How to Find Online Ad Posting Jobs Without Investment and Registration Fees

Online Ad posting is a legitimate online job and it can be also called a copy-paste job. Ad posting is a simple job that even a kid who knows how to operate a PC can do it. As a freelancer, student, housewife working part time under a client with a good reputation, one can earn a reasonable amount of money every day doing Ad Posting jobs.

While Ad Posting jobs are very easy, the downside of this job is that it’s not a reliable online job you can depend on. It’s just like a task-based work through which you can make a few bucks upon completion.

Instead of looking for the Ad Posting jobs, you can try the simpler yet reliable versions like online micro jobs, online survey jobs, etc. Besides, if you have some skills, you may work for clients as a freelancer via freelancer sites such as Fiverr.

Now coming back, to get an online ad posting job you need no registration fees, so join and start working on ad posting sites without investment.

Ad posting jobs

About Ad Posting Job:

Posting ads on free ad classified sites is called an ad posting here. Classified sites allow people to post their ad(s) free of cost to advertise their products and services. It can be anything like selling household things, electronics, hiring part-time & full-time workers, real estate ads, digital products & services, remote jobs, etc.

Working for the clients to post ads on the classified sites on behalf of them is indirectly called an ad posting job. While it’s easy, matters nothing big, this job needs some professionalism since it can make the ad posting worker a spammer.

Ad posting sites have the technology to detect spammer and spam ads. So, you must ignore the spam ads and post other types of ads with caution so that it doesn’t get marked as spam. It’s simple jobs like Ad posting, paid to read, form filling jobs are prone to spam.

How and why sites pay for Posting Ads?

Ad posting job sites pays a negligible amount of money whenever the worker posts an ad and confirms it. They pay workers for posting their ads on classified sites. The more the ads are posted, the more the worker can earn.

Ad posting sites will send the ads to be posted through e-mail or sometimes the ads will be listed on the dashboard. The worker must post ads on the listed ad posting sites or the classified sites they explored with good traffic.

While few ad posting sites advertise themselves, most of the sites act as a mediator asking workers to post the clients’ ads. The site admin will monitor the accuracy of the work daily to maintain the quality of their services.

Ad Posting Jobs vs Ad Clicking Jobs:

Ad posting job differs from the ad clicking jobs. Ad clicking jobs are available on the paid to click sites which pay for viewing webpages of the advertisers. In simple, they pay for clicking and viewing ads.

With ad posting jobs, we’ll have to post the advertiser’s ad on the classified sites.

While few say that ad posting jobs are fake, ad clicking jobs are legitimate if we work on trusted PTC sites.

Pros and Cons of Ad Posting Jobs:


  • Ad posting is a very simple process. Just copy-paste the details given in the fields. So this is one of the best part-time jobs for students, housewives, and people who don’t have technical knowledge.
  • By getting hired in a company or by a client with an authentic project, you can enjoy the work and earn money at the same time.


  • While there are a few advantages, there are several cons to be taken into consideration. Most of the ad posting sites are scams that will ask us to pay registration fees to work on their site. There is no single reason for the job provider site to ask for registration fees from the workers because they are already earning part of the money from clients and workers.
  • Posting the same ad somewhere on the internet is considered spamming. There are chances for your IP to be blacklisted as an internet spammer.
  • As we do the same work repeatedly, ad posting can be stressful work.
  • Very less pay for doing such stressful work.
  • There are high chances of getting cheated if we work on sites with a poor reputation.

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How to do Ad Posting Work | Example of Online Ad Posting Jobs:

Online ad posting is very simple that anyone with basic browsing knowledge can do it. Go to the classified site listed and click post ads.

How to do online ad posting jobs

The client will give the data that has to be entered on the ad posting site in case of a regular ad posting job.

Sometimes, it is the job of the worker to post ad accordingly on reputable sites if clients pay per lead. Only advanced and most experienced online marketers will get this type of contract.

Now the worker must copy-paste the data given by the client in each relevant field.

Then after the ad must be checked for error one last time. In the end, the submit button has to be clicked.

The top ad posting site will publish ads only after approval. This is done to prevent spammers.

The same process has to be continued by several classified ad posting sites to earn more.

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How to Find Legitimate Ad Posting Job?

Searching Google for an online ad posting job is a waste of time because most of the sites will lead us directly to scamming pitfalls.

We can find legitimate ad posting jobs on freelance marketplace sites. Every freelance site will have a search filter. We must make use of it to find the ad posting job easily.

Type ad posting on the search bar or click the ad posting tag. All the newly posted ad posting jobs will appear on the search results like the one shown below.

Ad posting jobs example

Click on the title of the job to read the terms given by the client. If you feel that you’re fit for the job, just click apply or submit a proposal.

After verifying your profile, the clients will hire you based on pay per post or pay per lead or hourly pay.

Quality clients will pay more than a dollar for an ad post, which is the great pay. But, they expect certain quality and experience in internet marketing.

Here are some Best Freelance Sites to find jobs:



Are Ad Posting Jobs Reliable?

From my point of view, Ad posting jobs are not a reliable option to make money online. It will not help you improve your skills. You may find other alternatives to earn money in part time, such as Amazon mTurk.

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