Most of them like to play games and few of them will be really mad at games. The best part is you can earn money by playing online games. Online games are not FPS games like Battleground, Far Cry, Grand theft auto etc. Instead, they are simple games like racing, puzzle, arcade etc. If you’re the great fan of strategy games like Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, Civilization there is a game for you and they pay real money for playing strategy game. Few of these sites pays cash via Paypal or check and most of the sites will pay in Bitcoin, which you can convert into cash later. Also, the smartphone apps are listed here through which you can earn money from your mobile phone.


Things to remember:

  • As I said earlier most of the sites will pay in bitcoins and if you’re new to bitcoin read this article – what is bitcoin?
  • To receive payments you need a bitcoin wallet. If you don’t own a wallet, learn how to create one for you – how to create a bitcoin wallet.
  • Few sites allow members from only selected countries like USA & UK. Do not join those sites, if your country is not mentioned.

Online gaming sites that pay money for playing video games:

Sites that pay direct cash for playing games:

1. BitFun:

  • The BitFun is one of the best sites that pay real money for playing games. There are over 630 games on BitFun to make money by playing games.
  • The BitFun games are simple but great. They are classic games with several levels. Once we start playing those games, we cannot stop without completing a certain level.
  • We can find games of all categories including adventure, arcade, puzzle, sports, race, train etc. Here are the examples of games found on BitFun,


Bitfun games that pay money
  • As we play the game the claim bonus will increase and it will be added to the account once claimed. The bitcoins can be converted to cash. Here is the screenshot of cut the rope.
  • Hope you’ve got an idea how to earn money by playing games. Click the link given below to start earning money by playing games.
Registration BitFun.
2. Inbox dollars [USA only]:
Inbox dollarsgaming
  • Inbox dollars is the best online rewarding site in the USA, through which money can be earned by playing games, completing surveys, searching the web and more.
  • Inbox dollars has hundreds of games and they pay USD for playing games and not bitcoin.
  • A member will earn $10 average every day in Inbox dollars.
  • You can earn more by referring your friends. Inbox dollars pays 20% as referral commission. So, if you refer 10 friends who earn $10 per day, you will receive $20 automatically to your account.
  • Your estimated monthly earnings if you refer 10 individual – $600.
Payment : Method – Check | Minimum payout – $20.
Registration: Inbox dollars [US].
3. Send earnings [USA only]:
Send earnings gaming
  • Send earning is the sister of inbox dollars and if you’re from the USA, I’ll advise you to join both inbox dollars and send earnings to earn more money.
  • Send earnings pay more rewards similar to inbox dollars and one can expect doubled earnings if he/she joins both inbox dollars and send earnings.
  • Similar to inbox dollars send earnings too pays the referral commission. This is the best chance for people who are looking to earn online without doing anything.
Payment : Method – Check | Minimum payout – $20.
Registration: Send earnings [US].
4. Inbox pounds [UK only]:
Inbox pounds gaming
  • Inbox pounds is a rewarding site that works only for people from the UK. They pay in local currency GBP.
  • Over 30 cash games are available on Inbox pounds from cards to racing. Play few minutes every day to earn reliable income every month.
  • Inbox pounds pays 20% referrals commission. So, if your 10 friends earn £10 every day, you will get £20 for doing nothing.
Payment: Method – Check | Minimum payout – £20.
Registration: Inbox pounds [UK].

Sites that pay Bitcoins for playing games:

1. Stellar bitcoin and Deep bitcoin:

Stellar bitcoin
  • Stellar bitcoin is a simple game. Earn 500 satoshis to 5000 satoshis every time for playing this game.
  • Deep bitcoin is a similar game where you can earn bitcoin by rolling the dice. I recommend you to join both these sites and play this game simultaneously in two tabs to earn more.
Deep bitcoin

Payment: Bitcoin wallet – Friday.

Registration: Stellar bitcoin  |  Deep bitcoin (Join both to earn more).

3. Game faucet:

Game faucet
  • The game faucet is a newly developed bitcoin rewarding site through which you can earn bitcoins by playing games.
  • There are plenty of games available on the game faucet and it is not simple as ePay games. These games are somewhat interesting compared to them.
Payment: Bitcoin wallet – Daily.

Registration: Game faucet.

Mobile apps that pay money for playing games:

If you wish to earn bitcoin in your mobile phone – Smartphone games that pay bitcoin.


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