Being a student you cannot ask your parents or guardian for pocket money often. This is the world where everyone in a family should work to survive. Students cannot go to any part-time work as it might affect their educational career. So, the students should use the online money making opportunities to earn money for fulfilling their extra needs. Based on the type of online work chosen, you can earn money which can even influence your overall household income. There are students who earn online to run their family and pay their fees by themselves. In this article, I’ve chosen the best online jobs for college students and school students which might not affect their studies. Instead, few jobs can improve their skills. Choose the job of such type and get rewarded. These part time jobs don’t require any registration fees so you can earn without investment.


Online jobs for students to earn money in part time

Picked online jobs for students:

There are several opportunities available to earn online. These are few jobs that are chosen specially for students. There are both easier jobs and jobs that require some skills, so read carefully and select a job that suits your talent.


1. Paid survey jobs (smartphone compatible):
  • Participate in online surveys and get paid for completing it. There are tons of online survey panel available, which conducts various surveys and pay cash & gifts for completing it.
  • Participating in a survey is very simple, you will be asked answer the questions about some topic and choices will be given under. You have to choose the best relevant answer for all the questions.
  • The survey will be about products, education, banks, human research, companies, games, smartphones, computer, technology, grooming products etc. Learn what is online survey.
  • You can earn $1 to $35 on average for completing a survey. The opportunities of getting more survey directly depend on your geographical location. A person from the USA will get more survey invitation compared to people from other parts of the world.
  • Normally it would take only 10 to 15 minutes to complete a survey. So, this is the easiest online money making program to earn few dollars in minutes.
  • From my experience, I recommend you to join more than five survey sites as opportunities are very limited. So, if you join more survey sites you will get the opportunity to participate in at least 2 to 3 surveys per day.
  • The best part of survey panel is, you can earn with your smartphone. Survey panels are now smartphone compatible so you can earn money easily even while you travel using your phone.
  • In the link given below you can find 20 tested genuine survey panels. Read about all the survey sites, especially country limitation and join the panels by selecting the best.
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Estimated earnings – $1 to $35 for every completed survey.

2. Online & offline part time jobs on hourly, daily basis:

  • Part-time work is one of the ways to earn money online and offline. Unlike selling, referring your own products & services or other’s where the income is not guaranteed, part time jobs are the best alternative to make fixed income hourly or daily basis without any investment or registration fees.
  • There are a lot of part-time jobs available for students of all level. Part-time jobs are available on the hourly basis, daily basis, shift basis, and even monthly basis. So, you can find a perfect job which will not affect your educational career.
  • You can find a detailed information if you click the link given below. Follow the simple procedure and get hired in a company the same day.
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Estimated earnings – $1 to $20 per hour.

3. Service selling on Fiverr:

  • Every time someone contacts me about online work I recommend Fiverr without even thinking for a second. Fiverr is a gift for students to earn money. Coming to Fiverr, it is one of the biggest online marketplaces where people sell and buy services.
  • Speaking about services, photoshop editing, graphics designing, essay writing, music creation, video editing, teaching, drawing, painting, reviewing projects, logo designing, programming are some of the examples of services.
  • Currently, most of the students are experts in Adobe photoshop. Although they are not professionals they know the basics. To work online the skills should be mastered. There are lots of tools available online to learn about photoshop editing. Use those tools to learn advanced techniques. There is a huge demand for photoshop work online, especially on Fiverr. Create your gig and start selling your services.
  • Spend 30 minutes to an hour to complete a project to earn $150 per month.


Continue to read more about basics like gig creation, sale etc on Fiverr.
Estimated earnings – Minimum $5 per sale to even $100 or more for complex services.
4. Micro task jobs:
  • For who don’t have any skill, micro jobs could be the best alternate. Micro-tasks are some tiny work for which companies will pay for solving/doing it.
  • As its name, those tasks are so small that it can be completed within few minutes. For every task you complete they pay somewhere between $0.01 to $1 based on nature of the task.
  • While I was a student micro tasks played a vital role in my online money making career.
  • Speaking about micro tasks finding data in the article, image categorization, tweet sentiment judging, small medical data moderation are some example.
  • The micro job is one of the easiest ways to earn online and does not require any special qualification or you don’t have to participate in assessments to get hired.
  • Just sign up to start working and remember accuracy of the job is very important. Frequent inaccurate results might result in the warning.
  • Your earnings will totally depend on the task you choose. Choose the easiest tasks that will pay you more.
  • I’ve done several micro jobs by my selves to earn money. I’ve shared my experience about micro tasks in an article. Click the link given below to read my article about micro tasks.
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Estimated earnings – $2 / hr to $5 /hr.
5. Online translation job:
  • Current generation students are very smart. They learn more than one language from childhood. This is the skill that will be very helpful to earn online.
  • Online translation job is a very good opportunity, where you can earn $0.04 just for translating a word.
  • To apply for a translation job you should know to read, write and speak more than one language. It’s better to know English, but it is not a requirement.
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Estimated earningsMin. $4 for every 100 words translated.
6. Online website and app testing work:
  • A lot of websites are started every day and also tons of mobile phone apps are released daily. The website owners always like to stay on the top among the competitors. To sustain, they need customers, as things change everyday customers go behind the change. So, these companies pay the people to test the user experience of their websites. They use the results of the test to improve their websites and apps and stay up to date.
  • This job is very simple even a school student can test a website. No code testing, no SEO. Your job is to roam around the website while your actions are recorded.
  • Each session will last up to 20 minutes. For successful completion earn ten USD.
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Estimated earnings – $10 for completing a test.
7. Online typing job:
  • Online typing job requires some typing skill and concentration to earn considerable money. I know students cannot spend time every day for earning such small amount. But, it good to know about this typing job. I highly recommend you to join this job only if you can type 30 WPM.
  • In this job you have to type the characters by seeing the image. This typing job is also called as captcha entry job.
  • For every image, you process they will pay somewhere between $0.00045 to $0.0015.
  • In my experience, the earning opportunity is very less even for a typist. The average person can type only 600 to 800 captchas per hour. A good typist can type 1000 to 1200 captchas per hour.
  • This job is very tough comparing to other jobs and reward is also too less for hard work. In my research, most of the people type 100 to 200 words after joining and then they will give up.
  • The only advantage of this job is you can earn 24/7. The more you work the more you can earn. Students can spend only 30 minutes to an hour a day, so the earnings will be only less than a united states dollar.
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Estimated earnings – $0.45 to $1.50 for captchas | $3+ for working as a typist in freelance sites.
8. Article writing job:
  • Online article writing job is one of the best jobs for students to earn money by working part-time and also to improve their writing & language skills.
  • To get an article writing job you should have good writing skills and you should able to write without grammar mistakes. Especially you should know how to use the punctuation marks in required areas.
  • Sign up, take the basic qualification test, you should score minimum marks to proceed further.
  • Lots of writing jobs will be posted by the clients every day in different topics. Read the requirements and submit your proposal. Clients will hire you for writing articles for them after review.
Estimated earnings – $3 to $15 per article based on experience and rating.


9. Online teaching job:


  • Being a student you might think online teaching is impossible. But, it’s totally wrong. Anyone can teach online if they have some interest and no qualification or experience is required.
  • You can teach an individual or take the seminar to a group. Language teaching, extracurricular activity training, teaching school subjects, college projects helping, fitness training are all few examples of available jobs.
  • To teach online you should have some knowledge in the field on which you’re going to teach and have the ability to handle a student through the webcam.
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Estimated earnings – $10 to $100 or more per hour.
10. Freelance jobs:
  • Most of the jobs mentioned above are freelance jobs. But, if you want to search a specific job you can join a freelance site.
  • In a freelance site tons of different jobs are posted every day. Browse the freelance sites, select a job and submit your proposal. After careful review, you might be hired on hourly or daily or monthly basis. Few are hired for yearly fixed rate or salary basis.
  • Few genuine freelance sites are given below where students can get a freelance job very easily.
Estimated earnings – /
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11. Paid to click job:
  • If you feel any of the jobs given above doesn’t match you, the last option is PTC job. paid to click job is the easiest job online work, where the PTC site will pay you for clicking ads.
  • Clicking ads will be easy and you will not have any work pressure being a student. Just spend 30 minutes a day on clicking ads of 10 or more sites to earn some money.
  • To earn some money you should join at least 10 paid to click sites as ads will be in limited numbers on each site. Like one PTC site will display only 20 – 30 ads per day which you can click in 2 – 3 minutes. If you join in 10 or more sites 200 to 300 ads will be available which can be clicked within 15 – 30 minutes.
  • Click the link below to find the most genuine paid to click sites. There are hundreds of scam PTC sites so be careful of choosing the right one.
Estimated earnings – $1 to $3 per day.

Final words:

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  • If you’re a school student you cannot choose teaching jobs, Fiverr etc as you have to be 15 years old to join. College students can use such opportunities.
  • Never choose the online typing job if you cannot type fast. It will be a waste of time if you work on that site.
  • To earn money in the short time be smart to choose the website and app teaching job to earn $10 within 20 minutes.
  • If you want long term income, you can start a blog. Write 3 – 4 articles per week and become an ad publisher after establishment to earn money. This requires time, patience, and some talent.
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