Get paid to Watch Videos to Earn Money Easy 2023

Is it possible to get paid to watch videos? Yes, you can earn money by watching videos online. This sounds great since you get paid for watching the videos and getting entertained at the same time. While watching videos for money is not a great deal like the freelance jobs, it’s a simple and reliable source for free money that will be very helpful to pay your bills. In this article, you can learn how to earn money by watching videos without investment using different online sources.

Speaking about making money by watching videos, most of the paid video opportunities are provided by the Get paid to sites as an option to earn money by watching videos besides taking paid surveys, completing cash offers on OfferWalls, doing tasks, etc. You can still earn money by watching videos through dedicated sites and mobile apps. So, you have got infinite options to make money by watching videos in different ways based on your choice.

How to Earn Money by Watching Videos online:

Actually, anyone from the world is free to join these sites to earn money watching videos. However, the opportunities vary based on the Geo-location of the user who looks for getting paid to watch videos.

Usually, people from tier – 1 countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand will have more videos to watch. They can find the paid videos around the clock. And the videos are high paying where the users can expect up to 2 cents per view. So, let us make a rough calculation. If a person spends a few hours per day watching videos, he can make more than $5.

The extreme users make up to $25 by applying their own strategy on multiple sites. They make use of each minute perfectly and watch videos across different sites to make more money. So, I advise you to test the best site(s) that works great for you. Create your own strategy and make a decent amount of money at the end of the day.

Be advised that the opportunities are very less for people from other countries. They cannot expect high opportunity and more earnings. Nevertheless, if you’re from tier – 3 countries, you can try if it works out for you.

Best Get paid to watch video sites:

1. Ysense:

Clixsense earn money watch videos

The Ysense is an elite rewarding program which deserves to be in the top spot in every category where it belongs to.

Previously, Ysense used to be one of the top PTC sites in the world. But later, they have changed their site model to become the best overall rewarding site in the world.

Now the internet users anywhere around the world can make money on Ysense by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, doing micro jobs, etc.

We’re here to talk about how to earn money by watching videos. So, know that Ysense is an impressive site for the people who are looking to get paid for watching videos.

Ysense members earn around a cent to a few cents for watching a video. The video availability is subject to change based on the member’s Geo-location.

Clixsense got paid for watching videos

Besides getting paid to watch videos tasks, you can also do video analyzing micro tasks powered by Figure-eight tasks on Clixsense. Doing micro jobs in Ysense will help you earn more than $500 per month if you’re really consistent.

The best feature in Ysense is how they give importance to the hard workers. Ysense pays up to 16% daily bonus for completing minimum tasks and surveys. Also, get up to $200 weekly bonus, ending your day as one of the top 10 task completers at the weekend.

Ysense pays its members via Payoneer, Skrill, Tango card and Check(USA & Canada members).

Sign up Ysense

2. Makeculous:

Makeculous is one of the best sites that have great Get paid to watch video offers on it. Makeculous accepts members all around the world, including India and the Philippines. While most of the sites accept members worldwide, only Makeculous pay every member for watching the videos.

Get paid to watch videos

They have partnered with Smores.TV, Engageme.TV – Adscend Media that pays unlimited points for watching videos. We can later redeem the points for PayPal cash or Bitcoin via Coinbase. Be advised that the Somres.TV is available only in tier-1 countries.

Watch unlimited videos per day 24/7 on Makeculous. You get money for as many videos as you watch. They pay one-tenth of a cent to a cent for watching a video.

Makeculous get paid to watch videos

Besides Smores.TV, Makeculous has partnered with Daily Motion to enable paid to watch videos section for all its users. Daily motion is very similar to watching YouTube videos. You can watch videos based on your desire, which includes movie clips, entertainment, comedy, music, fitness, and a lot of other categories.

Other than Get paid to watch videos, it’s very easy to earn more money on Makeculous by working on various OfferWalls and completing surveys & tasks.

Sign up Makeculous.

3. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is the top rewarding sites in countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other European Countries. Swagbucks is well known to pay its users for shopping online, taking surveys, searching online, answering quiz, etc.

The Swagbucks users must watch a sequence of videos in order to get paid. They pay their users in their own currency called SB, which can be later redeemed for gift cards of major brands such as Amazon, Target, Macy’s, Facebook, Google Play, Steam, Xbox, Walmart, Paytm, etc. The members can cash out their earnings once their account balance reaches $5.

Earn money by watching videos Swagbucks

Swagbucks money mobile app will be great for smartphone users to earn money using their mobile phone available for the Android and iPhone users. So, download the app to your smartphone and make money even while you travel.

Sign up Swagbucks.

4. Ojooo:

Ojooo is one of the best Bitcoin PTC sites that helps several internet users to earn Bitcoin and Ethereum. Besides other earning features, Ojooo wad has a simple Get paid to watch videos section which can be used to earn money by watching videos online.

While the paid to watch videos section contains limited videos compared to the other Get paid to watch videos sites listed above. However, you can use their paid to watch videos feature to add some extra money to your account balance.

Ojooo earn money surfing videos

The pay per video is pretty decent where the users can expect up to four cents for watching a video.

Upgraded members get more videos to watch and the video, pay will be doubled compared to the standard members.

5. InboxDollars:

The InboxDollars is one of the oldest and established rewarding programs in the USA that primarily pay to read email. They also pay the users for watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, completing micro tasks, referring friends, searching online, etc.

InboxDollars have developed their app for the Android and iPhone devices which can be installed to make money directly using the mobile phone.

Earn a free sign up bonus of $5 today and get paid via check for watching videos once your account balance reaches $25.

Sign up InboxDollars.

6. Nielsen:

Nielsen is the world’s best market research company excels in learning the market. One of the main branches of their company deals with researching TV programs, Movies, and Social Media.

The Nielsen TV guide publishes weekly records of different TV shows and the social presence of the media companies.

Download Nielsen research money software to influence the TV shows, products, shopping experience and at the same time earn money for your opinion.

People from tier-1 countries can become a part of the Nielsen family research to earn money and win monthly takeaway up to $10000.

Sign up Nielsen.

7. MyPoints:

MyPoints is operated by Prodege, LLC, the same company that operates Swagbucks. MyPoints is the best site for people who love shopping and cashback. Save hundreds of dollars every month using MyPoints while shopping online in sites like Amazon, eBay and offline stores like Walmart and even local stores.

Besides saving money, you can also earn money by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, etc. Earn up to 500 points per day at MyPoints just by watching videos.

MyPoints is more than a rewarding site that can help you save a huge amount, which is better than working hard to earn money. So, it’s a must join site for every individual and start saving money on Groceries, Electronics, Liquor, Tickets, Mobile phone, Airline and more and more and more!

Sign up MyPoints.

8. Perk.TV:

Get paid to watch TV shows

Perk.TV is #1 Get paid to watch videos program that rewarded millions of people around the world for being part of their community.

Using Perk.TV is easy and fun where you can earn while watching TV, running errands, playing games, watching movie trailers, browsing cool videos, and more when you incorporate Perk into your daily routine.

Perk is available for desktop users and also for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone users. Download the Perk app on to your phone and make money while you travel by watching TV shows, videos and by completing offers. Also, complete the daily promotions, watch bonus videos to earn extra money.

Perk.TV Bonus videos

Perk users can redeem their Perk points for Gift cards 300+ brands with over 1000 different options, PayPal cash, prizes, sweepstakes entries.

Sign up Perk.TV.

9. InstaGC:

InstaGC is a Get paid to site similar to Swagbucks and Ysense. There are several ways available to earn money on InstaGC. One of them is watching videos to earn money.

The watch video section contains video offers where the members will be paid with points for completing those video offers.

InstaGC is available for people from PayPal supported countries. New users must link their PayPal account to the InstaGC account in order to confirm their account. Once the account is verified, they are all set to make money.

We can also redeem InstaGC points for gift cards in their gift card store. There are thousands of gift cards available from online shopping, restaurant, gaming, local stores, etc. Select your country in order to find the rewards available for you.

Sign up InstaGC.

10. Watch videos to help research:

Companies spend millions of dollar in research to find out their product reach in the Market. One way they approach is market research. The market research companies conduct market research surveys in order to help those companies to collect users’ views.

Researching the reach of TV advertisements, sports events, movies is one of the primary categories in online surveys. You will be asked to watch videos and answer some questions based on the video. At the end of the survey, they will pay somewhere you between $1 to $5 on average.

The survey takers usually compare two or more ads to find out the best video to publish on TV (Based on the top pick video at the end of the research). Also, the survey takers will be asked to rate the videos.

Some researches are conducted to find the reach of their advertisement by asking the people if they’re aware of the video ads published on TV and the internet platform like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Video-based surveys are very interesting & fun and it’s more than watching videos since you take part in research to make companies better. Find out the best survey panels in the world that pay for watching videos by clicking the link given below.

Sign up* Video surveys.

Get paid to watch videos – Categories:

Enjoy watching videos on over 10+ categories and 100+ sub-categories. If you’re a person who loves YouTube and Instagram etc. give a try to watch the same kind of videos on the site listed above to earn money and get entertained at the same time.

Videos categories to earn points

Watch video on categories like Lifestyle, Movies, Music, Gaming, Celebrity. Food & Resturants, Tech, Comedy, Adventure, Science, etc.

Videos categories earn cash Explore the opportunities available for you. Watch hundreds you love 24/7 to make hundreds at the end of the month.

Earn Money by Watching videos – Worth it?

The fact is, one cannot make thousands of dollars by watching videos online. Get paid to programs are just for the sake of making some extra money where it cannot be considered as the primary source of income like we can earn money by starting home-based business.

Some programs listed here will have a decent affiliate program for the users. There are people who make five figure income from those programs. Maybe you can try it. However, it is a marathon where you have to work for months in order to reap success.

If you’re just looking for fun, watch videos to get entertained & make some pocket money!

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