How to Get More Direct Referrals Through Yahoo Answers

You would’ve read that Yahoo Answers is one of the best powerful ways tools to get more direct referrals for the PTC sites in the 10 ways to refer more referrals article. Unlike other referring methods the success rate in yahoo answers is 80% i.e. 8 out of 10 people will surely join the site you recommend as your referral. In that previous post, I’ve explained how to get direct referrals to PTC sites using yahoo answers briefly.

Here you can get a complete idea about how to work, and how to answer in such a way it works in yahoo answers. You can also get referrals through, Quora which is also similar to this, but yahoo answers are the best one because more people used to ask a question regarding online jobs.

How to get referrals Yahoo answers

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What is YahooAnswers?

Yahoo answers is a website or place where lots of people used to ask various questions in different fields to clear their doubts. Their doubts are cleared by members of the yahoo community. 24/7 lots of people will be available online answering questions in the field they are experts in.

People used to answer for different reasons. To get points and reach the top of the points table, for time to pass, for helping others, etc.

How to get Referrals through Yahoo Answers:

As said before lots of people used to ask questions in a different fields. There are several people who used to ask help for to find online jobs.

Here comes the trick! You should post your referral link over there and make them join under you as your referral.

How to make your answer attract Readers:

Only by posting your referral link, you cannot get free direct referrals. People will not believe you and will consider your link as spam and they will boycott your answer or mark it as spam.

To make them believe, explain to them about the job, the benefits of the job, and make tell them to click your referral link to join.

If possible attach your payment proof screenshot link along with it. If you attach the payment proof screenshot then the success rate is 99% to make them join under you.

How to Start with Yahoo Answers:

Create an account in yahoo – Yahoo Answers.

After creating an account in yahoo answers log into your account and go to Yahoo answers.

There will be lots of categories in the left column of the yahoo answers home page. Questions about online jobs are mostly asked under “Business & finance” > “Careers & employments” > “Personal finance“.

Very few questions are posted under “computers & internet” regarding online jobs. You can get an idea about this by looking at the pictures given below.

How to answer in yahoo to get more direct referrals?

You have to click any one of those categories to see the questions asked as shown above. One out of five questions will be regarding online jobs i.e. 20% of the questions will be asked like how to find an online job (this is approximate and may vary). You can see someone has asked about the best ways to make money online without selling.

Do not directly post your answer here, because your referral link may not work i.e. the link will appear like a normal text and cannot be clicked like this – click here.

Yahoo answers helps to get more PTC referrals

To answer such a question click on the question to open it as shown above. I recommend you right-click and open a new tab so you don’t have to click the back button to search for more questions from the beginning and you can close the question page after answering and continue to search question-related to online jobs from the place you’ve left.

Example of question asked about online jobs in yahoo answers to get more PTC referrals

Answer them by giving some explanation about the PTC site. Tell them what are the possible ways to earn on a PTC site other than ad clicking and make them believe that they can make some money through this job. Only then you can make them join under you. Attach your payment proof or link to payment proof like to make this 100% work.

Be brief don’t write an essay there, people will find it difficult to read large paragraphs. If possible leave a gap between a sentence.

Your explanation should be in such a way that they should start their work after joining. They should not just sign up and quit. If so there is no use in getting such a referral.

Click submit and continue the same procedure for answering more questions.

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Be Smart:

This is, of course, a tough task to type and type to get a referral. I’ll tell you an easy way to solve this problem.

The questions will be different like this “Is there any online job?” “How to work online and earn money?” “Help me to find an online job“.

Create answers for three to five types of such questions in a notepad. Open them all and just copy-paste your answer in the given box and click submit. If there is a need to make some minor changes.

This is also a tough task, but it is better to copy-paste than to type.

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Things to Remember about Yahoo Answers:

Yahoo does not allow or will not allow your referral url a clickable link directly i.e. if you want to make links that can be clicked by someone you should reach level 2.

To reach level 2 you should get 250 points. Reaching 250 points is so easy that it can be achieved in a week, even in a day.

To get points to answer lots of questions. You will be awarded 2 points for answering each question and 10 points if your answer is selected as the best answer.

So answer in such a way that it makes them select your answer as the best answer. This is the only way to reach 250 points very soon.

10 + 2 = 12 * 21 = 250 points. You should get the 21 best answers to reach level two. Most questions like these will get only 1 or 2 answers that are too irrelevant. So if you answer them correctly they will select your answer as the best answer.

Till reaching level 2 ask them to copy the url and paste it into the address bar of the browser to join.

Attach your payment proof along with your answer, 100% you will succeed.

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