Clixsense is the best PTC/GPT site that has several features for internet users to earn money. Clixsense was started on 2007 when there were no smartphones on market. With smartphone usage increased rapidly overtaking traditional desktop users in number, web companies started to develop mobile compatible web pages to sustain. Regular websites and eCommerce companies can develop a mobile compatible webpage without any problem. But developing a mobile compatible freelance site is more complicated . Coming to PTC sites like clixsense there are several factors to be considered before creating mobile site. With the main factor – conversion rate will decrease on mobile devices compared to desktop, advertisers the blood of internet will be affected, gradually affecting entire community. Clixsense mobile app and site are still in development process. By carefully analyzing all the factors that could affect their business, clixsense mobile PTC version will be released only after few years. We can still work on clixsense using high end smartphones including android, iPhone, Windows phone. Continue to read to learn more about clixsense mobile.


Clixsense mobile

About clixsense mobile:  

  • If you want to earn money easily through clixsense, I recommend you to work on desktop or Laptop instead of smartphone. Because working on non-mobile responsive site using smartphone will make us frustrated. If you still want to work on clixsense mobile, you can with some restrictions.
  • You must have a high end smartphone that supports browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla firefox to enjoy full features of clixsense.
How to work on clixsense mobile:
Clixsense mobile signup page
You can log into your clixsense account through mobile just like you do on desktop. Clixsense is not mobile responsive, so you have to scroll horizontally to find navigation menus.
1. Paid to click task:
  • Paid to click is the primary task to earn money on clixsense. To view ads using your mobile phone, your smartphone browser must support adobe flash. The good news is almost all the smartphones have browsers with adobe flash player. Google chrome is the recommended mobile browser to work on clixsense using smartphones.
  • If your browser doesn’t support adobe flash, then ads will not be displayed on ‘view ads’ page saying that your device is incompatible to watch ads.
Clixsense mobile - View ads page
  • As we do on desktop, to view ads using mobile the ad must be clicked. The advertisement will load in a new page as shown below.
Clixsense - Viewing ads on mobile
  • You must click on the cat image to solve the captcha and wait till the timer loads completely.
Clixsense - Viewing ads on mobile
  • You can close the page once the click is validated and continue to view more ads to earn more money. As you can see in image it is some what difficult view ads on smartphone. The non mobile responsive ads will load very slow on mobile devices and there are high chances for browser to crash.
2. Paid survey:
  • Paid survey is the high earning section on clixsense where a member can earn from 50 cents to $5 or more per survey depending on the geo location. 
  • Now almost all the survey panels and routers are mobile phone compatible. So, you won’t have any trouble taking surveys on mobile phone.
Clixsense mobile surveys
  • Usually survey invitation will be available on surveys page. If survey invitations are not available you can make use of survey routers to find surveys.
  • To start the survey, click on the survey invitation and make survey read the terms if available. In some cases it will be notified as money will be credited only after a month.
  • To participate in almost all the survey you must get qualify first by answering screening questions. If an exclamation symbol is given under invitation, it is a warning that you will be screened out even at the end of the survey. So, be careful on choosing the surveys you’re going to participate.
  • If you complete a normal survey without specific terms, your account will be instantly credited.
  • You can take as many survey you can per day. The more you complete the more you can earn. 
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3. Offers:
  • There are several offers available on clixsense powered by 10 offerwalls where you can earn money by downloading apps, watching videos, hearing songs, playing games, participating in market research studies, shopping products and services etc.
Clixsense mobile offers
  • The offers will vary from country to country. USA members will get more high paying offers compared to anyother members in the world. To start, you must click offers tab and usually clixoffers are very limited. So, try other offer walls like trial play, Matomy etc to find more offers.
  • Once you click on an offer, the instructions will be listed. Follow the instructions carefully and complete the offers to earn money.
4. Crowdflower tasks:
  • Crowdflower tasks is one of the best earning programs exclusively available for clixsense users. But, unfortunately its too complicated to do clixsense tasks using smartphones.
  • There will be tons of instructions to follow, which cannot be followed using mobile browser.
  • In future you can expect mobile compatible tasks to be added.
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5. Clixgrid:

Clixgrid mobile
  • Clixgrid is the game powered by clixsense through which the members can earn up to $10 in just one click.
  • Playing clixgrid is similar to PTC task, where the user has to watch the ad up to 10 seconds. The result will be displayed immediately displayed on the top.
Clixgird gameplay
  • It might take few days to start winning prizes on clixgird. And very few win cash on day one. So, better play clixgrid for few days to start winning prize.
Other features on clixsense:
  • Clixsense affiliate program pays up to 20% referral commission for PTC ads and up to 10% referral commission for paid surveys, offers, tasks and sales.
  • Clixsense pays through Paypal, Paytoo and check. The minimum payout is $8.
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Final words:
Clixsense is the best GPT site and it is non responsive. So, it is best to work on desktop compared to smartphones. Few people might not have desktop/Laptop and they can use smartphones to work on clixsense. Clixsense will definitely launch their mobile app in future. You can visit this page anytime to get updates on clixsense mobile.

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