Top 10 Best Freelance Sites to Find Jobs and Get Hired by Client

Lots of job seekers search the internet for freelance jobs every day to make reasonable income online. But, most of the sites that appear on the top of the search engine results are scams. If you enter those sites, there will be a huge list of search queries like ‘part-time data entry from home’ ‘home-based freelance jobs’ ‘jobs for housewives and students’ ‘freelance jobs without investment’ ‘best freelancer site’, etc. If you click on any of the queries, no proper information will be given or it will take you to the registration page asking you to pay the registration fees.

All the genuine freelance jobs are displayed on the 3rd page or more in the search engine results or totally hidden. This article contains the list of the top 10 best freelance sites to find work, through which you can work from home, paying no registration fees. The best freelancing sites listed here are very legitimate to find jobs online and also they pay on time.

Top 10 genuine work from home freelance jobs

Advantages of Freelance Jobs:

  • Freelance jobs are the best online jobs to earn more money. They aren’t like ad clicking jobs, email reading jobs etc where you can earn only pennies and with paid survey jobs you can earn more in a short time, but opportunities are very less and depend on your geographical location. Through legit freelance sites, you can earn real money to run your family from anywhere around the world.
  • Freelance jobs are truly based on your skills. You can use your full talent to earn more money from your home itself without going to an actual job.
  • You can find any jobs here. Micro-tasks, Photoshop, web development, SEO, music, art, programming, translation, coding, video creation, etc.
  • You can do this work anytime 24/7. There is no specific working time fixed for these jobs. You can work and earn money whenever you want to do.

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Best freelancing sites to get works online:

  • The sites listed in the top 10 freelance jobs are 100% tested. They are very professional and millions of workers are working on these sites every day.
  • Few sites have requirements and eligibility criteria and few site does not require any qualification to work with them.
  • To work in some company, you should qualify for basic assessments. You cannot work on those sites without passing the test. All the details are given under each site.
  • Read carefully and select a job. After selecting a job, go to the main explanation page where more details about the site will be given. Read the full procedure and apply for the job.

R. Survey Research:

Survey Panels


  • Survey panels are the best online rewarding program for both beginners and professionals. Surveys are the research conducted by the panels and you get paid for choosing the best answer.
  • Survey panels pay $1 – $5 for taking 10 minutes survey and they pay $5 to $35 and for 10 mins to one hour survey.
  • Some research surveys pay like $50 / survey. These surveys will be like researching about your actions on your PC conducted by (ex.) Microsoft (you will be asked to install software). The results will help them improve user experience in upcoming windows OS versions. Some research surveys similar to this are installing the app on mobile phone related to daily usage, your daily routine survey (for seven days you will be asked to enter what you’ve done).
  • The advantage of this job is you can work through your mobile phone. This is good news for people without PC wishing to earn online.
  • You don’t need any experience and no investment too. All you need is a PC and smartphone with an internet connection to earn money. You should join over one survey panel to get more opportunities to take part in research.
  • In the past, I used to earn  $10 – $20 every day just by participating in surveys and this was possible only because I was the member of over 10 survey panel. I used to get at least 10 survey invitation every day from these panels. Don’t expect to earn more just by joining one survey panel.
  • Click read more to view the list of survey panels in your country. Once you join a survey panel, don’t forget to complete profile survey. Panels used to send more invitation based on the matching profile.

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Points to read:

  • Special qualifications – Not required.
  • Registration fees – No.
  • Affiliate programs – on selected panels.
  • Country – Members from all around the world can join.
  • Job availability – Plenty
  • Payment method – Plenty of options, incl. Paypal, Amazon, Payza, Check, STP, Bitcoin, PM, etc.
  • No skills required, need a PC or a smartphone.

1. Snagajob:

  • Snagajob is the best place to find both offline and online freelance jobs. They boast that they have delivered over 4 million jobs each month for freelancers.
  • Unlike other freelance sites, where talented rule. Snagajob is the freelance marketplace where everybody gets a job according to their skills.
  • Part-time jobs are available in various categories, such as accounting, sales & marketing, finance, retail marketing, restaurant, education, customer service, automotive, hotels & hospitality, etc.
  • The best part is, the job are listed on area and shift based so that you can find the local jobs with convenient timing. Even full-time freelance jobs are listed in Snagajob.
  • Join to get hired in no time.

Points to read:

  • Special qualification – mostly not required, but required sometimes.
  • Assessment – In some cases.
  • Registration fees – No.
  • Job availability – Plenty.
  • Tons of part-time jobs are posted every day.

2. Fiverr®:

  • Fiverr® is undoubtedly the No: 1 marketplace in the world to do freelance projects to earn money.
  • You can work on any projects from A-Z and sell them. You can earn at least $5 for every work you do.
  • To earn money on Fiverr, you should create a gig (profile) about your service and promote them. Clients/customers will order the service or the product and you will be paid after delivering the project or the service.
  • These are the few examples of what you can do on Fiverr to earn money – Photoshop designing, search engine optimization, whiteboard video creation, web designing, programming, composing music, translation, article writing, teaching, etc. You can read more about Fiverr on the main page.
Points to read:
  • Special qualification – not required.
  • Assessment – No.
  • Registration fees – No.
  • Affiliate program – Only buyer commission.
  • Country – members from worldwide are accepted.
  • Job availability – Totally depends on gig appearance on Fiverr search.
  • Payment method – Paypal and Bitcoin.
  • You definitely need some skills in any field for working in Fiverr.

3. Upwork™:

Upwork | odesk
  • Upwork™ is one of the best freelance sites to find work on the internet, through which you can earn money by working part time.
  • To work on Upwork™, you have to create a profile attach portfolio to your profile.
  • To get a job, you should browse the available jobs and submit your proposal to a particular job or you can wait for clients to contact you.
  • You can make a minimum $3/hr on upwork™.
Points to read:
  • Special qualification – mostly not required, but required sometimes.
  • Assessment – No.
  • Registration fees – No.
  • Affiliate program – N/A.
  • Country – members from worldwide are accepted.
  • Job availability – Plenty.
  • You must have expert knowledge in any field and the ability to work as an individual.

4. Appen (Micro job/ Mini tasks):

Crowdflower tasks
  • Appen is the best alternative legit freelance site, for the people who don’t have any technical skills to earn money online and qualification to work on Fiverr® or Upwork™.
  • Anyone can work on Appen and earn money by doing simple tasks which are also called as micro-tasks or data processing job.
  • In crowd flower simple tasks like finding the author of an article, determining tweet nature, checking nude content on the web page, judging ad nature, find Facebook profile page, will be given and you should complete those tasks to get paid.
  • For each task you complete, they pay $0.01 to $1. Rate per task depends on the nature of the tasks.
  • Each task will take 1 minute to 10 minutes to complete. The success on crowd flower depends on the task you choose to work on.
  • I worked on crowd flower and I used to earn $3 – $4 per hour on average. The tasks will be very fun and easier even a kid can do it.
  • This job will best suit for housewives, students and people who know nothing to work in the freelance site. Read the main article to get a complete idea about tasks. I’ve explained over 15 tasks with the picture.
Points to read:
  • Special qualification – 100% not required.
  • Assessment – No.
  • Registration fees – No.
  • Affiliate program – If you join the recommended partner panel.
  • Country – members from worldwide are accepted.
  • Job availability – Plenty.
  • Payment method – Paypal, Payza, Paytoo, Bitcoin.
  • No knowledge needed. Tasks are so simple that can be done by workers of every age group.

5. iWriter:

  • iWriter is the website specially created for article writing. If you have excellent writing skills, you can join to earn $10 or more by writing an article.
  • Article rate depends on the number of words, writer ranking, and client review. To write a 300 words article, it will take not more than 30 minutes. This is the best opportunity for people who write articles, stories very well to work from home, spending 1 to 2 hours a day.
  • To start, you should create an account and take the basic grammar test. You will be allowed to write the article only if you pass in grammar test.
  • Make use the best grammar checker tools to improve your grammar and writing style.
Points to read:
  • Special qualification: Must be able to write the article in high standard English (same applies to other languages).
  • Assessment: Should take 13 out of 15 marks in grammar test to qualify.
  • Registration fees – No.
  • Affiliate program – the commission from only client’s spending amount.
  • Job availability – Plenty.
  • Country – member from all around the world are welcomed.
  • Payment method – Paypal.
  • High English knowledge needed. Native speakers can earn more.

6. Call center QA:

Call center QA
  • Call center QA is an online mystery shopper company that pays money to its members for participating in mystery shopping.
  • Each mystery shopping session will last up to 20 minutes. Call center QA will pay $5 + $2 for completing a call.
  • You can register in call center QA like other websites. After joining, you will be asked to take a test. You should apply for the job by submitting the test.
  • A professional will manually review your test and will send the result. You must pass the test to get the job.
  • After joining you can earn $5 + $2* every 20 minutes for mystery shopping completed.

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Points to read:
  • Special Qualification – Should be able to speak English like a native speaker.
  • Assessment – Should qualify on two tests.
  • Registration fees – No.
  • Affiliate program – 10% of referral earnings.
  • Country – Only US residents may apply.
  • Payment method – Paypal.
  • You should have good evaluation skill to get succeed in this field.

7. Clickworker™:

  • Clickworker is like Appen. But the tasks given here are technical and require some knowledge.
  • Data research, product review, translation, transcription, tagging, data verification are some examples of job given here.
  • To join Clickworker, you should register and take part in the assessment. Once you pass the test, you can start working on Clickworker.
Points to read:
  • Special qualification – Required sometimes.
  • Assessment – Have to pass in basic assessment to work.
  • Registration fees – No.
  • Affiliate program – N/A.
  • Payment method – SEPA direct deposit and Paypal.
  • Country – Members all around the world can apply.
  • Work availability – Plenty.
  • You should be able to pass in basic assessment to get work.

8. Freelance Transcription job:

Transcription jobs
  • Transcription is the process of converting oral form of text form. Transcription is done both in live voice and recordings.
  • People who have good listening and converting skill can join this job.
  • Initially, a test will be conducted on sample recording. Pass all the tests to get a transcription job.
  • There are professional transcription jobs like medical transcription and legal transcription, those jobs can pay you lots of money.
  • Professional transcriptors will earn up to $20 every hour. Read the main article to learn about the online transcription job.
Points to read:
  • Special Qualification – Should be able to transcribe 70 WPM.
  • Assessments – Will have to take the test to get hired.
  • Registration fees – No.
  • Affiliate programs – No.
  • Software – Transcription software is provided by a few companies.
  • Payment method – Depends on the company.
  • Country – Worldwide members are accepted.
  • Should have very good listening and writing skills to do this job.

9. Online & offline translation job:

Online translation jobs
  • Do you know more than one language? If you know them very well, you can earn $0.04 or more for each word you translate.
  • To do a translation job, you should apply your resume to more than one company and register on freelance translation websites.
  • If you get hired directly by a company, you can work for a fixed salary. Else you should submit a proposal on freelance sites. Clients will hire you based on your profile.
Points to remember:
  • Special qualifications – Should know more than one language.
  • Assessment – Companies will test you before they hire.
  • Registration fees – Might be asked by a few companies.
  • Affiliate programs – N/A.
  • Payment method – Depends on the company.
  • Country – depends on the company (mostly members worldwide are accepted).
  • Should know to write, read and speak more than one language. If one of the languages is English, you will get more opportunities.

10. Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing
  • If you wish to work on your own affiliate marketing is the best option. You don’t have to take tests, submit the resume, pay the registration fee, do not require any educational qualification, etc.
  • No investment required anyone with a PC and internet connection can make money from home through affiliate marketing.
  • There are lots of methods to earn money through affiliate marketing. Of which affiliate marketing using a blog is long term and can earn you more money.
  • If you don’t have a blog, you can still earn money through affiliate marketing. Social medias like Facebook, Google +, twitter,  YouTube will be very helpful in doing affiliate marketing.
Points to read:
  • Special Qualification – Internet marketing skill required to earn more.
  • Assessments – N/A.
  • Registration fees – No.
  • Affiliate programs – Buyer commission.
  • Payment method – Depends on the company.
  • No country limitation.
  • Should have the talent to make people buy products. Your earnings totally depend on your sale.

Conclusion on Freelance Jobs:

  • To get an online freelance job, you should know something in the required field to apply for the job. If you are not a specialist in anything, try to join Snagajob for simple part-time jobs or crowd flower. You can join Appen micro jobs site with basic English knowledge.
  • If you wish to sell services online or apply for a part-time job, you must create a portfolio. Research says clients prefer a profile with a portfolio over the normal profile.
  • If you’re going to do Photoshop work, music composition, template designing, etc, add some of your masterpieces. So, buyers will know what you can do.
  • Transcription and translation jobs are the easiest freelance jobs, where you can earn plenty just by working for one or two hours from home.
  • If you’ve excellent marketing skills, you can do online affiliate marketing. You don’t need a website to do that. Things can be done easily with just a Facebook fan page or a YouTube channel.

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