Recent survey shows that freelancers prefer offline part time jobs compared to online part time jobs for various reasons like online jobs are not reliable, more scams, hard to get hired due to competition etc. Inversely, offline part time jobs are very easy to find especially on tier – 1 countries like USA, UK and they are very reliable with fixed salary. Without proper knowledge it will be very hard to find an offline part time job. In this article you can learn how to find an offline freelance jobs in your local area without investment i.e. without spending a penny as registration fees.


Offline part time

About offline part time job:

  • Any work done without accessing computer or smartphone with internet connection is called as offline work. While we work part time to earn money it is called as offline part time job.
  • This job can be like working on offices, stores, companies even at home with or without a computer.

Advantages of offline part time jobs:
  • There are several benefits on working offline and the first advantage is that we are less vulnerable of getting cheated. Most of the online companies are scams and it is not that much easy to take legal actions against them as local laws does not apply on internet in some cases.
  • Offline jobs are mostly reliable as the salary you get will be fixed when clients hire you. So, you can plan your expenses ahead.
  • There are several offline part time jobs available on various fields compared to the few that are available online.
  • Tons of offline jobs are available for both educated and uneducated job seekers. 
  • Your educational qualification will be taken into account when you apply for offline job. Every one from grade – 1 to phd can get an offline job according to their qualification. 
  • Part time jobs are available in various shifts and timing. You can choose your own timing based on your requirement. 
  • Also there are companies which pays even on hourly basis to the workers.
How to find offline part time jobs on internet:
  • It is very hard to find a offline part time job with and without the help of internet. And in most cases you need to be referred by someone to get hired.
  • There are lots of unknown sources on internet to find these kind of jobs and snagajob is the best one helping job seekers to find hourly and part time jobs for years.
  • Snagajob is one of the world’s largest freelance work provider. Where thousands of new jobs are posted everyday and anybody can apply to any job listed for free of cost. There is no need to pay registration fees to snagajob as a job seeker.
  • Both simple and complex jobs will be listed on snagajob with terms and conditions mentioned. You’re free to apply to the job if your profile completely fits their terms.
  • These are few simple part time jobs listed on snagajob for uneducated job seekers house keeping, cashier, driving, assistant works, delivery jobs, baby sitting, electrician, plumber, hair stylist, data entry, departmental stores, industry works etc.
  • These are some examples of jobs listed for professionals banker, data analyst, customer support, technical support, sales assistance, data entry, nursing, marketing, designing, beauty technician etc.

Part time driving job in USA:
  • This job is available only for the US residents. Click the image given below to join UBER, the world’s best part time driving job provider.
Click here to apply

How to apply for a job:
  • Just follow these simple steps to apply for part time job.
  • First you’ve to create an account on snagajob. You can find here the instructions to join snagajob.
  • After signing up, click browse jobs to start the search. Snagajob will display filters to find job. Just choose position to browse targeted jobs or click use find by categories filter.
Finding part time job
  • The relevant jobs will be listed in order. Open the job title to see the terms mentioned by the employer. If you qualify for that job, click apply.
Hourly job listed on snagajob
  • The above image will give you an idea how to apply for the hourly job. After applying wait until your application is processed. You will receive a mail with few days about your application approval.
  • If your application is approved you will receive instructions to start the work.
Use find by location filter to find local jobs:
Find by location
  • Snagajob provides an excellent tool to find local jobs very easily. It will be very helpful to search local job by city and state. Don’t forget to use this tool if you’re looking for a job next to your home.
Tips to get hired:
  • Try to apply more than one relevant job to increase the chances of getting hired.
  • Since this is a offline part time job, you might be asked to attend interview in case if it is necessary. So, be prepared to face interview.
  • Incase there is no live interview there will be a telephone interview or interview by mail. Just try to answer them politely to increase show them you’re reliable person for the job. You should take time to fill the answers if you’re asked questions through mail. Not long and not too short, answer them perfect.
  • You should ask questions back to the employer to show you’re potential. Don’t stay polite.

Final words:

Hope you’ve got an idea on how to find a offline part time job and get hired by a employer successfully. Finding an hourly job cannot be more easier than this. If you want more information about finding a job on snagajob – click here.
You can join both snagajob and to find part time job. 
Click here to join – Snagajob.
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