Best Refer A Friend Program to Earn by Referring Friends to Sites

Refer a Friend program provides a reliable opportunity to earn money online by referring friends. Speaking about reliability, some people make even six-figure income through referral programs. If you’re looking for the opportunity to create passive income via referral marketing, you’re in the right place. In this article, I will share you how to make the most out of the sites with referral programs and list out the best refer a friend site(s) to earn thousands of dollars putting minimum efforts.

Speaking about referring a friend program, it doesn’t mean that you should only have to refer your friends. You earn money by marketing the referral link or using referral codes for mobile apps to refer anyone provided you must follow the anti-spamming policy and by following ethical marketing techniques.

What is Refer A Friend Program?

The Refer a Friend program works on a simple concept. When a person(referee) refers to a friend or someone to the program, the newcomer will be considered as the referral of the person(referee).

Based on the referral terms, the referee would receive the referral commission whenever the referral completes an action.

How does referral program works

Few referral programs like cost per action will pay only a onetime commission for referring the friend instead of offering a lifetime commission.

But in most of the cases, the referee will receive a referral commission for the entire lifetime for every action made by the referral program.

Various Types of Referral Programs Explained:

Recurring Commission – This type of referral program is the most common type of referral program available online which open to all the users. Here, you will get referral commissions for the lifetime whenever the user completes an action.

The GPT sites and PTC sites are the best examples for providing recurring commission from referrals. When you register an account on these sites, they will allocate a unique referral link or a referral code. All you have to do is promote the referral link to refer people to these sites. When the referral does something such as complete survey, tasks, you will receive 10% to 100% referral commission.

Pay Per Lead – The Pay Per Lead is an advanced referral program, where only the established publishers will be allowed to take part in their program. Mostly, you must own a relevant website or a blog with an authentic traffic source to become part of the pay per lead referral programs.

Speaking about the Pay Per Lead programs, they pay a onetime commission when you refer a person to the program. Unlike the type mentioned above, where the sites themselves maintain the referral program, the pay per lead programs are the third party affiliate programs with strict fraud prevention policies.

The Pay Per Lead referral programs will be very helpful for the people who’re looking to make a lot of money within the shortest period. But be advised that you must work continuously to generate maximum leads.

Multi-Level Referrals – While the methods mention above only pay referral commission for the level – 1 referral, i.e. the direct referrals. There are few programs which pay even for the indirect referrals, i.e. the referral’s referral.

In this kind of program, you can earn a referral commission from up to five tier referrals. However, the safest number would be two to three levels max, since there are chances that the sites with over two to three tiers are mostly a scam. So, look out for the sites that provide scam free online jobs.

You can find the list of legit multi-level referral programs below to work initially to build a strong direct downline. Let your direct referrals will take care of the rest!

List of Various Referral Programs to earn money by referring:

Find the list of referring a friend program under different niche. Just click the link given under the programs or sites with referral programs, sign up, find your referral link, and promote the link to earn money by referring.

Rewards Program:

The rewards programs are simple online earning sites that pay the users for completing micro tasks, offers, and various simple jobs. Almost all the rewarding sites will have a referral program. These kinds of referral programs are open to any user around the world. Just sign up and grab your referral link to start earning money by referring people.

1. Ysense:

The Ysense is the largest rewarding programs in the world with a reliable referral program. Earn up to 30% by referring people to Clixsense.

Whenever the referral completes a survey, micro job, or cash offer, your account will be credited with the referral commission. The more active referrals you have, the more you can earn.

Besides a 30% referral commission, you will receive conditional pay per lead of $2 whenever the new referral earns $5.

The Clixsense referral program is available worldwide except for China.

On reaching the minimum payout threshold of $10, you can request cashout via Payoneer, Skrill, Tango Card, or Check(USA & Canada users).

Sign up today Clixsense.

2. Ojooo Wad:

Ojooo wad is a reliable mobile compatible paid to click site that offers 2 – level referral program the earners and direct referral commission from the advertising sales.

Earn up to 50% referral commission from paid to click tasks. Besides, you will receive up to 30% for advertisement sales.

If you’re the one toiling to make referrals but can’t make any, Ojooo wad has got the privilege of membership option for getting referrals for free.

Besides direct referrals, there is an option to rent referrals for money. In case if you find it hard to refer people using your referral link, you may rent referrals instead of earning ref commission.

Ojooo still is one of the best internet companies where you can earn money by renting referrals.

While Ojooo accepts the incoming payments via credit card & Debit cards, they process the payments to either Bitcoin Wallet or Ethereum Wallet.

Sign up today Ojooo Wad.

3. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is one of the most established rewarding programs in top tier countries. They are expanding their program to Europe, Asia-Pacific, and other regions.

The Swagbucks referral program is very simple. Earn a 10% referral commission whenever your referral completes a survey, offers, and tasks.

The SB can be redeemed for cash rewards via PayPal or the SB can be redeemed for the gift cards of major brands, such as, Facebook gift cards, Walmart, Target, Steam, Google PlayStore, Flipkart, etc.

Earn 400 SB flat for each potential referral in addition to 10% lifetime referral commission and also 100 SB bonus when your referral installs the SwagButton addon.

Sign up today Swagbucks.

4. Get-Paid:

Get-paid is one of the oldest online rewarding sites with a reliable 2 – level referral program.

Earn a flat 30% referral commission from level – 1 referral and get 10% additional referral commission from the level – 2 referrals by achieving the Diamond status level.

Unlock your full potential by increasing the XP, the referral actions would also be considered for XP.

With $5 minimum payout, pay the users via PayPal, Western Union, Bitcoin, or you can also choose to redeem your earnings for gift vouchers, iTunes gift cards, Starbucks, Walmart, JC Penny, Target, EUR Paysafe card.

Sign up today

5. InstaGC:

InstaGC is again a well-known rewarding program on the internet that pays for completing OfferWall offers, watching videos, etc.

Get 10 points for each user referred from one of these countries US, UK, CA, and AU. And earn a flat 10% referral commission by referring users all around the world.

InstaGC pays through PayPal. In addition to PayPal, there are thousands of payment options on InstaGC. Just check out the InstaGC payments section to find the options available in your country.

Be advised that InstaGC will allow you to complete registration only if you can link to verified PayPal account.

Sign up today InstaGC.

Survey Panels:

The survey panels are the online market research programs that pay the users for giving the opinion about the products and services. A lot of surveys sites have got a reliable referral program. Here is the list of the few best survey referral programs.

6. LifePoints:

When it comes to online surveys, Lifepoints can be called a reliable option to take surveys. LifePoints send more survey invitations than other survey panels.

The LifePoints referral program is available in the selected region where they accept membership registrations.

In the case of cash, withdraw earnings via PayPal and check out the LifePoints to find other options available in your country.

Sign up today LifePoints.

7. Toluna:

Toluna is the best survey site in the world that pays the survey takers for answering the surveys and taking part in some premium research programs.

The Toluna referral program is available in selected geographic locations.

Refer friends to Toluna and earn free referral commission whenever the referral completes a survey. The referral terms vary based on your region.

Toluna pays cash to its users via PayPal and Check. In case of the gift cards, you may redeem the Toluna points for, iTunes, Steam, BestBuy, Flipkart, Nykaa, Hulu, etc.

Sign up today Toluna.

8. YouGov:

Earn a flat 200 points by referring your friends to YouGov. During the promotion period, YouGov may pay up to 400 points. The referral commission is equivalent to $2 to $4 per referral.

YouGov is well known for simple and quick surveys, so the chances of converting the mere user into potential referrals are high.

Based on your location, we can redeem YouGov points for PayPal cash, Western Union money transfer, free Paytm cash, and many more options.

Sign up today YouGov.

9. Paid ViewPoint:

The Paid ViewPoint panel accepts user registration from almost all the countries. If you could not find the survey panel in your country, you may try Paid ViewPoint panel.

They pay a flat 10% referral commission to the users up to $25. The Paid ViewPoint VIP membership is a private network of top referral. Make sure to join that VIP builder by making more referrals.

Paid ViewPoint users need a minimum of $15 account balance to receive payments to their PayPal account.

Sign up today Paid ViewPoint.

10. Opinion World:

Opinion World is one of the largest survey panels in the world, with users spread all around the Globe. Enjoy taking surveys in your mother language and receive customized rewards specifically available in your region.

The Opinion World panel has a referral program in selected regions. Earn commission by referring your friends to the Opinion World Panel.

This is the best mobile survey site, means the users can take surveys directly using the mobile phone.

Sign up today Opinion World.

Cashback Programs:

11. Cashkaro (India):

Cashkaro is the best cashback sites in India helps millions of users to save money while they shop on online sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Swiggy, Zomato, Domino, Netmeds, MakeMyTrip, Oyo, and over 1500+ brands.

Save money on food, Electronics, Wardrobe, Mobile Phone, Groceries, Recharge, Medicine, Books, Hotels Booking, Tickets, etc.

Cashkaro has got a cool referral program for all the users. Indian users can make a 10% referral commission for a lifetime on Cashkaro.

Even if you couldn’t make any potential referrals, you may refer to your close friends who make online purchases to make a decent monthly income.

Join the Cashkaro WhatsApp group to get instant updates on offers and other info that can help you save the most.

Just by referring 10 people to Cashkaro, you can earn enough money for the monthly Groceries for free.

The Cashkaro users can redeem their rewards for Amazon Pay balance and the cashback can be withdrawn directly to the bank account NEFT.

Sign up today Cashkaro.

12. MyPoints(US, UK & CA):

MyPoints is owned by the same company that runs Swagbucks, Prodege LLC. Since 1996 it’s one of the best cashback sites in the USA, helped people to save millions of dollars while shopping.

They’ve partnered with over 2000 huge brands including Expedia, Amazon, Kohls, BestBuy, Macy’s, Walmart, eBay, Groupon, HSN,, etc.

Enjoy up to 40% cashback only on MyPoints. Get a free Welcome gift card immediately after the signup.

The MyPoints referral program is very impressive where you will get $20 instantly when the referral makes the first purchase.

Also, earn a 10% commission for the lifetime whenever your referral earns cashback.

Redeem your points for cash rewards via PayPal, Visa prepaid card and gift cards in the latter part.

Sign up today MyPoints.

13. Rakuten(Former EBates):

Ebates now Rakuten is also an established cashback site covering more locations in the world. Get up to 40% cash back at over 2500 stores.

New users get a $10 Walmart gift card or $10 Ebates cash bonus based on the preferences.

They pay a flat $25 referral commission for every potential person referred to their site.

Sign up today Rakuten.

Link Shorteners:

These are the reliable URL shortener sites with the best referral programs where you can earn money by referring new users.


The most exclusive site when it comes to link shortening is You can earn money by shortening link and sharing it on blogs, social media, etc. For every valid view, they pay money. also got an additional way to earn money, i.e. mining cryptocurrency. Use their free miner app to make money using your idle CPU power.

Now coming back to the referral program, has got two referrals within itself.

The first referral program allows the users to earn money by sharing the mining referral link and earn 3% commission for 3 months of the period.

The second potential referral program allows users to earn a 20% referral commission for a lifetime from Link shortener earnings.

Get paid via PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Check, etc.

Sign up

Referral Programs for Webmasters:

These refer a friend program are only for webmasters. These programs might have an approval process before getting access to the Referral link or the referral code.

While Google Adsense referral program was shut down previously, there are now a lot of advertising platforms with a decent referral program.

If you’re a webmaster or if you own a website/mobile app, you may sign up and make use of their referral program to earn money referring friends and third party users.

15. Adsterra:

Adsterral is the best CPM ad network with the highest eCPM rates in the industry.

By using their refer a friend program, you can make a decent amount of money every month.

Destroyer pays the publishers via PayPal, Bitcoin, Paxum, Bank Wire, WebMoney.

Sign up Adsterra.

16. Infolinks:

Infolinks is one of the best CPC advertising platform available for webmasters with a low traffic website(s).

With over 5 interesting ad formats, including InScreen, InFold, InFrame, InTag, Intext ads that aren’t available in other ad networks, Infolinks stands as a unique advertising network on the internet.

If you can become an Infolinks publisher, you may make use of their referral program to earn 10% commission from the referral earnings for a year.

Sign up Infolinks.

17. Adscend Media:

Adscend Media is a CPA affiliate network available for the publishers with blog, games, and apps.

The OfferWall app helps the publishers to monetize the app and rewards program with ease.

By referring friends to Adscend Media, earn a flat 5% referral commission for a lifetime.

Sign up Adscend Media.

18. RevenueHits:

The RevenueHits is a unique advertising network with multiple ad models makes it one of the best hybrid advertising network in the world.

With multiple ad formats like banner, popunder, 158 x 21, footer, floating banner, mobile interstitial, shadow box, slider, topbar, and mobile dialog, RevenueHits is a very reliable website that can help the publishers generate thousands of dollars per month.

In addition to publisher features, RevenueHits has got an awesome referral program to earn money by referring new publishers and advertisers to their site.

Earn a maximum of 10% referral commission by referring new publishers to their advertising program.

The best thing about RevenueHits is that the publisher’s website(s) will be approved instantly.

Sign up RevenueHits.

Data entry sites:

These are some data entry sites with the referral program.

19. 2Captcha:

2Captcha is the best captcha job provider sites in the world with millions of workers doing a data entry job.

Refer to your friends and people who look to earn money online without investment and earn 10% referral commission for the lifetime.

Receive your earnings as Bitcoin, Ethereum or via Webmoney, Yandex Money, etc.

The minimum payout is just $1. So, if you’re looking out for some quick money, go for 2Captcha.

Sign up 2Captcha.

20. Kolotibablo:

Kolotibablo is the site similar to the 2Captcha which pays the users for doing simple data entry jobs.

They pay about 10% referral commission from all the active referrals for life.

Get paid via Bitcoin Wallet, Ethereum, Litecoin, Yandex Money, and Advcash.

Sign up Kolotibablo.

Referral Program Ideas:

Best referral programs sites

Hope, you’d have got various ideas on online Refer a friend program(s) in different categories of internet services.

Just try all and find which one works best for you. Feel free to check out the ideas on the best ways to make referrals. Also, if you’re a Yahoo Answer or Quora user, then learn how to use Yahoo Answers to make referrals for free.

If you’re a professional like webmaster, go for the advanced referral programs that are very potential to generate passive income.

Feel free to leave your comments to share your views and if you need help in choosing the potential referral program (s) to make money based on your profile.

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