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YouGov, it’s been one of my favorite survey panels of all time. I love taking surveys on YouGov more than any other survey panel in the world. In this YouGov review, let me explain my experience with YouGov in the past to justify why you should consider YouGov surveys. Get the best user experience and at the same time get rewarded more than what you deserve on YouGov.

YOUGOV® | What world thinks

YouGov Survey Panel:

YouGov is one of the biggest survey panels in the world with over 5 million members taking surveys for money.

It’s a survey panel that has collaborated with thousands of clients and companies around the world to provide the best possible learning with the help of its recruits.

Starting its journey in 2000, YouGov now has become one of the established survey programs on all the continents.

How to Register on YouGov:

YouGov Registration
  • Click here to join YouGov Surveys.
  • You can signup directly using your Facebook account or using your e-mail ID.
  • In the case of email registration, enter your e-mail ID and choose the desired password.
  • Now click register. You will get a verification mail as shown below. You should click the verification link to activate your account.
Yougov account activation mail
  • Once you activate your account complete the profile.
  • Completing the profile is much important to educate YouGov about your interests and qualifications.

YouGov Surveys Review:

YouGov review

While survey panels work on the research programs that involve improving the products and services of the companies, YouGov does work on such research but I found a lot of surveys that work on Politics, Sports, Events, and a lot more.

YouGov works on various projects that other survey panels don’t. That is why I love taking surveys on the YouGov Panel.

Continue to read the YouGov review to read my experience with YouGov survey Panel.

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Taking Paid Surveys on YouGov:

The primary way to earn money on YouGov is by taking paid surveys.

As said previously, the YouGov surveys are very interesting, easier, and pay high.

Even a 2 minutes survey pays $0.50. Other survey panels won’t pay more than $0.20 for such short surveys. By taking lengthy surveys, you can earn 100 points to 500 points on the go.

Apart from the high pay rate per survey, YouGov surveys are very strong technically. I never face any issues while taking surveys and also the surveys are designed very well that it will be easier to answer both on the PC and the mobile phone.

Initially, after completing the registration, you may not get any surveys to participate in if your profile doesn’t add value to match the existing surveys. You should wait to receive your first e-mail survey invitation as shown below to participate in the survey and earn money.

Yougov survey invitation

Just click the ‘start the survey’ link to participate in the survey. The survey might take 5 – 20 minutes to complete.

Initially, YouGov might ask the survey takers to answer the profile survey to screen the people who don’t match the demographics and content requirements.

Once the screening surveys are complete, the qualified panelists will be asked to take the main survey.

Survey questions | Yougov

Questions will be simple as shown above just answer the questions by selecting relevant answers and click the next button.

Follow the same things to complete all the available questionnaires in the survey.

Survey question | Yougov

Once you complete the survey, YouGov will ask you to complete the feedback survey that will be helpful to improve their surveys.

YouGov Feedback form

In-depth professional surveys pay higher rewards. Also, the pay rate will vary based on the demographics.

Usually, YouGov sends two to three survey invitations per week, and sometimes, the frequency increases to one per day. Remember that the survey frequency varies from country to country and your profile.

Get the Opportunities to Participate in Premium YouGov Surveys:

YouGov Premium Surveys

Be a trusted member of the YouGov survey panel and get a chance to participate in premium surveys that pay more than $100 upon completion.

Usually, premium surveys need the user to take the surveys for up to a week to be a part of the long-term research process.

YouGov will select the users only after screening them to select the best pick who matches the profile requirements of the research.

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Other Ways to Earn Money on YouGov:

Make money on YouGov by answering the Polls, participating in the discussion boards, and enjoying more new opportunities that YouGov introduces.

Check out your YouGov account in your country to find the opportunities available.

Make use of the YouGov Referral Program:

YouGov is one among very few survey sites with a referral program. Ysense referral program is a very generous pay up to 30% referral commission.

Been said it has a referral program that pays for unlimited referrals.

So, refer as much as you can to earn money.

Check the referral program available in your country to make the most out of the referral program.

YouGov Payment Options:

YouGov surveys Payments

100 points are equal to $1 on YouGov. The value of points might vary in countries, check out the value of the points in your YouGov Account.

The minimum payout amount is $50. So you need to accumulate 5000 points before you can withdraw and it is effortless as YouGov pays a minimum of 100 points for completing a survey.

Your payment is processed through NEFT, PayPal, and Western Union money transfer. Also, the earnings can be redeemed for the gift cards of Amazon, iTunes, BestBuy, Walmart, and other vouchers available in the country.

YouGov processes the payment within a few days after redeeming the points.

In some countries, YouGov’s minimum payout is too high that it will take a few months to get the first payment.

Final Words on YouGov Review:

Now you would have got an idea about the YouGov survey panel. The YouGov surveys are interesting, short, easy to complete, and pay high compared to other survey sites.

YouGov surveys are mobile phone compatible. So, you can take surveys directly from the smartphone to earn money using the mobile phone.

Like Toluna surveys, the services vary from country to country. Sign up on the YouGov survey panel and check out the features available for your country.

Sign up to Take Surveys on YouGov:

Click here to join YouGov Surveys.

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