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Toluna Influencers is an online community making your voice heard. They pay you for sharing your opinion about the world’s leading products and services. Toluna is a genuine most trusted survey panel for years. Become a part of the Toluna community to make money by taking surveys, participating in discussions, testing products, and answering short surveys.

Toluna rewards you with points for completing surveys. Later on, you can redeem those points to real cash through Paypal, or e-gift vouchers, and you can also redeem your points to purchase prize tickets and win prizes like HDTV, Laptop, etc.

Toluna surveys | Genuine survey site

How to Join Toluna:

How to register | Toluna surveys
  • To register, click this link – Toluna Influencers.
  • You can easily signup with Facebook or you can signup through the traditional e-mail method.
  • Enter your e-mail ID, name, DOB, country, and gender.
  • Choose your desired username name & password and click signup.
Confirm your registration by clicking verification link | Toluna surveys
  • You will receive a verification mail, as shown above, you have to click the confirmation link to complete registration.
  • Once the double opt-in process is over, you’re all set to take surveys on Toluna.

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How to Earn Money on Toluna:

Once the registration process completes directly log in to your account and complete your profile to get relevant surveys. Toluna pays up to 200 points for completing profile surveys in each category like interest, education, travel, and sports.

Every time you log into your account you may check the notification area for any available surveys to participate in. The notification icon similar to the Facebook notification icon will help you to keep up to date as shown below.

Notification icon similar to Facebook | Toluna surveys

Toluna will also send survey invitations through the e-mail where you can directly participate in the survey by clicking the link given in the email. Else, you can log into your account and click the survey center to find more information about the survey.

Survey centre that shows the available surveys | Toluna

Toluna surveys pay up to 30000 points per survey. Find the available opportunities for your account, proceed to take the survey, and complete the survey to get paid.

Once you click the icon the survey engine will load as shown below. You have to answer them in such a way that you don’t screen them out.

Consumer electronics survey | Toluna surveys

This survey is about consumer electronics, conducted by Samsung. Initially, before this page, the matching questions were asked to select the consumer electronics in your house, and the options were listed from Apple iPhone to IFB, LG, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, etc. If Samsung was not selected then it would’ve been screened out. The same principle applies to all the surveys.

The survey questions will be related to the products of Samsung and it might take from a minute up to 30 minutes to complete a Toluna Influencers survey.

Usually, the lengthy surveys tend to pay more rewards, and surveys that target exclusive demographics tend to pay more even if the surveys are short. 

Video game survey | Toluna surveys

You can see an example of another survey about video games. Remember that the survey invitation you receive will be directly based on your profile. Hence take care while filling the profile surveys.

Only if the gaming is chosen in interest, it would know to send the surveys related to gaming been said all other requirements match the survey.

Most of the Toluna surveys will be based on information technology, electronics, companies, computer, health, Insurance, Finance, Banking, mobile phone, accessories, etc.

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Make use of the Toluna Mobile App to Make Money:

Toluna makes your work easy by providing the Toluna app for Apple iPhone users and Google Android users.

Toluna smartphone app for iPhone and Android

You can directly earn points through mobile by participating in surveys from the mobile phone itself.

Apart from making money on mobile phone and getting notifications from the Toluna mobile app, you can manage your account, update your profile, check the payment stats, and get rewarded directly using the mobile phone.

About Toluna Points:

Toluna does not directly pay you money for taking surveys, instead, they pay you points for completing the tasks.

You can redeem those points for cash or gifts or vouchers or you can even donate.

So, the minimum redeemable point is 10,000.

$1 = 7500 points & approximately 75 INR.

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Toluna Influencers Payments:

The payment options vary based on the country you reside in. Here are some of the most used payment processors on Toluna Influencers,

Earn Amazon gift cards, Target, iTunes, Flipkart, Starbucks, Nykaa, Shoppers Stop, etc. Check your Toluna account to find the redemption options available in your Geolocation.

In case of cash payment, is processed through Paypal.

If you want e-gift vouchers you can redeem those points. The companies will vary depending on the country you reside in.  For example, you can redeem those points to gift vouchers available worldwide.

Various rewards | Toluna surveys

You can also win prizes like a TV, laptop, etc by getting tickets. The prizes will vary from time to time. To buy just click feeling lucky in front of the product. Once the purchase is complete you will receive a confirmation mail as shown below.

Ticket purchase confirmation mail | Toluna

 The prize winners will be announced at the end date and the prizes will be sent directly to your mailing address.

You can also redeem your points to get gifts listed at that time.

Toluna Review:

Toluna Surveys review

Toluna is one of the best survey sites in the world for years.

So, Toluna is a legit site to take surveys for money and it is known to provide scam free online jobs to earn money.

While Toluna Influencers is a legitimate survey panel, the Toluna surveys pay low rewards compared to top survey sites like YouGov, and Pinecone Research.

Most of the Toluna Surveys pay less than a dollar for completing the surveys.

I noticed even larger surveys pay less than a dollar which is frustrating.

But, Toluna provides more opportunities. They send at least one survey invitation per day to take part in their research.

While survey sites like Swagbucks have more options to earn money by typing, doing micro jobs, completing OfferWall offers, answering polls, watching videos for money, Toluna Influencers only have options to earn money by taking surveys. So, the rate of speed to reach the cashout threshold will be very low.

Occasionally, Toluna influencers send survey invitations to test products in certain countries.

Join now Toluna.

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  1. Gary

    This article doesn’t state that Toluna has a reputation for suspending panelists’ accounts without warning, thus forfeiting your hard-earned points. Toluna provides extremely vague reasons for suspending panelists’ accounts.
    So don’t join Toluna unless you want to waste your time getting your hard-earned points forfeited.

    1. Tamil Arasan

      Thanks for posting your experience!

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