paypal.
  • Other famous payment processors are Perfect money and Payza.
  • Ego pay, e-trust solid payment, bitcoin are other few payment processors.
  • Few PTC sites pays you through check. But you need more balance to withdraw your earnings through check.


  • Easy of all online jobs.
  • No investment.
  • Referral facility.



  • More scams.
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