10 Best OfferWall Ad Networks for App Monetization

Best Offerwall app ad networks – While the sale based affiliate marketing was ruling the affiliate industry for decades, the rise of all new Performance-based affiliate programs can be noticed since the late 2000s. These performance-based affiliate networks created campaigns that are different from regular ad networks which are purely based on action. Most of the top ad networks introduced a tool called Offerwall that took performance-based affiliate marketing to the next level improving the conversion rates up to 3 times. Also, the Offerwall enabled a new way to monetize the apps and mobile games. This article lists the top ad networks for app monetization with Offerwall SDK features and explains how to use the Offerwall to earn more money and lists the best Offerwalls apps in the industry.

Offerwall app monetization

About OfferWall ad networks:
  • The Offerwall is a special tool created by CPA affiliate networks to automatically monetize the web page(s) to the user and to increase the conversion rate.
  • When the user enters the Offerwall, it will track the demographics of the user and will display the list of best performing offers for the user to complete.
  • The Offerwalls are mostly installed in rewarding sites and games which reward free in-game purchases for completing the offers.
  • Most CPA ad networks have SDK, iFrame, Javascript API tool to install the Offerwall on their website, app or game.
  • The Offerwalls are customizable where the publisher can edit the appearance, offer restrictions etc. With proper customization, the publishers can increase the CR up to 100%.

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List of OfferWall app Networks for Monetization

Here is the list of best Ad networks that has Offerwall feature to monetize apps, games, and other rewarding websites. I’ve worked with several Offerwall ad networks and listed the best out of all those Offerwalls.

1. Adscend Media:Adscend Media offerwall ad network to earn more money monetizing app
  • When it comes to OfferWall, I will definitely vote Adscend Media as the best OfferWall. Adscend Media is one of the pioneers of creating Offerwall tool.
  • The thing that makes the Adscend Media Offerwall best is the number of quality offers distributed over ten categories.
  • The Adscend Media Offerwall has a good design for the best user experience. This ensures that there will be at least one click for per impression and possibly better conversion rate based on the app it is installed.
  • The main category in Adscend Media is the paid survey. However, offers can be found in categories like free trials, downloads, shopping, opt-in offers, subscriptions, sign-ups, mining etc.
  • The one more thing that makes the Adscend Media the best and reliable is the video offers. Their Engageme.tv and Smores.tv offers for users from tier-1 countries helps them to earn more and at the same time, the publishers can hope for some conversions on daily basis.
  • Other than Offerwall ads Adscend Media has got many interesting tools including locker, banners, plugins, API etc.
  • Overall the Adscend Media is the best affiliate network to use in your app for best user experience and conversions. If you would like to read more in detail about Adscend Media, here is the article – Adscend Media review.

Requirements – Need an app or website to get approved.

Minimum payout – $50.

Payout frequency – Net30.

Payment methods – PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Check and ACH.

Requirements – Need an App or a Website to get approval.

Registration AdscendMedia.

2. Wannads:
Wannds Offerwall app
  • The Wannads is one of the best Offerwall ad networks that allows the publishers to promote their offers using their Offerwall tool.
  • Unlike AdscendMedia, where the campaigns can be promoted individually using the link of the offer, the Wannads do not provide access to individual campaigns.
  • The publisher can only promote the Wannads offers by installing the Offerwall in their app or website. Wannads will automatically select and display offers based on the demographics.
  • The Wannads Offerwall works best on rewarding websites because most of the offers are related to paid surveys and survey routers. Other than paid surveys, it also consists of campaigns related to Free trails, quiz, software, app installs etc.
  • Wannads is a new network when compared to other networks, but it has become one of the top 10 Offerwalls with its high-quality services both to the advertisers and the publishers.
  • Wannads likes to have the partnership with experienced affiliates. Learn more about this Offerwall here – Wannads Offerwall review.

Requirements – Need a valid traffic source and AM contacts of 3 affiliate networks.

Minimum payout – $150.

Payment method PayPal.

Payout frequency – NET30.

Registration Wannads.

3. AdWork Media:
Adwork Media Offerwall network
  • AdWork Media is one of the oldest CPA networks was rated as top 10 affiliate network each year by the mThink.
  • The AdWork Media has several high performing campaigns that can be promoted using their incredible tools which includes Offerwall, SDK, API, Lockers, smart link, banner rotator etc.
  • Though the AdWork Media has great offers and tools when it comes to OfferWall, AdWork Media Offerwall is not reliable.
  • The AdworkMedia OfferWall lists only a limited number of offers and those offers which are listed are not converting well compared to other Offerwalls.
  • AdWork Media has listed campaigns in more than ten categories including surveys, free trials, paid software, app installs, quiz completion etc. But best offers found among these don’t get displayed in the Offerwall.
  • The design and user experience of the AdWork Media Offerwall is not great. However, AdWork media is genuine and the leader of the industry. Try the OfferWall to find if it works out for your app. Learn more about AdWork Media.

Requirements – Need a Website or an App.

Minimum payout – $35.

Payout frequency – Weekly, NET30.

Payment methods – PayPal, Payoneer, Check, ACH, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin.

Registration Adwork Media.

6. CPA Lead:
CPA Lead offerwall
  • CPALead is one of the leading performance-based affiliate networks in the world. The CPALead is known for its variety of offers and tools.
  • The CPALead consists of the highest number of tools in the CPA industry to promote their offers. Pop up, interstitial, push up, niche promotion, lockers, smart link and of course the Offerwall.
  • There are over 2500 offers available on the CPALead to promote. The CPALead tools make it easier to convert the offers.
  • The Offerwall tool of the CPALead is unique and highly customizable. There are three different designs available on CPALead which suit games, GPT Rewarding sites, and built-in apps.
  • CPALead provides special importance to the best performing publishers like the bonus, faster payout, unlocking premium offers etc. Read more – CPALead Review.

Requirements – Instal account – no special requirements.

Minimum payout – $10.

Payout frequency – Weekly, NET30.

Payment methods – PayPal, Payoneer, Check, ACH, Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrency.

Registration CPALead.

5. RevenueHut(RevenueWall):
RevenueHut CPA network - RevenueWall offerwall
  • The RevenueHut is the CPA network with several survey routers and offers related to market research.
  • The RevenueHut provides access to their individual offers. Along with that, they do provide access to a special tool called the RevenueWall.
  • The RevenueWall is very unique and different compared to the Offerwall of other Affiliate networks. The Revenue Wall do not list the link to the offers, instead, it will collect the data of each user and list the survey that suits the user demographics.
  • While other networks list only the survey router, the user has to go to the survey router to qualify for a survey. Most of the time the attempt will result in screen out.
  • RevenueWall is designed in such a way that it will collect the profile and automatically list out the surveys that suit the profile. Byt this way Revenue Hut increases the chances for the user to earn money completing the survey and publishers to see a higher conversion rate.
  • The RevenueHut itself is very user-friendly to work on offers. Their website doesn’t confuse the publishers by crowding with unnecessary content. Read more about RevenueHut Review.

Requirements – Need a relevant website or app. Need reference from another network.

Minimum payout – $100.

Payout frequency – NET30.

Payment methods – Bank Wire, Check, Bitcoin, and PayPal.

Registration RevenueHut.

6. Grab Rewards:
Grabrewards OfferWall
  • Previously, called Kickass network now Grab rewards is an emerging CPA network with tons of offers. Grab Rewards use the HasOffers to manage offers.
  • GrabRewards Offerwall looks unique and the feature that makes it different from other OfferWalls is they don’t display the rewards in the listing.
  • Not Listing the reward amount has both advantage and the disadvantage. The main advantage is the reward money can be set variable instead of constant value.
  • The disadvantage of not listing the reward money is the users may not show interest in offers since they don’t know how much reward they will receive for the offer completion.
  • Grab Rewards has offers from most major categories including paid surveys, trials, paid videos, installs etc.

Requirements – Need a website to get approval.

Minimum payout – $100.

Payout frequency – NET30.

Payment methods – PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer.

Registration GrabRewards.

7. MinuteStaff:
Minutestaff offerwall PTC offers
  • The MinuteStaff is the Offerwall related to Paid to click offers. Unlike regular paid to click offers, the MinuteStaff has got different paid to offers which reward for different actions.
  • MinuteStaff can be installed in the rewarding sites and it performs great only on such sites and not on games & apps.
  • Usually, new users will find difficulty in using the MinuteStaff Offerwall since it will be confusing with strict rules. But once the user learns the working of the offers, they will never fail to work on the OfferWall at least once per day. This ensures that the Publishers will earn at least from MinuteStaff even if other Walls fail to convert.
  • Minutestaff income will be less compared to other OfferWalls, but there will be a definite average income flows into account every day. Learn more on MinuteStaff Review.

Requirements – Need a website or an app with certain members.

Minimum payout – $10.

Payout frequency – NET30.

Payment methods – PayPal.

Registration MinuteStaff.

8. Persona.ly Offerwall:
Persona.ly Offerwall
  • The Persona.ly is a super world class affiliate network and can be called one of the largest in the world.
  • The Personal.ly offers two ways to promote the Offers. One is through direct campaign promotion and the other way is monetizing the app.
  • Person.ly Offerwall suits all kind of websites and app monetization.
  • The Offers found on Persona.ly Offerwall is of high quality with high conversion rate and payout.
  • Their OfferWall looks like a premium one as shown in the image given above. If you’re going to monetize your app or reward site, Persona.ly is the site to consider.

Requirements – Need a website or an app to get approved.

Minimum payout – $50.

Payout frequency – NET30.

Payment methods – Payoneer prepaid card, Wire Transfer, PayPal.

Registration Persona.ly.

9. Kiwiwall:
Kiwiwall offerwall
  • The KiwiWall is the OfferWall that has no minimum payout. Publishers who expect quicker payout can go for Kiwiwall.
  • KiwiWall performs best for tier – 1 country traffic with a lot of interesting offers. Most of its high paying offer pay more than $5.
  • Their OfferWall looks user-friendly and cannot be customized. The publisher can install their OfferWall within minutes after the signup process.

Requirements – No special requirements.

Minimum payout No-minimum payout.

Payout frequency – NET30.

Payment methods – Payoneer prepaid card, Wire Transfer, PayPal.

Registration KiwiWall.

10. OfferToro:
OfferToro OfferWall
  • You might have noticed the OfferToro OfferWall in almost all the rewarding sites since it is one of the old CPA networks.
  • The OfferToro is just like the other OfferWalls and nothing special to say about it. Their network is genuine and pays their users on time.
  • Their terms strictly say that usage of proxy and VPN will lead to account suspension. So make sure you’ve installed the proxy filter in your app if you’re going to work with OfferToro OfferWall.

Requirements – No special requirements.

Minimum payout -$100.

Payout frequency – NET30.

Payment methods – PayPal, Wire Transfer.

Registration OfferToro.

11. SuperRewards:
Super Rewards OfferWall
  • The SuperRewards OfferWall has got a lot of offers on their network. Offers are found in the survey, free, video, figure eight microtasks, slideshow.
  • The SuperRewards offers convert well in the majority of countries around the world. Their payout for offers seems to be a bit lesser compared to its rivals.
  • While many Offerwalls work well only in tier- 1 countries. Super Rewards perform well even in tier – 3 countries including the African countries. So, if you got diverse traffic fear not to try SuperRewards Offer Wall.

Requirements – Need a promotion source.

Minimum payout -$100.

Payout frequency – NET30.

Payment methods – PayPal, Wire Transfer, Direct ACH(US only).

Registration SuperRewards.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the list of best OfferWall app networks to monetize the app and website.

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