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The Makeculous is a new get paid to site with tons of opportunities to earn money online from home. The Makeculous is continuously growing with new members who are looking to earn money online in the simplest ways. Unlike other GPT sites with fake promises of higher earnings and referral commissions, Makeculous seems to be a legitimate GPT site that offers a decent payout to its members. Let us see how to work on Makeculous and reviews about Makeculous.

Makeculous Review

What is Makeculous:

The Makeculous is an online rewarding site with tons of the easiest ways to earn money online without investment. Makeculous pays its users for completing surveys, CPA Offers, watching videos, solving captcha, completing offers, downloading apps, etc. Makeculous is very user-friendly and got tons of features to earn money with no special qualifications or requirements like you need to do Freelance jobs.

How Makeculous differs from other GPT sites:

  • The Makeculous has powerful security features that protect its users and advertisers from fraudulent activities.
  • Makeculous provides an opportunity for members from all the countries to earn money from home and does not limit its support to members from tier – 1 countries like other GPT sites.
  • Makeculous has a lot of survey routers with high pay, which helps its members to test surveys and choose the best survey routers that pay high reward and screens out less.
  • The Makeculous has partnered with major OfferWalls and MMO channels to provide unique opportunities to its members, unlike the regular GPT sites.
  • The Makeculous has its own social media platform and chat box to connect with other members of the site to enjoy other than making money.
  • They pay on time using two convenient payment methods after manual review.

How to Earn Money on Makeculous:

The earning options available on the Makeculous are explained in brief,

1. CPA/GPT Offers:

Makeculous review - CPA/GPT section.
  • The CPA/GPT section on the Makeculous contains hand-picked offers listed in it. This includes paid surveys, cashback offers, downloads, survey routers, trials, etc.
  • The CPA/GPT offers have two sections, which are the daily offers section and other sections. The one under the daily section can be completed daily while the offers listed in the others’ section can be completed only once.
  • The members are advised to log into their accounts daily to complete the daily offers and to check the offers added newly.
  • The offers under the daily section contain mostly survey routers of different market research companies. The members can try attempting to qualify for taking surveys. By completing the survey, the members can earn up to $3 within a few minutes.

2. OfferWalls available on Makeculous:

Makeculous offerwalls
  • The OfferWalls are pre-designed walls that have a set of offers personalized for each user based on the country and policy. The user can complete the offers and earn points that can be redeemed for cash.
  • Makeculous ensured to install major OfferWalls on their website to help users to expand their opportunities to earn more money.
  • Makeculous have over 10 tested, high-quality offer walls on their website, which has proven to pay instantly when the user completes the offers.
  • The OfferWalls will have offers like surveys, completing tasks, sign-ups, app installs, trials, etc. that pay from a cent to $20 per offer.

3. MinuteStaff on Makeculous:

Makeculous minutestaff offerwall
  • The MinuteStaff is a unique OfferWall available on Makeculous, which pays up to $1 for completing the simplest offers.
  • The members have to follow the simple instructions carefully to complete the offers.
  • Most of the easy MinuteStaff offers which are available abundant pay $0.001 to $0.015.
  • Active members can earn a minimum of $1 to $2 per day from the MinuteStaff wall on Makeculous.

4. CoinHive Claims:

  • CoinHive is no longer in its service, so it is removed from Makeculous.
  • The Coinhive claim on Makeculous pays 1 point just for clicking and verifying the captcha.
  • When the users click verify, the Coinhive will use a small part of CPU processing power for a few seconds to mine Monero.
  • Once verified, the point will be instantly added to the member’s account.
  • However, this is not a great option to make money. It’s just an option to feature.

5. Get Paid to watch videos on Makeculous:

Get paid to watch videos on Makeculous
  • Makeculous pays its users for watching videos. Unlike other GPT sites, the videos in Makeculous are updated and the users have full freedom to search, watch the videos they love.
  • Makeculous pay 1 point for watching a video. A member can earn a lot of points every day by watching the videos.

Makeculous keeps on adding new features to its website to help its users to make money in the easiest ways.

Points Value equivalent to USD:

  • Few offers, offer walls pay money in points instead of cash. The points can be redeemed to cash anytime.
  • The value of 1 point is equal to $0.0001 or 1000 points = $1. They claim to reward points for completing offers to make credits accurate and flexible.

Makeculous Payment Methods:

Pros and Cons of Makeculous:


  • Don’t make fake promises to earn more money.
  • Makeculous will help members to connect with other members via social media and chat.
  • Makeculous have a lot of survey routers on their site.
  • Makeculous is user-friendly and flexible.
  • Makeculous is a highly secure that protects its members and advertisers.
  • Makeculous pays referral commission of 10% for referring friends.


  • New members might feel confused landing their site for the first time.
  • We need more earning options to make it reliable

Registration Procedure on Makeculous:

Makeculous - Registration procedure
  • To create an account on Makeculous, the user needs a valid email address. Users from all around the world can join the Makeculous to earn money.
  • Go to Makeculous, and click the Register button. Select the earner icon on the top. Enter the desired username, which should be used while logging in.
  • Enter the valid email address, fill the desired password and confirm typing password again to ensure it matches.
  • Enter the desired PIN. The PIN can be a set of numbers (example – 1234, ABCD), etc. The PIN will add extra protection to your account. If someone has hacked your account, the hacker cannot withdraw your earnings or change the setting without knowing the PIN.
  • Enter other required details and click register. The user must verify the email address to log into their account.

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