Mobile Survey Apps to take Surveys Earn Money using Smartphone

While most of the internet users have shifted to mobile devices, the traffic has seen an enormous drop on desktop devices over the past years. This change has put all the web-based companies to develop their websites and apps compatible with mobile devices. Paid survey companies have also adapted to this change by developing mobile survey sites and mobile survey apps to stay up to date in order to help the survey takers to earn money using their smartphones and to increase their reach in the market research industry.

If you’re the one looking for the best mobile survey sites to earn money using your smartphones, here are few survey panels to consider that work great for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile phone & tablet users. These survey panel companies have optimized their website to be a mobile, responsive standard in order to make the survey takers work directly on mobile browsers with ease. Some of these survey sites also developed the mobile survey app(s) to help the survey takers gain one-touch access to paid surveys and maintain their accounts, payments, affiliates, etc.

Best Mobile Survey apps to Make Money using Smartphones:

These are the top 10 legit survey apps to make money using your mobile phone. You can also check out the full list of best paid surveys sites that work great across all the devices.

1. Toluna:

Toluna Mobile survey app

Toluna surveys work great on mobile devices since all the Toluna surveys are fully mobile responsive. It’s very easy to answer the mobile responsive surveys as it is specially designed in such a way that we can answer the questions on the smartphone with ease.

Toluna tracks the device used to answer the survey to automatically fit the screen based on the device. While desktop users have a full view, mobile users can find the survey fit the mobile phone viewport, making it easier to read and answer the survey in the fastest possible time to earn more money.

Now coming back to mobile survey app, Toluna has developed the survey app for Android & iPhone devices. You can share your opinion, connect people, answer polls, vote, discover new ideas using the Toluna surveys mobile app.

Redeem your Points for the gift cards of major brands like, Steam, Walmart, BestBuy, Flipkart, iTunes, Facebook, Google Play and more. Also, you can convert the points for PayPal cash or cash by check.

Registration link Toluna.

2. YouGov:

YouGov Mobile

YouGov is an elite survey panel that works great across all the internet-connected devices, including smartphones and tablets. Earn up to $5 for taking normal surveys and up to $200 for participating in premium studies.

This survey panel is very well known for its high paying surveys and reliable payment options like Western Union, Paytm cash besides PayPal, Check. YouGov surveys will be very simple, topic relevant, which suits the general audience.

Unlike other mobile survey sites, YouGov surveys are mostly based on daily life, which will be pretty interesting. Since most of the surveys are on life-based topics, the screenout chances are very less. This is great news for the general group of community while other mobile survey panels reward only the professional.

We can maintain YouGov surveys and the user account using the mobile browser. The YouGov Sada app available on PlayStore and AppStore is a new initiative that helps us to understand what the world thinks.

Registration Link YouGov.

3. MobileXpression:

MobileXpression for Android, iPhone, Tablet, and iPad

The MobileExpression is specially made for the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, and Tablet users to earn rewards using mobile phone by participating in the research.

Speaking about the research, you don’t have to take any surveys or spend time inside the app like other surveys app. All you have to do is download the app to your mobile phone and keep it installed for at least 30 days to earn free rewards of up to $20 at the end based on your Geo-location.

You actually help MobileXpression to improve the internet by letting know the usage of the smartphone and mobile internet.

After the minimum installation period of a week to a month, the MobileXpression user will automatically receive the gift cards of any of these brands based on preferences. Amazon, Walmart, Jabong e-Vouchers.

You might have to sign up by clicking the link given below in order to get the link to download the MobileXpression app and receive rewards without delay.

Registration Link MobileXpression Android.

4. Nielsen Mobile Panel:

Nilsen mobile panel

Nielsen is one of the most dominating research companies in the world. They’re the one who dominate research on Social Media, TV shows, Mobile phones, and a lot more.

You could become a part of Nielsen’s research, influencing the research and development process in various industries.

Now it is possible for the smartphone users to be part of Nielsen mobile panel by downloading the Nielsen mobile app. You help Nielsen share the internet by helping them to understand the usage of Smartphones, Tablets, Kindle. The survey software is also available for the PC computer.

By downloading and running the Nielsen app on your mobile, you can earn $50 on a yearly basis and win up to $10000 every month.

Pass the simple screen out the survey to download the Nielsen app on your mobile phone. Once installed, keep the app installed for minimum required days to get the reward.

Registration Link Nielsen.

5. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks Mobile

While Swagbucks allows user registration in most of the countries, Swagbucks mobile app works great for people from tier-1 countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and European countries.

The Swagbucks mobile app is available for both Android and Apple mobile phones. The Swagbucks mobile app can be used to earn money online by taking surveys, shopping online, answering the poll, searching online, watching videos, etc. So, Swagbucks helps us to both save money by earning cashback and earn money by taking surveys using the mobile at the same time.

Swagbucks users can find hundreds of high paying Gold surveys every day in their account based on the profile. Average users earn more than 500SB by taking surveys. So, don’t forget to complete your profile once you join Swagbucks. A complete profile will ensure that you’ll receive more opportunities to take surveys.

Once your account balance reaches a minimum of $5, get paid via PayPal or redeem your SB for gift cards of Amazon, Walmart, Target, Google Play, eBay, Facebook, Steam, etc.

Registration Link Swagbucks

6. iSay:

i-Say mobile surveys

Ipsos i-Say is an online survey reward community that collects opinions from you to influence the products and services. The new i-Say mobile app helps you to take surveys anywhere, anytime to earn rewards.

By downloading the survey app, you get the chance to access exclusive mobile surveys. Get instant notifications on your mobile phone when surveys are available. Grab the opportunity before any other does it.

Besides surveys, you can vote and create a poll using the mobile app. Check your points balance and redeem your points for rewards that are just right for you.

Registration Link i-Say.

7. Life Points:

Lifepoints Mobile panel

LifePoints is the survey panel you must consider if you’re looking for a minimum of at least a few survey invitations per day. It is the merged product of the previous top survey site, the Global Test Market and MySurveys. Join the community of 500K community members to take surveys and make the most.

The LifePoints surveys are fully mobile-optimized, which means it will be very easy to answer the survey using a touch screen. So, it can be considered as the best mobile survey sites in the world.

LifePoints surveys pay are decent compared to the industry average where you can except up to $0.50 for quick surveys and up to $2 on average for long surveys. LifePoints is also well known to send invitations for premium surveys that pay more than $10 based on the study.

The LifePoints app has been discontinued since they have developed a super optimized website for mobile. So, you can directly take care of your account using a mobile browser instead of looking for the survey app download.

Registration Link LifePoints.

8. OpinionWorld:

Opinion World Mobile surveys

OpinionWorld QuickThoughts™ mobile app is the application to take easy quick surveys and earn rewards. OpinionWorld is one of the very few survey panels that offer a wide range of reward options based on the location in your local currency.

Also, Opinion World is the most customized survey panel available in local languages, while other survey panels depend only on English and other few major languages.

Take surveys on your mobile phone, collect badges, and enjoy other essential features by becoming the part of Opinion World community.

Registration link Opinion World.

9. Savvy Connect:

Savvy connect app

SavvyConnect® by SurveySavvy is available for Android and iPhone users. It delivers surveys at your fingertips and their VIP program uses innovative technology to analyze the web surfing data.

While SavvyConnect continues to improve the internet and web-based industries, you can earn cash rewards.

Just by installing the app in the internet-connected device(s), the US residents can earn a free $15 cash and the UK residents can earn £15 per month.

SurveySavvy processes the payments only through Check. The minimum payout is just $1. So as soon as you complete the first survey, get your first paycheck delivered to your address.

Registration Link Survey Savvy.

10. Ysense:

Ysense mobile app

Ysense is the best Get paid to the site in the World that pays for taking surveys, completing offers on OfferWalls, micro jobs, watching videos, listening to Radio and more. Ysense is 100% mobile, responsive i.e. you can take surveys using the mobile phone with ease.

While Ysense works great on the mobile browsers, Ysense mobile app remains a dream and soon it might be available for the users.

The great thing about Ysense is they accept members from almost all parts of the Globe. Except around a minimum of 100 surveys per day if you’re from top countries. In order to minimize the odds of getting screened out, make sure your profile remains up to date.

Complete at least two surveys per day to earn an extra 16% daily bonus and also earn up to $200 by entering the weekly tasks contest.

Get paid via PayPal. Payoneer, Skrill, Tango Card, Amazon gift card and Check. The minimum payout is just $10!

Registration link Ysense.

About Taking Paid Surveys using Mobile Phone:

Previously, we used to take paid surveys on desktop or laptop using mouse and keyboard to answer the survey questions. Now it is possible to take surveys on all the mobile phone devices, especially on the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones & tablets.

Using the mobile phone, the survey taker can answer the survey just by touching in the case of selection based questions and can use the phone keyboard to type in the case if directed to give some personalized opinion.

Few survey panels have developed the mobile survey app to take surveys directly on the surveys app. Some of those survey apps can be only used to maintain the account and get the notifications & invitations to take surveys. We can only answer the surveys on mobile browsers in such cases.

How to Download Survey Mobile Apps:

Mobile survey apps

I listed the list of best mobile survey sites below. You can either use the survey sites to take surveys directly using the mobile browser after registration or you can choose to download the mobile survey app upon availability.

To download the survey mobile app, click the registration link given under the survey panel(s) listed below and register an account using your email ID.

Once the registration is complete, you can download the app either from their website* or you can go to the Google Play Store/Apple App Store to download the survey app.

Get into the app and log into your account to activate the app. Use your login credentials to log into the survey app. Now you’re all set to make money by taking surveys on the Mobile phone.

These are the top 10 best mobile survey sites and apps to make money taking surveys on the mobile phone. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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