Star TVs are one of the most watched television entertainment channels in India which includes star sports, star plus, star world, star movies etc. As they never fail to entertain in TV they don’t fail in internet too. and Hotstar are becoming a rising website and app among Indian people. Similarly, star panel is the only online entertainment research panel in India at current owned by an entertainment network itself. They made lots of researches on entertainment and advertising, also they will in future.


Star panel | India

Star panel now telly pulse allows people only from India to participate in their research and they pay gift vouchers for doing so. The surveys will be mostly about IPL, world cup, advertisements, apps etc. The best thing about star panel is you will be never screened out of a survey unless you answer some rubbish. That you will be rewarded 100% for each and every surveys you participate in and not like other survey panels where you will be disqualified after answering 3 to 5 questions. 


Registration procedure | Star panel
  • To join star panel click here –
  • There are four steps of registration. In first step enter your e-mail address, choose your own username and enter the state & city in which you reside.
  • In the following steps enter details about work, studies etc. Follow the procedure and once you complete the registration process they will send you a password through the mail use that to logging in.
  • You can not directly participate in surveys from the time of registration. They will send a survey invitation as shown below when surveys are available.
Star panel e-mail survey invitation
  • There is nothing to do with the webpage. You can only update your profile, check your earnings and redeem in the website.
  • To participate in survey just click start survey the survey engine will load and you can start answering surveys.
Sample surveys | Star panel
  • Star panel surveys will be pretty simple and short that it can be completed within countable minutes.
Sample surveys | Star panel
  • As said earlier surveys will be mostly about the entertainment, so you won’t get bored instead you will feel like answering more questions.
Sample surveys | Star panel
  • Answer all the questions and don’t lie as you will be caught in future surveys if answers are mismatched.
Sample surveys | Star panel
  • Once you complete all the questions your account will be credited automatically with the allotted reward amount.
This is a sample survey regarding hotstar, star panel surveys are easiest, shortest and smallest of all,
Sample survey about Hotstar
Sample survey about Hotstar


Sample survey about Hotstar




Star panel | Gift rewards


  • Star panel doesn’t rewards cash for completing surveys instead they pay you with e-gift vouchers of Flipkart and Big cinemas.
  • Once you acquire 105 INR / 525 INR you can redeem your points to e-gift voucher of Flipkart. You can use this voucher to purchase anything online.
  • In case of big cinemas you can redeem your points once your account reaches 100 INR. You can use this to book cinema tickets for free.
  • Gift vouchers are not physical and they are sent through e-mail. Never miss them on junk folders.


  • Star panel / telly pulse is one of the best panel because you will never get screened out in middle.
  • You can participate surveys only if you receive survey invitation. Unlike other survey panels you cannot find any survey invitations in website.
  • You cannot participate in surveys daily. The main disadvantage of star panel is you will get only 2 – 5 survey invitations per month.
  • Star panel surveys are very interesting and easy.

Click here to join – star panel.

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