The website development business like web designing, web app creation is one of the trending business in the 21st century that is proven to bring prosperity to everyone in that field. The website development business works great for people of all the levels. There are clients available in the market from least paying to highest spending for the website development. This article explains how to start the web development business from home to make the most out of the business.


How to Start website development, designing business from home

What is website development?

  • The web development is the process of developing a website based on the requirements or it is the process of providing services that involve in developing & fixing websites.
  • Developing a website includes basic designing, navigation, application, widgets etc. and supplementary process like web error fixing, adding new features to existing websites etc.
  • Different types of websites include a basic website for companies with minimum pages, the website with applications like ticket booking, e-commerce, automation process, etc., blogs that add content, and many more.
  • Though most of the best website applications and web designs are available in the form of templates at a cheap price, there are still individuals and companies who are ready to pay a lot of money custom websites.
Types of website development services offered to clients:


The web development services offered by the website development companies to the clients can be in different forms. Here are the few most provided website development services.
1. Creating a website from scratch:
  • This websites development service which has more clients than others. This service offered to the clients to develop a website from scratch based on their requirements.
  • Everything in development from scratch will be done by a web developer or by the group of web developers based on the requirements.
  • Usually, the small clients who are looking to add a website address to their business card will order for a website with few pages like contact, about, services/products, location etc. and basic design. There are many web developers in the industry who offer this services for $100.
  • Websites with application interface like booking tickets, education sites with admission, results, e-commerce processing are the large projects and it will require a big company with a dedicated team to design and develop.
  • Other website developments available are like designing blogs with unique features, single page web applications etc.
  • Creating a website from scratch is not an easy job. It requires a high level experienced individual or a team who can manage any possible requirements and fix challenging bugs.
2. Managing the websites:


  • Managing the front end and back end processes of the website for a company is a web development service where the website will be managed completely for 24 x 7 by the web developers.
  • Large companies with good revenue go for this service to hire the third-party web developers instead of having a department of their own.
  • Apart from the large companies, there are small websites who pay the developers for managing their websites free from errors.
  • Companies or even an individual who can manage websites by taking care of essential things in a timely manner will provide such services.
3. Troubleshooting website errors:


  • These services are similar to the web managing services, but the developers don’t manage website but only troubleshoot to fix errors and add features claimed by the clients.
  • Website troubleshooting is the part of the web development where these types of services are preferred by the small developers than the companies.
4. On-page SEO for websites:


  • The On-page SEO is really important for a website to get ranked in the search engines. The search engines are the important source of customers for many web companies.
  • On-page SEO services involve in the process of optimizing the on-page SEO web factors such as design, color, keywords, navigation, search console, broken errors etc.
  • Many small and large web development companies offer On-page SEO services to their clients. On-page SEO is totally different from Off-page SEO like digital marketing, link building etc.
  • This type of web services is very easier and generate high income compared to other web development services.
  • If you’re new to SEO, learn what is SEO and how to start an SEO business at home.
5. Selling website themes:


  • This is one of the profitable business where the developer should put enormous effort initially and earn recurring income from the selling web product.
  • Like clients wish to offer website development from the scratch, there are webmaster and bloggers who depend on paid templates for their websites.
  • Creating the website themes from scratch and selling the same theme for a lower price to multiple customers helps to earn money lifetime until the technology advances.

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Requirements to start a web development business:


  • To start a web development business from home, you must know each and everything web languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Php, python etc.
  • Make use of the online tutors like W3schools to learn website programming.
  • The developer should know how to create a website or managing a website based on the services he is going to choose.
  • The web developer should have the ability to troubleshoot the errors generated by the website created by other or own.
  • Novice developers need a computer at home to start the business and can expand the business later part.
  • Mostly web development business does not require any investment to start however it will not cover more money other than advertising and buying paid digital tools to start a web development company.
How to start the web development business from home:


Make use of the Freelance sites and marketplaces:
  • Both for the beginners and the advanced web developers especially for the starters, the freelance sites are the great place to find the clients who are in the need of website developers.
  • For the beginners, it is impossible to attract clients to their home, so they have to completely depend on the online marketplaces to find clients.
  • The Freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, is the place where the beginner have full freedom to display their services and deliver their promises for the price they fix.
  • Similarly, the pure freelance sites like Upwork is the great place to find the part time website developing job.
  • Freelance marketplaces help the developers to earn from $5 by fixing web errors and at the same time it can help you to find clients who pay thousands of dollars.
  • Though the freelance sites are the great source of finding clients, the competition is really high where the developer has to be unique to stand out from the crowd to succeed. Learn how to be a successful freelancer on Fiverr.
Start a web development office at home or commercial place:


  • Reluctant people will not succeed in their life. As a first step to start the web development business set up an office in your home or in a commercial place.
  • Advertising the business is really important for the starters. Make use of classified sites, CPC advertising, local banners to let the customers know about your company.
  • Starting the website development office require a good knowledge of everything related to the website development. There shouldn’t be any word called impossible when the client asks.
  • Run the business using the business name that requires to carry out the registration process and filing indirect taxes. Take care of all the procedures to make things professional.
Hope, now you got an idea about web development and business related to the website development.        

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