10 Tips & Tricks that actually Work to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world and the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. Youtubers & companies share about 500 hours of videos every second on YouTube. YouTube creates an opportunity for video content creators to earn money with the help of their partner program.

If you’re looking out for ways to make money online, YouTube can help you earn money more than you can ever imagine. In this article, I will explain how to make money on YouTube and some tips to make the most out of your content.

How to earn money from YouTube

What is YouTube:

YouTube is a video-sharing website started by a small team and later acquired by Google. People use YouTube to have fun, learn things, keep updated, promoting videos, branding, market products & services, etc.

How YouTube Works:

  • The major work of YouTube is to connect the content creators and content consumers, i.e. visitors. YouTube has a large user base where most of them are visitors who use YouTube to watch video content and few are the video content creators and they use YouTube to promote their content.
  • YouTube helps the content creators to bring out their creations in front of millions of people just by sitting at home for free. Similarly, the visitors can watch almost any videos created in the world free of cost.
  • YouTube uses online advertising to cover their development & maintenance cost and generate profit in billions every year using the users’ content.

About YouTube Advertising:

  • As said above, YouTube makes profit mainly using their own advertising platform.
  • Since YouTube has a large user base, from the small individual to the large companies use YouTube to promote their products and services.
  • By advertising on YouTube, the advertisers get sales & leads, create brand awareness, research user views, etc.

How does YouTube help us Make Money Online:

  • In YouTube, its users create almost 99% of the content. While YouTube involves only in the development and improvement process, it’s us the users who create and post content on YouTube.
  • So, YouTube shares the revenue generated from the video with the video owner using the YouTube partner program, which is explained in the second part of this article.
  • This is one of the most important features why video creators post video content on YouTube where their video is seen by others and, they make money.

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Step-by-Step Instructions to Earn Money on YouTube:

1. Starting YouTube Channel:

  • Starting a YouTube channel is very simple. You need a Google/Gmail account to start a YouTube channel.
  • You must enter the channel name to start the channel. Choose a brand name to make others remember your channel.
  • Add the channel art, logo and a description that tells about your channel. Now you’re ready to upload your first video.

2. Creating content for your YouTube Channel:

  • If you’re a complete beginner on YouTube, it might take several days for you to learn things. Also, if you’re struggling to make the first dollar after creating the YouTube channel, I highly recommend you to take this simple course which will help you learn how to create, promote, rank YouTube videos to make the Profit in different methods. By completing the course, you will make your first dollar within a week or two.
  • If you’ve decided to start a YouTube channel, the first thing comes to mind is what type of videos I should create.
  • To start, first, you must analyze your skills to see if you’re good at using the mic, camera, etc. If so, you can start creating videos yourself by making you the main character. This will help you brand yourself and your channel quickly.
  • However, everyone cannot put them in front of the camera and such people can do other types of videos using software like whiteboard animation, text to speech converter, etc.

3. Master the YouTube Content Policies for Partner Program and Community Guidelines:

  • YouTube only allows the family-friendly content to monetize the video with Google ads. So, videos will be adult content and violent contents are not eligible to monetize.
  • You must not copy or upload videos of other creators on YouTube. If you upload copyright content, your video will generate income for the copyright owner, your video might be removed or even your account will be disabled.
  • You can create fun videos, movie reviews, local news, current affairs, tutorials, product reviews, service reviews, guiding videos, gaming videos, screen recordings, etc.
  • If you’re really worried about creating content, you can use free screen recorders and explain how to solve issues with simple free background music. The best software to create videos using simple drag & drop functions, creating videos using smartphones, free images are explained in this course video.
  • If you’re a business and want to generate leads and sales, you can create whiteboard animation videos or explainer videos by hiring experts for cheap cost on Fiverr.

4 Ways you can Follow to Make Money on YouTube:

There are a lot of ways that are available for us to make money on YouTube, which is explained one by one in this section.

1. YouTube Partner Program:

The New Requirement to enable YouTube Monetization:

YouTube partner program eligibility

  • When YouTube found their existing partners have misused their program, they have added several restrictions to the new and existing YouTube content creators to become a YouTube partner.
  • YouTube advertisers have stopped advertising since they have found that their ads been displayed on videos that are not up to the quality and they displayed few ads in violent content.
  • Google has hardened the rule for the content creators so that they can create a good advertising environment.
  • In order to become a YouTube partner or enable monetization, your channel should have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 video watch hours in the past 12 months.
  • So, make sure you can create quality content and attract YouTube users to watch your videos.
  • YouTube will review your channel before enabling the monetization.

About YouTube Monetization:

  • The YouTube partner program is the best, most preferred, simple monetization feature that is available to all the YouTubers for free to make money.
  • The YouTube partner program is an integrated feature that will generate money for every valid ad interaction.
  • After uploading the first video, you can enable this feature on your channel settings.
Earning more money using YouTube partner program monetization
  • To monetize, your account must be in good standing. Usually, all the new accounts will be in good standing and if you don’t follow community guidelines or use copyright content, you cannot monetize your videos.
Earn more money from YouTube - partner program enabled.
  • Once enabled, the status will appear in green and you can monetize your videos in the video manager.
  • Previously after the YouTube ad boycott, YouTube has taken action to ensure the quality of advertising. So, new partners should generate ten thousand page views before they can monetize their videos.
  • Also, there was no approval process before the ad boycott. But now every publisher should undergo the mandatory approval process.
  • YouTube will send an email regarding approval for the YouTube partner program, you must then connect the YouTube product to Google Adsense to get paid. Google Adsense hosted account will be approved instantly if the information provided by you is correct.
  • The eligibility to apply for Google Adsense account is the publisher should be 18 years old.
  • The revenue generated by your video will be shared on YouTube. 55% of revenue will be paid to the publisher and 45% YouTube will take as the share of revenue generated. For example, if your video generates $10, you will get $5.5 and YouTube will take $4.5.
  • Your videos must get more traffic to generate a higher profit using the YouTube partner program.

2. YouTube Affiliate Marketing:

3. Direct advertising and sponsors:

  • Channels that receive highly targeted traffic can earn money from YouTube by attracting direct advertisers.
  • Direct advertisers are the third-party companies who will advertise directly on your channel.
  • By attracting the direct advertisers you can get entire money without sharing the revenue with the ad network(s).
  • Direct advertising will improve your channel brand and trust among visitors and other YouTubers.
  • The best example of direct advertising is the trailer video played pre or post the main video. The movie marketers target the top review channels to promote their movie trailers by paying a huge amount of money.
  • Attracting direct advertisers is a very tough process. You must try to get high traffic to your channel by posting high-quality video content. You can multiply the income by using the Adsense and direct ads at the same time.

4. Selling Business space on the video:

  • This is for people who post videos for own business purpose or doing videos for clients.
  • In this method, you can start ranking videos for the high competitive keywords on Google & YouTube and sell the business space or entire video to them.
  • Unlike ranking websites, ranking YouTube videos are very simple where you can rank the videos within a day or few by optimizing the videos and meta details properly.
  • Companies will not spend time posting videos, etc. So, they will approach video marketers to generate business leads. By doing this, you can earn higher than you can earn from the Adsense, affiliate marketing, and direct ads.
  • The best example is ranking a video for the highly competitive local search keyword like “Electricity servicers in California”. Once there is a problem in the electricity connection, most people search Google searching for service and when they find the ranked video, they will immediately watch the video and dial the number given at the end or in the description. In this way, you help the company get a new potential customer.
  • Usually, such keywords have a top competition where companies spend $10 dollars just for a click where a lead or sale is not guaranteed. By generating a lead, you can charge up to $30 for the lead.
  • This is a complex process, but you can make a lot by selling business space for your videos.

10 Tips that actually work on YouTube:

1. Proper optimization: Ranking the YouTube videos is very simple but requires proper optimization. Only when you rank your video on YouTube and Google, your video will get traffic and generate income. Without proper optimization, you can never get traffic and earn a single penny. By optimizing the videos, title, description properly, you can rank your videos within a day based on the competition.

2. Keyword research: Keyword research is the heart of the YouTube business. Keyword research is understanding how people use search engines to search for something. The words used to search are called keywords. By creating the video using the keywords in the title and description, you can rank the video on Google. This is the simplest way to get free traffic and earn money. Keyword research can confuse for the beginners and it might take several days to master.

3. Website ranking vs Video ranking: Ranking websites on Google are very tough and it might take several months just to see the website in the Google search results for high traffic keywords. But ranking YouTube videos are very simple. By properly optimizing the video, you can rank YouTube videos within hours both in YouTube search and Google search. So, there are chances to get double the traffic and double profit if you start the YouTube channel. People prefer to see videos than reading articles from websites.

4. Get your videos listed on recommended links: Apart from getting traffic from the search results, YouTube videos get high traffic only from the recommended videos listed on the sidebar on the desktop and given as a list on the smartphones. You must build the trust & brand and make visitors engage in your videos for a long time to make YouTube recommend your videos to the users when they watch videos of other channels. This can generate ten times more traffic compared to organic traffic. Usually, this is impossible for websites to get such traffic.

5. User engagement: The YouTube search engine differs from the Google search engine. While Google ranks websites and videos* majorly based on the authority, the YouTube ranking majorly depends on the user engagement over the video. Your video must make the users stay for more time. This is the white hat way to rank the videos on YouTube, which might take some days. While everyone can create great videos, not all great videos are ranked on YouTube.

6. Building authority: Though YouTube considers user engagement and user experience as one of the major ranking factors, building authority to your channel and videos can help you rank your videos permanently on the YouTube and Google search. When most of the videos are equally good, then the backlinks will help you rank the videos higher on the search engines.

7. Social presence: The social presence is very important for YouTube to generate free traffic and authority. Share your videos on social media and if your video(s) is good, it can go viral and bring thousands of visitors on the same day. This will help you earn thousands of dollars in one day. Make use of the social media power to increase traffic, gain authority, earn money and to rank videos on the search engine(s). However, generating traffic from social media does not work for videos of most categories and works great for entertainment and fun videos.

8. Building brand: Building the brand is very important in both online and local businesses. The same applies to YouTube channels. You must consistently build the brand by proper marketing, optimization, high-quality content so that people directly flood into your channel. You don’t have to worry about the search traffic, which will vary regularly as per algorithm changes. As said in the beginning part choose a brand name for your channel instead of general name targeting keywords.

9. Increase the number of subscribers: The subscribers and social media followers are very important to get repeated/regular visitors to watch new and existing videos. Ask the visitors to like, comment and subscribe to your channel and also ask them to follow your channel on social media. Whenever a new video is posted, the YouTube will notify the subscribers to view the new video posted. If you have 10000 subscribers, at least 25% will watch your new videos. Also, you can share the URL on your fan page to invite the followers to watch your video. In this way, you can make more than $100 whenever you post a new video.

10. Create an active community: People will start commenting on videos both negatively and positively. You must respond to all the comments to build a community. Visitors trust content with the comments than content without comments. This is more important when you do affiliate marketing on YouTube. Creating an active community will grow your channel to great heights.

11. Frequency of posting videos: Post videos at regular intervals. Initially try, to post one or two videos per day and then maintain a frequency of one video per day. Later, you can post one or two videos per week. Do not leave your channel without posting videos for over a month. Do not compromise on the quality of the videos.

12. Relationship with YouTubers: As an owner of the YouTube channel, you must create a relationship with other channels to build your YouTube channel. By helping mutually,  you have the chance to grow the channel quickly.

13. No Invalid activities, No shortcuts: If you wish to succeed, follow no shortcuts. For long-term success, you must follow work hard to create quality content and to grow the audience base. Similarly, do not ask or encourage visitors to do invalid activities like fake leads, invalid clicks, etc to earn more money. Doing so you might lose the partnership with the advertisers.

14. Custom thumbnails: The custom thumbnails are the most important feature that you must create yourself in order to generate traffic. Unlike websites, people click video only after seeing the thumbnails. So you must create custom thumbnails and add to your video instead of leaving the auto-generated thumbnails. 90% of traffic totally depends on thumbnails.

15. Eye-catching Title: The title is more important than the thumbnail, which is seen first by both the YouTube users and the search bots. Visitors look at the thumbnail only after seeing the title. The title must be eye-catching and must contain the keywords to get ranked and clicked. Surprising titles with a custom thumbnail has more chances to be watched than the unoptimized titles.

16. Create playlists: Create playlists after posting 10 or more videos to make it easier for the visitors to find the old content and to increase the chances of watching more videos to increase views and money generated by the videos.
17. Make use of online services: You can not do Everything. In such a case, you can make use of paid online services to complete simple work for you. The Fiverr is the best site for higher freelancers to get whatever services you want.

Things to do after Starting the YouTube Channel:

  • Verify your phone number to add custom thumbnails to your videos and to add videos that are over 15 minutes.
  • Add channel art, logo and thumbnails. Give a detailed title that should contain the base keywords and description which should explain your channel.
  • Add a trailer video if possible. The trailer video must be short and should explain what is your channel about.
  • Then add your first video. Proceed!
  • You can create great videos with Flexclip.

Final Words about Making Money on YouTube:

I hope now you’ve got an idea on how to start a YouTube channel to earn more money. Follow the tips and you will definitely start making tons in the future. Starting a blog is a complex process and making it big is really tougher than starting. But with YouTube, everything is user-friendly and it will be like using a social media account.

I highly recommend you to take the following course(s) where you can learn how to create, rank and earn money on YouTube from A – Z within a few days. Also, you will be instructed how to use free tools to optimize the videos, etc. If you start directly, you might get stuck every second, but that doesn’t mean you will fail.

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