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Do you have Bitcoins that sleep idle in your Bitcoin wallet? Let me say that you’re wasting your Bitcoin with no use. Be business-minded, I advise you to invest your Bitcoin on the Bitcoin lending network, which pays up to 13% interest on average p.a. for your Bitcoin. Else invest in the Bitcoin bank to earn a flat percentage of interest to be on the safer side. This article lists the best Bitcoin investment sites to invest your Bitcoin safely.

The lending network is the same as the Bitcoin wallet, but after a few days, you will get extra Bitcoin as an interest amount automatically using the auto-invest feature, which is not possible in the personal wallet.

You can make a good yearly profit just by investing 1฿. And if you’re serious about this business, then the sky is your limit. You can earn as much as you can by using your brain smartly. Find various ways for Bitcoin investment and the best trusted legit sites to invest in Bitcoin safe.

Bitcoin investment sites

Things to Remember while Investing Bitcoin:

  • The word ‘Bitcoin’ will be new to most of them and if you’re one among them, then you should probably read this article to learn the basics of Bitcoin.
  • If you already know things about Bitcoin and but have no Bitcoin (does not apply if you want to buy Bitcoin for investing), there is no use in reading this article. So, I recommend you to earn Bitcoin first before you plan to invest. This article will be very helpful for you – 10 ways to earn Bitcoin free.
  • Continue to read if you own a Bitcoin wallet, at least with $2 worth Bitcoin in it.

How to Invest your Bitcoin:

  • There are several sites and marketplace available on the internet to invest your Bitcoin. It could be a bitcoin trading site, peer-to-peer lending site, banking site, Bitcoin doubling site, bitcoin multiplier, etc. You should be very careful in using your Bitcoin as they are digital currencies once gone is gone and no legal government laws are there to help you if you lose them.
  • Before choosing the site, you should first clear your mind of where to invest. Coming to Bitcoin trading, you should be very experienced, else chances are high to lose your Bitcoin. And on the other side, you can make unimaginable money through Bitcoin trading.
  • With online Bitcoin savings banking, they pay interest less than 1% which is unprofitable and it will make you nothing at the year-end.
  • So, you should be smarter in investing your BTC, where your Bitcoin will be safe and profitable. Bitcoin lending is one of the best ways to earn interest safely.

List of Legit Bitcoin Investment Sites:

1. Invest Bitcoin to Earn Interest:

Few legit bitcoin investment sites pay interest for depositing the bitcoins on their site. Unlike sites that make fake promises to pay daily interest for depositing bitcoins, the sites listed below are very legitimate and only pay annual compound interest. Investing less amount makes little sense. However, investing more Bitcoin can help you earn a good amount interest at the end of each day.

Investing in FreeBitcoin:

FreeBitcoin is the world’s best Bitcoin faucet, that has been paying its users for years. Every few months, they are introducing the new features to increase the income of their members. One of which is the paying interest for the balance.

Bitcoin investment site FreeBitcoin

FreeBitcoin pays 4.08% Annual interest for the balance present in the member’s account. Whether the amount is deposited or earned, the FreeBitcoin will pay interest daily.

We can withdraw anytime the amount deposited on the FreeBitcoin. FreeBitcoin is 100% safe to deposit your Bitcoin.

Also, FreeBitcoin can be used as a Bitcoin wallet. Previously, Xapo and Coinbase have announced the deduction of the transaction fees for lower value Bitcoin transactions. But, FreeBitcoin allows it’s users to transfer funds from the account for free of cost(only for non-prioritized transactions). Start investing Bitcoin in FreeBitco.in to earn interest.

Besides earning interest, you can earn Bitcoin and participate in various site features to improve your BTC portfolio.

Click here to join FreeBitcoin.

Learn more FreeBitcoin review.

2. Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Lending:

How to Start and Where to Invest Bitcoin:

Bitbond is the best peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending network, where one can lend Bitcoin for interest or borrow Bitcoin to invest in their business.

Bitbond is the safest place to invest your Bitcoin as they check borrowers thoroughly before they are added to the borrower list.

Besides, they make identity verification via video conferencing to ensure that the identity of both lender and borrower is completely verified.

Bitbond has one of the effective features of diversifying your portfolio, to protect your investment.

The best feature in Bitbond is you can lend money both in terms of Bitcoins and USD. As the USD value fluctuates every day, it is good to lend Bitcoin in Bitcoin value on that day or you can lend as USD directly if the purpose of using your money is related to other business.

How to Register on Bitbond to Invest Bitcoin (Now Closed):

Bitbond | Registration procedure

The registration procedure is pretty simple in Bitbond for investors. Just click this link to go to the registration page – Bitbond.

Enter your name and email ID. Fill the password of your desire. Accept their TOS and click join now.

Bitbond will email your primary inbox to verify the email address you’ve entered. Click the verification link to complete the registration.

Complete Identity Verification:

Once the account verification is complete, you will have to complete identity verification.

Identity verification will ensure that your account is safer and prove that you’re a safer investor to work with.

Usually, the verification process will be processed in live video conferencing, which takes only 2 – 3 minutes to complete.

Working on Bitbond Dashboard:

For the first time when you log into your account, the dashboard will look similar to this.

Bidbond dashboard where you can invest Bitcoin

The first thing you’ve to do is invest your Bitcoins. To add Bitcoin to your Bitbond account, you should note your bitcoin address that will be given at the left bottom of the dashboard as shown in the above picture.

Go to your primary Bitcoin wallet and click send bitcoins. In the address column, enter this Bitbond bitcoin address and fill the amount you wish to invest and then click send.

Bitcoin transfers are quick still you may have to wait for 30 minutes to confirm your transaction.

How to Invest Bitcoin in Loans:

After completing the transaction, click invest in loans to lend you money. Once you click, the list of borrowers will appear on the screen, as shown below.

Bitcoin borrowers list in Bitbond

The first column in the list is the rating of the borrower, the second column is the loan period, the third column shows the nationality, the fourth column shows the currency of the loan.

The fifth column shows the total amount asked by the borrower and in the sixth column, the amount mentioned and blue filler shows the total amount that the borrower has received from other lenders.

If you wish to lend a borrower, click the place bid to open his profile. You should read the profile carefully before you lend money.

Bitcoin investment process on Bitbond

I’ve clicked the 7th borrower on that list to show an example to you. That borrower has a D rating and his monthly income is $1700. And the reason for his loan has been mentioned. You should note the loan period, interest, etc. before you lend.

The borrower mentioned above had requested a 1.30฿ loan and he received 0.62฿ from other lenders already. Suppose if you wish to lend a borrower similar to the above one. You should click the place bid.

Placing bid to lend Bitcoin on Bitbond

Once you click the place bid, a pop-up box will appear as shown above. You should enter the amount (Ex. max. 0.68฿) that you wish to lend and click place bid.

Your amount is lent once you click the place bid and the interest plus the principal amount will be settled within the loan period.

Why you should diversify your Bitcoin Investments:

If you’ve deposited 1฿ in Bitbond, you should not lend all one Bitcoin to a single borrower. Instead, invest in many bids.

For example, there are 50 borrowers and you wish to invest 1฿, lend Bitcoin like this 0.1฿ x 10 borrowers (or) 0.02฿ x 50 borrowers.

Even though Bitbond is very safe. They recommend investors to lend Bitcoin in small parts to several borrowers to ensure the safety of the investment.

And apart from safety, you should lend a small amount of Bitcoin to more borrowers for a short period to earn more.

This doesn’t mean that you’ve to lend Bitcoin divided equally. You can lend 0.50฿ to a single borrower and diversify remaining or lend 0.50฿ x, 2 borrowers. The minimum loan amount is fixed at 0.01฿.

Get Detailed Investment Reports:

Bitcoin Investment report

You can get a detailed investment report anytime by clicking investment on the menu.

The money invested, interest received, the status of the investment will be given under the investment tab.

Make use of Auto-Invest Algorithm:

The auto algorithm is an outstanding feature in Bitbond. If you enable the auto algorithm to invest, everything will be done by the programmed bot and you don’t have to do anything like searching the borrowers, lending, etc.

To enable auto-invest you should invest at least 1฿ in your primary Bitbond account. And after investing, transfer the Bitcoin to the auto-invest account.

Once you’ve 1฿ in the auto-invest account, you can enable the auto-invest option so that the bot takes care of the rest.

Auto investment is very safe that it lends only 4% of the fund to a single loan. And there are many more features to make the investment safe and profitable.

Final Words on Bitbond:

And this is how you earn interest in lending loans.

Be smart, take your time to create an effective income. You will never get to succeed if you hurry. Learn about the strategy and invest according to that.

In the meantime, earn more Bitcoin to invest more. You can earn $20 worth Bitcoin every day with the help of refs by working on these sites.

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