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SurveySavvy is owned by Luth Research, LLC. SurveySavvy is a very big online market research program with over 1.5 million registered members worldwide. SurveySavvy pays the community for participating in online research surveys and enrolling in special programs that enrich technology. This article is the SurveySavvy review with the pros and cons of using SavvyConnect to earn money with PC and smartphone.

One of the main highlights of SurveySavvy is a two-level affiliate program and SurveySavvy research software, which is explained later in this article. Survey Savvy is genuine and it conducts surveys on behalf of international companies. You can earn some real money by participating in surveys conducted by survey savvy.

Survey savvy | Get paid for completing surveys

How to Create an Account on Survey Savvy:

  • Click here start to the signup process at SurveySavvy.
SurveySavvy registration form
  • Click sign up to register. The registration form will look like the image shown above.
  • Enter your first name and last name.
  • Enter your e-mail ID in which you would like to receive the survey invitation.
  • Choose a password of your desire and select your country of residence.
  • Fill in your residential details, DOB, gender, and the security question and click continue.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to complete your basic profile like education, employment, household, etc. Complete all those and click register.
  • Survey savvy will send a verification mail. You have to click the verification link to activate your account.

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SurveySavvy Review:

SurveySavvy review

SurveySavvy is one best survey panels, rated A+ by BBB standards. It’s a real market research program, independent doesn’t depend on other survey panels like most of the sites which depend on the third party research programs.

They have got their technology to commit the best user experience and maximum accuracy.

SurveySavvy safeguards the panelists’ data safe and secure since most of their research program deals with collecting anonymous data to shape the internet.

While SurveySavvy is a great option to earn money with software, when it comes to taking surveys for money it is not as best as the survey sites like YouGov and Lifepoints. But SurveySavvy boasts that their premium members get opportunities to receive surveys that pay $15 – $75 per study.

Each survey site works differently in different locations. So, I advise you to test a few among the best survey sites to find which one works best based on your demographics.

How to Earn Money on SurveySavvy:

Complete your Profile:

After completing all the registration procedures, log into your account and click Profile > Portraits. Answer all the questions about you, like employment, health, etc.

The above process is really important because only then you will get more survey invitations relevant to your profile.  

Download Savvyconnect® Software on your PC and Smartphone:

Survey savvyconnect® software.

Download Survey Savvyconnect software to be a VIP member of SurveySavvy. You will be automatically enrolled in the behavioral research panel of SurveySavvy.

Also, you will be given the first preference to participate in the paid surveys and you will receive an additional opportunity to participate in paid research.

Download the software and right-click open the software.

Savvyconnect® installation procedure

In the Savvyconnect installation wizard, click next to continue.

Savvyconnect® installation procedure

Enter your registered e-mail address & password and click next.

Savvyconnect® installation process

Wait till the installation completes and click finish. The software will create a desktop Icon and the notification icon as shown below.

Savvyconnect® notification icon

This notification icon will run whenever you start your PC. And if any survey is available for participation you will receive a notification.

Survey savvy will assign a unique ID for your machine.

Installing Survey Savvyconnect Software on Smartphones:

To receive the full monthly rewards for Savvyconnect installation, now it’s mandatory to install the Savvyconnect app on your smartphone.

Savvyconnect app is available for Android smartphones and iPhones.

Once you download the app, connect the app to your account to receive rewards.

SurveySavvy pays for the installation of Savvyconnect software on a maximum of 3 devices.

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Exclusive Features that are available for SavvyConnect users:

SurveySavvy treats the members who have installed the SavvyConnect money software app as premium users.

  • Faster payments within a week while it takes over a month for other users.
  • Exclusive invitations to take part in surveys that pay $15 – $75 per survey.
  • Early access to surveys directly from the desktop.
  • Apart from this enjoy several unsaid advantages by installing the Savvyconnect app on your PC and smartphone devices.

Participating in SurveySavvy Paid Surveys:

SurveySavvy survey invitation

You will receive an invitation through both e-mail and software asking you to participate in the survey as shown below.

Survey savvyconnect® software

Click on the respective project to participate in the survey. The survey may take 5 to 20 minutes to complete. Once you complete the survey successfully your account will be credited immediately.

Initially, you will get only one or two surveys to participate in and it will pay you only $1 to $5. Once you become a valuable member you will receive an opportunity to participate in surveys that can pay you above $15.

Be truthful, don’t change your answers in every survey. This might lead your account not to be eligible to participate in surveys.

You can also log into your account to check the survey invitations and use your mobile phone to take surveys.

SavvyConnect Extention:

Savvyconnect® chrome extension

If you don’t wish to install the software you can install the SavvyConnect® chrome extension.

Chrome extension is similar to the PC software, you will receive a notification whenever the surveys are available.

Also, you will automatically be enrolled in the behavioral research panel to receive additional opportunities to participate in the survey.

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Digital Tracking for US and UK Members:

Members of the USA & UK can earn $60 by enabling digital tracking on the internet-connected device.

Also, US & UK members get the opportunity to participate in gold surveys that can pay them some real deal.

This feature is not available for members from non-US countries.

Earn Referral Incentives on SurveySavvy:

  • This is the big part. Survey savvy pays you a commission for every survey completed by 1st and 2nd level referrals.
  • That is you will be paid if your direct referral (1st level) and direct referral’s referral (2nd level) complete a survey.
  • Survey savvy didn’t mention anything about commission percentage. I’ve contacted savvy customer care and asked about referral commission. They said that it depends on the survey nature and the referral’s geographical location.
  • Make use of their multilevel refer a friend program to earn extra money.

SurveySavvy Payment Methods:

  • Currently, the payments are processed only through cheques.
  • The minimum payout amount is $1. So, once you have one dollar in your account you can ask them to mail the cheque.
  • They do not process the payment through PayPal or NEFT. Maybe in the future, they will.

Registration Links:

Click here to join SurveySavvy

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