Online Teaching Jobs to Earn Money Part Time Working From Home

I’m a teacher and can I earn money online by teaching in my spare time? Yes, you can earn money online for teaching just by sitting at home. Since technology development reached a peak, online teaching has become very simple and more effective than ever. Unlike going to a regular job, you can earn cash on an hourly basis by working convenient hours doing online teaching jobs from Home.

Teaching is a profession only teachers by profession were teaching in schools, colleges, tutor centers, etc. But, now it’s possible for people who aren’t a teacher but still wish to share their knowledge and earn money by teaching online.

Online teaching work

Online Teaching Jobs for Professionals:

Speaking about professionals, tutors who are already in the teaching profession can get hired on top online tutoring job sites with ease.

They can teach subjects like Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Accounts, Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, Business, etc. any subjects.

Language tutoring is one of the most trending high-paying online teaching jobs in the world.

Kindergarten tutors can make use of VIPKid for a better online teaching career for $22/hr.

Find hundreds of jobs easily based on your category in the online teaching job sites to work from home.

Online Tutoring Jobs for Non-Professionals:

Are you a non-professional looking for an opportunity to earn money teaching online?

While it’s not possible to get a teaching job in centers, the internet provides opportunities to earn money by sharing knowledge.

It’s not going to be a direct online teaching job like I did say for the professionals, instead, it can be made possible through indirect channels that are explained below.

Teaching Music, affiliate marketing, programming, fitness, analytics, editing, writing eBooks, etc. anything you know is possible through the course channels.

While the direct teaching channels create straightforward connections with students, the earnings per hour get limited to a few dollars per day. But in the case of indirect ways of teaching online, some people earn a four-figure income per month teaching online.

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Types of Online Teaching Jobs:

Online teaching jobs

Teaching/Training Individual:

  • This is the most common type of online teaching work found in various sources. In this job, the teacher has to teach or train an individual.
  • Mostly this teaching work will be about language training for the learner, Music training, virtual web designing classes, online cooking lesson, online tuition for school students, and special training for college students are a few examples of this job.
  • This job can be easily done from home using a laptop and earphones. These jobs can be easily found on lots of freelance marketplaces available on the internet.

Virtual Classroom:

  • The virtual classroom is the place where a person will take the seminar / teach lessons to a group of individuals/students from a classroom setup or from home via webcam/video recorder. On the other side, the students/individuals will be able to listen to the training via projector screens and speakers.
  • This type of job is open to only highly qualified professionals with years of experience and qualifications. These jobs can be obtained via freelance sites or online tutor websites.

Pre-recorded Courses:

  • By creating the course you can earn money through subscriptions made by the students to your course.
  • Unlike one on one teaching based on teaching sessions, by creating courses you can teach more people by pre-recording your teaching videos.
  • Once done it should be uploaded to the online course websites or channels yours on YouTube.

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How to get an Online Teaching job:

There are various sources to search for online teaching jobs to work from home, find the lists and start your online teaching career today to make money.

1. Become an Online Language Tutor on Preply:

Become an Online Language Tutor on Preply

If you’re fluent in English and communication is one of your strong suits, you can become an online English tutor on Preply and make up to $20/hr. Preply is an online platform that helps connects students & tutors from across the world.

If you’re not comfortable teaching English, worry not. Preply also offers tutors for many Global languages as well as subjects like History, Algebra, Acting & Music.

Click here to start your teaching career at Preply.

2. Online Tutor Websites:

If you wish to get a long-time professional teaching job hired for a salary, online teaching job websites are the best option.

To get a teaching job via these websites you should sign up and complete your profile.

Or you might be asked to send a resume via email. Take basic tests and assessments if you’re asked to and wait for a professional to contact you.

You might have to take part in an online interview or telephone interview. After careful review, you might get hired.

The salary offered here will be several times higher compared to freelance jobs.

Some online tutor websitesBrain mass | Chegg | GoFluent | | Pearson.

3. Create a Course on Udemy:

Udemy is one of the world’s largest online courses platform that runs mainly based on third-party courses created by freelancers.

If you have skills in something, you could create the course and sell it to the online course subscribers.

All you need to do is prepare content, create the content with the help of Udemy tools for teaching, and publish it on Udemy.

Udemy will take care of selling the courses on behalf of you to generate commissions.

Follow the guidelines of Udemy to make sure your course videos Udemy content is quality.

Create the course today Udemy.

4. Find the teaching Jobs at Freelance Marketplace:

The freelance marketplace is the best source to get an online teaching job even for a person without any experience.

To get a job go to a freelance site and search the site for the job using the search box. The freelance site will display available jobs in the teaching field.

Search results of online teaching jobs

Browse the jobs listed to find the best work for which you are qualified and eligible. Click on the job to find more details about the job like requirements, salary, etc.

To ease your searching work use the filter provided by them. Set your experience level, timing, salary, job type, etc to find the job that is posted for you.

online teaching job filter

After finding a job, post your proposal. Let the client verify your profile and hire you. You can choose Fiverr for a short time teaching job (Example: One-hour basic web designing tutorial).

Best freelance sites to search for teaching jobs Upwork | Fiverr.

5. Local Job Search:

You can get a virtual teaching job directly through a walk-in. Search in local directories, classified ads, and newspapers to find these jobs located in nearby places.

The advantage of searching for a job local as you will be paid in local currency.

After getting hired you can work from home using a PC and required devices.

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6. Create an Online Course Channel on YouTube:

Got no idea about your teaching skills? YouTube’s option for you.

Create a teaching channel to teach things to Billions of YouTube users and make money through their partner program and sponsors.

YouTube is a free online video platform that runs with third-party content that follows YouTube community guidelines.

You can make use of YouTube to teach people and earn money.

The thing that makes YouTube different from other channels mentioned above is YouTube doesn’t care about the quality of content and content relevance been said it should comply with the community guidelines and the Adsense policies if the partner program is enabled.

So, you’re free to create videos even if you don’t have good teaching skills so that you can learn things and practice as you go for a better future.

While quality doesn’t matter, I advise you to create content with a good camera and recording equipment to maintain its professionalism so that you can attract more visitors and subscribers on the go.

Learn more How to create a YouTube Channel to make money.

Requirements for Online Teaching Jobs:

  • To teach online you should have a PC, with a high-speed internet connection, and a high-quality headset with a mic. You can use a laptop that has inbuilt features.
  • Your house should have a silent setup to teach.
  • The most job requires qualified professionals with a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D.
  • You should have high-level teaching skills, with the ability to handle students virtually.
  • Most companies hire only experienced professionals. Usually, expect online tutors to be special as they spend more money to learn.

Estimated earnings – $5 to $500/hour on average. professionals and scientists can expect more.

Prepare yourself before Getting in:

If you think that you aren’t ready to start an online teaching career, you can get trained to become an online tutor.

There are plenty of free and paid sources to get online tutor training of which online tutor training could help you for free. In online tutor training, you can make a self-study and get ready to become an online teacher to earn hundreds of dollars from home.

Online tutoring jobs are one of the potential ways to earn money online without investment.

Click here to find online teaching jobs Snagajob.

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