Cost per sale (CPS)/Pay per sale (PPS) affiliate marketing is the most advanced monetization method. Also, CPS affiliate marketing is profitable compared to CPC monetization & CPM monetization if properly used. This article will explain about CPS affiliate marketing and list top 10 best cost per sale affiliate networks to make money.


Best CPS affiliate networks

About CPS/PPS affiliate marketing:

  • Cost per sale otherwise known as pay per sale advertising methods are mostly used by mid-pro bloggers, YouTubers, social media marketers, email marketers etc. to earn commissions by selling the products & services of other companies. This process is called as Affiliate marketing and the people who do this are called as the Affiliate marketers.
  • Companies do not allow affiliate marketers to sell the product(s)/service(s) directly. Instead, this is done by a mediator called the Affiliate network.
  • An affiliate network is a website/company which is primarily made to connect the companies/advertisers to the affiliates/publishers. The companies approach the affiliate networks to list their products in their network. 
  • The affiliate network allows the affiliates to promote the product/service using the special tracking tools. When someone purchases the product/service after clicking the affiliate link/banner/tracking tool, the affiliate will be paid by the company via the affiliate network. 
  • Also, the companies will pay commission/fee to the affiliate network for helping them to connect with the potential publishers on pay per sale basis.
Essential requirements to become a CPS affiliate marketer:
  • Not everyone can sell a product/service through their blog or other sources. Only established bloggers can do CPS affiliate marketing.
  • The reason behind this is the buyer only believes on the established source(s) to know/learn about the product/service.
  • So, if you wish to become an affiliate marketer, try to make your blog a brand before promoting the products/services. The ratio of giving a sale highly differs between the branded and non-branded websites. The branded websites have high chances for giving the sale compared to the non-branded ordinary websites.
  • So, now if you’ve decided to become a PPS affiliate marketer, the best way to promote a product/service is by writing a review/making a review video. Leave your affiliate link in the middle/end of the review article/video. 
  • The affiliate must learn about the product completely before giving a review. Fake review just made to sell products will never be considered seriously and it can spoil the entire online business.
How to promote CPS offers:
  • Monetize your blog with CPC advertising and CPS advertising to increase the earnings.
  • The best way to promote CPS offers is by writing a review on the blog or making a review video on Youtube.
  • Writing free eBooks is one of the best ways to promote the CPS offers by leaving the affiliate link at the middle & end of the review.
  • Social media is a free source to promote CPS offers. However, they are not effective compared to the techniques given above.
  • Create an Android/IOS app to promote the PPS offers.
So I hope now you’ve got a clear idea about cost per sale affiliate marketing. Here are the best pay per sale (CPS/PPS) affiliate networks with best offers to make money online through the blog and other source(s).

Best cost per sale (CPS/PPS) affiliate networks to make money:

1. Clickbank:



  • Clickbank is one of the oldest CPS affiliate network which has advertisers in almost all the category. Clickbank is the one among few PPS affiliate networks which allows affiliates to promote offers through different sources other than blogs.
  • Clickbank can be called as the king of the CPS affiliate networks where we can find offers in categories like search engine optimization (SEO), fashion, food, digital products, health & fitness products, eBooks, Softwares, online courses, mobile apps, tutorials, automotive, marketing services, employment services, betting systems etc.
  • Also, some Clickbank advertisers/offers are low quality. Promoting such offers can affect the blog reputation. So, always learn about the offers completely before promoting them.
  • Clickbank is the best place to start for affiliates of all ranges. Anyone can promote Clickbank products under their terms and conditions. 
  • Clickbank offers free guides for the beginners who are all new to the affiliate marketing.
Minimum traffic requirements – No.
Other requirements – Affiliates should abide by TOS to prevent account ban.
Approval process – Individual advertiser offer approval.
Minimum payout – $10.
Payment methods – Check, Direct deposit, Wire transfer, and Payoneer.
Sign up Clickbank.
2. Rakuten Linkshare:
Rakuten Linkshare
  • Rakuten Linkshare is the best cost per sale affiliate network. Unlike the Clickbank, Rakuten LinkShare is a premium quality cost per sale affiliate program.
  • The offers listed on Rakuten LinkShare are the products and services of multinational level advertisers. So, the affiliate can expect the high commissions from this affiliate network compared to others.
  • There are a lot of advertisers available on Rakuten LinkShare in different categories including web hosting, auto products & services, financial services, fashion & design, food & drinks, electronics, departmental store, gifts, hobbies, home development, office products & services, travel services etc.
  • If you’re looking for high-quality PPS affiliate programs. Rakuten LinkShare is the best network to go on.
Minimum traffic requirement – Quality traffic.
Other requirements – Need a website to apply for the publisher account.
Approval process – Manual site verification and offer approval by advertisers.
Minimum payout – $50.
Payment methods – PayPal, Direct deposits, and Check.
Sign up Rakuten Linkshare.
3. FlexOffers:
  • FlexOffers is an emerging affiliate network and it is rated one of the top 10 affiliate networks by the affiliate and the advertisers in a survey.
  • There are over 10000+ advertisers in 100+ categories available on the FlexOffers makes it one of the largest affiliate networks in the world.
  • FlexOffers work with publishers of all sizes and pay the highest commission as possible.  
Minimum traffic requirement – Organic traffic.
Other requirements – Need a website to apply for the publisher account.
Approval process – Manual site verification and offer approval by advertisers.
Minimum payout – $100.
Payment methods – Check, PayPal, Direct deposits, and Wire transfer.
Sign up FlexOffers.
4. CJ affiliate by Conversant:
CJ affiliate
  • Conversant is an online advertising company and it is a leader in personalized digital marketing.
  • The Conversant offers two advertising solutions based on the publisher’s requirement. They are the value click media a CPM advertising network and CJ an affiliate network.
  • Previously called as Commission Junction, CJ is one of the popular affiliate network in the world next to Clickbank.
  • There are a lot of advertisers available on the CJ who pay the affiliates on pay per sale basis. Apart from cost per sale offers, few pay per lead offers can be found on CJ.
  • CJ affiliate is free and open affiliate platform where anyone can register using a simple sign up form. After signing up affiliate should browse and apply for individual offers. Advertisers will verify the publisher info before approval.
  • The main disadvantage of CJ affiliate they won’t allot any personal account manager to assist the publishers. Also, most of the time when the new publishers apply for offer approval, their applications will be automatically disapproved by the system. So, if you’re a new publisher, it’s better to skip CJ to prevent unnecessary frustration.
Minimum traffic requirement – No.
Other requirements – Need a website to apply for offers, websites should satisfy advertiser’s requirement to get approval.
Approval process – Individual advertiser offer approval.
Minimum payout – $100.
Payment methods – Wire transfer and Check.
Sign up CJ affiliate.
5. Impact Radius:
Impact Radius
  • Impact Radius is one of the best CPS affiliate network trusted by world’s largest advertisers. 
  • Impact Radius is very strict about publisher quality and they have developed best ad fraud protection to protect their advertisers from spammers.
  • Impact Radius has the best all-in-one dashboard through which the publishers can instantly access the important sections of the website.
  • When an affiliate applies for the publisher account, they will have to attend an interview call to get account approval.
  • After the approval, the affiliates should browse and submit their proposals to the interested advertisers. Qualified affiliate will get approval to use the program.
  • Impact Radius is mostly a CPS affiliate network with few PPL offers listed on it. Impact Radius offers are high paying compared to other affiliate networks.
Minimum traffic requirement – Quality traffic required.
Other requirements – Must attend interview call to explain the marketing plan, quality content, consistent branding.
Approval process – On call approval and proposal approval to promote offers.
Minimum payout – $50 (Varies based on local currency).
Payment methods – Electronic fund transfer, Check.
Sign up Impact Radius.
6. Peerfly:
  • Peerfly is the best CPA affiliate network with a lot of PPS offers, CPA offers, and PPL offers. Peerfly is awarded the best CPA affiliate network several times in the past years.
  • Peerfly works as the simplest affiliate network with strict terms and conditions to protect the advertiser’s interest. 
  • Peerfly works well on the niche blogs. Each Peerfly offer will have well designed promotional tools that are capable of generating higher EPC.
  • Peerfly approves only the best websites. So if you wish to join this affiliate network, make sure your website has quality content & site design.
  • To become an affiliate the publishers must undergo several verification processes. This is done to ensure the quality of their services.
Minimum traffic requirement – No.
Other requirements – Need a website to apply for the affiliate account.
Approval process – Mobile phone verification, Government ID verification, Manual website review, individual offer approval (selected offers).
Minimum payout – $50.
Payment methods – Postal Check, Wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer.
Sign up Peerfly.
7. Amazon Associates:
Amazon assosiates
  • Amazon Associates is the oldest pay per sale affiliate network and it is associated with the world’s largest online shopping company Amazon.com.
  • Amazon Associates pay up to 10% sale commission for each and every qualified sale. Startup affiliates will receive only 4% flat affiliate commission.
  • Anyone with a website or mobile app are eligible to apply for amazon associates account.
  • Affiliates can promote the selected products or recommended products on their website/app. 
  • Amazon associates provide various tools to help publishers to promote the products. This includes standard banner ads, Amazon recommendation widget, mobile pop over and native ads. Apart from these, the affiliate can create a custom ad to promote selected products.
  • After completing the registration and verification process, the affiliate must drive the first sale within 180 days from the date of signup. A specialist will review the account after the first sale.
Minimum traffic requirement – Quality traffic.
Other requirements – Website or Mobile app.
Approval process – Review after the first sale.
Minimum payout – $10/$100(Check).
Payment methods – Amazon gift card, Direct deposits(US), Check.
Sign up Amazon Associates.

8. Avangate:



  • Avangate is a Software-based e-commerce site and the affiliate network which pays commission for selling software and digital products such as antivirus, video editor, PC clean up & maintenance, business tools etc. through their network.
  • Avangate is the best CPS affiliate network for tech blogs, apps & websites. If you review software or recommend software & digital products on your blog, you can join Avangate to make more money.
  • Over 4000 leading advertisers advertise their products on Avangate to sell their products across the world. Affiliates can make use of this opportunity to earn money by recommending the best digital products to their visitors.
Minimum traffic requirement – No.
Other requirements – Website required to apply for an account.
Approval process – Manual site review.
Minimum payout – $100.
Payment methods – Wire transfer, Check, PayPal, Avangate MasterCard.
Sign up Avangate.
9. ShareASale:
  • Shareasale is a popular affiliate network. The advertisers of ShareASale offers a variety of commission types like CPS, CPL, CPA and CPC.
  • ShareASale has advertisers from different categories including fashion, games, business, home & garden, education, food & drink, sports, online marketing, website development tools, etc.
  • Every affiliate account will be reviewed prior to approval. If you wish to signup as an affiliate use the custom email ID instead of free email ID to make the reviewer consider you as a serious publisher.
Minimum traffic requirement – No.
Other requirements – Need a website which should be in English, No PPC marketing, incentive marketing.
Approval process – Manual website review and offer approval by advertisers.
Minimum payout – $50.
Payment methods – Check, ACH direct deposits.
Sign up  – ShareASale.
10. eBay partner network:
ebay partner network
  • eBay partner program is exactly similar to the Amazon Associates. eBay is a popular e-commerce site like Amazon.com.
  • eBay partner program allows the affiliate to earn commission by selling the eBay products.
  • Affiliate will receive a double commission for the first three months on eBay partner affiliate program.
Minimum traffic requirement – No.
Other requirements – Need a website to get account approval.
Approval process – One time site verification.
Minimum payout – $25.

Payment methods – Check and ACH direct deposit.

Sign up eBay partner network.

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